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Alpha Metroids on their way

The second ruins are almost done, I still have to add some scripted events, but the map is there. So, I´ve coded 11 enemies so far, a few of those have some interesting and complex behavior. I made a version of Ridley for the demo, and it came out quite well, even if it was an experiment. I feel I´m ready to start working on Alpha Metroids. I know I´m capable of making interesting enemies to fight, and I have some cool ideas for all the Metroid evolutions that I´m sure I´ll be able to pull off succesfully. Metroids are a key part in this game, and I wanted to be sure they are well coded. Most of the actions of the Alphas are planned. Not all of them will behave the same way, and some will appear in unexpected ways (Sorry, I don´t wanna spoil the surprise). I´m taking into account that Samus can now aim in 8 directions, and an Alpha would last 5 seconds if it behaves like in the original game. They will be faster, more agile, and smarter. I´m still trying to figure out a way to make the

Progress Report: Second Ruins

Progress has been slow but steady these days. I decided to redo the second ruins from scratch, since they were too close to the original map. I also planned some cool puzzles and scripted events to add some variety. First, I´ll list some ideas I have about the design of the chozo ruins in the game. All the ruins have these in common: There´s what it appears to be a Metroid breeding enviroment in every ruin, most of them under the main building. The ruins are inside a hughe cave, and you can explore the outside part of the building. There´s one beam upgrade and at least 1 item to find in these areas (the third ruins actually has 2 beam upgrades, but I´ll exchange it for another item). Only one ruin has a boss battle, the second one (Arachnus) The first ruins. They are almost at the same level of the planet surface, so I made it look like a temple. It has the golden tiles of MZM, and some statues on the roof. Outside, at the upper side of the cave, you can see some of the sky of SR388 (t