New Demo... New Name?

It´s been months since the project became public, and the first demo was released. At that time it was just a couple of test rooms and an improvised boss battle, but today it´s more than just that.
There´s people who still complain about Ridley not being in the original Metroid 2 game, they just don´t interpret the words "Tech Demo". So, in order to make things much more clear, I´ll give the demo a name.

This, from now on, will be a little game on its own. It has all the upgrades of the first demo, some new rooms, and the following new features:
- Jump Ball
- High Jump
- Spazer Beam
- A surprise at the end :-)

I´d like to hear some name suggestions from you. The game is unrelated to the Metroid storyline, keep that in mind. You can also write a small storyline, so I can add it in a small cutscene at the beginning. The whole game can be a training excercise, memories from past adventures, a parallel dimension, anything.
The only rule is the name format, It will be like this:

Metroid: [New Name Here]
AM2R Tech Demo

If your name is chosen you´ll be listed in the credits. This is just for the demo. Before the actual project is released I´ll be letting you pick a name for it.

You can post your suggestions here, or you can EMail me if you need to know any details of the game, so I don´t spoil any more surprises to the rest of the people.

Thanks in advance!


ebil said…
Cool, i don't see why people complain when it was a demo intended to show what you had done so far, Im going to think of a name and post it later.
Anonymous said…
Metroid: A New Beginning
Anonymous said…
Metroid: SR388 REBIRTH
Anonymous said…
I say go with the training simulation route. Give Samus some sort of virtual Holo-deck type simulator that allows her to interact with a small portion of the SR388 environment in order to train and prepare for the real thing. She could either physically use a Federation facility, or it could even be a mental/virtual simulator inside the ship that hooks directly into her suit and mind while she's traveling to a destination. Have this be what she does in the days before she heads out for her mission to wipe out the Metroids. Ridley can be a combat simulation program, and at the end, you can have a cut scene showing the program ending and with Samus saying she's ready for the real thing... leading right into Metroid II.
Anonymous said…
You could name it Metroid Dread, then that game wouldn't be a rumour anymore! Although Nintendo probably has trademarked that name.
Anonymous said…
Also, The SR388 environment could also be composed based off of the limited data the Federation has gathered on the planet, hence why you only go through a small part of it and don't use metroids in the demo...
Anonymous said…
This is exciting because we get to suggest the name for the demo and i have some great suggestions and here is one of them:
Metroid:Ridley's revenge.and I have also made my own storyline:1 year ago the galactic federation hired me to take out a whole base of space pirates and wipe out their leader:mother brain.the space pirates were also commanded by kraid and ridley. Ridley attempted to kill me on that mission but he did not succeed.after that mission on zebes I proceeded to one of the frigates,having almost escaped sudden death and stripped of most of my powers I followed a mechanized version of ridley to tallon IV where I thwarted his plans to use the power of metroid prime to take the galaxy by force.

after that I went to aether to stop the space pirates and the Ing from turning the planet into a twisted version.2 days later I thwarted the space pirates again and fought against mecha ridley in a fight to the death and thwarted dark samus whose plan was to cover the galaxy with phazon.

the metroids were to blame and worried that they might strike,the galactic federation hired me to take out the whole race of metroids.agreeing to the assignment I set out to SR388 to destroy them.But on the way my ship was shot down by a unknown space pirate vessel,I landed on a unkown planet right next to the space pirate ship.angrily I got out of my wrecked vessel and decided to destroy these space pirates once and for all.

I had no choice...
Unknown said…
Metroid: Remembrance

Previous efforts to find the remnants of Chozo settlements were focused on the primary worlds; the great cities and ecosystems with unique technology and inspirational culture relics. The station on Aurora III is nothing like that; only a passing reference to its existence was found on a Chozo record. The question remains though: why is it deserted? It was never threatened by war or disease, and the Chozo were a peaceful race, so why is it heavily armed and armoured?

