Redoing it... again

So, I´m fully recovered, and back to dedicating all my free time to the project. Thanks for your support in the comments!

The french FAQ was updated with some questions that were missimg from the original FAQ. Thanks to Victor Coutellier for the additional translation.

I edited a Metroid Fusion tileset, to use it in some places of the lower part of Area 4. It turned out so well, that I decided to use variations of it in the entire tower. So, I´m retiling the entire tower again. Believe me, it´s worth the effort.

I also changed the backgrounds. I replaced the Castlevania SOTN outer wall backgound with a 5 level parallax scrolling background. It looks better and fits the "techy" theme of the tower.

There were many gameplay tweaks as well. For example, I´m planning on making an enemy I was going to discard: the Proboscum. Those little platform robots that let you fall after a second were not going to be on the game. Since by this time you already have space jump, it was pointless. Now they´ll be inside the tower, replacing the red floating blocks. This makes the fights much more dynamic, by keeping you on your toes while dodging enemy fire.

I´ve put a lot of thought on the demo subject. The thing is, the more I think about it, more cool ideas start coming up. In the last demo, I used most of the first one as a base. Then it took about a month of work to make all the new rooms, tile them, test them, add the new features and the new boss. I know myself, if I make a new demo, it WILL have much more polished content, and a new boss, taking precious time. I have to think about it...

Anyway. I was thinking of making an achievement system for the game (and the demo, if I make it). It might give the game some replay value, and some reward for the corageous gamer.
Do you like the idea?
What kind of achievements would you like to see?


inimitable said…
As painful as it is to think about you re-tiling the entire tower again, it's good to know you're still set on quality!

As for achievements... they're always fun because it adds more to the accomplishment of doing something cool, but at the same time it's lame to have "checkpoint" type achievements (ie, Get the Space Jump, Kill 20 Metroids) as these are things that EVERYBODY will do. If achievements are going in all I'd really like to see are things that one has to really work for or go out of the way for to earn.

Of course I'm not creative enough to offer suggestions. :)
ShyGod said…
Achievements seem like an interesting idea. a few that i can think of right off the bat:

100% map exploration
100% items
beat it in under a certain time
kill so many enemies, or defeat at least one of each
find the secret areas (such as the lower part of area 4)

perhaps there could be some related to various techniques, like.. infinite bomb jump 70 tiles high
hold a shinespark (are you putting that in? i can't recall.) charge for at least 1 minute.
beat the game without dying (maybe too rediculous)
sequence breaks (?)
kill every single enemy at least once (Annihilation)

hmmm.. what else...

but yeah i'd say it seems like it would be a pretty good idea, for replay value.

can't wait to see your next update
Karrde said…
No reason not to have simple achievements. But also have complicated ones. Here's some thoughts

- Accomplish a task (kill x number of metroids, reach a certain point of the game, etc.) by a certain time - encourages speed running.
- Accomplish a task (kill x number of metroids, kill the queen, etc) having obtained less than X number of missiles/energy tanks/other items/etc - encourages low % item runs.
-Kill certain enemies in less than a certain number of shots or without missing.
-Kill all minibosses.
-Achieve a speed booster run of X distance (I dunno if you can abuse the speed booster using your physics like you could in super metroid)
-Cover a certain distance/time while in space jump
-bomb up to X height
-move X distance using horizontal bomb jumps
-kill certain metroids/bosses within X amount of time from the beggining of the fight.

Just some thoughts.
vDJ said…
Wow, my name on the first page ! :D
Considering achievements, I like achievements that require some thoughts, and not achievements that you cannot miss (like "beat the game", "kill that boss", etc).
But it can be a very good idea to put some in the game.
And you could add a feature that gives you choosable bonuses for the next time you start a game. For example, let's say you get "a credit" by beating an achievement. When you start a new game, you'd have a menu that allows you to "buy" bonuses with the credits you've earned, like starting the game with some equipment (but that would be difficult to put, since metroid uses equipments to unlock areas), so you could go to areas you're not supposed to sooner. Well, let's say it would be "another gaming experience"). You could also start the game with x missiles, or x energy tanks, or things like that. Of course, that would completly change the game, but it could be interesting to have the second (or the third) try totally different from the "normal" game. That would add a lot of "replay value". I think you can find this mechanism in some RPGs, allowing you to start another game with the techniques you had in the first one, or the money you had, or the level (!) of your character.
Ok, I think I'm just saying some bullsh*t, but maybe you (or someone else) will have a great idea reading that, so I'm still posting it :)
RodneySac said…
I think the achievements idea sounds like fun!

