NCFC is near again...

This year´s Nintendo Community FanGame Convention is near!
That means there´s going to be some exclusive, never seen before AM2R material shown. Make sure you bookmark that URL, and visit the convention on the 23rd.

Thanks to all the great people who participated with the intro sequence text ideas. I already chose an intro, so congratulations to Lex, author of the following:

Metroid. After all that transpired on Zebes, the Galactic Federation
has come to view these creatures as highly-dangerous life forms.

By enlisting me to exterminate the remaining Metroids on their homeworld,
Planet SR388, the Federation hopes to secure peace in the galaxy.

Once again I find myself standing alone against the Metroid menace.
What horrors await me within the depths of this vile world?

One neat idea that has been discussed in the forums is about having a Log in the game. I like how the idea included details about making it passive, not intruding the normal gameplay at all, so people who want to expand their knowledge about certain things, can read the Log.
Luckily for me, the code used to make the SubScreen is easily reusable. So, in a matter or hours I had this working:

Certain events will start unlocking Log Entries, and they might be as useful as the scans in the Prime series (describing bosses weak points, describing places, etc). The basic system is up and running, I still have to separate the entries in categories, and decide which events, places and creatures will have their own entry.

Anyway, please come back on the 23rd, I´ll make sure to have some cool stuff to show you.
Have a good week!


Hemse said…
Awsome! 8D (in a matter of hours? :O). does the picture of the planet change, depending on what log you're reading?
Anonymous said…
woot looks awesome thats something I really liked about the prime series
Anonymous said…
How will you go about writing these log entries? Will info be taken from a combination of manuals, the metroid wiki, and other official information? Try to keep it as tightly close to canon as you can, as I truly want this game to feel official.

Otherwise, awesome! The depth of your designs continue to amaze me. Now here's hoping it won't be long before we can all play this soon to be fan-made masterpiece!
Nintendoer said…
Wow, the log idea is pretty cool. =D

Keep up the good work, doc! I'm looking forward to NCFC!
Bunnypoppop said…
Oh yes, sounds awesome!
Nice intro dialogue. Great work Lex *claps*
The Log is a fantastic idea, and it looks great too!

Can't wait for NCFC now :P
Ken said…
Wow! I think the intro text is great, actually. It's more minimalistic than Super Metroid, which I think fits this game perfectly. It would be cool if you could add a fullscreen piece of art to correspond with each paragraph.

As for the log idea--also pretty awesome. I did enjoy pouring over the log entries in Prime to learn more about the universe. It feels so much more Metroid-like to be reading left over logs than to be conversing with other characters. It adds some dialog and depth to the game, while still maintaining the feeling of isolation that Metroid is known for. Way to go!
Anonymous said…
While fun news, it's getting less exciting each year.

I'm really hoping for the project to get wrapped up.
Anonymous said…
"Exterminate all Metroid organisms in Planet SR388..."

Make that "in" an "on" and I'd be a lot happier. ;)
passarbye said…

Talyn said…
Creative addition. I can't wait for this release. I've been waiting ages for a remake of Metroid 2.
So excited. As always ha. The log thing sounds amazing. Keep up the great work!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Nice, good news! Good choice, Lex's text is simple and direct. If you show fast scenes from Zero Mission (entering the base, fighting metroids, killing Mother Brain and escaping are enough) as the text appears it's gonna be cooler.

I suggest you to show Samus' surprised eyes (from Fusion, just change the suit color) when she sees an alpha metroid for the 1st time, once she didn't know they could evolve. The creatures you're in doubt about describing could just be all metroid evolutions and the robots, probably built by chozo thousands of years ago but STILL working.

I insist in my previous suggestions to put cutscenes when Samus lands, finds the Queen, kills her, the baby hatches, Samus leaves with it and, after the credits, yellow goos (X parasites) infecting a frog among dead metroids and empty shells, with a dark music.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I suggested this before, but just to remind, check the fan game Streets of Rage Remake vol. 5. There are many COOL rewards there, maybe they could inspire you.

