Metroid Confrontation v2.5 Released

At last, the final update for Confrontation is here.

DOWNLOAD: FileFactory - MFFileHost - EasyShare

In this update:
- Added Mod support (finally!)
- Added Time Attack mode
- Added Multilanguage support
- Changed the locations of Charge Beam and the 2nd Super Missile
- A lot of small bugfixes and details

- To enable a mod, go to Extras/Mods and select your installed mod.
- To intall a mod, place the downloaded zip file in the mods folder.
- To make a mod, read mods.txt inside the /mods folder.
There´s much more content that you can modify this time. I bet there will be awesome mods in no time.

Time Attack
This mode is perfect for the speedrun practice.
- Time and item count is displayed all the time
- Item cutscenes are replaced by a small notification text
- No saving allowed, checkpoints are used to retry a section if you die
- Detailed stats shows times for all the important events on your route

Miltilanguage Support
All of the text in the game can be translated. There are 9 languages included in this release, and you can make your own if you want. Read translations.txt inside the /lang folder for more info.

This release took some serious debugging. Adding the Mod support broke a lot of the collision masks (Game Maker acts really funky when replacing resources), so I had to make separate mask sprites for a lot of objects. In the end, collisions are now much more precise.

Anyway, this is the last version of Confrontation. All of my free time and energy are now focused on AM2R.
Expect a progress update on the next blogpost.

Have fun!


Anonymous said…
you the man doc :)
Anonymous said…
wait, what is the difference between AM2R and Confrontation?

I thought they were the same project...
DoctorM64 said…
Confrontation is a demo that slowly turned into a small game. It shows the engine used in AM2R with some unique levels and bosses.
Burstdragon323 said…
Another epic release, doc.

I was wondering, though. If you could give it a percent, how far along would you say you are in AM2R?
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Perfecto! Si esta es la última versión de Confrontation, Metroid 2 Remake está más cerca que nunca! No puedo esperar! Mientras, vamos curtir la última versión de Confrontation.

Gracias, DoctorM64!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Poneste PORTUGUÉS en el juego también??? GRACIAS!!! OBRIGADO, en nombre de Brasil! ^^
Unknown said…
Thats just AWESOME. I love your engine. Everthing plays so smooth. The Time Attack Mod is so much fun. I like how it´s so fast paced without long savings and itemdescriptions. Everything looks so polished. I hope the animation and music will be on the level as the enviroments in the final game. Such a shame that the image quality isn´t that great streched out. But that´s the gamemaker problem.

So yeah, I wish you best of luck. Take your time. Polish everthing. Maybe add some more animations in the enviroments.

This project is awesome. Love it! Again, thank you so much.

(sorry for my bad english. . .)
Doc, you should add to your mirror list.

Also, if this doesn't have adaquate custom music support, imma gonna be-a pissed at you Doc! :P
Anonymous said…
awsome cant wait for AM2R but u should atleast release The Official AM2R Demo Not Confrontation WEll Ill wait for it but finish it before 2012(NO RUSH)
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
La música de Crocomire es perfecta! Espero que la pongas en uno de los nuevos jefes. Las de Kraid y Ridley también són buenas, pero la de Crocomire es perfecta! También me gustó mucho poder lanzar las bombas a los enemigos con el Charge Beam.

Ya jugué toda esta última versión, me gustó muchísimo. Espero que el próximo sea el demo del própio Metroid 2 Remake. Estoy curioso para saber quales nuevos ítenes ponerás en el juego, pero creo que quieres hacer una surpresa para nosotros.

Gracias de nuevo, DoctorM64! Y por poner portugués en las lenguas del juego también!
Crocomire's theme is perfect! I hope you play it in one of the new bosses. Kraid and Ridley' theme are cool too, but Crocomire's is just perfect. I liked very much to be able to throw bombs on enemies with the Charge Beam too. I already played all this last version, I liked it very much. I hope the next be the demo of Metroid 2 Remake itself. I'm curious about the new items you'll put, but I think you want to make us a surprise.

Thanks again, DoctorM64! And for putting portuguese among the languages too!

Custom music in traditional audio formats (WAV, MP3, etc) do not loop!

