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About to begin Area 3...

The second area is done, at least the map and tiles. There are some scripting events to be done and tweaked. Right now I'm preparing the tilesets for the third area. Just as many of you suggested, the ruins will be some kind of industrial/mining facilities. Here is a snapshot of the caves before the third area, this shows the new tile color palette. The background will be properly replaced soon. Alpha Metroids are being tweaked and improved all the time. Currently they have the normal introductions done (normal and coming out of the cocoon), I'll be adding more these days. Sound production is becoming really funny. In order to do some cool screeching sounds for the different Metroid evolutions, me and a friend are recording some really weird screams here at the studio, and then applying a lot of effects. I'm ripping sounds from plenty of games too, sound test in emulators are really useful. These will be used to create new sounds for the game. Music production has also beg

Alphas are alive...

I won´t be showing you screens yet, the sprites are being tweaked. I´ll share with you some info about the current state of the Alpha Metroids: Their behavior is very different from the original, since Samus can aim diagonally and you can see a larger portion of the level on the screen. Alphas charge at you at great speed. They can´t be damaged by frontal hits, you have to hit their core, this means you´ll have to avoid them and hit them from their back, or bottom. They are going to be more agressive as you progress. Later Alphas will take more damage to defeat, they´ll use a charge attack, and some will dodge incoming missiles. Alpha Metroids can´t be hit while stunned. You´ll make sure you aim every missile, instead of firing a barrage and depleting your supply in seconds. Super Missiles deal 2x damage to Metroids, instead of the normal 5x. Stun time is slightly longer, so if you want to keep attacking, you´ll have to time your shots differently. PowerBombs, ScrewAttack and SuperJump