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Android Experiments

Trying out the GMS Android export module was a very interesting process. On the technical side, the game ran straight away without having to do any change to the code. I was, at that point however, unable to go past the title screen, since I didn't have any touch controls coded. After some minor headaches with the scale and positioning, I was able to add a virtual dpad and some buttons. The game is playable, but implementing touch controls for such a complex game is going to be a challenge. All the mobile games I played that have decent touch controls are extremely simple, 2 directions and 1 or 2 buttons. AM2R not only has plenty of buttons, but one of the main features of the game, the Metroid fights, relies heavily on diagonal aiming. It took me 3 tries to beat the first Alpha with the improvised touch controls, so this feature will require a lot more work than I initially thought. Besides the in-game controls, the menus should be touch enabled, and the map could use sw