Doc, I said I'd be pissed, and I am.
Also, what's up with the lack of FLAC support? O_o

And you should REALLY mention in the config.txt that 16bit audio is the highest supported bit depth. (no idea about max samplerate, but I'm guessing it's 48khz - should probably mention that too)
DoctorM64 said…
Please don´t hurt me!!!
The test mod I did used mp3 music and it did loop... how strange...
DoctorM64 said…
(to the rest of the people that aren´t agry at me, thanks for the kind words)
...what the crap?

OK, turns out the music DOES loop (but not seamlessly), but only if Confrontation is your active window! :P

But yeah, it's not seamless... heck it's not even near-seamless.
In other news, with my new-ish Nvidia GPU, I have discovered that it (or at least the drivers) do not support 320x240. This means that I cannot play fullscreen without blurriness or black bars.

So I ask ye ol doc, isn't there some way to implement an option to disable the filter for stretching?

And dang it, let us configure our [Accept] and [Cancel] keys for menu selections! (I keep hitting [Fire] when I want to go back)
Hemse said…
this is pure awsome! :)
(expect mods from me in the near future :P)
Forgive me for cluttering up the comments, but one more music-related thing...

Is all the default music tracks set to a specific decibel volume level or something, like 89dB? (the standard for Replay Gain & WaveGain)

I ask this because I'd like to make a custom soundtrack that doesn't wildly change volume when switching from one song to the next.
Mister X said…
There's a malware on the file again!!!

C'mon Doc, are you trying to make my PC sick?
Anonymous said…
By looking at the forum, the PT-BR
translation has some glaring mistakes and weird choices for words.
I might see into that later and post here what I judge more correct.
mirahsan2 said…
Thank you Doctor! :)
General Milky said…
Glad to hear this is the last release for Confrontation for the time being. :P

As usual, can't wait for the full project. I was pleased to see you announce a progress update, but it's probably wishful thinking to believe the game is almost done, huh? :P
Anonymous said…
Downloading NOW!!! Btw Awesome project!
Kyran said…
There is no malware file in here. Are you using Norton Mister X? I ran 3 different scans and I found no criticals.

Hey Doc, when is the main project coming? Any projected release date? I think I can speak for everyone when I say (with respect)PLEASE GIVE US AN ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I don't know what people are complaining about, the game is fine, I just played it more than once and didn't see any problem...


Anyway, as Kyran said, please, DoctorM64, tell us when you believe the game will be ready. I first ask you to make a last trailer and a demo of Metroid 2 Remake itself.

I'm just dying to play this game! Metroid 2 will finally be honored as it deserved to be but unfairly wasn't only because was made for crappy GameBoy without colors.
Ken said…
Can't wait to play through it again after work today! Keep up all the great work, doc. It really is outstanding.

And yeah, seriously people... I dunno if you're just trying to be funny, but be respectful when you're reporting bugs! Game development isn't easy--especially when you're doing it almost entirely by yourself... In your free time... Without being paid.

Having said that, an estimated release date or percent complete on am2r would be awesome if possible. The anticipation is killing us!
Mister X said…
@ Kyran

I used Ad-Aware. Microsoft Security Essentials find nothing too, but the anti-spyware found!
Mister X said…
Sorry about the english =P
Anonymous said…
Hey doc LOVE your project, will you add more mods?
Anonymous said…

The podcast from the previous entry verified that he firmly believes the game should be out this year, if not well before the end of the year. That means it should be out in sometime less than 9 months. The podcast even talked of what work remains to be done on the final game.

That's a pretty fair answer, and it shows he's still very much committed to getting it done, as far as I'm concerned. This is NOT going to become vaporware. Wait for his next update if you want more info.
Kyran said…
@ Mister X - There is your problem. Ad-aware has a search specific program modification detection system, which scans for executible files that can be altered "on the fly". It will cause a red flag most of the time. Trust your Microsoft Security Essentials. PS- Your English is great.

@ Anonymous - I cannot for the life of me get the podcast to work. I am not really sure what I'm doing incorrectly.

