Metroid: Confrontation - RELEASED!

It's done, so I decided to release it early.
I guess I wanted some rest from the project this weekend.


YoYoGames (Instant Play enabled)

I'll be adding more mirrors as soon as I finish the uploads.
Have a nice weekend, have fun, and don't forget to post your best times.


Anonymous said…
downloading it now, can't wait to play!! :D
Oy said…

I'm gonna get right to it!
Anonymous said…
I thank you for releasing it early.
Anonymous said…
awsome! but it doesnt recognize my controller. (smart joy plus)
Oy said…
Well, I've finished it, in about 17 minutes and with 16 items and all I can say is that it was awesome!

No problems with it yet, but we'll see what a few days worth of play does...
Anonymous said…
Thank you! I'm a big fan of the Metroid games and it warms my heart to see inspired individuals like yourself continuing this great series.
Unknown said…
Very impressive - it is almost indisguisable from the Gameboy Advance Metroid - you have coded an incredibly accurate engine.

The enemy AI on hard mode was well implemented, too - those flying enemies at the lava messed me up good.

I am very impressed with what I've seen so far.
Anonymous said…
OMG!!!i was shocked when i saw this,im downloading now.
All i have to say is that this is freaking AWESOME!!! love what your doing keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
When I boot up the game, I receive multiple error messages. The title screen works fine and going through the options, but when I actually begin the game, it loads up very, and I do mean very slow to the point where it is unplayable. I have lowered the resolution and tried other recommendations from your readme file.
I'm really looking forward to this project, is there a way to fix this error? It seems like I'm the only one experiencing this.

Here's the error message I'm getting:
action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 0
for object o_rTRgV5v7jI_7:

Error defining an external function.

I've tried ignoring and aborting it, but it appears multiple times and then lets me into the game, but the game is very slow.
Please let me know if there is a way to fix this, I'm dieing to try this game out! Thanks, and keep up the great work!
Anonymous said…
Just played it (19/20 items).

Overall, it was a very good demo. I have only a few points of technical criticism:

1. There was a little bit of lag time when I moved from screen to screen.

2. For some reason, I couldn't get out of it without using Ctr+Alt+Del, and even then it took a minute to close.

As for the level design itself; it seemed kind of empty. More enemies and puzzles could easily be fit into a level that size. Granted, this is just a demo and you were playing around with the map tileset, but make sure to make the actual game more engaging.

Also, the kraid fight was a bitch.
Anonymous said…
Same poster as #11, just forgot to mention something else.

The Kraid fight was pretty hard, but Ridley was almost pitifully easy. Make sure the bosses in the final game are more around Kraid's difficulty level.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
gah... misspelled

Anonymous said…
adThats funny! I was just about to make a post saying "Two days to go! Cant wait!" I guess its a good thing or I wouldnt have noticed you dropped it early! Alright Im outta here. Gotta play the demo!
Anonymous said…
Several constructive criticisms:

- The music loop was somewhat short, it seemed, and having a pause between when it ended and started again was kind of odd. It was a really good loop, however.

- The environment seemed kind of.. empty. Like there should have been more enemies, perhaps. Enemies moved around slowly and didn't do much.

- I didn't like the control layout very much. Why does it feel like it's meant for the GBA? Missiles should have their own key.

- Relatedly, there should be a run key for Samus. Overall, she seemed to move kind of slowly, even with the speed boost. I guess this is probably on purpose, however?

- It seemed like the game was kind of slow, in terms of performance. If you used the spiderball in a dark room, it would get really really slow.

- The boss fights were neat, but simplistic as well. Ridley just flies around and shoots fireballs, no tail swiping or picking you up or whatever.. Kraid just shoots platforms and predictably fires a couple projectiles. It just didn't feel very epic or frantic. Maybe the final bosses will be better?

- Why do missiles do so much damage relative to charged shots?