In this case, the rewards could come from secrets we find. They could be like a larval metroid fossil, a weird flower from SR388 and chozo mask, weapon (a spear?), inscription, statue, etc.

As rewards for taking the secrets, you could put the original Metroid 2, it's best map from Google when we press Esc, Samus' suits from other games... I don't know what else, IF you didn't alredy think, but I'm sure you'll put cool stuff.

Metroid 2 was always my favorite, but very unfortunately made for old Gameboy. Thank you very much for your dedication to give us the oportunity to play it in the best 2D graphics.
General Milky said…

So, the NCFC again, huh? Can't wait to see what you've got ready to show us and see the progress so far. Still diligently waiting on AM2R, it's going to be something, that's for sure.
Anonymous said…
Sinceramete me cortaria un pie para jugar el juego ahora, estoy TAN impaciente,
tan solo eso doctor.... tan solo eso.... un video corto, algunas imagenes que impacienten ahun mas son suficiente para lacerar mi paciencia, como hechandole sal a un caracol BASTA CON ESTA TORTURAAAAaaa

saludos desde chile!
Genesis said…
The game gets better and better, but it's still not near it's release xD
Come on, you can do that DoctorM64!
samushunter242 said…
yay log entries my dream has come true
Miles07 said…
Logbook entries? Doc, te pasaste, macho!
Anonymous said…
Looking really good Doc. I will be there on the 23rd.
ian said…
you are awesome Doc!!
Catch you on the 23rd !!
Anonymous said…
As awesome your project and work is and in my opinion, it is one of the best remake projects ive ever seen online.. anyway, i think you will never finish it because you have just so much fun working and adding new features on this thing :P just don't forget, you have kind of responsibility for the ones who are waiting for this game since you started working on it.. keep in mind that no game is perfect and perfection can be your enemy and wont let you release it until it's "perfect" i know what i'm talking about cuz i was a perfectionist too, it kept me from finish things.. of course i support this project because i'm a big fan of the metroid franchise so, keep up the good work for sure ;)
Anonymous said…
CMON people.. jusr SHUT UP!!! stop with those suggestions...that means more time! and if all of are so excited about this project and want to be released soon.. then stop with ur "extra ideas" please men just let Doc work on his own ideas
Anonymous said…
I hope you don't exagerate some parts like Metroid Fusion did. There's a part we use superspeed to right, up, left, up, right, up, left, then we have to go down and fly against a wall to take missiles. One thing is challenging. Other is almost impossible. Challenging is nice, impossible is disappointing. Don't forget that, please.
BlessedByDeath said…
when can we expect a real demo to come out! not talking about confrontation, im talking about the real AM2R! lol
Like the log in a Professor Layton game...yep, that would fit nicely! Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
Muy bien Doc, lo del registro de datos durante el juego tiene muy buena pinta. De hecho creo que la idea la introduje en el foro y había gente que lo desacreditaba, pero parece que sigue adelante, me alegro mucho. ;)

Sigue tomandote tu tiempo Doc, no importa cuando lo saques, lo importante es que te guste hacer las cosas bien sin olvidarse de las cosas importantes, como llevar una buena vida cotidiana.

Espero con ansias la NCFC para ver los progresos DOC.

Animo y saludos.;)
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I agree about exagerating, I know exactly which part they said from Fusion. Super Metroid's search difficulty level is fine.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I always thought weird that the floating enemies keep floating when frozen. They should fall and, if we don't kill, defrost and float again. But to compensate that, we should shoot more times to freeze them. Only the metroids should keep floating even frozen. But even I think this suggestion is not good. Besides, SR388 has a different atmosphere...

The next suggestion I really think it should be used: larval, alpha and gamma metroids should float normally. Zeta should float just a little, but stay on the floor most time, because in this evolution stage it's getting too heavy to keep floating. Then omega and queen should not float at all.