@ Everybody who is being pissy about little insignificant things in the demo that may not be perfect - Gently take your left hand and hold your ass, while you right hand abruptly slaps your face, then shut the hell up. When your version of Metroid II is complete, then you can complain. Until then, piss off, or be a little nicer about things.

@ Doctor N64 - Good work mate! Everything runs smooth here. Do you have paypal for donations? Do you accept donations? I feel that your hard work has earned it and I would like to contribute. Please let me know, I would like to help.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I loved the medals idea! So cool, but also so damn difficult to take! =/ They remind me the achievements of World of WarCraft. I wonder what kinds of medals there are gonna be in Metroid 2 Remake. AWESOME!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
In these final expectations, I think about many things. One of them is the soundtrack, I love Metroid 2, but its musics are not its forte. I hope they become great in this remake, like the musics from Metroid 1 became in Zero Mission - one of the only things I liked in Zero Mission, by the way.

I also hope DoctorM64 takes my suggestion about putting that button that lowers the lava near all tunnels around the game. Because in the original game the lava lowered when we killed all metroids in the area, like there was a supernatural connection between them. If there be a button that lowers the lava but Samus only steps when she's sure there are no metroids left in the area, that makes a lot more sense. And, as I said, if she still didn't kill them all, a warning (from her suit's computer) says there are still metroids to kill there.

And that would be really nice if there be cutscenes, like in Zero Mission, when Samus lands in SR388, when she discovers the chozo ruins and still working robots, when she finds the Queen, when she defeats the Queen, when the baby hatches from its egg and when Samus leaves with it. She could talk to herself sometimes, like saying "I didn't imagine the ancient Chozo had been in this planet", "How bigger are these metroids going to become?" (when she finds the 1st Zeta would be a good moment to say that), "I have a bad feeling about this" (when the Queen's roars can be heard and the larval metroids appear), and "I don't know why I didn't kill this infant. But let's see what the scientists from Ceres Station can say about it." DoctorM64 could put these phrases in these moments to make the game more natural, interactive and human, you know? She wouldn't talk all the time like in Other M (many complain about this, I don't), but she also wouldn't be shut all the time.

I also insist about that scene with the first parasite X coming to surface long after Samus left the planet. They'd realize their only threat, the metroids, are dead and then would start infecting a few animals. An interesting connection to Metroid 4 Fusion.

All these suggestions I said right now and in many other topics of this blog, I would love if a half of them were taken. But even if not, I'm sure I'm gonna love this remake, I can't wait to play it.

The rest, I can just unpatiently wonder how they're gonna be. The new tunnels, items, bosses, everything! It's so close!!!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I almost forgot! Just like in the original game, Samus should start the remake already with the morphing-ball and a few missiles. The red doors should open with 5 shots, like in the original, not only 1. But about that Power Grip - DOCTORM64, I ALMOST BEG YOU, DON'T PUT THIS ITEM -, it's totally unnecessary, Samus could be able to grab ledges since the begin just like in Metroid 4 Fusion. I don't know who the hell created this item in Metroid Zero Mission (blergh! I hate that game!)

These things wouldn't be radical changes, if they're not the way I say, they can be done with no problems, once they're just little details. The most important is, as I always say, having ALL details of the original game, besides the added stuff like new passages, items and bosses.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

When Eidos released Tomb Raider 5 Chronicles, they finished TR's first generation. Within the game, there was A LEVEL EDITOR WITH ALL FEATURES FROM ALL FIRST 5 TOMB RAIDER GAMES! This way, THE PLAYER COULD MAKE HIS OWN GAME. The german website Lara's Level Base has most games, most suck or have bugs, but some are really great. THE BEST GAME BUILDERS CAN TAKE FEATURES FROM OTHER GAMES OR FROM NEWER TOMB RAIDER'S too, making the games even better. The company released that level editor because from there the next games would be with better graphics and technology, then they left the old style for the players to enjoy as they wanted.