Just my quick thoughts. Looking for to the release.
KainTheReaper said…
hmm Nice remake so far however a few points.

when landing samus should not stop. an object in motion stays in motion.
there should be a run key ala Super Metroid.
The controls feel a bit award at times, latching should not take as long as it does to roll back into a ball.

Hard mode Complete.
27 minutes.
Anonymous said…
17 items out of 20...."

That was one of the more fun kraid bosses that i've had the pleasure of fighting.

however i agree that Ridley could have used a few more moves

(but then this is a demo and you probably did not want to do anything to complex for something that was more of a side thing and not the real game)

I really do appreciate the chance to play something new from the metroid series tho... thanks DR.M64 i really am looking forward to the real game
Anonymous said…
What can I say? As a long-time Metroid fan, I say you do it justice, even with this being *just* a demo! I look forward to the final release with great relish! Let's see what you can do with SR-388. :)
Anonymous said…
Ah that was just great. I love the little effects like dirt when you wall jump. I thought the fights with Ridley and Kraid were both animated great and there really wasn't anything that was out of place with this.

I would love to see Super Metroid possibly remade using this as well, since the engine is so great. I love Super Metroids engine too, but this has so many fixes to everything.

I love your new bomb charge, something I was dissapointed wasn't in Zero Mission when it was in Super and yours is so cool that you can direct it. It makes bomb jumping less tedious for small bomb jumps now.

If I had to give you some criticism, its that I felt the High Jump is too high. Unless its needed for Metroid 2? It just felt a little more floaty then I am use to and had to get use to it.
Lazure said…
It played nicely for me, except for two glitches:

1. I could not set a joypad to button 3 for anything, specifically.

2. when samus is running left, she becomes invisible for me.

I noticed my controls randomly got 'interrupted', especially noticed this when trying to wall-jump.

Very nice demo tho! :)
Foud a problem in the options when changing resolutions. have tried this in window mode and after selecting full screen, ive noticed that if i physically change the resolution option to anything other than what the default setting is it crashes my pc. this could just be my pc but i thought id post this just in case its not just me.
WiLL said…
Played two times, still can't find two items.
It's impressive, but...

- Rooms are too empty.

- Kraid fight is not that hard, but Ridley is pathetic, even easier than in Fusion.

- There are still slowdowns in bigger rooms, even with lower resolution. Actually it's the same with all resolutions.

- Having a run key for Samus is stupid; I like this way.

Btw, it's awesome. I already see that the final will be my favourite.
Anonymous said…
All I can say is one thing, WICKED!
Anonymous said…
I just noticed that the ability to use the speed booster when in morph ball mode isn't here. (I got 16/20)
Anonymous said…
Lazure said…
I didn't have any slowdown issues... ya'll must have some really old PCs.

Still, am I the only one who has samus disappearing when running left?
Anonymous said…
the game works just fine for me. I have not had any issues. Lazure maybe you should try re downloading the demo
Lazure said…
I did, and it still happens. It's specifically her left running frames. If I shoot, open the missile hatch, or charge my weapon when running left, I see her fine.
Anonymous said…
Awsome Man !
I really gives me the "Metroid feeling"

Of course i just found Energy tank and Speedboster on my first run.
And l really like the "Wall Jumping"

Good Stuff !!!

I just played it 5 Minutes but, i found Impressive Movement and Gameplay ! wich was Over my Expectations !!! YEAH MAN !

I found a little problem with a wall who was made out of "Destruct me with a missle Block",
it simply got Invisible after scolline more that 30 times over the Area
but it does not have a influence on the Gameplay.

Its a great Game you are doing im on fire haha :) Thank you i cant wait to play it more.

^^ THANK YOU !! ^^
Anonymous said…
Will there be a Linux port of the final version ?
Anonymous said…
Just played through it on hard mode; the bosses are much more fun on this setting. Ridley was still a tad weak, but much better.

