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AM2R Soundtrack 1.33 Release - Looking for an artist

SOUNDTRACK RELEASE I dedicated this month to 2 things primarily: Fixing all the bugs that started popping up in the Game Maker Studio version of AM2R, and to give the soundtrack an update. Since I'm not using the Caster extension anymore, I now use the built-in audio functions for music playback. This means I have to change the overall volume of every track. This is a good opportunity to actually do a proper mastering work, after tweaking some instruments on some songs. AM2R Soundtrack V1.33 DOWNLOAD MP3: MediaFire  - Mega  - MyFlare FLAC: MediaFire  - Mega   Now, the soundtrack is not finished, the current tracks will be eventually improved, and more tracks are going to be added as they are finished. That's why I'm including a version number with it. This one corresponds to the upcoming demo update, that will feature all the speed optimizations I'm working on right now. The only thing missing is the cover art... AM2R IS LOOKING FOR A TALENTED PH