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NCFC Screenshots - Some Mods

So, the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention is now over, and Project AM2R won the "Best of Show" award. Thanks to all the nice people at NCFC, it was an awesome event, and I'm looking forward to the next one. These screens were NCFC exclusive. Since the event is over, you can now take a look. So, in other news... I was waiting for the pizza delivery today and started playing around with some tiles. It ended up being a nice 8 bit tile mod for M:C. I also renamed some of AM2R's sprites to make a Varia and Gravity suit mod. I hope this encourages creative people to "pimp" the demo up a little more. Download links for the three mods are on the right pane of the blog. ->

Metroid: Confrontation Records

any% - Normal - 03:09.76 by mocktroid 100% - Normal - 04:56.13 by cowphat 1item - Normal - 08:30:13 by me any% - Hard - 08:44.04 by Lord.Roderick.I 100% - Hard - 06:57.53 by Lord.Roderick.I 1item - Hard - none yet any% Pacifist - Normal - 03:57.58 by mocktroid 100% Pacifist - Normal - 06:09.86 by Naverin 1item Pacifist - Normal - none yet any% Pacifist - Hard - 11:44.20 by Steven Nguyen 100% Pacifist - Hard - 24:33.84 by Jaap Rutten 1item Pacifist - Hard - 12:41.08 by SangueDuMal If you've beaten any of these times in M:C 1.1, email me with a snap of the stats screen, or a youtube video of the run, and I'll list your name on the next update. In order to qualify for a "pacifist" run, you must not kill any normal enemies, just the bosses. So, if the stats screen shows only 2 kills, you've made it. Being killed does not disqualify the run for any category, it can even be used as a shortcut.


The Nintendo Community Fangame Convention was launched today! Be sure to attend, there are many cool fangames there, and if you go to the AM2R booth, you'll be able to see an exclusive preview of the Alpha Metroids. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the trailer in time. Anyway, I resumed my work on the main project. Right now I'm mapping the lower part of Area 3, the vertical plant zones. I'm also adding enemies as soon as Hyrule_SwordsMan makes the sprites. The Metroid: Confrontation records list was moved to its own post, so you can discuss strategies there. It's also easier to edit for me.


Ok, there were a few issues with the sprites in the demo release, so I decided to fix that, and use the update to tweak some other details too. Here's Metroid:Confrontation V1.1 , with the following changes: Fixed collision on spazer beam room Fixed sprite glitch (samus invisible sprites) Added a lot more enemies, most for hard mode Fixed Kraid Spazer exlpoit Fixed Kraid nail not being hit by pseudo-screwattack Added Hornoad spit projectile Changed some enemies behavior on hard mode Fixed blocks with tiles becoming invisible when coming from map screen Added alternative way to exit the game (Alt+F4) Menu options can be selected with fire button too Fixed opening missile hatch without missiles Modified layout of the speed booster room Kraid platforms speed vaires depending on the difficulty Added extra health for bosses in hard mode Fixed intro effect happening when returning to the first room So, if you wanted an extra challenge on hard mode, be sure to check this update up. DOWNLO

Metroid: Confrontation - RELEASED!

It's done, so I decided to release it early. I guess I wanted some rest from the project this weekend. DOWNLOAD YoYoGames (Instant Play enabled) MediaFire RapidShare WillHostForFood MegaUpload I'll be adding more mirrors as soon as I finish the uploads. Have a nice weekend, have fun, and don't forget to post your best times.

To Mod, or nor To Mod

So, the Metroid: Confrontation is almost ready. I just have to tweak some details, separate the game from the main project, and test the game intensively. I was watching videos the other day, and found THIS cool speedrun of the first demo. This skillful player changed the Ridley song, and it fits the fight very well. So, I wondered if this game in particular should support some sort of modding. It wouldn´t hurt the story to have customizable aspects, since all you modify can be the way the Galactic Federation did the simulation. The question is, would you like me to include a way of making your own suit, backgrounds, tiles and soundtrack? This idea is just for Metroid: Confrontation, AM2R won´t support mods.