Every single metroid is faced as a boss in this game. And that turtle. I liked the new boss from the trailer, a big robot. You could put one of the chozo face statues on walls to be stronger than the others, that would be a good boss. A bigger plant with those bugs(?) would be nice too. And a special octopus. You can just enjoy the minions and make a stronger version of some of them to be new bosses. At this time I'm sure you already prepared all bosses. But if you didn't make a special chozo face statue on wall as boss, it would be really nice, I think.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
23rd. A little more than 24 hours from now. I can't wait to see your surprise this sunday. I WANT A DEMO!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
we need more people like you. awesome job. I just hope u dont cancle like much people doing with their projects.
keep up the good work
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Well, it's 23rd now. I guess I'll check this blog tomorrow. I think it won't be a DEMO, unfortunately, but I hope it shows GREAT news and means the full job is close to be complete.
Just had a play of the demo on NCFC, and it is amazing! Very good job. If there was a way to port this to .nds, (YoYo now supports android and ipa, so fingers crossed), it would easily pass as professional, as this just improves on the MZM engine. Fantastic, can't wait to see the final game!
Anonymous said…
Just had a go at the demo...

GOD the metroids hurt! ;P

Also love the music!

Cant wait for the full release!
Anonymous said…
Gotta say great job so far doc, but these alpha metroids are kicking my ass, and im a fairly decent metroid player. i think they might be just a bit too agressive yet. You gotta have a pretty much flawless fight or else you get knocked off the platform into the vines and you get F***ED.
Anonymous said…
I tried playing the demo from the NCF website, and I get this error whenever I try starting the game, going to options, or quitting:

action number 2
of Other Event: User Defined 0
for object CI5_3Y__6_zh7c:

Error in code at line 1:

at position 32: Unknown variable enablecontrol
Anonymous said…
Tried the demo, but unfortunately get error messages when I select entries in the menu and can't play the game :(
Anonymous said…
I LOVED THE DEMO DOC!!!!! The game was so amazing that I could not keep in my excitement while playing it. The way the water and backgrounds looked was breathtaking. AND THE MUSIC!!!!! The way the music transitioned to one area to the next, and the feeling of isolation and spine chilling it gave you was just amazing. I loved it so much and I cant wait until the Final Version of the game. Please finish it as soon as possible. AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU HARD WORK!!!!!
Robert R said…
Amazing job, Doc. You really do the Metroid series justice. I love everything about it. The music doesn't overpower like in the original version, the landscape is superb and sensible, plus each area has its own unique feel. Not that the original was bad, but there was no separation between areas and, sometimes, you couldn't tell where you were at a given moment. Plus the miniboss you added actually makes sense from a story standpoint: obviously the Chozo would have built a defense mechanism in case someone came to steal the Metroids in the breeding area. Also, love the logbook. It gives a good deal of background info that adds to the game. And I agree with VitruvianSasquatch about finding a way to port this to a .nds file. People with r4 cards would love to play this on the DS.

A minor complaint, and I don't know if it's the game or my computer, but it seems to slow down a lot. Other than that, love it.

I also thought it was genius how you make the Metroids harder as you go further on. The first couple of Alphas I fought took 6 missiles to kill, where the ones in the breeding area took 7 each, seeming to indicate they are getting stronger as they get ready to evolve. I'm anxious for the final product, so keep it up Doc.
MichaelGabrielR said…
Hi Doc,

Very nice demo and I'm very happy that you've used my updated Super Mod sprites for Samus. :D
However, I haven't see you including my name in the credits (or the readme.txt for that matter), so I kindly ask you to have that fixed.

Aside from that, I've found an annoying glitch near the landing zone. The Spider Ball refused to go up the cliff near the Screw Attack blocks and I had to Bomb-Jump all the way up to reach the ship, which was very tedious.

The loading feature is strangely absent and when I press ENTER at the title screen when the game loads, I get this message:

action number 2
of Other Event: User Defined 0
for object CI5_3Y__6_zh7c:

Error in code at line 1:

at position 32: Unknown variable enablecontrol

In short, there are still few things you need to fix before releasing your game, but there are lots of stuff that I find very entertaining. The music was brilliant (the Breeding Grounds theme is very suspenseful) and the small details like water drops and exploding ice are simply awesome. The Alphas present a serious challenge, quite an improvement on the original ones (and I thought they would be boring, lol).

