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Metroid Confrontation 2

First of all, I want to thank all the great people of NCFC . AM2R won the "2nd Place Best of Show" and "Best of Metroid" awards. It was an awesome event, and I´m already looking forward to the next one. Since NCFC is over, here´s the exclusive material: First, the meet Omega Metroid ... It´s not finished yet, and the animation is still primitive. But you get the idea of how epic the battle will be. And last but not least, a new Metroid: Confrontation.  With a lot of new content, a new level layout and the solid AM2R engine, this new version expands the concept with new features. More enemies, more open exploration, a new boss, many speedrunning options. Here´s an updated version fixing some issues of the original release: DOWNLOAD v2.1 Mediafire - MegaUpload - RapidShare If you still haven´t done so, enjoy the new demo. If you´re having trouble finding all the items, or if you made an impressively fast run, you can stop by the Forum . Have fun! 

NCFC 2010 is almost here...

This year´s NCFC is about to begin, and AM2R has a booth ready to show some exclusive material. There are other great fangames being displayed too, so I can´t recomend it enough. I might be on the chat on certain occasions, and don´t forget to listen to the radio show, DJ Yoshiman is awesome. Oh, and there will be a little surprise tomorrow. Have fun!

Collisions done

Last night I finished with the collision. I checked and fixed each and every room so every slope, wall and floor does behave like its corresponding tile shows. If Game Maker just had any way of linking tiles to specific objects (or custom tile groups), this and many other steps wouldn´t have been necesary. Anyway, all the rooms look and feel like they should, except of course the ones marked to be redone. After checking some of my older work (including all the surface area), I keep adding rooms to my "redo" list. Some needed some tweaks, others are just plain. It´s this kind of "revisiting obsession loop" that made me stop making music a long time ago. You know, watching or hearing what you did yesterday and making it better, just to do the same the next day? Now, coming up is the camera work. This is crucial for the transitions to look correctly, and there are a lot to be done. A good example of a missing camera controller is in the Confrontation demo, after y