However, on the subject of another demo... I would much rather play the completed game sooner than get another demo. You're all about quality, so no doubt making another demo would sidetrack you for a couple more months. I'm sure I speak for more than just myself when I say I'm looking forward to the full release with baited breath since the big N seems to think 2D Metroid is dead.
Bunnypoppop said…
Achievements yeah I think that would be awesome! Like previous, I think that you shouldn't have the ones like:
Beat the Game
Beat XXXXXX Boss e.t.c

But I think you should have a few of these and a lot of achievements like:
Kill 3 Enemies at Once
Find All Expansions
Find All Weapons e.t.c

And the demo I think you should ignore and just concentrate on finishing the game! I really can't wait as I have for following it for around a year! Good Luck!
just a suggestion said…
I was thinking you could let the player choose between a couple of paths sometime before you end the game, let's say a left one and a right one, and each could make you commit to only that path and an ending, on one side the final boss could be Mother Brain and on the other a mutated Omega Metroid or something. Also make it so you can't finish the game trough one side and come back and finish it through the other, but rather start over and then choose the other option.
I was thinking this because no matter how much sequence breaking you do, you always end up at the same spot, you could redo the entire concept of finishing up the game. IDK my mind just wandered off there...
Anonymous said…
Achievements hell yeah!!
Anonymous said…
you should have difficulty achievements, item % achievements, boss defeating achievements, and defeat alpha, gamma, zeta, omega, and queen metroids, one for each. finally an achievement, for reaching a certain amount of ammo or health or possibly obtaining a certain item, or better yet using a certain weapon to defeat a certain amount of enemies.
SoulX said…
Retiling an entire segment does sound painful and time-consuming, however it is nice to see that you are taking time with it. It's good to know that their are still some developers that take their time making games, to make it as good as they can, instead of rushing recklessly to please rabid fans. It also help reduce chances of possible glitches.

And achievements also seem like a great idea. I just hope that they will be difficult, yet rewarding in the end.
SoulX said…
Oh, and a random thought just acurred to me. I remember in your previous demo(s), you had the abilty to fight against Kraid and Ridley. I'm pretty sure netheir of them were in the original game, and I know you were considering putting them in the game regardless.

But what if you were to make as a reard for getting all the achievements you get to fight one of them. Or maybe some form of boss endurance.

or maybe make a large room, and fight them both at the same time!
Oy said…
Glad to know you’re feeling better.

As for achievements, I think it’s a great idea. Obviously try to be kinda original with them. One thing I would say is that if you’re going to have them, be careful of how you implement the system.
If the achievements are stored outside of specific games files, in the general save-file for the whole game then it’s fine. But if you store them specifically on each save game file, then you have to make sure of one of two things. Either that all achievements are obtainable at any time during playthrough, or that you can save a finished game file (like in Fusion or Zero mission) that will allow you obtain missed ones.
I’d hate to have to start a new game if I missed a specific achievement and couldn’t get it again, and any of the three above ways would work on preventing that.
It all depends how you’re going to go about doing it...
Oy said…
Oh, by the way. I forgot to say.

If you want the Achievement Unlocked SFX from the 360, you can DL it here:

You don't have to of course. Making a Metroid-style SFX could be just a fun.
I like the idea of acheivements only if they are difficult to achieve. For example, in Metroid: Fusion, the missle expansion behind the high jump boss' room where you have to shinespark a bunch of times, or the energy tank just above the charge beam boss' room (also involving shinespark). Obviously more difficult than those, but with that sort of idea. The amount of achievements you recieve in the game could dictate a certain ending scene? But anyway, I'm glad to hear your better and I'm getting more excited about this project every day!
SladeEXE said…
Pacifist Bronze Achievement-
Go through 10 rooms without killing a single enemy (excluding metroids and sub-bosses.)

Pacifist Silver Achievement-
Go through 30 rooms without killing a single enemy (excluding metroids and sub-bosses.)

Pacifist Gold Achievement-
Go through the entire game without killing a single enemy (excluding metroids and sub-bosses.)

Omega Achievement-
Fight and kill all Omega metroids without taking damage.

Icey Achievement-
Play through the entire game with the ice beam only.

Varia-not Achievement-
Play through the entire game without the varia suit.

Yo Mama Achievement-
Defeate the Queen metroid without getting hit once.

Screw the Screw Attack Achievement-
Play through the entire game without the Screw Attack.
garsh said…
I definitely do NOT want achievements at all. If you choose to include, please at least allow me to turn off notifications.

Also, I'd rather you focus on finishing the full game rather than doing another demo. The first already served its purpose of giving players an idea of how things will work, and convincing everyone that you're a game design genius who actually knows and genuinely loves what Metroid is about.
Ramellan said…
I agree with Inimitable, though its hard to imagine that you have to re-tilling a large area, at least it will look better.

Achievements, good idea, but I would originally play the game just cause it will be so Damn good anyway. I loved the original, and almost cannot wait for AM2R.

