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AM2R runs on Linux!

Since the last demo update, I started the transition to Game Maker Studio. There are plenty of changes in the way variables are initialized, the order of code execution, etc. Many features need to be redone from scratch, and many unexpected issues are still appearing. This was also a good opportunity to rewrite ancient code, remove workarounds and do things the proper way. As of now, the contents of the demo are accessible without crashes. Also, I was able to compile the project using a virtual machine running Ubuntu: It's running at a steady 60 FPS in a VM, so performance using real hardware should be even better. I had to remove all the extensions and DLLs that were used, and replace their functionality with native GM code. The music engine is in the works now, along with some other features. So, what does this change of compiler mean for you? - The performance is a lot better, there's no random slowdown. - It loads really fast - Possibility of ports to other pl