By the way, I love the new AI for some of the enemies; the hornoads and float-fallers were much scarier. The new sound effects were great too (especially for the charge-bombs). However, I also think that boss AI could use some work; Ridley should at least be able to turn and face you.
Lazure said…
ok, apparently, running it in fullscreen with stretching enabled in my default resolution (1280x1024) caused the left running frames to fail. I just run it in a window and now it's fine.
WiLL said…
I don't know, but I really don't want to buy a dual-core PC for this.
I thought 2.4ghz is enough for a game like this.
Anonymous said…
Ok, this is my first time doing any of the tech demos ad my first go at this one. First off, I got a pretty decent laptop so I didn't experience any technical glitches (core 2 duo 2.4 ghtz - I'm assuming this is all running on CPU). I have to agree that it is very similar to the GBA control scheme and works very nicely. Wish it was more super metroid based, but whateva :P

The only crticism I really have is the sound loop, which has been mentioned before. If the delay is because of the music track itself, no problem, that's easily corrected. However, if it's in the code, you need to revisit that. It'll be rather noticeable if there's a gap.
Oy said…
For those who are having trouble finding all the items, I've uploaded a Map of the game, with all the Items marked on it.


DoctorM64 said…
I tested the controls with a playstation pad (w/usb adaptor) and with a cheap USB pad. I had no issues. Is your controller the one with the first ID number?
You can switch the joystick ID by editing config.ini (you can set it to 1 or 2) if you want to try it.

If you get "Error defining an external function." it's because you're running the game from the .zip file. Extract it somewhere and run the exe.

That same sprite problem happened to me a couple of times, but I wasn't able to replicate the bug.
Now that you mention the resolutions, the problem could be there. I apply the settings almost at the same time the sprites are loaded... I'll check it out. After the startup you can switch to fullscreen if you want.

About the game balance:
I aimed the game to be more accesible to the non-hardcore Metroid fan. I could throw a couple more enemies, but the boss battles are meant to be brief, fun, and only challenging if you decide to make a low% item run.

Thanks for all your comments.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
is there anyway to download confrontation without signing up for a file sharing site and paying?
Anonymous said…
when fighting kraid with spazer beam there seems to always be a sound problem. and his spike fires seem to be a bit off when it comes to where the damage point is. Sometimes it would hurt and sometimes it wouldnt.
Anonymous said…
Needs the auto fire function that other metroids had when you press missle button (automatically fires a charge shot when hitting misle - useful for space jump/screw attack ranged attacking)
ZXeno said…
I do believe this amount of awesome is illegal in the US.

My only gripe is my screen saver kicked in during the Ridley battle. That's my fault, though. I didn't set my computer screen saver settings to "cut it out!"

You're doing an amazing job! May swarms of women (or men, if you swing that way) flock to your arms and celebrate your awesomeness.
Anonymous said…
Two problems. Samus's footstep sounds are terrible. I just really don't agree with them. I really wanted to turn them off. Either give that option, or make her steps sound more like Super Metroid.

Also, when she spins in the air after a jump, it just seems too fast.

Besides those two small criticisms, it is a very solid demo. thanks for your hard work.
Anonymous said…
Im starting to think the moding Idea was a bad one. The sprites are glitchy and the gameplay is a little slow. Sorry.
Anonymous said…
Alright first off. This game is the most amazing GMriffic, better-than-nintendo game I have ever seen. To all of those who criticize it, you need to be checked out. This is a great game, period. No questions.

And I still cant beat Kraid... :(
Anonymous said…
I know a way to beat kraid easily without jumping on the spikes! It involves your Spazer beam not charged. I will give it if you want.
Anonymous said…
The Game was really easy to beat but very nice Movement.
Anonymous said…
Its so awsome!!! This is greatness in a can. One thing i think would work, is different characters. Its a training simulation right? Maybe have different characters that get different powerups and work different like in Metroid Prime Hunters
Anonymous said…
lol i already found a glitch in the kraid battle
Anonymous said…
Awesome demo...Kraid's fight was nice having to step in his spikes in movement...Ridley's fight was too easy, but in a low% run you need to be carefull, the lowered range of the multiple bombs made the fight harder...
Follow the Stats:

Items: 1/20
Time: 09:53.86
Difficulty: Hard
Anonymous said…
Awesome demo...Kraid's fight was nice having to step in his spikes in movement...Ridley's fight was too easy, but in a low% run you need to be carefull, the lowered range of the multiple bombs made the fight harder...
Follow the Stats:

Items: 1/20
Time: 09:53.86
Difficulty: Hard
Anonymous said…
best time: 8:52:37
Item: 20/20
Difficulty: Hard

Not too bad, but I'm sure people can beat this.
Anonymous said…
err... make that 7:38:15
Anonymous said…
This is coming along great! Awesome graphics and animations! ...I just hope you speed it up to normal speed for the final release. one step every couple of seconds is a little slow...
A couple suggestions:
1.get rid of the gap in the sound loop most metroid games, the morph ball bounces a little when it lands
3. change the speed boost afterimage thingy to blue. i don't like the red... hard to see.
Sudtrap said…
AWESOME!! I've been waiting for this! (too bad I didn't check on Friday)

I'll definitely play it as soon as I get the chance!!
Anonymous said…
Must be nice to make a game when all your art assets (other than a couple enemies) are made for you, eh?

Glad you changed the hornoad color. FINALLY.
Mumbos are WAY too large.
Gullugs look cool, but kinda weak.

Kraid was tough.

Level design is definitely not the best, but I do understand it's just a demo.

Glad it works with my controller. movement should always be with the left hand, not the right. >_<
Anonymous said…
I dunno if im just different.. but I found the Ridley battle much more tough that Kraid.

Kraid = patience, timing, and firing. easy.

Ridley = use pure force and avoidance of its swooping/fireballs. more work.

you can spam Ridley with your missiles and it doesn't have a damage cool down i believe... so if you have a butt load of missiles,(which i didn't have my first time through) you can kill him fast.

anyways, very good job!
Anonymous said…
How did you guys do 1 item speed run?
I mean, after getting the bomb, I have to either get a missile (missile wall on the 2nd part panel) or extra energy bar (i can't jump over that damn thing... so I HAVE to pick it up for me to move on) for me to simply go on to the next part of the stage. I'd say you are lying about your 1 item speed run, Anonymous.
Unknown said…
wow, The new tech demo plays very nicely. the only problem I saw was sometimes when defeating a boss the slew of fill ups can either be out of reach or in the wall depending on where I defeated ridly. Other than that the game plays absolutely beautifully. I didn't like that you just fall into the ship rather than have to enter. I liked the way everything was layed out it felt very naturaly to the metroid verse. I loved the sound effect for the five bomb charge. That put a huge smile accross my face. i also liked the grid lay out when the game started. I thought the text in the begining went a little fast. All of the game play felt very true. I had a problem with activating spider ball always when I didn't want to. I liked the balance of the boss battles. Ridly and kraid where more challenging than the usual and ridly had quite a bit of ai to him. when items dropped it seemed he would block me from collecting them. Kraid pissed me off I loved it. I'm in the process for trying to find a good controller mine sux. The music was all good as well. It would be cool if the creatures in the finished game can have some ai to them as well. One thing I hated about the orinal return of samus was the spider ball. I mean I liked the spider ball but i can't possibly tell you how absolutely annoying it was to has to go through every room every ceiling every wall bombing trying to find the secrets. x-ray visor would balance that nicely. So all in all the game is frackin' sweet and I thank you. I hope we will have the ability to play the final product through after beating it with out the power suite. thank you again.
Unknown said…
That was really awesome. The graphics, custom controls, animations, level design, bosses sound effects etcwere really good. The gameplay felt right too; wall jumping etc feels right.

I do have some criticism though - I'm not its particularly bad in any way, but merely suggesting ways you can make it better! You said before you read all the comments and I hope you take these points into account.

-There was some slowdown, which wasn't in the previous demo. I hope you can fix this.

