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AM2R Demo Released! (April´s fools)

After several days of work, a couple dozen jars of coffee, and lots of tweaking an polishing, I present you: THE AM2R DEMO DOWNLOAD EasyShare - MFFileHost - FileFactory Thanks to the great people that provided feedback with Confrontation, the engine is very stable and now I can gather feedback from actual segments of the game. This demo covers the landing site (with the new tileset), the very first tunnels and a battle with the first Alpha Metroid. Keep in mind: - Alpha Metroid AI is limited, since it´s the first fight. - Music has been compressed and downsampled for filesize reasons. - No major upgrades are being shown right now (It´s the beginning). - Some enemies AI isn´t perfect. - All external files are now embedded in the exe. - Joypad support is disabled in this build. Please be discrete with the videos and images you might post on the net. Things are always changing in the game, and some material on this demo might be outdated soon. I´ll be uploading

Metroid Confrontation v2.5 Released

At last, the final update for Confrontation is here. DOWNLOAD : FileFactory - MFFileHost - EasyShare In this update: - Added Mod support (finally!) - Added Time Attack mode - Added Multilanguage support - Changed the locations of Charge Beam and the 2nd Super Missile - A lot of small bugfixes and details Mods - To enable a mod, go to Extras/Mods and select your installed mod. - To intall a mod, place the downloaded zip file in the mods folder. - To make a mod, read mods.txt inside the /mods folder. There´s much more content that you can modify this time. I bet there will be awesome mods in no time. Time Attack This mode is perfect for the speedrun practice. - Time and item count is displayed all the time - Item cutscenes are replaced by a small notification text - No saving allowed, checkpoints are used to retry a section if you die - Detailed stats shows times for all the important events on your route Miltilanguage Support All of the text in the game can be

Translation and Podcast

First of all, if you ever wondered how I sound, you can check out Metroid Headquarters . I´ve been invited to their latest podcast , it´s online right now. You´ll have to excuse my accent, it´s been quite a few years since I´ve actually spoken any English. I want to thank the great MHQ staff, it was a very fun experience. In other news, I´ll be making a post at the forum about translations. Right now the text files for Confrontation will be released, so you can translate it into your language. Since 90% of the text is also used in AM2R (except the story, of course), you´ll be actually helping translate the full game too. Edit: You can find the topic HERE . I´m polishing an updated version of Confrontation to add support for these files, and some other surprises. Stay tuned. AM2R is my main focus this week. Testing the revamped first area is taking more time than expected, but it´s a very important part of the game, it must be perfect. One of the features that´s taking most work