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New Area layouts

The project is advancing slowly. So far all the different factors that limit the time I have for the project are still present. So, in order to guarantee the release of the game in a reasonable time from now on, I decided to do some changes regarding the contents that will be available on the first release, along with some level layout changes: - The caves between Areas 3 and 4 that had 2 Metroid fights will be slightly expanded and themed as a mining facility. Most of the assets are already produced and in place. This enhances a lot an otherwise dull area, with little time and effort. - The new area, the submerged temple, will not be accesible at launch. On the planned first release, the game will feature the original contents. This will save a lot of time, since there's still a lot of unifinished features in that area, that can be completed after an initial release. - The main tunnel will feature only one mix of the main song. Music production is prioritized for more importan