-As mentioned before the pause when the music loops could be made less noticeable.

-The level design was good but the rooms (and atmosphere) seemed sort of empty. Maybe make them more cluttered with different tiles, crumbling ruins etc?

-I think that more enemies would be good, as well as making them faster. Make it so you really have to try to not get hit. SR388 is a dangerous place and you should more and more intense the deeper you go!

Anyway, I still really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the full game. keep up the awesome work!
Anonymous said…
Mike, for the one item run, use your bombs to go under that statue that gives you the energy tank.
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot for all the hard work. I loved the demo and look forward to playing through a few more times when I have some time. I even did a sequence break (spazer before high jump boots)!
Anonymous said…
Played through the demo twice. You did an incredible job. You made a near flawless port of the Zero mission engine. Its even more impressive that you did this using Game Maker. A few critiques:

1-Altho the graphics are awesome for the fight, Ridley is way too easy.

2-Missing the limited screw attack, where you can charge your gun and flip into enemies, once per charge.

3-The music Although a remake of the original theme, it didn't feel like Metroid.

4- The level design was good, but it did feel a little barren due to lack of enemies.

5- This is a more open ended critique, but why put all this work into remaking someone elses idea (M2)? The training simulation is a GREAT concept, why not run with that? Make your own story, of... perhaps a training sim gone wrong?...with her accicentally acessing a part of the sim she wasnt supposed to ...leading to Samus uncovering a Galactic Fed conspiracy wich will lead to them having to confront her...Just some ideas to throw around, I have plenty and if you also need help with art, and animation let me know.
Anonymous said…
You've done the Metroid community extremely proud. The demo ran like a charm on my system. If anybody is in for a hoot I recommend customizing the soundtrack so that Journey's "Any Way You Want It" plays at the start of either boss battle. Priceless.
With no technical critiques to make I can only suggest that more enemies are added. Please keep up the good work! You are a hero!
Bunnypoppop said…
Great demo! I love how it feels it could be a real Nintendo game! Hmmm funny how you guys are almost as good as the whole Nintendo metroid team.

I love Kraid!!! He is my favourite Metroid boss and he kicks butt in the demo! I love it! Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
i'm surprised that no one has made a youtube vid of it yet
Anonymous said…
I think the spider ball should just be removed all together, or at least have some sort of "track" like in metroid prime where you can use it only. The spider ball takes away from all the fun skilled moves like bouncing off walls and stuff and just makes it too easy to go combing areas for items and stuff
Anonymous said…
Hey Mike...Im the Annonymous with the 1/20 item run...

To avoid getting the Energy Tank you can bomb the wall, and pass under the chozo statue that is holding the item...
Then just jump over the Speed Buster and it's done...

DoctorM64 didn't failed making a 1 item run...That passage under the Spider Ball was giving the Hint that it was possible... =)
Why it would be there...
Bunnypoppop said…
Hey guys, anyone got all 20/20 items yet? I got 18/20 on hard mode, but can't find anymore! Dammit!

If you have or you got 19, do you get more than 1 super missle? Ridley was a bit more annoying on hard mode when you run out of missles. '_'
Anonymous said…
The music doesn't play for me, and I noticed in the music notepad config the location of the sound files seemed wrong (i.e. they're not in the literal place where they were on my computer). I did change that for the title/intro music... I played the demo, I heard the intro music as well as some sound fx, but didn't hear the stage music nor the boss music/s. I quit, then replayed and then I couldn't hear the title/intro music the 2nd time around, nor some of the sound fx. Yet nothing was changed in the sound config notepad.

Unknown said…
Great Job.... I know that this release is a beta test, but is great!!!

A criticism....or a favor...a optional missile button... similar to weapon select button...that fix misille selection

(un boton ke fije los misiles al presionarlo una vez..como en super metroid)
Lucas said…
the system of select misseles of GBA is perfect
Anonymous said…
Cool demo. The controls are a bit funky..or then its just me not being able to play 2d platformer with keyboard. Anyway, somehow it feels clumsy..its probably better with a pad.