Samus Aran, intergalactic bounty hunter, takes a small diversion from her epic adventures to investigate...
Anonymous said…
Jesse said…
Anonymous said…
Alright I'm going to give it a go. I'll try my best with what I know about the game.
Metroid: Genesis
The Space Pirates are becoming a threat Federation might not be able to fight off. They have engaged in Guerrilla Warfare. Simple attacks with a powerful impact. In a recent attack on a Space Pirate frigate, the Federation was met with a deadly surprise. Ridley was aboard that ship. Fortuntaly Samus was there during the attack. She fought of Ridley and in the process, severely wounded him. When they had finnaly captured(or destroyed) the frigate Samus sent a message to her command. Unfortunatly several pirates got out in escape pods, including Ridley. She immeaditly got a message saying that becuse Ridley was so severley damaged, now would be the perfect time to finish off Ridley, once and for all. Using the ships computer she was able to track all of the escape pods. All of them went to the Space Pirate homeworld. Except for one. That one was the largest of all them and he only one that could fit Ridley in due to his size. That one went to planet SOUL-X. Samus realized that, that pod had gone there to repair Ridley. She immeaditly went their and found that the Space Pirates had a small underground research facility. She goes in the facility and discovers a terrible secret. The Space Pirates had been trying to use Samus's technology. (This is how she gets the power-ups). If the Space Pirates inplemented that technology into their soldiers, they would be unstoppable. She then takes the power-up for herself. She eventually finds where Ridley is and to her misfortune had already been repaired. So their you fight the end boss. Then Samus goes into the next room. She self-destructs the facility in an attempt to erase all knowlege of her technology. She then escapes in a time pressuerd situation.

Now I was thinking the Gameplay could begin like this: She gets of her ship. She goes through a few cooridoors, where people can try to get the basic controls down. At this time, she has no power-ups. No missiles or morph ball. But she can grab onto ledges and use a charge beam. Then she fights Ridley, BUT HE"S VERY WEAK. You can damage him with an ordinary beam shot. After, say like 30 hits, Ridley runs away. Then their is the cutscene where she goes after Ridley. She lands on SOUL-X, blah, blah, blah, and finnaly gets Ridley.

Personally I think this would be pretty cool because this would be a game where Samus get's the up-grades by stealing them from the Space Pirates( who stole them from Samus), and not from the Chozo.

And you might not have backgrounds for the opening fight with Ridley. If not you could just make some little text scroll thing that explains it.

If you like this idea, you can email me at
Anonymous said…
Metroid: The SR388 Chronicles
Metroid: The War For SR388
Metroid: The Final Battle
Metroid: Samus Reborn
Lee Evans said…
Metroid: Ridley Is Not In The Final Game, For The Last Time
Metroid: Samus' Big Adventure!!!
Samus Does Dallas
Meteoroid: I Mispelled It Again
Meatroids: Too Much Steak And Now I Itch

OK, now being serious.

Metroid: Origins
Metroid: Project Simulation

Feel free to tweak as you see fit.
Unknown said…
I think you should name it Metroid: Dread. Since the "real" Metroid Dread was supposedly canceled, it would be great for it to have meaning beyond just the little metroid game that couldn't. It is also just a fun thing to do, and it has a nice ring to it.
infinitysend said…
How about Metroid: TESTING CHAMBERS or even Metroid: PROVING GROUNDS
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Wrath
Anonymous said…
How about
Metroid : Evolution
thats what the game is about..metroids evolving.
Anonymous said…
sorry for double post but, my last comment was a name for the official game not the demo. i have no idea how to name the demo, when i get an idea ill post it, and again METORID EVOLUTION is a name i thought of for the official fan made remake.
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Return of Samus DX
Lazure said…
Metroid: Skirmish

Metroid: All the world for One Girl

Metroid: The Hunt

Metroid: Premonition

Metroid: Hasteful Bounty

Metroid: In the eyes of a nucleus

Metroid: Omen of Disarray
Anonymous said…
I GOT IT!!!!how about
Metroid : Resurrection
ridley and kraid resurrected from their death and now are hunting down samus...ridley is now twice as strong as before and the space pirates were doing an experiment on kraid that went terribly wrong and now he is fused with phazon.
how does that sound...i say you do this for the demo.
Anonymous said…
I think that calling it Metroid dread might get Nintendo on your butt.

after reading all the comments thus far i think it would be cool to go with the guy 4th from the top.

Samus being in a simulator that the federation came up with to better prepare her for the environment of SR388. That and you could include it with the actual game as a "training room" option

Lastly i think some cool names would be:

METROID: Simulation
METROID: Preparation
METROID: Pre-Mission
Anonymous said…
Poster number 4 here...

