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XInput and Progress

When Joypad support was added to AM2R, I received a lot of suggestions on how to improve it. Most of them were regarding compatibility with XBox 360 joypads, how they are detected and how the trigger buttons aren't registered as buttons. Furtunately, I was able to afford a wireless XBox 360 gamepad a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to add XInput support to the project, and properly test it. The gamepad is recognized in-game, and it has a dedicated button remapping screen on the options menu. Now, this is the progress report I promised. This describes several aspects of each area, with different completion ratios. The reference I use is: 0 Non-Existant 1 Being Designed / Concept Sketch / Asset Pre-Production 2 Functional, WIP resources  / Placeholder 3 Finished, working quality 4 Revision 1, great quality 5 Revision 2, excellent quality So, every aspect that has a score of 3 is ready (but has room for improveme