The graphics are nice. I hope you make some areas darker and less colorful, more like Metroid 3 Crateria style. Not everything needs to be so clean, polished and bright. This would be a big atmosphere boost.

About bosses...too easy. I didnt beat Kraid for the first time, but that was because I couldnt control Samus well and i fell into the lava pit all the time.
Afro-Shroom said…
Aw yes, perfection (in tech demos) has come!
All I can say is you may have done too good of a job on this demo. I can play the game flawlessly with all 20 items on normal in under 10 minutes, the way items are hidden and the way the levels are designed have drastically changed from the first demo, but it makes this one all the much better!

I do have issues with slow down., but that's only in rare occasions, which only last a few seconds or so, but overall, the add of joypad support is a life saver for those going for a 1% hard run of the demo.

Overall, this looks like it's going to be a really great game, keep up the awesome work!
The AfroShroom
Anonymous said…
Nice job, it really feels like a metroid game. There were some things that were a little off that I noticed.

Normally when doing a diagonal bomb jump you are forced to go in that direction until the peak of the jump. In the demo you can change your direction almost immediately, which makes it hard to do a repeated diagonal jump. I would have used it in a few places in the demo, but it wasn't completely necessary since we could use the spider ball.

When you charge your beam and then do a jump flip, normally the gun charging animation disappears and her body just flashes while in the air. In the demo the charge animation remains and sort of makes the jump flip look really wobbly.

Samus is only supposed to be able to wall jump when she is doing a flip into the wall, in the demo you can still do it in the vertical jump animation.

When doing the shine spike, the delay between when you hit the jump button and when the shine spike starts seems really short.

In other games when you get the ball jump, just holding down the jump button will cause the game to spam jump as soon as the ball touches the ground. That helped when crossing some areas with crumbling floors since the jump would go off the instant you touched down.

The only other thing was certain areas where the camera would not keep up with Samus when she was falling. In other games the camera would speed up when you dropped down a hidden hole to quickly recenter the camera on Samus.

These were just some things that I noticed while playing. It was still very fun to play. I liked the added glow to weapons and the sort of motion blur behind Samus in ball mode. Anyway, if those changes were made, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this game and an official game.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for making this. It looks fantastic.

Two notes:

1. The music doesn't play for me either (someone above mentioned this). The music.ini file points to the correct location. SFX (jumping/bombs) work fine. Volume is turned up correctly. Don't know what the issue is.

2. Every few seconds the game freeze-glitches for a moment. It's really annoying. I have a Core2Duo E6600 and 2GB of RAM, running XP, very decent video card. I don't know why that shouldn't be enough.

Any thoughts anyone?

Thanks again!!
Anonymous said…
Hmm... some of you have been asking if people found all 20 items. It's not that hard to find them. And Afro-Shroom, I already said way before you that my best time (hard mode, 20/20 items) was 7:38:15. Getting under 10 min isn't all that hard. But frankly speaking, my time wasn't all that impressive, since I did crash and burn here and there. If I skipped all that I'm sure I can get under 7 min. Getting under 6 min will be a HUGE challenge.

As for the tip for beating Kraid as fast as possible, just stand on the closest platform, but as away from Kraid as much as possible (stand on your one foot toe), aim diagonally, then spam away your Spazer beam. He won't even be able to scratch you. Yes, missiles do more damage, but I can get maybe one or two shots at the most after a jump (then I have to clime again), and by that time, Spazer did more damage.

Ridley... just spam missiles (but make sure you aim the damn thing, since you don't want to waste any missiles if you're aiming for the best time).

Good luck to all you space bounty hunter trainees.

Oh, and thank you for your tips on getting 1 item run. But man... Ridley keeps killing me (this is because I'm trying for a fast time, so I'm taking quite a lot of risk here).