Yes, the other reason I suggested this idea is because you can incorporate the demo into the final game just like in any other game with a training trial walkthrough mission... thing...

This avoids lots of silly continuity messing plotlines, allows you to lead directly into Metroid II, and gives a simple reason that Ridley can exist in the title, as I'm sure the Federation would have combat data on him for training sessions.

Also, you can start the demo by giving some homage to Metroid Prime 3 and the Phaaze missions... establishing a proper place For Metroid II in the overall continuity.
Anonymous said…
Oh, and the title for the simulator scenario could simply be something like:

Metroid: Prelude to Extinction
Metroid: Second Mission Prelude
Metroid: Hunter Training
Lazure said…
Here's a few more from me..

Metroid: Chaotic Shift

Metroid: Shimmering Recollection

Metroid: Phased Reality

Metroid: Twisted View

Metroid: Doppelganger

Metroid: Slipstream

Metroid: Lucid Caverns

Metroid: Parallels

Metroid: Shadows of Fate

Metroid: Flashback

Metroid: Mirror Fragment
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Ridly's Revenge
Elle said…
Metroid: Gaiden

(For the people out there who aren't intimately familiar with Ninja Gaiden and what the word means, yes I'm speaking to both of you, gaiden means side story.)

Time and time again, the greatest bounty hunter in the universe, Samus Aran, has challenged and defeated the space pirate menace and their attempts to harness the energy of the enigmatic organism known as a metroid.

At a Galactic Federation space station outpost, scientists have been working vigilantly to discover the secrets of harnessing the metroid's energy. But first, they must discover how to effectively contain the creature without bringing any of the crew to serious danger or harm. To that end, they have created a virtual reality machine more immersive and realistic than the world has ever known. But they need someone to enter the machine so they can begin gathering data. Someone capable of handling any threat in or out of the virtual world. They need Samus Aran.

But what they discover will lead the Galactic Federation to realize just how great a threat the metroid truly is...
Tyler Woods said…
Metroid 2: Electric boogalo
Elle said…
It has been suggested to me, that if I'm going to use the virtual reality concept, then I should alternatively suggest...

Metroid II: Sons of Liberty.

It may just be me, but I found this hilarious.
Anonymous said…
why don't we consider this a simulation for samus by the Chozos?

this could be while samus was younger, her suit has always been the same size, if I recall.

technically, the chozo are aware of the space pirates so why don't they make this a simulation for samus to endure as a heads up to what she'll be facing in the future? Samus is already aware that her suit is capable of assimilating powers/upgrades from the chozo so that should be self explanitory

"Metroid: Flashback"

is the title I'll advise, given you use the history that this is a training simulation for Samus when she was younger, before the Chozo send her off to the world. after all, this has no ties with the Metroid 2 storyline, right?
Anonymous said…
A lot of people seem to be going with the simuation angle, or some side story that occurs between official Metroid games. I'm going to do something different here...something that takes place DURING the beginning of Metroid Fusion. Something based on a dream that Samus Aran has...

"Metroid R.E.M."

Samus Aran, known throughout galactic circles as The Hunter. Cold, mechanical, a woman with neither figurative nor literal dreams. Her dreams, as well as her memories before the age of 3, had been torn from her by means of a devastating Space Pirate attack along with the parents and peers she had once dwelled among on the Earth-like colony planet designated as "K2-L". The Chozo blood that had saved her from a slower yet guaranteed death had been a double-edged sword, one that had returned her life to her at the cost of removing her humanity. The ability to breathe and process an oxygenated atmosphere...gone. Emotions, once thought simply to be a process of the human mind itself but later found to use human blood as an essence of transferrence...gone. The ability to dream and experience R.E.M. sleep...gone. Without a doubt, Samus Aran, through unfortunate turns of circumstance, had become just as cold, unfeeling, and alien as those whose ultimate destruction she sought, either for financial gain or of her own vengeful recognizance. Aboard her hollowed secluded asteroid hideaway within the rings of the ancient gas giant "Zullustra", she would take stock of the days kills and count her profits and feel no remittance, allowing herself only the pleasure of being relaxed by the gentle hum of the environmental processors which pumped in an atmosphere unfit for man, beast, or most galactic species. When time came for sleep and hard training and religious discipline has finally helped her to put the demons of her own mind at ease, she would close her eyes and experience only blackness.