Looking forward to see that boss I drew in action! Please remember about the credits this time and keep polishing your little masterpiece. ;)

I wish you success at NCFC!

Anonymous said…
Another demo, another batch of glitches:

-Sometimes, when selecting 1024x768 resolution, 3/4 of the screen disappear.

-Afetr beating the Metroid, every time you Pause/Unpause the game the screen changes to 320x240 resolution. This also happens when youleave a room. (Although I was always playing in fullscreen, so I don't know if it happens with other resolutions.)

-Not really a glitch, but that Metroid is tough.

-More of a complaint than a glitch, but there's no load game option in the menu.

And that's all for now. I'm really liking the first part of the game. Keep up the good work.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
YESSSS!!! The DEMO!!! I'm gonna have an orgasm when the download comes to 100%. Yeah, close, just a little more, yes, yes, YEEEEEEEEAAHHH!!!!!

I'm gonna play it so much right now! Finally!!!
Unknown said…
I had no problems with the demo, other than the fact that the game wasn't running at full speed. I don't have the best computer, but I'm pretty sure it should be able to run a game like this at full speed. I didn't check the frame-rates but I'm guessing the game was running at about 60-75% speed. Not sure if it's just because this was the demo, but I'm just wondering if this is a common problem and also if there's a way to fix it. I was running the game at 1024x768 resolution, full-screen, 32-bit graphics, vsync turned on, and joypad support. I experienced no glitches whatsoever throughout the course of the demo other than the speed issue I've mentioned. Other than that, the game looks amazing so far. The backgrounds and graphics are astounding - definitely "official" quality. The sprites are all very well-done. I like the music remixes a lot too. Don't listen to the guy that said the metroid fights were hard, because they're not, at least to me. I can't wait for the full game so that I can gain access to all the features like the log-book and equipment screen. Great work Doc. Keep the updates coming! And please if you don't mind, give me some tips on the speed issue. Thanks!
Sirius 6 said…
played the demo! it's absolutely immense! so polished. You've done a great job, the difficulty level is just perfect too. Loving the logs btw, it's nice to have a break in all the franticness to delve a bit into what's going on around you. I liked it in mass effect and it works well here too.
Anonymous said…
Sirius 6 said…
I think the metroid difficulty is fine btw, you people are possibly not using a very effective strategy to beat them, because I did not struggle.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I just played the original Metroid 2 again this weekend to compare to the possible demo. I loved the demo! You feel like playing Metroid 2, but in better graphics, this is how a good remake should be. I just loved what I played until now.

Only the title theme should be a remix from Metroid 2's title theme or Metroid 1's remixed theme, once Metroid 1's theme is the most famous. And the first music that plays when we begin the game, I liked a lot more the musics from the trailers 2 and 3, in YouTube. I don't know about the other players, but I'd change the theme and put one of the remixes from those trailers.
Nintendoer said…
Alright, got finished with the demo, and I am impressed. =D

The music is excellent. It fits every area perfectly. The Alpha metroids are a tad on the difficult side, but to be honest, that's exactly how I like it.

One thing I would like to compliment in particular is the puzzle to get the charge beam. It was definitely something different. Almost every puzzle in Metroid Zero mission revolves around breakable blocks; figuring out how to shinespark into them, for example, or just finding them in the first place. I really like it when the puzzles deviate from the normal rules the game provides. Well done!

The most important aspect of a remake is what the game feels like. In this case, it's Metroid 2, but it plays like Zero Mission. While playing this demo, I found myself wanting to play both, because of how close the demo felt to them both. So, well done there, as well. It's similar enough to feel like Metroid 2, yet not too similar.

This demo just makes me anticipate the completed project even more.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I'm playing and that's awesome! The main corridors theme is great, but I still think you shouldn't waste the versions from preview 2 and 3. I loved the other remixed musics too, most of Metroid 2's musics are so boring, but you made the remixes sound like AND be cool at same time.