Mike S. (I'll be going as Mike S. since there's another Mike)
Anonymous said…
This just blew me away from the second I started it. The movement is fluid, the controls are very responsive, although I did have a little trouble wall jumping vertically, whereas in Zero Mission i could do it fine. I am so looking forward to the final game, Metroid 2 is such an awesome game, and this remake should be even better. Please release it this year!
Anonymous said…
My personal best time (hard, 20/20 items):

Try to beat that.
Anonymous said…
Ho Shiz! Just played this game, and i just have one thing to say... SPLENDED!!! Nice story, and love the 2 bosses. I cant even begin to explain how the Spazer beam looks! It is the cooles, and i like how the Ridley and the Kraid statues are old school. Overall, 10/10. i only got 16/20 items though... ^_^
Anonymous said…
Surprisingly well-done. Hard Mode upped the ante for me with the parachuting enemies, very impressive. It would be nice if the other enemies reacted in a similar way once they see Samus.

I was a bit disappointed at the absence of Metroids, however, since they are a crucial part of Metroid 2.

The controls are very good, sticks a little bit every now and then, but doesnt hinder with the gameplay at all. When the first demo came out, I was disappointed to find out it did not support controllers. But when the new demo came out, it was a huge relief for me when it supported controllers. Keep up that support with the final release.

The game does lag slightly from time to time, but not too seriously. Gotta love the darkness with the tunnels having just a spotlight on her, lends a sense of unease and trying to see past the area.

The items are well-hidden when they need to be and yet easily found with the right effort, I managed to get up to 19 items on Hard so far.

My only issue with the game, even though its a demo AND a remake is the story at the beginning of play. It's good, but how does it work with what the original game established with the Metroids? My guess here is either you are intending on having a plot twist like with Fusion or remaking the game somewhat or entirely along the lines of what DrewSeph did with Super Metroid.

In any case, I applaud your efforts in this project and I look forward with much excitement with the final release.
Unknown said…
wall jumping is the best of any metroid to date. props on that <3 feels very smooth and intuitive.

i like the way the bombs work now too for bomb jumping.

only minor gripe i thought could be smoother was the screen scrolling. samus gets way out of the picture before it catches up..

but that is such a minor thing it really doesnt matter. cant wait for the full release, this is incredible.
Rod F said…
Felicitaciones desde la vecina orilla!

Es bueno saber q hay proyectos tan ambiciosos viniendo de este lado del ecuador.

Yo estoy probando suerte con uno propio.

Si sos de argentina: xq no probaste comentar al respecto en ADVA(Asociacion de Desarrolladores de VideoJuegos de Argentina)? o capaz ya lo hiciste y no me entere..

Bueno, segui laburandolo xq esta quedando barbaro. Mi novia q es fanatica de los Metroid 2D se ha vuelto una fan incondicional de tu proyecto :D
Anonymous said…
I find the Fusion/Zero Mission sound effects very annoying. Namely the footsteps and jumping, but other than that one gripe, this demo is very solid. Looking forward to the finished product!
Anonymous said…
This is a fantastic start! I love it already. Looks great, moves great, sounds great. I can't wait til it's fully released :D
Anonymous said…
The demo is awesome, can't wait to try the full game.

I have a suggestion, though. Could you put a option on the next version of the demo or in the complete game for controls like in Super Metroid? It's kinda hard to shoot missiles diagonally while moving with a keyboard, and sometimes the keyboard doesn't register 4 keys at the same time (aiming diagonally, missiles, fire and move). So instead of having to keep a button pressed to "activate" missiles, you just have to press it once to activate them and press it again to deactivate them, like in SM. All other options can remain the same, including the selection of super missiles. Hope it's not hard to do.

Keep up the good work!
Robert said…
I can't run the game
"unexpected error ocurred when running the game"
Anonymous said…
To what anonymous said (about the multiple starting errors) I am having the same problems. it just won't start up after I hit start. Can someone tell me why this is happening?! I can't wait to play. Also the online version doesn't work. The page always has an error. Please respond.
Anonymous said…
does anyone even use this anymore?

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