That was about to change...

Ten days ago, Samus Aran had been commissioned for an escort mission by the Galactic Federation, securing her protective services as well as her knowledge and experience base for scientists studying the lifeforms of the planet designated as "SR-388". Today, laying unconscious in a Galactic Federation infirmiry as a result of a newly discovered mysterious parasitic lifeform designated "X", she teeters on the brink of the death she has managed to sidestep for the last 31 years. Now, at the age of 34, with the parasitic "X" infection reeking havoc on her body as well as her mind and changing her physiology in subtle yet significant ways, Samus begins to do something she has never done before as the "X" infection overstimulates her subconscious.

She begins to dream...

Hope you like. :)
Anonymous said…
for the tech demo i think the name should be metroid: memories and the storyline turns out to be one of samus' nightmares while on her way to sr-388 after defeating motherbrain and she must navigate through her nightmare and kill ridley in order for her to wake up.

for the final game i think it should be metroid: extinction , because except for the infant metroids on sr-388 were basically extinct because of samus.
Anonymous said…
metroid : brood war


metroid: Samus Return EX
DoctorM64 said…
You know, I actually had the idea of making a game that takes place in Samus´ nightmare, during the X incident. What I had in mind was a trip into Samus´ mind, visiting familiar places and beating bosses, but with a "dreamy" feel, kinda like a level in Max Payne 1, when Max remembers the tragedy of his family.

This approach can be quite complex, since Samus has quite a personality. It takes a special kind of woman to do that kind of job, specially after the traumatizing event at K2L (This is evident in the first encounter with Ridley in the manga, she shows sympthoms of post traumatic stress dissorder).

A game that takes place in her mind can be really interesting to play, and it could expose much more of this enigmatic bounty hunter. The demo is not big nor complex enough for this idea.

I liked the training simulation ideas for now. It can be a specific training for the SR388 mission, or it could be a standard training, and at the ending cutscene we can show an incoming call for the Federation, with her next assignment: Exterminate the Metroids.
What do you think?
Anonymous said…
max Payne was an interesting game :P

anyway that sounds good to me
Anonymous said…
Maybe you could put the name:
Metroid: The Samus Aran Chronicles

DoctorM64 = Master
AM2R is great!!!!
Anonymous said…
aww man I thought my post went through ]:

well, Doc, I have a question regarding the X incident. Is that when she knocks out because the X parasite assimilated her?

You could use that as part of the story for the ending. Have this demo run through, for the conclusion after defeating Ridley, the baby metroid you once saved could communicate with you, just a few chirps, then Samus wakes up from the dream as her armor is changed and is informed from the scientists that they injected the Metroid's serum into her to stop the X parasites from killing her.

Did you want this demo's story to come before or after Metroid II?

If it's before, let this all be a dream. For the conclusion, let her wake up in her ship while it's on it's destination towards SR-388, like moments before entering the atmosphere. You could have Adam talk to her and ask, "Are you alright, lady?" as she's donning her armor and waiting for the ship to land to perform her mission; exterminate the metroids. Hopefully the Adam thing isn't too much of a paradox.

Anyways, you don't want the story to be too complicated, this is only a demo! Make it as simple as possible and try not to have too much dialogue. We don't want you stalling your DEMO, ffs ]:

I still advise my original title, Metroid: Flash Back
or maybe
Metroid: Recollection?
Anonymous said…
i wonder when does adam kick the bucket?

i've played though all the games and read some of the manga?? do they ever say?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
i wonder when does adam kick the bucket?

i've played though all the games and read some of the manga?? do they ever say?

Adam Malkovich ?? I have until 5th chapter manga, and in she says what Adam tell to Samus, he say her that she haves 48 Hours to save Zebes, before the federation galactic police...
I have understanded that Adam deads to save Samus. In chronologic terms, this pass in Super Metroid (Metroid 3)
Anonymous said…
Call it Metroid 1 1/2 XD. It'll be about Samus landing on an astroid to destroy Ridley who has the directions.
Anonymous said…
Im thinking something like Metroid: Bounty Hunter Evaluation Training. Maybe have a cut scene at the beggining were Samus enters a training room that looks something like the training room in this vid:

And then have it start up and change into the tech demo.
Then at the end you get a rating based on completion time and collectable percent.

