About the name...

While I was reading the comments of the last post these days, I noticed how many cool names people suggested for AM2R. I was thinking of choosing a name when the project is near completion, but I don´t see why we can´t choose one now.

The name will be officially be used when the game is released, for now AM2R works well, people know the project by that name and unless the game is released, there´s no need to confuse people. Even the Confrontation demo made some people think the game was done. I won´t be using any name that has SR388 in it, just to avoid even more confusion with VonRichter´s project.

Here are some of the coolest names you suggested, I made a little poll to see which ones you like more.

Right now I´m working on a new miniboss. The sprite set was drawn by Michael Raflik, a very talented spriter. There are other artists working hard on their contribution to the project, I´ll be happy to anouce them when they´re done.

There was also some progress on Area 5. I have the main "most interesting" areas done, now I have to connect them with more rooms and apply tiles to the whole thing.

Well, as always thanks for all your support. If you have new suggestions for the name, I´d like to hear them. I might add it to the poll.


Dudeman said…
my vote is for extermination...
but the last metroid sounds cool as well.

its great to see this game finally getting close to done after watching it for so long.

thanks so much to Dr. and all those who made this possible.
Jay said…
The Last Metroid, is indeed my favourite, the one that suits the game and the series overall.
And any Metroid fan can understand that. ;)
Chuckpebble said…
I liked 6, but went with 5. That one is pretty darn good.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
If I never got email from Dr.M64 does that mean he never read my email or he doesn't like my drawing or some other reason. I try my best drawing that one, I have other drawing but I need them for the game I'm make when I download game maker 7 when I get my own laptop which I don't know when I get. I'm MetroidGuardian and are you gonna send me a email Dr.M64 or something.
Sorry it that long, bye.
Unknown said…
The last metroid SOUNDED cool. But then I remembered that it wasn't. Remember fusion anyone? Metroid Prime games?

I went with Zero mission 2, because that tied in closer to me.
Unknown said…
Are you Michale Dr.M64 was talking about?
Unknown said…
Sorry I misspell your name.
MetroidMan347 said…
My vote is for M:ZM II, however I propose a tweak. Metroid Zero Mission II: Return of Samus. Combines the old and new quite well IMO.
Here is my thinking. The Last Metroid is a misnomer, seeing as this does not revolve around the last metroid. Metroid Zero Mission II is seemingly redudant (Zero mission, or first mission, but the second one?). Metroid Second Misson doesnt work, because in the timeline of the game, it is actually the sixth mission, taking place after Metroid and the 4 Prime games. I like metroid Extinction, but a former remake went by this name aswell. I'm not sure if this would make a difference or in Nintendo would C&D Dr. M. for it, but yeah. Termination and Extermination are both very cool names though. I also like Metroid II: Return of Samus Remake.
TheWMan said…
Awesome work Doc! Can't wait for this remake!

A small nit-pick tho: I don't think Zero Mission II makes sense, because the fact that its "2", means it's no longer "zero".
Unknown said…
Can anyone please answer my question and tell Dr.M64 that I never got a reply from him and tell him I known as MetroidGuardian. I would tell him all this but the computer I'm using right now won't let me send email to him.
Zoonyboy said…
Hey. The names are great. I like the idea of the zero mission two. But that seems to.....non-orriginal. This would be a better title. Metroid zero mission______ fill in the blank with: extermination, second mission, metroid extermination. Or you could try a spin off zero mission like, metroid anti-mission. But you will get more comments and heave to deside between millions of titles so good luck.
Matt said…
I don't really like any of the options except Extinction, which I think it vaguely good, and has a bit of a ring to it.
But none of the names really I think fits to how good your project is. Since the name will affect the persons decision to download your game or not.
Zero Mission II? Come on...
To Sean, DrM64 is busy, and I'm sure he's got so many emails that he's been a bit overwhelmed. Though I may be wrong.
The Last Metroid is okay, but it's been pointed out that it doesn't really fit. It would be more appropriate for a Super Metroid remake.
Firespawn7 said…
If you want to make sure people know exactly what the game is when they find it on the internet, keep with a name similar to the original. So I recommend anything that has "Metroid II: _____". "The Last Metroid" doesn't make sense because I think we all can agree the title really only applies once you BEAT THE GAME...
Zoonyboy said…
Stick with a title that relates to zero mission. The reason I say this is because you are housing metroid zero mission graphics.
Artiksilver said…
Personaly, from those options, I chose Evolution.

Zero mission 2 just doesn't make sense, and as has been said, The Last Metroid would only be valid for a Super Metroid remake since that one actualy IS about the last metroid.

Extermination/ Termination/ etc. just seems kinda cheesy. Evolution sounds better to me bacause:

1 - It will(if finished) be an improved version of Metroid 2, and;

2 - We fight the many life stages of the Metroid species troughout the game.
Dragonheart91 said…
IMO, "The Last Metroid" is only good if it's prefaced as such: "AM2R: The Last Metroid".

It would have had my vote if it was. Otherwise, evolution/extinction sound fine.
Alberto said…
Just a little suggestion, since the name the last metroid is nice but people argue that it´s pointless because you have to wait ´till the end, i have a possible solution.

This is only if "the last metroid" is chosen (i think it should be AM2R: The last metroid though, but nevermind).

What if the starting sequence told something like: "This the story of my mission to SR388, the story of how I met the last metroid...". Just as in confrontation, which tells she was trying something a training program
freeek said…
"metroid: alteration" or "metroids" or "re-metroid" or "metroid: amendment"
Karrde said…
Personally, I like Project AM2R but :P But I suppose if I have to choose form that list, I will.
Anonymous said…
why so many votes for Metroid: Second Mission?

it's technically the sixth mission, not including whatever game comes in between thanks to MP3:C's secret ending

And the fact that it sounds so much like an already used title is just lame

Other than that, the rest of the suggestions seem fine
MetroidMan347 said…
@The comments that say MZM II isn't viable due to being zero 2