I just think you should mark in map with circles the items we still didn't take and with dots the items we already took, like in Zero Mission they did. If possible, make the loading a little faster in full version.

Great job! This is gonna keep my enthusiasm under control for a good while.

Thanks a lot, Doc! You're gonna be rewarded for this, I'm sure. And I'm not gonna be surprised at all if in a close future you work for big game companies.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I just finished the demo. Was it worth waiting? COMPLETELY! And it's totally gonna be worth waiting for the full version, which must be really close. Everything was so perfect! I liked the new boss, a special chozo statue, great! And even a simple Alpha metroid is now so challenging!

In the full version I believe there will be wallpapaer and music in the main menu, of course. During the game, I just think Samus' surprised comments about metroids being able to evolve and that the extinct chozo have been in this planet would be nice during the game. Let's not forget about the artifacts as rewards for secrets found.

I'm already happy. Every single day was totally worth waiting, the full version will give us as much fun as this demo gave. Thanks a lot, Doc.
Anonymous said…
Just played through the demo. Some comments.


-The music was absolutely amazing.
-The controls were good. The automorph and climbing features make Samus feel more alive and agile than in any previous game.
-The metroid fights were excellent.
-Item hunting was done well.


-Some sound effects and sprites seem to be reused from MZM/Fusion. I'm guessing these are just placeholders, but in the meantime they make the game feel like a glorified ROMhack.
-A few tiling oversights, missing corners etc, especially in the first few screens.
-Some of the enemies could use some more frames of animation. Possibly including the alpha metroids themselves.
-The save stations sometimes don't work.

I understand that this is an unfinished product, and that you are doubtlessly already fixing some of those flaws; I just figured that the point of this demo was so you could hear constructive criticism.

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing this demo, and can't wait for the finished product.
Anonymous said…
I've waited 3 years for this demo, and I am as impressed as I had hoped to be. You've done a marvelous job on every front. Music, new tiles, stage layout, everything is top notch here. I truly felt like I was playing an official Zero Mission update of 2. I don't even begin to categorize this as fan-made (though it is).

I only hope this means you're approaching the end of the game's construction, because this demo makes me anticpate the final product even more. You've truly done SR388 justice. Finish this remake, and I will do a full, chronological, canon Metroid runthrough with this game included, all in your honor, Doctor. Don't let me down!
Camelslayer said…
Played the demo. It's fantastic. Definitely glad that someone gave Metroid 2 the attention it deserves. Its a great game and you've done it justice.

However I did run across a couple of bugs.
-Can't shoot Diagonally up left and down right.
-Can't somersault right with a charge shot ready.

That's all, nothing major. Great job though.
sirius 6 said…
has anyone tried freezing any of the enemies and blowing them up with bombs :)
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I don't agree with the negative points the Anonymous said few comments up. I don't see any problem in using sounds from Super, Fusion or Zero Mission, the game won't look like a hack for this. I'm even surprised to see a NEW SAMUS, I thought Doc would use Zero Mission Samus but he redesigned her to look cooler than any previous 2D Metroid game.

The corner details, I didn't notice anything wrong. I loved the scenery, it changes gradually. At first we can still see the landscape of SR388 from the wholes in the background, downer we can see only stones and chozo ruins (I loved the statues that decorate the ambient), cave rivers, etc. All amazing.

The enemies didn't bother me too. Only that green that falls from ceiling and appears again all the time, you could put some kind of green whole with goo and drops of green goo when it appears, then we'd have to shoot the whole to stop them from coming. About the metroid shells they come from, I think they should be like the shells we saw in Metroid Fusion, the colours were better there. The crack could be a little bigger too, with more fragments appearing when the alpha metroid hatches.

I didn't have problems with the save stations, but if he did, Doc should take a look.

I like the drops of water from frozen enemies. I also love that weak enemies that die with only 1 shot don't get frozen, they just die.