As for the actual game its self, Id hope that it stays simple. Metroid 2 Remake does just fine for me. Id hate for it to have a stupid subname or w.e. It is a remake of Metroid 2 so I think it should be along those line. Maybe even something like Metroid 2: Rebirth.
Anonymous said…
Metroid: The invasion
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Vengeance

Since Ridley's the final boss (i think?) this could be Samuses revenge on Ridley by hunting him down to defeat him once and for all. It could take place after Super Metroid on a small planet that was formerly used by the Chozo as a base, or maybe a meteor that Ridley is hiding out on, the federation had finally targeted his location and has sent samus to finish him once and for all. This could explain how the federation captured and froze Ridley in Fusion. I also like what soulx said Metroid: Genisis
Anonymous said…
here is a small list

metroid refection

metroid 2 the evolution

metroid 2 shattered life

metroid 2 revenge of metroids

metroid mutation
Anonymous said…
"Metroid: Evolution" Totally rules.
Anonymous said…
hmm lol
How about

Metroid: zero point five mission

being that its after zero and its b4 return of samus

(i'm kidding)
Jesse said…
If it's gonna be a simulation, might as well call it "Metroid: Zero Mission".

If it's all a simulation, why would the player want to play through it? Unless the simulation glitches and Samus suddenly has to escape the simulation before being killed by it.
Anonymous said…
i think the demo should take place before zero mission. by having samus in a small training facility made by the federation to see how samus would hold up against bosses in zero mission like ridley and kraid. also that she had to have a certain efficiency to be given the mission to zebes. and the name for the demo should be Metroid: Training. for the actual game i think it should be Metroid: A New World, because in the original metroid 2 it was a forgotten planet and strange to all humans including the federation and the only thing they knew was that it was the metroid home world. also with today's graphics and by using the ideas from the posts, technically it would be an entirely new world for those the play it.

if any of these ideas are used please put in the credits " John Major" as the name. even though there are more ideas and other name ideas and plots for the tech demo may fit the the story line better. i just want to put my name in, because i'm posting as anonymous
Anonymous said…
Doc, if you go with the training route, I was the anon who mentioned the training simulation idea in post 4.

If you use any of these ideas, go ahead and contact me at I'd love to get an idea of what you decide.

The main justification for the training, I'd say, would be the fact that the first Federation hunter group was wiped out. This mission is especially dangerous, so both Samus and the Feds want to be sure she gets a feel for the SR388 environment and is up for the task, even if they lack sufficient Metroid data.
Unknown said…
Samus discovers a little space pirate hide out on a small moon or a giant asteroid. She has been following leads trying to track them down. She is a hunter after all. I would recommend calling it Metroid: [relentless].
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Memories of Darkness
or Metroid: MoD
Anonymous said…
Metroid: 1.5 XD
Metroid: SR388 Adventures
Metroid: Extinction
Metroid: Elements
Metroid: Genocide
Metroid: Samus's Tale
Metroid: Preparation
AM2R: ATD (Another tech demo)

lol i was not being serious on the first one, but if you chose it, i won't deny being in the credits. Please chose me! I WILL SERVE YOU UNTIL THE END (im very loyal)
Anonymous said…
I like lazure's Metroid: Doppelganger. Seems to fit the Ridley scenario.
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Omega Mission.
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Samus's rebirth
Oy said…
Metroid: Dreamscape

It’s a simple idea really; have the Demo being a dream that Samus is having.
Lazure said…
Thank you :) I can think up more if necessary. I gave quite a bit already, though!

(Does anyone else have a problem with Blogspot forgetting your login even tho you told it to remember you? Mine randomly logs me out without warning after about 2 days of being logged in)
Anonymous said…
I think Metroid: Extinction, said by digman, would be a great name for the final verson of the game.
Anonymous said…
yo trademark i had the idea before digimon about having it called metroid extinction and just don't count me out of the credit because of my anonymous post. because i also talked about having the demo as a dream. and digimon might be posting names of people's ideas that he thought were the best for the game in case the orginal posts is not being shown because of more and more posts.
Anonymous said…
The metroids started getting out of control while Samus was still young and living with the Chozo. It’s in the manga! Here’s a name for the final version:

Metroid: Extinction

...nice right?