What's my point? NINTENDO COULD DO THE SAME, RELEASING A LEVEL EDITOR WITH FEATURES FROM SUPER METROID, FUSION AND ZERO MISSION. From 1 and 2 are far too old to fit. This way, good fans like DoctorM64 could make their own games, legally, without complaints from Nintendo and with the old graphic quality that Nintendo will no longer use in its current games.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
GUYS! I'VE GOT ANOTHER IDEA! Maybe you like it, please comment it.

In the games Tomb Raider 7 Legend and Anniversary, Lara can wear different outfits that she wore in previous games. They're rewards that we gain for finding secret optional relics.

The same could be done in Metroid 2 Remake. If we find optional artifacts or gain medals, we could wear different outfits. Samus' Power Suit (the standard yellow suit), Varia Suit and probably the Gravity Suit will surely be there. But the Fusion Suit, Phazon Suit, Zero Suit (in game, not only when she dies) and all other suits she got in ALL Metroid games, they could be rewards for collecting optional relics, like ancient chozo artifacts, metroid fossiles or something like that.

That would be so cool!
haha nice just beat the new demo with the gravity mod
Rusty_Chicken said…
Dude i love you O.O
Ive been hoping for a metroid 2 mod since i was around 10 years old. I never thought a mod THIS good would ever be created for metroid 2 either and that is what amazes me
keep up the great work :D
MIGUEL said…
keep up the great work your programing is coming quite a way hope you are proud of yourself........

and i guess that confrontation will be your next game :p..........

once again keep up the great work.........

a friend a fan of a classic game being made better......
Phoenix said…
...Wow. O.O


P.S: If nintendo destroy your game cancelling it, well... what are you gonna do?
Dragonheart91 said…
For everyone complaining about the release date I can agree that this game will likely be finished near the end of this year or the beginning of 2012. The game itself is 95% done and Doc could actually release it and have it be playable right now. He is doing the final and agonizing process of polishing the game so that it looks like a professional product and not a crappy fangame. This will take a lot of time and it's one of the most important parts of the entire game design process. Personally, I'm in no hurry and I am glad to wait on a fantastic finished product.

I also expect that after the game is released and after Doc takes his month or two break, there will be a year or so of updates and bug fixes before the game enters it's final true finished stage.

And no, I don't have any evidence to back up any of this. It's entirely supposition based on following the project.
Anonymous said…
Bruno, dude... CALM DOWN and stop asking for so much.. you really shouldn't "insist" on anything... let Doc finish his project... writing a million paragraphs this close to completion won't change anything.. just be happy you'll get to play when it's done
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

Hehehe, you're right, I'm too excited! And I really write a lot. Well, but I think these details I suggested are simple and, if accepted, can be done without interfering in the whole game, which is close to be released.

But okay... ufff.. let's just breath, hold my excitment (I CAN'T WAIT!) and enjoy the awesome game when it's finished! ;D
Mister X said…
@ Kyran

Yeah man, could be this... Well, having or not having virus/malware or anything, when the final version come, I'll play anyway =)

"PS- Your English is great."
Thanks dude!
Anonymous said…
Doc,are you intending to port the finished version or the tech demo onto the iphone app store
Anonymous said…
Hey Doc, did you ever end up deciding on what to call the remake? Are you just sticking to AM2R? Or the original title "Metroid II Return of Samus"?

Maybe you could just keep it simple like, "Project AM2R: Return of Samus".
passarbye said…
can't wait to get my dad to download the new update! i'll write back when i play it.
Unknown said…
what program i have to use to play this?? i have a windows
by th way cant wait!!!
MochtroidPrime said…
Just got done beating it for the first time.

It's a well done game, feels and plays just like a Metroid game.

Is there any chance I could get the soundtrack? It's really well done.
Yonathan said…
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
But how is the title gonna be? "Metroid SR388" was a good title, but they said that was from another guy, a project that he didn't proceed. But THIS project, that is close to be finished, what title is it gonna have? Simply "Metroid 2 Remake" or something different? I like "Metroid SR388" very much...