I LOVED the musics. I loved the remixed metroid fight theme. If I'm not asking too much, you could put a different remix from metroid fight theme to each stage of metroid. The chozo ruin theme sucked in the original game, but you made the remix remind it very well in a hugely cooler way!

I can't forget commenting the way to take new items that weren't in the original game. I loved the puzzle to take the charge beam.

The way you made the corridors longer was amazing too. An extension after the last boss like that crap they made in Zero MIssion is unnecessary. You just need to be creative and we can see you're being. That new boss totally rocked and was one of the classic minion, just stronger. That's what they should have done in Zero Mission, but didnd't, you did.

I think you're doing greatly fine, the demo showed us a little from the full, we can comment what we liked, what we think you could improve, but I'm very glad, this is exactly how a remake should be and you made it!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I loved Samus' moves. She could hit the ground kneeling when jumping from huge heights, but doesn't have to lose energy, just the move would be cool. I also think you should put her voice screaming when hit by an enemy, you could take the sound from Prime series. That'd make her even more natural than already is. I like the scanning stuff you mentioned in a previous text, Doc, you'll probably put them in the full version. You could also put Samus' thoughts as she walks. If you check the game Tomb Raider Anniversary, an amazing remake from TR1, Lara Croft has a diary that you can open sometimes and read her thoughts. The same you could do to Samus' scan and also thoughts in important parts, like commenting her surprise to see that metroids evolve right after killing the first alpha, or when entering chozo ruins. Don't forget making scenes during the game, they're ALWAYS cool. 2D games from the 1990s never had scenes, if you make a few scenes, like the ones we watched in Zero Mission before bosses or important areas, this will be more than an average 2D game.
Anonymous said…
That stuff of Samus in lingerie if we complete 100% is so dumb... A cool picture of her in her zero suit would be enough.
action number 1
of Create Event
for object h8F4V_e_Qf_37__fQ:

Error defining an external function.


Now, what does this mean? Anybody?
Robert R said…
Does anyone know what this game is going to actually be named? I mean, Project AM2R works for now, but a game this amazing deserves a full-blown title. Obviously, Metroid 2: Return of Samus would be kinda redundant (after all, this is no longer the 2nd Metroid game in the series), so let's come up with a different title. I agree with one person who said it should be called Metroid Extermination. I could also go with Metroid: Operation SR388. Any other ideas, or does someone know what this is going to actually wind up being called?
Anonymous said…
I almost can't hear when we kill all metroids in the area and the screen shakes. Make the lava sound a little louder, please.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I tried shooting frozen monsters with missiles! So cool the breaking ice effect!!! XD

I think in the full version Doc could make louder the sounds from spider ball (that sound is cool!) and place shaking when lava descends after we kill all metroids in the area.

I tried using the spider ball in the begin to climb and check the whole to the Queen's chamber. Only the screw attack can open that part.
DoctorM64 said…
Thanks for all the comments! If you experience the error, just avoid pressing enter at the title screen (use Z or X), or just redownload the package.
Sorry for the inconveniences.
Anonymous said…
"Not really a glitch, but that Metroid is tough."

That first Metroid I meant. I stopped playing after I finally beat him because of the screen shrinking glitch. I just found out there were more.
sirius 6 said…
I would agree with the spiderball sound being louder, and the lava too. Other than that, absolute perfection as is.
Anonymous said…
Another minor thing: the harmful green plants in the metroid breeding area and thereabouts is too subtle. It looks too much like the other, harmless plants in the game, and nothing about it says "don't touch."

I think a palette change would be sufficient to solve this problem, though adding visible thorns would be even better.
Russ said…
Hey, I was the guy, "Unknown", who was having speed issues with the demo. I had deleted the demo after completing it, but then I wanted to play it again so I re-downloaded it LOL. Anyway, I used all the same settings this time as last time EXCEPT I had the VSYNC option DISABLED, and that seemed to solve the problem with slow speed that I was having. So just to be clear, I was playing with the following options: Fullscreen, 1024x728 resolution, 32-bit graphics, vsync DISABLED, Joypad support enabled, and the game played flawlessly, so if anyone else seems to be having speed issues with the demo, try disabling the vsync option if you have it enabled. Truly excellent demo, Doc!! I can't wait for the full release.
Jonny said…
Hey Doc,
I noticed that you still use the super metroid tiles for the chozo statues. I am currently near completion on a very well composed edit of the metroid fusion one. I believe it would fit perfectly in the final project. please email me, and i can forward the tile sheet to you. My Email is
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Hey Doc, thanks a lot for this demo, I expected to be great and it's much greater than we wanted.