It WOULD work as a title if done correctly, I.E. If the original Metroid and Metroid 2 are not treated as separate missions, but the same continued mission. Think about it. The missions are the same. In both you are sent to destroy the Metroids in a certain area. It could be treated as if she completed her mission on Zebes and The Galactic Federation she wasn't done and sent her to exterminate them on SR388. If you have a question reply to this comment.
i know I already explained my hatred for some of the names, but I'd just like to comment to MetroidMan347, that in Metroid / Metroid: Zero Mission, Samus is sent to infiltrate the space pirate base on Zebes and destroy Mother Brain. I'm pretty sure she did not know they existed yet. MZM and MII where separated by 4 missions (I know thats been said). So it really isn't a continueation. Sorry if I seem to rant.
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Expunction My idea.
ronny14 said…
Metroid Extinction was the name of a fomer remake of mine wich was canned. I still vote for it, cause it has relevance to the plot.
Anonymous said…
my vote is "The Last Metroid".
I can´t wait!!!
ZarroTsu said…
Really the most fitting name here is "Extinction". I'd like to remind you all that /Samus is committing freaking species genocide to a planet/. I know there are more metroids in the metroid universe than just a single planet, but let that sink in. Every damn metroid on a PLANET.
MarioBro said…
All options are very good, though
I do think that the Last metroid is the best, who ever played super metroid will know what I'm talking about "The LAST METROID is in captivity, the galaxy is at peace"
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Expunction Is my new name I came up with.... Is anyone going to comment on it?
Zacca said…
My vote is for Metroid II: Evolution. It basically sums up what the game is about and it doesn't mess with the timeline of the other Metroid games. But since this name will most likely be a problem then what about using Metroid 6 in the title since everyone keeps on arguing about the timeline.
TJF588 said…

Metroid II: Remake of Samus

Metroid II: Dread of Samus
Anonymous said…
I like Metroid: Evolution, it suits it quit well for the fact metroid 2 had all the evolving states of the metroid.
Anonymous said…
Mine goes for Evoloution,
first i thought about The REMAKE title, but the gameplay is a little better then the original,so...

So Mr.M we are watching this for such a long time now,and we are all happy to see that the popularity is still growing :)

Thanks anyone for the work ^_^
Unknown said…

that's why The last metroid would better fit for Super Metroid
Unknown said…
If it has to be off that list then Extinction is the best, however AM2R is catchy, easy to pronounce and remember, and works well even if the meaning behind the acronym is cut. I would consider the name AM2R, without any explanation for what the letters meant better than any of the options.
DanielVazquezLV15 said…
Metroid second mission sounds way better it fita it perfectly
netsendjoe said…
kinda torn between Metroid Termination and Metroid Second Mission, but I do kinda like Metroid II : Return of Samus Remake ... trying to follow what Nintendo should have done I'm thinking Second Mission or Metroid: Mission II would suit it nicely.. or maybe Metroid Eradication.. I do like the Last Metroid... but there never truely is a last Metroid due to cloning and such :p and they dont exactly become extinct either. maybe its best to keep numeric references out. like it was said before Zero Mission 2 implies its no longer Zero and doesnt fit in the chronological order either. ugh.. choosing is so hard.. Metroid Struggle, Metroid Homeworld, Metroid Revenge...... in the end it does need a name awesome enough to describe the awesomeness...
Anonymous said…
how can anyone want the title "Evolution" after that horrible Dragon Ball movie...

evolution also reminds me too much of pokemon
Caedus said…
Metroid: Evolution is the best name for the game. zero misson 2 or the second mission wont work, because in the metroid timeline it is the 5th mission (1. zero mission, 2.-4. prime trillogy). another possibility can be: Metroid 2: return of samus remake
MarioBro said…
Good idea theblinkshow so thats up to Super Metroid First Remake, now I don't know which I choose:
- Metroid Evolution or
- Metroid: Second Mission due to the fact that it's a remake like the zero mission, or... wait why is it second mission if there were the primes too? I'm confused. :S
By the way I'm looking at this remake two years ago, though I was too shy to post :P, great job Doc :D
sbq92 said…
Wanderer in the Dark is correct. Metroid: Second Mission doesn't make sense, since it isn't actually Samus' second mission. Yet right now, it's winning in the poll. :( I would rather not see such an awesome remake with a name that doesn't make sense...

"Extermination" is one of the best options IMO, since that's what the mission actually is--an extermination of the metroids.
Unknown said…
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Eric Taylor said…
I would just like the throw in that I think "Metroid: ______" is a bad idea in general. Too many games take the original route in titles of using the colon, and it comes off as very uninspired. "Series name: Generic cool sounding word like resurrection or extinction or redemption or something".

"The Last Metroid" doesn't sound half bad though.
NUCLEO said…

MarioBro said…
Ah doc, I got an idea for those weird blocks that the metroids can destroy in the end, why not change them into some kind of X block or even those X barriers in metroid fusion, since the X are their main predators and those blocks are very confuse(suspect)XD
Anonymous said…
Evolution is too "pokemon" and it would fit only if metroids started evolving only by some event within that game.

Extermination is the best so far, I guess, maybe "the extermination", maybe not.


Termination... well, extermination sounds better.

I Agree that The Last Metroid would rather be for a Super Metroid Remake.

Return of Samus Remake is simple but good. Someone suggested "Remake of Samus", which is a clever one.

Metroid Zero Mission II is downright retarded, guess there were enough posts saying why.

Metroid: Second Mission is uncreative as it gets. If this was a M2 remake hack on a Mzm GBA rom, then it could fit.

If I am to suggest a new name (I did, in an some more older post)
I stay with Metroid Requiem.

(And yeah, I also didn't get a email reply. Hope it wasn't because my midi sucks ;)

I'm going to throw in another cool-sounding synonym of Extinction/Extermination:

Dan Blanco said…
Why not use "AM2R" as a base for the name?

"Aran's Me2Roid Hunt" or something.

I can't say the same for everyone, but I know I distinctly recognize this project by the four letters I've seen for a while now.
Anonymous said…
I like "the Last Metroid", but aside from that, maybe Metroid: Genocide. The name I really want though is Metroid: SR388. Vonrichter's project is dead. There's not even a site anymore. But if you insist, the Last Metroid or Metroid: Genocide would be great.
Anonymous said…

Enough crappy adjectives?

Just keep AM2R, "accomplished metroid 2 remake". It will probably be the only one to be finished anyway.
Anonymous said…
Like others have already said, Metroid : Second Mission no longer makes sense, it contradicts the series' timeline, Metroid 2 is the sixth mission.

The Last Metroid is not the purpose of this mission either, it's the purpose of Super Metroid.

Names like "Metroid : Extinction" might sound a bit cheesy, but they at least describe the purpose of this mission perfectly : the Exctinction/Termination/Destruction/Whatever of the Metroid species.

Yes, Samus has "failed" that mission, but it's still the mission of this game.

I know "Second Mission" is currently winning the poll, but i really hope a different name will be chosen anyway, it'd be a shame if the first thing the player sees on the title screen is... a silly contradiction.
GringoHispo1993 said…
Hey que ondas y que te parece este:
Metroid Zero Mission II Return of Samus?

Diria que es un buen nombre xq como extermination y evolution te sirvieran si tubieras planeado hacer otro remake que seria el de super metroid y the last metroid no da simplemente por ser segundo metroid seria que seria o el primero o el ultimo. Bueno este fue mi comentario espero lo allas leido y igual como siempre te deseo suerte en este proyecto.
Anonymous said…
all the other names are good, but the name needs to start with AM2R.
for all the random adjectives names, replace "metroid" with "AM2R" because we've had the name since the start
Anonymous said…
I kinda like AM2R as the name.
SpiderTECH said…
1st of all in the Previous blog I said Metroid Second Mission as mocking the stupid Zero Mission reference, wasn't serious about nor did I like it.