Well, I think DoctorM64 should show us the title in a last trailer. Can't wait!!!!!!!
Kyran said…
Kinda serious but kinda not - Since Metroid was inspired and still is inspired by the series "Alien", in following with the first two movies, you could name it "Metroids".
pt.1 - Alien - Metroid
pt.2 - Aliens - Metroids
pt.3 - Alien 3 - Metroid 3 (says ti at the title screen so it counts)
pt.4 - Alien Resurrection - Metroid Fusion (Before Other M)

Think about it. The movie "Aliens" is similiar in a lot of ways. Ripley has to exterminate an entire colony of aliens and exterminate a queen at the end. I don't know, just a thought.
Anonymous said…
The game is good but not like was oq shoot and bomb.

The shot of a gun has to do q reduce slightly.

And the bomb loose all the time and is appealing means he must leave or the q Redesing Super Metroid with a limit of 3 or 4 or whatever.
Gemini Man said…
...Anyone understand that last comment?
Anonymous said…
que pena que el gravity suit no siva para la lava y\o disminuir el daño... pero de igual manera el juego esta muy bueno,buen trabajo doc :D
acurrier said…
I noticed that I can't jump if holding the diagonal aim button and running simultaneously
Anonymous said…
@Phoenix considering he came second or third or whatever at NCFC 2010, I don't think they mind :)
Anonymous said…
Mmm I'd like to play the demo, but I have a Mac. recently, the Mac App store offers to buy a Game Maker version optimized for Mac. Does that mean that if I want to play Confrontation I need to buy the software?
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
DoctorM64, con todo respecto, ya cansé de Confrontation. A mi y creo que a la grán mayoría de nosotros nos gustaría un demo del própio Metroid 2 Remake! Sin Ridley, Kraid, Crocomire y enemigos de Metroid 1, solo con enemigos de Metroid 2, los Alpha Metroids y otras cosas que miramos en los primeros 15 minutos jugando.

Ah, y un último trailer sería perfecto!

Gracias por la 1000000ª vez por estar haciendo este juego para nosotros. Y POR PONER PORTUGUÉS ENTRE LAS LENGUAS DEL JUEGO!!!!! OBRIGADO!
demulation449 said…
ONE THING U Should do is make confrontation play online like death matches speed run competitions
and add phazon, fusion, dark, light, dark samus, suit mod and add some metroids will ya.. i mean whats a metroid game without a single metroid in it
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

I never played Metroid Prime Hunters, but they told me there's not even 1 single metroid there, it's just a Samus fighting against other bounty hunters for a treasure - which, in the end, is a trap (a huge monster). And the title is "Metroid"! That pisses me off and I don't have a minimal interest in playing Prime Hunters, because there's no metroid there at all.

About Confrontation, everything in this short game is an illusion, a simulation in a huge training room of the Federation (like the X-Men's Danger Room). This is a last training of Samus before going to SR388 to fight for real.

But don't worry, Metroid 2 Remake is close and we're gonna see all metroid evolutions in great graphics, now! I'm so excited for this game! More than I was for Metroid Other M, which I just loved. And I just can thank DoctorM64 again for this, he's definitely a number one fan!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I think about this game all the time!

I believe the search for items will be a little challenging, but I hope NOT IMPOSSIBLE, like in Metroid 4 Fusion. I gave up winning that game 100%, I got a map with all item locations, but some items are just IMPOSSIBLE to reach, there's a part you run to right and left, going up, then in the end you go back down and fly (with the speed-run power) exactly on a point in the wall to take a missile. I love Fusion, but that's a big flaw, that and to start truly looking for items only after we get all powers back.

I hope Metroid 2 Remake has good challenges, but not exagerated, not impossible ones. And I believe the search for items will be gradual, with no problems.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

ALL SUITS FROM ALL PREVIOUS GAMES COULD BE GREAT REWARDS, don't you guys think? The Power Suit (default), Varia Suit and probably Gravity Suit will be part of progress, not rewards. But Samus' Zero Suit, Fusion Suit, Orange Fusion Suit (when she absorbs SA-X), Phazon Suit, Dark Suit and Light Suit would be the rewards. I thought about other 2 suits: SAMUS' ORIGINAL LOOK (green hair and pink suit, as in Metroid 1) and YOUNG SAMUS (short blonde hair and green clothes, from her memories in Metroid Other M).