When you finish the full version, you could make a last trailer comparing the original Metroid 2 to your remake, like Preview 3.

Until this day comes, I'm gonna enjoy playing the demo again. I don't know if I found everything, I'll try again and again, I already played like 5 times only today!
sirius 6 said…
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Not really a glitch, but that Metroid is tough."

That first Metroid I meant. I stopped playing after I finally beat him because of the screen shrinking glitch. I just found out there were more.

October 24, 2011 2:25 PM

I am Suprised people are struggling to figure out the pattern with these. If you wait until it's close to ramming you, you can jump over it easily, it then hovers up at an angle where you can easily hit it with a diagonally aimed missile, maybe even two if you're quick. Rinse repeat. I'll admit, they are a bit tougher in areas where there is little footing, but you should have some more energy tanks to compensate by then.
samushunter242 said…
im not sure you will do thi but will there be visors
Kyran said…
Doc, brilliant job! Demo for me would be rated about 9.4/10! Superb job on the music, sound, background, sprite animation, collisions were excellent, your event order worked great, and the mini-boss was well placed! You might have a future doing this, you know? ;)

My suggestions for revisement would be only in two areas. The descriptions of the logs when you pause the game need revision a bit.

For example, for the one that you have pictured in the main article is:
"Exterminate all Metroid organisms in planet SR388. Find the Galactic Federation research and rescue teams."
My revised version would be:
"Primary Objective: Exterminate all Metroid organisms on planet SR388. Secondary Objective: Locate Galactic Federation's Research and Development Team."
Mainly because Samus is the rescue team sent for the research team.

For the Metroid description, maybe change the first sentence to "The first evolutionary stage of the Metroid species." I like the rest.

For the Chozo Temple "Built as a religious monument, many stone statues serve as the primary decor for this temple. Being abandoned only recently, the damage to this once great temple is still minimal."

Just a few suggestions Doc, but overall, quite a superb job!
Robert R said…
Hey Doc, I know I've been giving a few ideas and want to run one more by you. I was thinking of your Metroid: Confrontation demo and thought it would be great if you added an achievement/trophy system in this game. Also, while we're at it, why not throw in some of the extras you included with Confrontation, such as the extra costumes? I really think you should do this game the justice it deserves. You're already showing you're not just remaking Metroid 2, but you're completely overhauling it. So go the extra mile and give us extras to be proud of.
Kyran said…
My other changes would be as follows

For the Breeding Ground:
"This area is has been reformed to fit a custom built eco-system, specifically to favor the growth cycle of the Metroid. It is evident that this facility was being used as a breeding ground for the Metroid life form by the Chozo race."

The ancient guardian discription I like, but you can make it more interesting just by addin a few details. "Automated Security System. After it's deployed, the mobile robot sentry tracks it's intruder, using dual laser beams and napalm projectiles to destroy anything in its grasp. Dispersing it's arsenol of weaponry makes the statue vulnerable to fire of any kind."