2nd if this was an actual Marketed game, it would make good sales if it was kept with the Metroid II name. As Firespawn7 pointed out If you were looking for Metroid II on the Internet what would you find. If this doesn't have Metroid II in the name other than random keywords it wouldn't be top of the list like it is now. However since this is not going in retail stores I wouldn't go with it, but I'm sure Nintendo would throw it in as Metroid: Second Mission just to keep with the Zero Mission style.

As stated earlier The Last Metroid wouldn't work however if its a must then I would go with AM2R: The Last Metroid.

Dr.M64 If you ever do a Super Metroid Remake...

"SMR: The Last Metroid"

If Second Mission gets the Vote then I want a Re-Vote.

My suggestion as before is

"Metroid: Homeworld"
"Metroid2: Homeworld"

Something else to think about. While I like the name AM2R since we all already know it as that. When I think of the title I think, "Oh, it's just Another Metroid 2 Remake". What if you dropped "Another" and just labeled it as "M2R" (Metroid 2 Remake).

Dare I say

"M2R: The Last Metroid"

"M2R: Metroid Homeworld"

or if thats redundant
"M2R: Homeworld"
Erdax said…
the name is not important the important thing is that metroid......

I am Brazilian and share the production has a couple of years to sue the very good work ....
MichaelGabrielR said…
Hey Doc!
Michael Raflik here.
I'm honored to be mentioned, it's great to work with you.
Can't wait for a next update. =D

Here's my blog, btw:

P.S. How about naming the game "Metroid: Execution"?
artiksilver said…
Why not call it

Mochtroid: AM2R

Ithxsmir said…
I agree that second mission is... less than appealing due to the previously state timeline reason, and to throw another one in: Zero mission to Second mission is an indication of not being able to count. There is no "first mission" as of this point... Also tend to agree with the idea that Pokemon/Dragon Ball have ruined the "Evolution" tag.

As has already been mentioned
Metroid: Annihilation
Metroid: Extinction
Metroid: Obliteration

or some similar working seem the best of the rename ideas.
Unknown said…
I think the name should still have II in it, no matter what the subtitle is.
So "Metroid II: Evolution" or "Metroid II: Extinction" would be great.
DamnBastard said…
Spaceballs 2: The Remake ;P

"Metroid Countdown" maybe

I think in the title screen name, the number shouldn't be present. Like in M3 and M4 it shows a little text prompt like "METROID 2" then it shows the big title image itself.

It's hard to get a decide in a good name. Most of these I-wanna-be-badass names end sounding cheesy.

If you make any change to the poll list, will we be able to vote again?
Anonymous said…
I don't realy like most of the options.. well I like the last metroid but I think it'd fit better like "Metroid: The hunting" or something like that

ps. congratulations for you work.. nintendo should hire you xD
Shane said…
I don't really care for any of these names to be honest. Though I did have an idea for a name.

Metroid II: Project Dread.

Chronologically it ties in more with Metroid Prime 3 with that title. Though it probably make more sense if Space Pirates were in this remake.
Sudtrap said…
I kinda agree with some of the others. I think that instead of the name being prefixed with Metroid, I think it should start with AM2R.
I honestly found the choices to be a bit subpar.

I think we should go with Metroid AM2R, redundancies aside.
Karrde said…
Actually, I kinda like the idea of "Remake of Samus" It's something of a bad pun on the original name :P
SoNick said…
Going with the other comments, I really like "AM2R: Remake of Samus."
The poll options are all cheesy and terrible. :/
Jari said…
I dont see why you would need to be creative with the name - you are making a remake, not a new Metroid game. There are no games with a name like "Evolution" or "Extetmination" in the Metroid series...
Anonymous said…
They all sound really fan-gamey tbh :T Some of these titles have been used before as well.
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Evolution - there was a project with this name...

Metroid: Extinction - there was a project with this name also not finished

I like this one:
Metroid II: Return of Samus Remake

Metroid Zero Mission II - this mission is not like one on Zebes and it is not a 'zero mission' ...

Metroid: Second Mission - too trivial for me...

I would like to give another name:

Metroid: Homeworld

or Metroid: Metroids Homeworld

how do you like this one?
Anonymous said…
do you think you could put more than just like 39 metroids. im not asking for like a thousand or anything, but just enough. becuase with the entire planet of sr388, you'd think there would be more than 39 metroids.
MechaBouncer said…
As stated before, "The Last Metroid" and "Second Mission" don't really fit. I'm also not really keen on most of those on the list. I'm sort of liking "AM2R: Remake of Samus" as a play on the words as well. You could also do something like "Metroid II: Project AM2R", "Mission AM2R", or "Order AM2R" like it's a code-name for the extermination mission.

I'd even be happy if it just stays "AM2R", but perhaps the "Another" should be changed to a different word like "Advance(d)" to play off the Gameboy Advance name from which the sprites and style come from. Or it could just plain stand for "Awesome".

Just some ideas.
Anonymous said…
you should either keep the AM2R name or else go with Metroid II something. call it what it is.

or use both---
Metroid II: AM2R

and the title card could be laid out with the original Metroid II logo in the middle with "another" on top and "remake" below
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I guess that true about metroid prime game that between original metroid games. I think about the name AM2R, maybe it could be AMetroid2Remember. What do you think of that. Anybody know a site where I can find a sprite, the sprite I'm looking for is guy that has a suit like samus, that look exactly like samus suit because I'm going to make a game when I get laptop I thought I be getting soon but have to wait longer, did you guys give him the message, thanks and sorry it that long. bye.
MechaBouncer said…
A Metroid 2 Remember... I like the sound of that.
Anonymous said…
for example, i made these two:



eh? eh?
Unknown said…
I got a question about when I send the email. What Cc mean and was it a bad idea to put my email address on there because if it was mistake then I have to resend a email. Can anybody help with the sprite I'm looking for, the description of the sprite is the one I send before today. Thanks and bye.
Unknown said…
Dont forget to do a follow up poll with only the top two name candidates. Just because a title wins the initial poll doesn't necessarily mean that it is the most popular. Maybe the runner up from the initial poll is actually the second favorite name for the majority of the people who participated in the vote.
Ben said…
@Sean: A Metroid 2 Remembrance

Ooh, I have one. Weren't you going to add a secret plot twist in there (hence the new area)? Name it based on that, and make us guess!
Anonymous said…
I think the name should be fairly simple. I think, though, that the A in AM2R could be changed to a different word as suggested by some people.
Also, someone above suggested increasing the metroid count in the game. I do think 39 metroids is a little too low. However, I think the main areas of the game probably already have enough metroid fights. The final area of the game with the normal metroids, though, is fairly short. You could probably expand the area and add more metroids there before the queen.
Ezekiel Rage said…
THe most voted one is also the worst
metroid: second mission not only is terribly wrong but it also sounds bad. its her sixth mission as bounty hunter as far as we know...
im for evolution because thats what we are seeing in the game. and it soudns good...
Josh said…
Hey Doc, I'v been watching you for some time now and I gotta say, You'v made a better 2D Metroid game than Nintendo ever has and ever will, I know everything about Metroid(even some secret stuff), and from My Metroid Expert/Gaming Expert Opinion... DAMN!!!