In Tomb Raider Anniversary (remake o 1), for example, Lara Croft gains outfits from previous game when she finds unique relics. (there's where my idea comes from) The same could be done with ancient chozo relics around the game, for example. Or the suits could just be rewards for achievements. Or found in VERY SECRET (but not impossible like in Fusion) passages. Or the 3 options... Let Doctor M64 read this and think if that's a good idea or not. I hope he likes this suggestion and it doesn't take too much of his time to be done, if accepted.

*Oh, DoctorM64, if you take this suggestion, please, make Samus' Zero Suit prettier (in Zero Mission she was too squared and her hair was short). And don't forget her original look from Metroid 1, I think the players would enjoy very much to see her as she was in the original game, but in better graphics.

Like the 1st guy said in this topic, YOU ARE THE MAN, DOCTORM64! Do the best! ;D
Falcool said…
Quite the comment storm there, doc :D I'm glad this got done, I haven't played it that far, but I love the overworld music and the controls so far =D I've posted it at
Anonymous said…
has anyone tried making an SA-X mod? i downloaded the sprites but it might take a bit more time re-creating each action (aimleft, grip, etc.)Hopefully someone w/ better tech. knowledge can do this. Cheers to DocM64 for a job well done!
Anonymous said…
How about a coop mod or a deathmatch mod with lan and internet support
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
DoctorM64, you could put some effects when Samus gets out of water. Not only the water splashing, but also Samus could be wet for a moment. For 5, 10 seconds after getting out of the water, there could be drops of water in Samus and even a little water dripping around her body. It could be gradual. At the right moment she leaves

There could be effects when Samus gets out of water. Gradual effects. Let me explain... As she leaves, the water splashes and there could be a little water dripping around her body and drops of water falling from her. After 5, 10 seconds, the drops of water stop falling, but she's still with water dripping on her. After more 10 seconds, it disappears too and she is dry again. Her suit could also shine a little, just like wet metal in real life.

In Tomb Raider, for example, when Lara Croft gets out of water, her clothes are darker (but Samus' suit is metal, then it should just shine, not get darker, of course), her body shines and drops of water fall from her for a few seconds.

That's exactly my point. If that be possible in these graphics, I think it would be great.

I must remember I loved the Preview 3, when that flying robot between the flamethrowers breaks a little after a few shots and when finally destroyed, falls on the floor and breaks in peaces, instead of only a little fire appear on the air and then disappearing. Awesome, very realistic! (just like the water effect I suggest) By the way, I think it's gonna be a new boss, once it is unique in the original game.
Unknown said…
I thought about to make a Mod Blog so I did one

here the link:
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I hope the music that plays when we begin the game be the one from the Preview 2 video. The best remix, in my opinion.
Anonymous said…
Dude don't get your hopes up. This close to release, I don't think he can fit all that in. Maybe in an update? Anyway, try not to expect all these things to make it in.

P.S. If you want a better chance of your suggestions getting in, try referencing other games, not just Tomb raider(no matter how good of a game it is:P)
Anonymous said…
Bruno is a hardcore Metroid fan for sure. Just don't go scarin ole Doc away before he finishes his game!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I understand, guys, and I thank you for your opinions. =)

I thought about how close the game is to be finished and I gave only suggestions that I - in my modest knowledge about game programs - believe that would not interfere too much in an almost complete game. Like removing an item, putting another, fixing the speed, putting a scene to appear in a part of the game, etc., I don't think they would make DoctorM64 need too much time and work to do them, but I can't be sure.

I'm just sure most of my suggestions won't fit or be accepted, of course, but I give them to help DoctorM64 getting inspired (I hope I'm not pressing him too much). But I won't get disappointed anyhow, because I'm sure the game is gonna be awesome, it's just the remake of my favorite of all Metroid games, it's very exciting.

*Oh, about TOMB RAIDER, I mentioned to compare the remakes of it and Metroid. Tomb Raider Anniversary is a great remake of Tomb Raider 1, that made at least 85% of the environment just like the original game, only 1 new item but many new moves, didn't add too many details to the plot and made the evil blonde Queen Natla much darker. That was a perfect remake, that's why I mention it, I think Metroid 2 Remake should be just like that, only with discrete changes. But Metroid Zero Mission, I just hate it, too changed from Metroid 1, with too many new rooms, the outside ruins, the wet room, and mainly that BORING extension after Mother Brain.