Again, these are just notes, or minor details. I write for a magazine, so if you need help writing certain parts, ask me anytime!
Anonymous said…
Great demo. I really need to get a working Gamepad, this game is too awesome to be played with clunky keyboard controls!
Anonymous said…
Isn't the metroid shell a little small? The alpha metroid looks bigger than it. And I think its colour should be different. You could just take the emtpy shells from Metroid Fusion, but with that cool crack effect when alpha metroids hatch.
Anonymous said…
Doc de verdad te pasaste, de verdad que lo encontre exelente, muy buen demo lo disfrute mucho.. la musica el ambiente todo funciona de maravilla... lo unico que me hubiera gustado(pero es sólo un detalle pequeño) es que después de haber vencido a un alpha metroid, que éste al quedar en llamas se fuera hacia abajo, hacia el suelo (mientras se está quemando)y lo demás está tal y como me la imagine(el hecho de que iba a explotar) .. tal como dije.. solo era un detalle pequeño pero que si bien uno se imaginaba que iba a ocurrir de esa manera por lógica :P
como dije antes... buen trabajo sigue asi... no puedo esperar para que salga el juego completo :D
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Don't forget that animations and comments during game ALWAYS make them cooler and natural, especially 2D games, which people are used to see as simple retro game style.

I would make Samus remembering the metroids from Metroid 1 (just a fast scene in black and white, with her fighting metroids in Zero Mission); taking the quest from the Federation; landing in SR388; commenting how surprised she is to see metroids can evolve, few seconds after killing the first alpha; commenting that didn't expect to see chozo ruins and mechanisms still working; the shadow from the Queen and Samus' scared eyes looking back then pointing her gun; the baby hatching; leaving the planet with the baby and wondering what answers the scientists could have; and finally, after the credits, an X parasite, free and infecting a frog, now that its natural enemy now is extinct (just to connect to Metroid Fusion).

I don't know how your animations will be, if there be, but I hope you put some to make the game cooler and not just another 1990s styled 2D game, at least for most people's taste.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Honestly I don't like Samus' ship. Much smaller and its shape... Super Metroid's ship would be better, you could just take it and adapt the graphic quality.
OmegaMetroid said…
The demo was brilliant, but I found it too short (metroids are so much harder now)
Anonymous said…
Guys, enough with the changes already!!!!! Doc knows what he's doing and these ideas would take time meaning we have to WAIT LONGER!!!!!! I don't want that!!! Not to mention that it is his game, so you can't really tell him to change something or to add stuff in...
rdein said…
i finished the demo, good job. i have found this issue, though: seems like a missing collision? the beam could go through the wall.
sirius 6 said…
Would be interesting if the second objective was actually completable. I.E. At some point you find the remains of the missing party. I think that sort of idea has a lot of potential. I have a feeling this idea may have been thought of an implemented long before my mentioning however.
Hydralisk said…
Is there any chance of being able to play this on mac if so please tell me
Zoonyboyz said…
how do i load my save game?? its not letting me!!!
General Milky said…
@rdein: Nope, that's not an issue. What you found there is a secret passage. :P

@everyone else: Yes, I agree with anon. Do remember that this is doc's project, and he's well aware of what he is doing. Feedback is nice as long as your feedback isn't request after request to simply fill in your own little whims and desires.
Anonymous said…
Just finished the demo, and damn it was impressive, couldn't tell I was even playing a fan made game, the game seemed like something Nintendo produced themselves. Great job Doc , looking forward to the finished product.
Anonymous said…
" 'Not really a glitch, but that Metroid is tough.'

That first Metroid I meant. I stopped playing after I finally beat him because of the screen shrinking glitch. I just found out there were more.

October 24, 2011 2:25 PM

I am Suprised people are struggling to figure out the pattern with these. If you wait until it's close to ramming you, you can jump over it easily, it then hovers up at an angle where you can easily hit it with a diagonally aimed missile, maybe even two if you're quick. Rinse repeat. I'll admit, they are a bit tougher in areas where there is little footing, but you should have some more energy tanks to compensate by then."

Actually, I figured out I could trick him into fliying upwards by jumping twice while running away. Then, when I landed, I'd hit him with a missle from below and do the same in the opposite direction.
arbiem said…
Doc, I liked the metroid fight theme you used in AM2R Preview 2 quite a bit better than the one you used in the AM2R Demo. Just saying... Was that amongst the music that got lost on your broken HDD? If not, then IMO you should use that one instead because it's definitely more "action" sounding. The one in the demo just seems to be too mellow to me.

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