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Metroid: Confrontation

So, the demo has a new name: Metroid: Confrontation This name was suggested by Afro-Shroom. The storyline will be on the simulation side, a training excercise based on the combat data researched in the first Zebes mission. There were a lot of really cool ideas, and I thank you all for taking the time to share them. I had to choose the name and story that fitted the already existing demo best. Some of these ideas were so cool, that they deserve an entire game (Like the Ridley chase sequence, or the X incident dream). If everything goes well, Metroid: Confrontation will be released on October 13th.

New Demo... New Name?

It´s been months since the project became public, and the first demo was released. At that time it was just a couple of test rooms and an improvised boss battle, but today it´s more than just that. There´s people who still complain about Ridley not being in the original Metroid 2 game, they just don´t interpret the words "Tech Demo". So, in order to make things much more clear, I´ll give the demo a name. This, from now on, will be a little game on its own. It has all the upgrades of the first demo, some new rooms, and the following new features: - Jump Ball - High Jump - Spazer Beam - A surprise at the end :-) I´d like to hear some name suggestions from you. The game is unrelated to the Metroid storyline, keep that in mind. You can also write a small storyline, so I can add it in a small cutscene at the beginning. The whole game can be a training excercise, memories from past adventures, a parallel dimension, anything. The only rule is the name format, It will be like this: M

Working on the new demo

I paused the normal project development this week to start working on the next tech demo. As already mentioned, this updated tech demo will be available for the NCFC . Changes since V1.0 (so far): New areas to explore. The demo is twice as big as before. New powerups for you to try (Hi-Jump and JumpBall) More hidden missile expansions for the explorer gamers. Engine optimizations. Slowdown is reduced when playing in older PCs. CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS with JOYPAD SUPPORT!!! (Finally!!) Options menu. You can customize the screen settings, sound volume and input settings. Ridley is now more balanced. You won´t have to rely so much on the bomb trick. Before you ask: No, you won´t have that many missiles in the demo, I was just testing the boss battle. All my free time is focused on this new version, so I hope the finished product can be a nice speedrunnable game, and an oportunity to try more of the engine.