But I'm SURE there won't be any stupid extension (I only suggested that scene of the parasite X appearing after the credits to remind us of Fusion, that's all) or too many new rooms, many enough to make the game look like another.

Thanks again for your opinions and for the 1000th time, thank you, DoctorM64, for making this amazing job for us fans.
marcelouzuki said…
Bruno (sou do Brasil também, mais precisamente do RJ), eu acho que Doc deve terminar primeiro e depois lançar novas versões do Remake com novas idéias como as suas e de outros fãs.

Bruno Brazil (I'm from Brazil too, specifically Rio de Janeiro), I think Doc must finish first and then release new versions of the remake with new ideas as his own and other fans.

Good luck, Doc!
Septimus X said…
Doc, you are getting a lotta foot traffic! Good Work on the game so far. Have not played the demo yet, but saw the trailers and wanted to say the quality is looking great! I am gonna try to check the demo out this weekend.

Keep at it!
Raziel said…
Hey, a lot of the items in the original Metroid 2 were optional to get. Is this one gonna be the same way? Or more "you gotta get the next item to continue" style?
Raziel said…
By the way Doc, I played the demo. Very good. You are very good at what you do!
Kyran said…
@ Raziel - It's a Metroid 2 Remake, so do you remember Metroid 2? That's what style it will be like.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

Eu também penso isso, mas acho que ele vai lançar só uma versão e, no máximo, versões novas só pra reparar possíveis erros.

*I think this way too, but I think he's gonna make only one version and, at most, new versions only to repair possible bugs.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Well, I said all I had in mind, I hope my suggestions, accepted or not, have helped DoctorM64 making the best game as posible. I'm just gonna calm down and wait for the final job.

But we'd enjoy a last trailer and a demo of the game itself, once Confrontation had its last version released now.
@ Bruno
wow man, enough comments? And just wanted to clarify about Metroid Prime Hunters, I say it doesn't fit PRECISELY with metroid games but it was actually quite fun. I played it before any of the Prime series. It's controls and such with the DS were very well done and enjoyable. But there ARE metroids in it, the only thing is they aren't interactive. You find them in some like lab rooms floating around (theyre just tiny ones) or in tubes i think in the rooms (i haven't played for a good while). Just wanted to say that it isn't a game to get miserably ticked off with.

As for this, I'm so excited that it's almost done, great work doc.
Kyran said…
I second that about Hunters. I thought it was really fun and the controls were really good. Once you got used to them, if you were good at them, you can really move! makes the game a little easy but...Gorea was pretty tough at the end.
Anonymous said…
I don't know why people complain so much about the music in Metroid II, it didn't compare to the other metroid games, but I think it was fine. I loved the creepy ambiance music in the big dark rooms, it made the game feel really creepy and awesome. I really like the music in the part with the metroid hatchlings. I think it gave Metroid II a nice old syfy effect that the other metroid games didn't have, I don't know if anyone else here knows what I mean.

Perhaps its just the fact that the music now gives me good ol' memories of back when I played the game, but I think you should at least make the music similar.
Raziel said…
Not me. I want hardcore gangster rap while fighting metroids. Nothing beats killing Metroids with "my mind on my money, and my money on my mind". Or something like that.

Ps- I'm kidding, if you can't tell. Yes, the Metroid 2 music was decent. Nobody wants to hunt Metroids to Dolly Pardon though? You think Samus is a country girl, or maybe Death Metal Samus is more suitable! Cannible Corpse's new single "I kill Metroids and eat them till their dead!". "8 Metroids" by Eminem. Like 8 Mile....

Get it? My stand up is coming along nicely! Thank you, good night!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

I actually never played Prime Hunters, but someone told me there were no metroids in that game. I read the story and watched the begin and end, but I miss-understood what they said, they said there weren't interactive metroids, like you say, not no metroids at all. Thanks for clarifying.

