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Behind the scenes

The bug-hunt and polish stage is taking a bit too long, I know. Thankfully, I have plenty of work at the studio, so AM2R didn't advance that much this month. While the new demo is being finished, the awesome HyruleSwordsMan was kind enough to share some of his pixel art magic. These videos show how two frames were drawn (Zeta and Omega Metroid, respectively), be sure to leave him a comment or two, he's a really nice guy. Now, this year's NCFC . I'm pretty sure you were expecting the demo to be released at the yearly event, like always. This time will have to be the exception. I'm unable to finish the demo in time, there's a lot of small details I want included, and I won't be releasing a cut-down, unbalanced snapshot of the game like last time. Besides, there's very little "showable" progress, since most changes this year included the migration to GM8.1, the new menus and general balance, besides the level design. Whenever the demo