Also I have something to ask of you when AM2R is finished... I am Making a game called "Metroid: Project Arcturis" and was wondering if you could lend me assistance with making it, It will be a VERY LARGE game, A 3D First-Person-Shooter like the Prime Series, but better than any other game before it. It is a Big Project and I need help, if You could it would be great, Im on this Site Daily: http://federationarchives.hyperboards.com/

Oh and the funny thing is... Arcturis takes place After Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which means it also takes place before Metroid 2.
GrieverSoft said…
Aww...didn't like 'Metroids' enough to include it on the poll...
It may not be on the ballot, but that gets my vote.
BadChad said…
Id have to say Im with everyone who said that Second Mission just doesnt work regardless of if its winning or not. Extinction or Termination make far more sense and I think this project deserves a more suitable title Second Mission.

It would be pretty dissapointing if the most solid and most anticipated Metroid fan game ended up with a title that wasnt very suiting.

And I cant see DrM64 beeing all that pleased to name his project Second Mission...
rtf said…
I like "The Last Metroid" the best, since the initial premise has the Galactic Federation saying "we think there is at least one surviving Metroid on SR388". In fact, that would be a really cool thing to work off of in the game's opening sequence. The fact that the hatchling becomes the "Last Metroid" (albeit, temporarily) is just the icing on the cake.

Most of the names won't fit if you hold the standard of "the name later becomes a misnomer due to the stories of future games in the time-line". I don't think that should be any concern. What matters is THIS story, THIS moment of the time-line.

To the one guy: Metroid II comes after Prime, not before.
Vicktor said…
no seais idiotas no vonten por el nombre metroid zero mission 2 por que segun el orden cronologico este juego no es el que esta despues del metroid original tal ves metroid exterminarion o metroid exticion o algo por el esstilo pero no metroid the second mision o metroid zero II seria estupido y un desagrado para los fans que conocemos la maldita linea temporal.

felicitaciones y que bueno que ya estes buscandole un nombre al juego eso demuestra un gran avance.
Unknown said…
Why the hell is "Second Mission" winning? .. why is it even on the list? It doesnt even make sense, Metroid Zero Mission starts at Zero and then goes to two? What happened about first?

I was thinking Extermination but its a bit of a mouthful, instead I think "Metroid: Extinction" fits best of the ones in the list.
Gabelvampir said…
Hmm, wouldn't be Metroid: Next Mission a good title in conjecture with Zero Mission?
youcancontactme said…
i'm with the new spriter michael! metroid: Execution!
Unknown said…

uhh... no, the real Michael Raflik has already commented here and it wasn't you.
Desertskunk said…
My personal vote, has already been suggested here, but it never hurts to make it known. I personally think that while all of the votable material was interesting as far as suggestions went, they did not do justice to the title.

A2MR just seems...right, after all of this time. My personal suggestion: A2MR: The Return of Samus.
Dragonheart91 said…

AM2R: The Return of Samus
AM2R: The Last Metroid

FAR greater than any of the others I've seen suggested IMO.
JMarler said…
Aren't you worried that as soon as you finish, spending countless hours, when you start distributing the final release that Nintendo will come in and demand you to cease and desist? Shouldn't you name it something else to avoid a copyright fight with Nintendo?
Anonymous said…
The only problem with saying AM2R: The Return of Samus is that some people would not realize that this is a metroid game. Not everyone would figure out what the letters stand for. AM2R: The Last Metroid is a little better, but still might confuse some people. Don't get me wrong, I really like those two suggestions. I just want it to be very clear to people unfamiliar with the Metroid series that this is a Metroid game.
MichaelGabrielR said…
Hey, Michael Raflik here again.

Chill man ^^. "youcancontactme" just wanted to show approval for "Metroid: Execution".

BTW, thanks "youcancontactme"! =D

Well, I would be glad to see that mini boss in action anytime soon...

If you're curious then you can check out my blog at:

Take care!
Dragonheart91 said…
Once he gets to the distribution stage there is nothing Nintendo can do. If even one other person has it, they can just upload it again and Nintendo will never be able to hunt down all of them.

They can C&D him now to make him stop working, but he can always "leak" the source code to (hopefully) let someone else finish.

In any case, hopefully we will be home free within the next year when he finally starts distribution.
MechaBouncer said…
@Desertskunk and Dragonheart91
You could also reverse it to be something like this:

The Return of Samus:
A Metroid 2 Remake

So AM2R becomes the subtitle. The "Remake" could also be substituted with Remembrance, Re-imagining, Revisit, Re-envision, etc. Although I don't know if it's a good idea to completely rip off the original title or not, given that the game given that Nintendo could send C&D orders at any time. It almost seems like it would be better to have LESS in common with the original title.
Anonymous said…
How about another Tech Demo
MetroidTaq said…
"AM2R: The Return of Samus"
This is the only name I actually really like! It fits, it's actually makes you think it's a remake, not a game, whilst stating it's your own work.

Look at all the votes.
Summary: 1193 votes as of right now.
And it looks like most people who voted don't know shit about a worthy namesake, but it shows that your project is HUGE! Which means when you evetually release the game you're going to need more several downloading sites. Which you seems to have already addressed with your demos, but I think when it's released there will be a flood of downloading.
Yes please add more than 39 Metroids. You should add more Omega's, Zeta's, and a couple random places where you fight Alpha's in between fighting high evolutions of Metroids.
Will there be another blog post for this month? I check daily, and I'm sure everyone else does too.
Well, if I can help in anyway you have my email. Like maybe new tile sets?
NUCLEO said…


1. Metroid/Metroid: Zero Mission
2. Metroid Prime
3. Metroid Prime: Hunters
4. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
5. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
6. Metroid II: Return of Samus
7. Super Metroid
8. Metroid: Other M
9. Metroid Fusion

Gesso said…
Individual Opinions on Names

Metroid Evolution
I like this one. It makes sense. I don't care if "DragonBall ruined it" or "it remembers me of Pokémon". It has a nice ring to it and it makes sense while not contradicting anything in the timeline. It also refers to the remake nature of the game. It also fits with the other names like "Fusion" and "Zero Mission" well.