Anyway, I think much better when Nintendo makes games for non-portable consoles, not for portable, because the technology is always newer and more advanced in non-portable consoles.
Anthony Rosado said…
I asked about this on the last build, but this runs super slowly on my pc. Any ideas why this could be? Windows Vista 32 bit, Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, GeForce 8800 GS.

It runs at maybe a third of the speed sound and all.
Anthony Rosado said…
I answered my own question - I changed the resolution in the config file to the next step up.
Anonymous said…
what? no comment from Bruno today?? somebody checkin to see if he is okay???

just playin ;)
Anonymous said…
keep up the good work cant wait to see the final game Doc about to start something myself with some friends and hopefully we can get to making a metroid fan game. Keep hope alive and keep me updated im excited as all hell
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the new update Doc! Like someone else said maybe in the next update you could give us a progress report showing the % of the game done. It's nice to have an idea about how much is done, especially this far along in the oroject
Anonymous said…
okay doc, it's the 28th. your worrying me.... please update! at least something man, you're killing me!
Anonymous said…
hey, doc. there's something wrong with the forums... i logged on and the fonts are super huge and it says that there's and error in a certain line of code.. not sure what it means but i thought i'd let you know...
Septimus X said…
Doc is already doing a great remake of a classic. Why is there twenty other Metroid remakes now? All of which I don't see one decent snapshot of a decent looking, and working game? And why do they all have to be Metroid games? Anyone ever play Castlevania? That was a great side scroller also!
You are not coming close to the doc, so try something new. Remember The Guardian Legend for NES? I wouldpay a hundred bucks for an updated version of that! Or the Mega Man series (Pre-5). Also an NES game that wasn't the greates but had GREAT music was Journey to Silius. Sunsoft had great music writers. Fester's Quest was a really good game, regardless of what Angry Video Game Nerd thinks :)
The point is that there are other game series to make games. I know the doc inspires people, but that is the key, let him "inspire" you. Try not to straight up copy one Metroid game and paste it into another, just mixing up the corridors in the process.
Anonymous said…
Você tem os dias atualização específica?
Unknown said…
Hey doc,
can you put this into your recommend link list on your blog thx
I'm making mods for Metroid Confrontation

My first mod is out now ENJOY IT
Anonymous said…
The FileFactory link gives this message:
>This file has been deleted.
>Reason: This file is forbidden to be shared.

And the EasyShare link gives this message:
>File is blocked.

MFFileHost link seems to be just fine though.
Septimus X said…
Metroid II : Annihilation
Anonymous said…
Metroid II: Man I wish I had a puppy!
I support the last two recommended titles :P lmfao no seriously I like Metroid II: Anihilation :)
Anonymous said…
I can't believe its almost April fools again.. I've been following this project for over a year!! Can't wait until its finally finished.
Kyran said…
Hey, did the Doc ever explain why the ship lost about 900 lbs in his graphics overhaul process? I don't think I agree with that. I liked the fatty ship. It was in the original gameboy version of 2 and in Super Metroid. Please either convince me otherwise or bring back fatty McPig ship.
completely forgot about that ship deal. i hope he does make it bigger. and way to remind me of april fools lmfao last years april fools post makes my life. just had to comment to say that haha
Anonymous said…
Awesome Game!
Fun to play, Already unlocked 50 Bomb Trophie and Wall Kick.

Very Metroid like,
The feel is nice. Looking farward to AM2R.

I noticed that in the Trophie section it doesn't tell you what to do to obtain them. Only what they are.
Is there going to be any light shed on this or do we just hope to get them based on the name of each trophie?

Anonymous said…
So, what's miltilanguage support anyway?
Daniel Quan said…
Hola, soy yo de nuevo, quiero decirte que creé el Phazon mod para Metroid: Confrontation, aquí está el link:
Anonymous said…
ok i don't know jack about computers so forgive the possiblity of idocy but is there anyway i can get AM2R on my dsi
somebody said…
is there a way you could make confrrontation downloadable to your phone? non-smartphone.
Dave Ayres said…
Hi. Played Confrontation, loved it, can't wait till AM2R.

One question: I saw super missile blocks. Did I miss the super missiles?

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