It suits the game perfectly! Samus is sent to destroy all of the metroids. Thus making them go extinct. Also, if Dread is used, you could get sued, and what would happen if Dread actually came out?
Anonymous said…
Ho crap!!! i didnt read all of the posts! um... I might of thought of the name first... I Sugjusted it a while back in onother one of the older updates.
Anonymous said…
ok then ant should get the credit for the name of the final game it extinction is used, the only question is now is what to come up with for the demo, since metroid:memories was my idea for the demo to be dream and other people just used the same idea, just a different name
Anonymous said…
Metroid:The fury of Samus Aran
Anonymous said…
Metroid: World of Wonders or Metroid: WoW

I like "extinction" for the final game.

As for the demo, the simulation idea can be very easy going and light (unlike the usually heavy metroid atmosphere). It can be about a bunch of hunters making fun of samus, and to prove them wrong, she has to beat the fastest time for the simulation. That way you can get some practice on the multiple endings and see if your estimation for completion times is accurate. And if you decide to have it in the final game somehow, you can make it so that the better you do in the actual game, you can unlock different hunters or you can carry over unlocked abilities (like the speed booster) to help get faster times.
Anonymous said…
Hmm... maby:

Metroid: Training

Metroid: Pre-Extinction (i like this one)

Metroid: Tech Demo

Metroid: Identity (and this one)

Pre-Extinction- obviously before the actual extinction, or game.

Identity- taking a look at what has made samus what she is today, or up to the second game. (bosses power-ups ect.)
Akira Takashi said…
How about Metroid: Imitation?

Since the demo is a simulation of SR388, I think the title is fitting.
Namagem said…
How about Metroid: Knee Deep in SR388
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Extinction
Anonymous said…
metroid : Fury of the anciens

metroid: SR388 Doom

metroid:SR388 Uprising

Metroid:SR388 Underground
infinitysend said…
It's a perfect name, I know...

To anyone that thinks "Extinction" is good: It's already been done. It was the name of another Metroid 2 remake project that got cancelled a few years ago. See:

Yeah i should know, i was on the dev team. :P
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Extinction?

At the end, you could show Samus coming out of a Save Room type thing and a message saying "Congratulations, you beat the Simulation!"
Anonymous said…


Unknown said…
Metroid: Phantasm

After escaping the destruction of the planate Zebes, Samus comes across the remnants of a transport ship bearing the markings of Ceres Station. She is able to retrieve the ships logs which show that it was attacked by space pirates a mere hour after the destruction of Ceres Station, and that the pirates stole the ships cargo, which, fir security reasons, remains unlisted.

Fearing that the pirates were able to steal Metroid DNA from the ship, Samus speeds off in the direction the attacking ships left. She soon finds an uncharted planet in a star system adjacent to Zebes's. Upon landing, she finds that the planet has been terraformed in the mold of SR388, making it a perfect breeding ground for Metroids...
Anonymous said…
Metroid Extermination is the best out of the listed ones (so far.)
Anonymous said…
i think Metroid Caverns of Practice? lol
Jesse said…
I throw my vote out to Michael Buckley for the storyline, and Dan Da Decep for the name.
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Evolution

It's an illustration of both the theme of the game and the fact it's remade
Sudtrap said…
Man. My favorite story of those listed is the one where Samus has been infected by the X, and is dreaming.

I think that's a good enough idea for an entire game to be made off of it. (This one might be too small)

I came up with some names
Metriod: Reflection(s)
Metriod: Shadows of the Past
Metriod: False Memories
Metriod: Reflections of Reality
Metriod: Reflections into Dreams
Metriod: Dust to Dreams
Metriod: In the grip of Death
Metriod: Death's Grasp
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Metroid: The Samus Aran Chronicles
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Holy Cow!!

Metroid: Evoloution!

That is a great name! I think that i should be the name for the final game if extinction isnt picked.
Anonymous said…
Only problem is that "Metroid: Extinction" is the name of a former well-known Metroid 2 remake project. is it a good idea to copy it? Or would it be better to come up with something new?
Jesse said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jesse said…
It's not copying; it's a coincidence. And it's a good name. And it's not trademarked.
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Hatchling

Since there's a baby Metroid at the end.
Anonymous said…
Metroid destruction

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