Metroid Extermination
I don't like this one. I think it's the worse among the Genocide/Assassination/Whatever. It sounds bad and it's too cheesy.

Metroid Extinction
I think this is the best option among the Killing/Hunt/Whatever. It has a nice ring, makes more sense that Extermination, and it's slightly less cheesy. I voted for this one. It also fits with the other names like "Fusion" and "Zero Mission" well.

Metroid Termination
Sounds slightly better than extermination. Still cheesy as hell.

The Last Metroid
Good one. Yes, I know it only makes sense in the end of the game, and it would be better suited to a Super Metroid remake. However, I doubt anyone is EVER going to remake Super Metroid because it is friggin' perfect. Also, I'm not sure what is the official plural form of "Metroid". Is it metroids or simply metroid? If "Metroid" can refer to many metroid(s), this would fit perfectly. You could just name it "The Last Metroids" too, I guess. But it doesn't sound as nice.

Metroid II Return of Samus Remake
Personally, I think putting "remake" in the title sounds really really bad. It feels tacked on and lazy. When Nintendo remade Metroid they gave it a cool name. Let's do the same here.

Metroid Zero Mission II
This one makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Metroid Second Mission
Several problems. If you don't count Prime games, jumping from Zero to Second is weird as hell. If you do, it's not the second mission either way. So yeah. I don't know why it's winning.

Some more suggestions anyway:

The End of Metroid(s)
Don't know about this one, personally. Just throwing it out there.

Metroid Nest
This one is weird because it's not Metroidy, but it's kinda good.

Metroid Survival
Both Samus's and the metroids'.

Metroid Legacy
Refers to the fact that by the end one metroid is alive and will carry on the legacy and also to the remake nature of the game.
xCYBERKIDx said…
I Like Metroid: Evolution, it's an awesome name and makes the most sense, extinction is cool but doesn't make that much sense since all the metroids don't die only one is kept alive and gets killed in super metroid. Second Mission is the dumbest name since this is samus' sixth mission, sure it's winning but i'm sure YOU Doctor M64 wouldn't want to give a stupid name to a project you spent many hours on.
Anonymous said…
Since everyone seems to be in the business of trying to tag horrible (and dare I say unoriginal) names to this game before its release, here's a few alternates, courtesy of a little dictionary.com and thesaurus.com research:

Metroid Abstersion.
Metroid Extirpation.
Metroid Suppression.
Anonymous said…
Metroid: AM2R
SpiderTECH said…
Metroid: Annihilation

Metroid: Epidemic

Metroid: Infestation

War of the Metroid

Metroid: The Samus Invasion

The Metroid Conflict

Metroid: Decolonization

Samus: The Walking Tank

Samus: The Metroid Killer

Metroid: Pest Control

Serious Samus II: The Next Encounter

Metroid: Into the Deep

Knee Deep in Metroids

All Your Metroids Are Belong to Us!

Really I could go on forever with this crap.

Just leave it as AM2R. Personally since it is a Metroid 2 Remake and not a entirely new game I vote for keeping the name. Maybe do like what someone showed with the original Metroid II title with "Another" on top and "Remake" on the bottom.
Anonymous said…
All Your Metroids Are Belong To Us lol 10000000x.
Anonymous said…
Second mission is a dull name.
It isn't even samus' second mission.
Unknown said…
How about Metroid Reborn because everybody thought metroid were gone but metroid are back so I thought this name would be good. Did somebody tell Dr.M64 the message about not getting a reply. I check my email then come to tell if I got it or not. Can anybody tell me where I can find the sprite, the description of the sprite I'm looking is one I type on 1-25-10. Thanks everybody and sorry it that long.
MetroidMaker said…
Metroid Reborn is a top down Metroid fan game.
Unknown said…
Never mind about Metroid Reborn, I thought nobody used that name. I didn't get reply from Dr.M64. Can anybody help me with a sprite. Thanks and please give Dr.M64 the message, I want to get a reply from him.
Unknown said…
The name Metroid Evolution somebody already used that name. Metroid HQ used that name that who if you ask. Can anybody help with a sprite I'm looking for? Thank and bye.
MetroidMaker said…
I might be able to help you. PM me on MFM.
Unknown said…
I went with "evolution", but none of them really stick with me. I actually like AM2R (despite knowing what it means :P). The name sounds almost tech-y, and I wouldn't expect it to be spelled out in the game. Also, not putting "metroid" in the title will probably lower the chance of Nintendo raging on you at some point (though they've thankfully not come after you as of yet). Just my opinion. I wouldn't let a name I didn't like ruin the experience for me!
Anonymous said…
How about : Metroid II: the depths of homeworld? :>
xCYBERKIDx said…
Here's something i just put together. Hope you like it...

Anonymous said…
That is a pretty nice title screen xCYBERKIDx. I'm assuming it would be possible to change the word evolution to something else if people don't like evelotion, right. The only thing I don't like about that screen is the color of the screw attack logo; the color feels too bright. Could you try making some other title screens as well?
Sebastian1112 said…
it really depends on the story, is it the same as the original metroid 2? or did you/will you add more story to it? the title, after all, has to make sense with the story.
Anonymous said…
Hola, quiero comentar que todos los titulos propuestos suenan muy de destrucción aun cuando de eso se trata el juego. En mi opinion deberiamos todos tomar en cuenta como han evolucionado los metroids en TODA LA SERIE y a base de eso tomar un mejor nombre.

Yo voy a ofrecer nombres pero si alguien propone otro, por favor lea mi comment y haga lo que le pido:

Metroid: The total hunt
AM2R: The Samus Remake
AM2R: SR388 Mission
AM2R: The Metroid Hatchling
Metroid: Battle of Metroid Homeworld

Doc. se de que ya terminaste los items y que estas en el diseño de la Queen Metroid y todo eso pero si lanzas una actualizacion. Trabaja en una especie de scan visor que se controle como el X-ray Scope de Super Metroid. Que puedas escanear los metroids y una galeria con imagenes originales que usaste (Aunque esto haya sonado como un capricho). Le da mas Replay Value a el juego.

Una cosa mas doc. Felicidades por tu juego. Es bueno ver que los Gringos,Japoneses y Europeos no sean los unicos que hacen videojuegos. Yo tambien pienso hacer un juego pero esto sera en como 20 años. Aun soy un chaval.

Una cosa mas, tu eres el mejor indicado para un remake de Super Metroid (aunque prefiero que nadie haga uno, ese juego es una joya).

Si tomas en cuenta mi idea, me puedes poner credito al simplemente ponerme como "Un loco que nadie entiende..."

Nintendo en serio deberia contratarte por tu trabajo Xd.

