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NCFC 2009 is coming...

NCFC begins tonight, and this year will be awesome as always. Last year AM2R made an appearance in its own booth, it was the first time the Alpha Metroids were shown to the world. I do have some exclusive material for this year. No new demo, but I´m sharing the progress of these months. It´s a surprise... I´ll post the material here after the convention is over, don´t worry. Unlike last year, I´ll be appearing every once in a while in the NCFC chat. If you want to exchange some words with me, come by the chat room. I´ll be online tonight during the opening ceremony. Comments about the new material are welcome. I read the ones of the last post, and I was really tempted by some of the ideas you shared with me. The limit here is my time, and the ammount of effort I can put in the project right now. Well, enjoy the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention .

Progress, and challenge mode

There was a lot of progress with Zeta Metroids. Right now they walk, crouch, jump and do a horrendously animated claw attack (soon to be redrawn). I just realized that since this is a ground based enemy, it will require much more testing than the floating ones. Specially when the environment limits the Metroid´s movement, there´s room for exploits. So, last time I mentioned Challenge Mode. And there were many cool suggestions about it, and the possible escape sequence (thanks!!!). Here´s what I have planned so far for this mode: - It will be available after completing the normal game once. - All the lava will be gone, so you can explore freely. - The item and Metroid placement will be changed. - There will be extra Metroid fights, even maybe more than one at the same time. - A boss rush mode could be unlocked after completing Challenge Mode. One thing I know for sure, challenge mode will be done after the game is finished. This means I´ll release the game once it´s completed, and chall