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A slow month

This was a bit of a slow month. As usual, office work and family are taking most of my free time, and there wasn't much progress. I did dedicate some time planning some of the optional story elements, and how they will appear in game. The research and rescue teams are now given a little more exposition than before, having dedicated areas and not just being some object that triggered a log update. Production of the required assets has begun, and research of other aspects is underway (GF soldiers and their ship designs need to match their design in past games). Last week I was contacted by Sabre230 , he showed me a preview of an AM2R fan trailer he was producing. It was so cool I sent him some captures he could use. After he finished it, he gave me permission to upload it to my Youtube channel, so here it is: On the next update there will be a progress report. I'll dedicate this week to list of the remaining aspects that need revisions in all the areas. As always, than

Early Testing

There's been some solid progress this month. The first phase of early playtesting began with a couple of selected players, and I'm already making changes to some of the Gamma fights. This section has been a little harder to develop and test than other areas. I usually do a lot of playtesting myself, and write down any details I find to check them later. The thing is, since the atmosphere is so dark and claustrophobic, I can't help but feel uncomfortable and constantly tense. Yes, I did the level design myself and I still feel uncertain about what the darkness hides, and that made testing a lot more stressing. The third miniboss is also being heavily tweaked, it showed to be as frustrating and unnecesarily hard as the first versions of Arachnus. This one will be a little bit easier, since the fight is mandatory to proceed to the rest of the area. We're in July, and that means it's time for the annual Metroid Marathon, a celebration that the awesome guys at Me