Una nota mas:Entren a la siguiente pagina
Bye y espero que nintendo no te cache nunca o hasta que sea muy tarde. :)
Anonymous said…
Hola soy "Un loco que nadie entiende..." de nuevo,
Quisiera agregar que podrias poner un video de introduccion al principio en el que (a base de la serie Prime), se explique porque La Federación Galactica tomo la decision de exterminar a los metroids por completo

El Scan Visor que te comente podrias ponerlo como un extra en una segunda vuelta del juego o poniendo un modo de juego basado en la introduccion de Metroid Fusion (eso de capturar las criaturas del planeta y solo escanear a los metroids)(OBIAMENTE esto seria para una actualizacion)

Para los 3 diferentes finales yo propongo lo siguiente:
Final Bueno: Que sea el final original de Metroid 2: Return of Samus. Con la diferencia de que no solo un Metroid sobrevive, sino que otros 2 tambien, pero que Samus no los encuentra y se quedan en SR388.
Final Regular: Samus escapa a duras penas del planeta con el Metroid en un estado critico. Se nos revela en una escena estilo del final de Metroid: Zero Mission de que los Chozo tenian a los Metroids como mascotas y que algunos se fueron con ellos cuando se fueron de SR388
Final Malo: Samus apenas escapa con su vida, el ultimo Metroid muere alli y que el planeta entero sufre un terrible terremote destrozando las ruinas, las cuevas subterraneas y la superficie, que se enfoque una escena al casco de Samus en el que se vea destrozada y triste por esta tragedia al saber que fue su culpa de manera indirecta.

Seguro habra mejores finales, pero esos son los mejores que se me ocurren. Si vas a usar una de estas ideas, me puedes poner el credito simplemente como "Un loco que nadie entiende..."
Buena suerte y ya termina el juego lo mas pronto posible :)
Desertskunk said…
Thanks MechaBouncer ^__^ I actually think that makes a great suggestion!
Wazarp said…
Metroid 2: Return of Samus Remake

It´s the name closer to be "the true"
Pesadilla said…
Para aquellos que no sepan porqué Metroid Zero Mission tiene ese nombre, se debe a que esa es la misión en la cual Samus debe luchar contra sus miedos, aceptar que todo lo perdió, y luego (lo más importante), luchar sin su power suit ;)
Metroid Zero Mission podría considerarse una expanción del Metroid clásico, ya que tiene unos sectores añadidos y son Chozodia, Crateria, Nave Nodriza, etc...
Lean y averiguen un poco sobre el juego, no se guien tanto por su lógica ;)
xCYBERKIDx said…
@ Anonymous
Sure, but what color would you like the logo to be?
Anonymous said…
Well, the color orange just feels too bright compared to the color of the rest of the screen. Try experimenting with other colors, such as a darker red or maybe purple. The color isn't a major problem, it just feels a little out of place. Maybe you could even just use a darker orange. Also, is it possible to use a slightly less bland text for the Evolution subtitle? It doesn't have to be some fancy cursive text, just something that would look a little more special and attractive to the eye. Other than those two things I think that this is a very nice looking title screen. Please make some more.
xCYBERKIDx said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
xCYBERKIDx said…
There, i Edited the Fist one, the background is green as the logo, no more outer glows, fonts are black and white.

xCYBERKIDx said…
Ahh, stupid website gets cut off.

DarkPhazon said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt said…
Wow xCYBERKIDx, pretty sexy. The green one is way better.
Anonymous said…
2 things:

How can that guy talk about cheesy then propose the title of "Legacy".
That word just spells retarded.

Metroids aren't evolving in metroid 2, they're just going to the next stage in their life cycle.
Moths don't "evolve" when they change from the larva to the flying insect. You people been having too much pokemon on your heads.
xCYBERKIDx said…

You know the title CAN be changed, i just like that one the best, and i have never played a pokemon game before.
Kekun said…
I always thinked "If I see a Metroid II remake, I would like it to be named something like "Metroid: Genocide"." because all the Metroid games have a name about what is happening in it.

- in Super Metroid there is une gigantic metroid and it's on Super Famicom/Nintendo,
- in Fusion, Samus merge with metroid DNA (kind of),
- in Prime there is a 1st person view (prime / first...) and a creature called Metroid Prime,
- in Echoes there are two world responding the one to the other,
- in Corruption, Samus is corrupted
- in Zero Mission, Samus is starting it's first mission.

So, what happen in that game ? Samus is trying to genocide, to exterminate, to extinct the metroid race.

In the pool, "Metroid: Extermination", "Metroid: Extinction" and "Metroid: Termination" follow this logic, and that's why IMHO one of them should be choosed.

I voted for "Metroid: Extinction" because the name is not too agresive and sound well.
flameofdoubt said…
No offence intended here but I think all the name suggestions are a bit weak:

There are lots of short engine-test metroid fangames out there and they almost all have names like "Metroid: Insurrection" or "Metroid: Rebellion" or "Metroid: Fancy Sounding Word Here", and they all sound pretty naff because they can't live up to the strength of the word they choose, and that's devalued all the "cool" sounding words, so I think "Metroid: Extinction" and "Metroid: Extermination" shouldn't be used.

As several people have pointed out, it isn't actually the last metroid, or Samus' second mission, so those don't really work either.

Return of Samus Remake is just a mouthful, and Metroid Zero Mission 2 sounds bad because then it's a sequel to zero mission, which it isn't for the same reason that metroid: second mission can't be used.

My suggestion is to stick with AM2R, or do a revamped version of the original game's start screen, with Metroid, the II beneath it, and then underneath that the word Remake.

Although a huge amount of effort has been put into extras and level design and new areas, AM2R has, at least in my opinion, always been a homage to the original Metroid II. A newer, bigger, better version with everything we liked about the original and even more. As such I think the title should suggest this. It shouldn't associate itself with Metroid or Zero Mission, nor should it pretend to be a whole new game with a new subtitle. Instead it should say what it is: a remake of Metroid II.

Also since this is my first time giving any kind of feedback on this project I'd just like to say you're doing a really great job. It's shaping up to be a huge project, and the fact that you've worked for so long to make this great thing is very impressive. I really like your design choices for the metroids, as they make sense, and don't deviate too much from the original, but are different enough to provide a new challenge. I look forward to more progress and the game's eventual completion!
Kekun said…
To flameofdoubt :

Your ideas are interesting but I don't think that "Metroid II Remake" is a good title at all for the same reasons that Metroid Zero Mission isn't titled Metroid Remake, that Super Castlevania IV isn't titled Castlevania Remake, that Mega Man Powered Up isn't titled Mega Man Remake.

