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All the rooms

I managed to finish the basic layout (collisions and tiles) of the remaining rooms of the final area, and the last tunnels to the surface. So, in some way, all the rooms are basically done. There´s still a lot to tweak, there are some tilesets to be done, and some of the backgrounds are placeholders, but once I connect these last ones, the entire game will be accessible. I had a basic layout of the game done before, but the last areas changed too much lately. Also, navigating tiled rooms is a lot cooler than empty rooms full of square blocks. So, it´ll be a little tedious to check all 224 rooms, and fix or add any missing camera controllers, tiles, hidden parts, minimap coordinates, transitions to other rooms, enemy placement, etc. Also, I might be redoing some of the earlier surface rooms, I can definitely make a much better tile work with all the experience gathered all this time (the landing site and first temple were done in 2006). Well, have a nice week. You´re welcome to stop by


I bought a new power supply yesterday, I installed it and the system has been stable since then. I want to thank all the great people that commented here in the blog and emailed me with their suggestions. The faulty power supply was one of the most mentioned cause you suggested, one that I hadn´t considered. Why did I take so long to fix it? I discarded other possible causes in my free time, being the PSU and the motherboard the last two (the most expensive ones). Now progress resumes, I´m preparing the tileset and backgrounds for the final area. It´s fairly small, I should have it done in a couple of days. Thanks again for all of your support, and for taking the time to write. (Sorry if I couldn´t reply all the emails!)