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About the demo

I'm back from my vacations, ready to start with the summer months (almost no work at the studio, lots of free time for AM2R). Before I move on with the new stuff, I want to mention a couple of things about the demo that I didn't cover before, FYI. AREA 2 The general layout follows the original game, and deviates a bit in a couple of places. The revisions regarding level design were about filling some empty places with relevant content, and making the confusing pipe navigation more streamlined. The water jets were pretty much a necessity, since spiderballing up a 2-screen tall pipe is NOT fun at all. At one point there were going to be "water fountains" outside the facility, used to reach the ceiling for a possible hidden item. But the water columns looked out of place, being in the outside. (And the code making Samus hover over the water stream was pretty messy) ARACHNUS Poor Arachnus, he went by 3 major revisions. He started as a clone of the Fusion one, and