Because these games, as AM2R are MORE that just remakes of the original game, they take it as a base to make a totaly new game with add-ons to the original one.
And, IMHO, it isn't catchy at all.
Anonymous said…
First of all, I wasn't the one who wrote the comment about legacy being cheesy. Anyway, I looked at your new title screen. The green emblem looks very good. I like the way you made the rest of the screen sort of green, except for the fact that it makes the planet SR388 look too green when the planet is really more yellow and red colored. Also, when I said I thought the Evolution text looked a little bland, I was just wondering if you could could change the kind of text used there, you know, like from Times New Roman to Arial or whatever. Also, due to the black background, I can't really see the first and last letter of the Evolution subtitle. As far as the name goes, maybe you could upload multiple versions of the title screen with different subtitles when you get close to the end of finishing the screen. Keep working on the title screen, it keeps getting better.
Anonymous said…
I voted for Metroid: Termination, but now I'm starting to regret choosing that name. However, I just happen to think of a name for AM2R after I voted. How about "Metroid II RE: Return of Samus"?

I think this might be a good idea for a name for AM2R because they made a PS2 game and they put in the initials "Re:" in it. In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, I'm talking about "Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories". It's a PS2 remake of the original GBA version of the game. They used the initials "Re:" in the title of the remake to emphasize that it is a true remake. Any Kingdom Hearts fan would know what I'm talking about.

"Metroid II Re: Return of Samus"
What do you think Doc?
Buni Pororó said…
Sólo espero que los botones para jugar tengan sentido; odio cuando, títulos que han consumido tanto trabajo y sacrificio, pierden toda su jugabilidad por obligarte a usar las flechas para moverte y, por ejemplo, las teclas Z y X para saltar y disparar; aunque desconozco si el programa que usas en este proyecto permite personalizar este apartado.

Por cierto, ¿habrá algún tipo de compatibilidad con joystick?

MetroidMan347 said…
Metroid Zero Mission II: Return of Samus

A Metroid II Remake

This the title I vote for. Zero Mission 2 fits. It is the second zero mission as zero indicates a retelling of the story as evidenced by the opening to ZM. It has nothing to do with zero being the mission number, it is just a retelling of a classic tale in a new and better way.
Firespawn7 said…
"Second mission" has the most votes but based on the Metroid time-line, it is hardly Samus's second mission. Metroid Prime is before Metroid II in the official time-line. I think that alone should make "second mission" not a good choice period...
Anonymous said…
Metroid: Devastation. How does that name ring?
Anonymous said…
If metroid second mission is eventually chosen i´d want a new poll to choose between the 2 or 3 most voted names.
GrieverSoft said…
How about Metroid II: The Source?
Or Metroid II: The Return.
Or Metroid Erasure.
Or Metroid Razing
Or Metroid Annihilation.

My vote is to just keep it the same; Metroid II: Return of Samus.
Anonymous said…
Metroid II: Suck It.
Anonymous said…
How about Metroid AM2R: Return of Samus
Welser said…
I don't know if that was serious, but Metroid II : The Return
is pretty simple and good.
Jay said…
People stating that the last metroid it isn't the "last metroid", should check the facts.
It's is really the last metroid to the point that metroids after that one are just clones made by pirates or by the federation.
Anonymous said…
I think AM2R is a cool enough name in itsself
Anonymous said…
The last metroid doesn't fit because there are a bunch of metroids left on sr388
Unknown said…
For those people saying "keep AM2R":

AM2R might sound like a cool Acronym, but it stands for "Another Metroid 2 Remake". Which might sound kinda ironic since this is obviously far MORE than "just another metroid 2 attempt".

However I think we have a much better opportunity here, judging from the vids and the Confrontation demo this could potentially be THE missing Metroid 2 Remake that Nintendo never made.

I think it deserves a much better title than "Another Metroid 2 Remake".
Ezekiel Rage said…
Go with Metroid Dread just for the lulz...
Or Metroid: Mother just because otherM is around the corner. and it fits...

But personally, and honestly, I would use Metroid: AM2R
its simple, catchy, has both names in it, and can be an acronym for anything.
Advanced Metroid 2 Release or something like that. whatever...

but Metroid: AM2R is simply the best choice...
kraut said…
Keep it with AM2R, because people know it by that name. If you really want, give it some fancy acronym or something.
Anonymous said…
That is so idiotic, metroid 2 is not the 2nd mission or whatever it's called, it would be called 6th mission, sense chronologically the ingame plot is Zero mission, prime, prime hunters, prime echoes, and then prime corruption, everyone here must not be metroid fans to know the simple plotline of the game.
Anonymous said…
I can´w wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I can´t wait!
Dr. Grey said…
Extermination is the best sounding one. Samus' log in Super metroid even states that she exterminated every last one of them except for one.
Unknown said…
I need a sprite and anybody that can help or know a site that has one, let me know. Write my name so I know you're talking to me and if you tell me your website make sure it if it like MFM that I know what it mean because I type MFM and I went to wrong site. Thanks for the help and if I make successful game after I get computer and download game maker, I make sure your name is included.
Zak said…
why is everyone voting for metroid: second mission? I think that name is just too plain. I vote for The Last Metroid, or just leave it at Metroid:AM2R. second mission is too... repetitive. it obviously comes from zero mission.
Anonymous said…
It's almost embarassing that Metroid: Second Mission is winning! The name is incredibly plain and doesn't make sense chronologically. I think if AM2R is going to get a different name that the name should be a little more exciting than that. Please don't choose Metroid: Second Mission, Dr. M64. With all the work you've put into this, the game deserves a better name. The problem we are having is coming up with a suitable name that everyone likes.
Reaper said…
Amazing work, I found your site not to long ago and read the news regarding this classic remake. Honestly I cannot wait for it to release and play it. I have been wishing Nintendo remake this for years, but that company is so stubborn they would never remake anything. Seriously, You have impressive work, and I commend you for the talent, keep it up. :-)
Anonymous said…
TBM2R: The Best Metroid 2 Remake!!! Well,it is the best.As well as the only one for now.
xCYBERKIDx said…
Screen Update:



I'm also working on a menu screen.


Anonymous said…
Perhaps you could do something different with the title.
Instead of

Metroid:(subtitle goes here),you could try something like

(Title): A Metroid 2 Remake

or something along those lines. Just a suggestion though.
Anonymous said…
Wow. I must say that I am impressed. This is definetly your best version yet of the title screen. However, I'm not sure though that the Metroid word looks quite right there. I think it clashes a little too much with the rest of the colors on the title screen. Maybe you should try recoloring the word or getting a different text entirely. Other than that, this title screen is really awesome. The menu screen needs a little work, however. Hard to say exactly what's wrong with it, but maybe the colors need to blend a little better. By the way, Dr. M64 already has a title screen for the project, I think.
Anonymous said…
wow! i like the screen
I agree with the suggestions of the comment above
xCYBERKIDx said…
Tanks guys, the reason why it gets better is because of you, I know he does, but i just want to show you guys what i can do.
Ezekiel Rage said…
alot of people seem to agree, that the title should be Metroid: AM2R so maybe you add this to the poll?
ronny14 said…
Fuck off. Dont ask for hellp here, its not a request form.
SpiderTECH said…
@ ronny14

Relax, no need to be rude.

