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About the name...

While I was reading the comments of the last post these days, I noticed how many cool names people suggested for AM2R. I was thinking of choosing a name when the project is near completion, but I don´t see why we can´t choose one now. The name will be officially be used when the game is released, for now AM2R works well, people know the project by that name and unless the game is released, there´s no need to confuse people. Even the Confrontation demo made some people think the game was done. I won´t be using any name that has SR388 in it, just to avoid even more confusion with VonRichter´s project. Here are some of the coolest names you suggested, I made a little poll to see which ones you like more. Which of these names do you like? Metroid: Evolution Metroid: Extermination Metroid: Extinction Metroid: Termination The Last Metroid Metroid II: Return of Samus Remake Metroid Zero Mission II Metroid: Second Mission view results Free vote poll Right now I´m working on a new mini