However, I don't know how Dr.M feels about it but ronny14 has a point this is not a Request Forum. We should stay on topic. If you need Sprites and can't create them yourselves unless you are Dr.M asking for help, go to google and type in Metroid Sprites, or Video Game Sprites and you'll find plenty of listings and forums.

Also @ Eric, WTF. What does that have to do with Metroid at all. Stupid SpamBots.
Anonymous said…
Hmm, kinda disappointed that Second Mission and Extinciton are so far the top 2. It ISN'T Samus' second mission (in chronological order game-wise it's her 3rd last mission), and the Metroids don't go extinct. I think extermination is the most fitting.

Anyways, they both sound cool, so it's OK! Keep up the good work!
Matt said…
I wonder how many Anonymous's are going to repeat posting "metroid 2 is not the 2nd mission or whatever it's called, it would be called 6th mission"?
Really, people.... read some of the posts, before you post the same shit, over and over again.
And what the hell? Why are people still voting for Second Mission?
I'm sorry I suggested the poll now, I think this one should be scrapped, replaced with only the really worthy names. But that's just me.
Anonymous said…
It seems this poll is having the opposite results of what it is intended for. It seems people are choosing what AM2R should not be called.
Anonymous said…
Keep on posting such stories. I like to read blogs like this. By the way add some pics :)
Anonymous said…
If people are voting for Second Mission is because they liked the name. And if it's winning is because the majority of people preferred it over the other names.

In fact, I liked the name. For me, Second recalls the second game, almost lost, as Super Metroid is already Metroid 3. And it's similarity to the Zero Mission title shows that it is a remake too.

Dr.M64 should decide which name to use by himself. People won't be glad with anything besides their own name idea, and will keep complaining if their name won't be used.

Dr.M64 made a great job so far that I know he can choose a name that will fit it nicely. Besides, it's his project, and he should be glad with the title, even if it isn't what people chose.
MarioBro said…
Wait, yesterday I played Metroid Fusion and I noticed that in the start is write Metroid 4, so I say that Metroid Second Mission is a fully compatible name, since Nintendo did it, I don't see a reason to not make it.
MetroidMan347 said…
This is kind of unrelated but, I was just noticing that in the confrontation DEMO the high jump seemed a little off. It went a bit higher than in M:ZM. If that's how you want it fine though, it just doesn't feel Metroidy enough IMHO. Close, but not quite.
Anonymous said…

but it doesn't say that it is the 4th mission
Anonymous said…
Dr. M64 should just choose the name himself. No matter which name wins the vote a lot of people will be angry, and the Internet is infested with people who would choose the WORST name for fun. The maker of this great remake should be the one to choose the name.
Gesso said…
I agree whole heartedly that the name of the game should rest on the hands of the author and no one else. However, I think there's nothing wrong with asking for feedback or listening to suggestions and polls. They might give you ideas you wouldn't have on your own but that you appreciate.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, but the problem is that you can vote infinite times, so this poll doesn't actually says much.
Is almost obvious, by the growing rate, that some obsessed people are "over-voting" Second mission.
Anonymous said…
I agree on the physics. The noraml jump seems to have too strong gravity, and the high jump seems too high. The left and right movement while jumping feels a little hard to control. It'd be nice if Dr.M64 did a little work on the physics, although that might be problem at this stage of the game.
Wazarp said…
Saquen esa votación a segunda vuelta, y que compitan los 3 mejores nombres postulantes, así la cantidad de votos se concentrará mejor, la diferencia entre el primero y el tercero mucha...
En esta hipotética segunda vuelta estarían los siguentes tres nombres postulantes:
Metroid: Second Mission ..............(26%)
Metroid: Extermination ...............(18%)
Metroid II: Return Of Samus Remake ...(14%)
Estos nombres postulantes son los que consentran la mayor cantidad de los votos, sería una gran idea dejar que esos tres compitieran en una segunda vuelta...

Wolfmanz51 said…
Hi i was hoping you could follow up communications with me to get this game ported to other platforms as well once finished. perhaps Wii homebrew i know this would please fans and would like to get a project together
Anonymous said…
Getting the game ported to other systems would be awesome, but it would likely require having Nintendo involved. I actually hope Nintendo notices this project and the work that has gone into it. Maybe they'd consider actually selling the game in something like the Wii Shop Channel. Also, wow, look at the number of comments already on this topic.
Anonymous said…
I came up with a new name that is genius!

Metroid Diffusion


Metroid Spread
Anonymous said…
Stop complaining about the physics behind a series that has consistently been inconsistent with its physics engines from game to game. At the very least if you all wanted to complain about the physics you should have done so before Dr. M64 had the level design almost completely finished. Level design is heavily influenced by physics you know!
Unknown said…
None of the names were exactly as Metroidy as I was expecting. The titles of Metroid games always had a special meaning to them. Like Prime, Other M and Echoes. Zero mission wasn't actually the "mission number 0" but the beginning, it wasn't named "Remake" and Echoes wasn't "Dark World" or "The Dark Side".
Unknown said…
"In fact, I liked the name. For me, Second recalls the second game, almost lost, as Super Metroid is already Metroid 3. And it's similarity to the Zero Mission title shows that it is a remake too."

It's not called "Zero'th Mission". It was Zero Mission.

The more correct name would be "Two Mission" which makes even less sense and sounds more lame.

Second Mission is a Horrible name and I have no idea why its winning. We'll there is one idea ... that EVERYONE IS A FREAKING MORON!
Anonymous said…
On the Porting Issue...

you guys realize that this is made with Game Maker if I'm not mistaken. In order for it to be ported to anything it will need a complete rewrite of code. which will take another year or so after it is finished. In other words it was not written for Wii, the DS, the PSP, nor the GBA, all of which is in its own code so it is not an easy task for one to just port anything to anything.
Anonymous said…
Ditto with Andrew.
Anonymous said…
Let's keep going till we veto the polls! No "Second Mission" name! Type veto on a comment and throw it up here if you're with me!

Ezekiel Rage said…
i veto for second mission

also, there is a game maker port for wii int he works, (homebrew) so it IS possible ;)
Unknown said…
Veto second mission
Anonymous said…
Veto vetoing.
Anonymous said…
This project's getting a bigger fanbase with every blog post.

I remember when the comments couldn't even break the 100 mark.
Anonymous said…
the reason why this post has so many comments is because people are freaking out about what the name should be called, because everyone wants a different name
Anonymous said…
DR.M64 going to choose the name
Anonymous said…
200 coments!! wow
Anonymous said…
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