Keep up the great work! Demo's don't matter to me, Just the overall game being finished.

Hopefully it will be recognized as a quality creation by Nintendo, and published as a remake like Zero Mission.
sindiewen said…
Im thinking maby somthing like every powerup you get = a new achievement.
One for "Beat the game in less then **time here**"
one for 100% colecting all items, or beat game without a certan item, or low %. "Beat the game with less than 25% items colected
Killed a cirtan number of enemys.
Anonymous said…
bah everything seems to have achievements now... let me tell u this when u design them...

keep them an after thought and don't conform any of the game to any of the achievements.

and... just no to "just a suggestion" mother brain shouldn't make an appearance in this game at all.
Anonymous said…
You could have some achievements for defeating secret bosses like the Arachnus.

Or getting xx amount of energy tanks, missile tanks or metroids killed.

Maybe getting xx percent.

you should put in bronze, silver, gold, platinum trophies?
Alex Advani said…
Yeah I am loving the idea of achievements. This gives the game more replay value as players might have to go back and find these achievements like the optional lower tower area. Anyway, if a demo means making a new set of rooms and tiling etc, there is no point and I would rather you finish it first and give us trailers in the mean time.
Anonymous said…
Achievements sound like an interesting idea...

As for a demo...

Unless you're going to let us play a portion of the real game, or fight some metroids... skip it. If the last one took you a month to make, I'd rather see you put that effort into the final product so we get it a month sooner.

As long as we get videos and screen caps to keep us going, I'll be happy just regularly checking the blog here as you work towards the final product. (Did you notice how many more comments you've gotten over the past year?)

Could we get another percentage chart from you at some point? While a release date is hard to predict, it'd be nice to know where the game's actually at in terms of progress and overall work.
Anonymous said…
Good idea
100% map exploration
100% pickups
Sequence Break an item
beat it under 3hrs
under 20% pickups by end of the game
Beat the game without earning an achievement (ironic achevement???)
I'm pretty sure all these where oblivious. You're a smart dude, you'll figure out some good achievements.
Wunterwaffen said…
Although a demo would be nice, I think the whole game would be best. Every single fan project I have ever seen has died a horrible death. You know their names, everyone does. MP2D, Metroid Subzero, Metroid: SR388 and many others. All of them defeated and slain. This is the only one that is still alive. I would very much love it if this were the sole one that lives on to the final game. A game that would be playable and free and available for download to anyone. I have a dream today!
Dumpa-San said…
I love the idea of the achievements!
-Kill a boss without missing a single shot(or a few, thinking about the difficulty of that..)
-Killing all the Metroids
-Perhaps put some easter eggs in here and give an achievement if you find them?
Lucy said…
Love the sound of achievements. No idea what ones to suggest. But some easy, some hard, some near-impossible. Some that would get done in "normal" gameplay and some which wouldn't.
Anonymous said…
en la parte del enfrentamiento con la reina metroid te sujiero que coloques acido en el suelo
Palamon said…
While I like those collectable achievements like in Spore where you do some random task, I don't think individual achievements fit the Metroid game very well.

I like the standard endings like in MMZ based on time of completion and % items collected.

You should definitely make it possible to do a 15% or less run. I found that greatly increased the replayability of Zero and required full mastery of the game on hard mode.

Also, to get 15% or less, you would have to sequence break with some insane ball jumping and such to get around getting stuff like the spider ball and speed boost.

Obviously getting 100% completion signifies that you accomplished all the tricky tactics accomplishments like ball jumping X height to collect an item and whatnot.

As a reward for unlocking all the endings, you could unlock zero suit Samus with limited abilities and play style (no ball, only crawling) like an ultra hard mode.
ZarroTsu said…
If you need to add achievements, just DON'T, absolutely DO NOT have anything pop up to tell you. If you need to signal the player, make it play an ambient sound that, while out of the ordinary, is still fitting with the scenery. (No boo-beep! bs.)

Then, an achievements menu can be accessible, and the player may look it over on his or her OWN time.

(Do YOU want to be fighting Ridley in an epic climactic battle, suddenly to hear a "BOO-BEEP!" sound, the music dim, and the lower-half of the screen say, "Delt 2000 damage to enemies."? Yeah, kind of ruins the moment. Badly.)
thegamer201 said…
baby achievement:
die before first alpha metroid fight

air assassin achievement:
space jump screw attack 10 enemies, with out touching the ground

arsonist achievement:
burn up 100 enemies with the plasma beam

bomber achievement :
kill 100 enemies with morphball bombs
Jari said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jari said…
I dont think there is no point in having achievements which you achieve anyway, like "reach a certain point in the game" or "kill all bosses" (you are going to have to kill them anyway, in order to beat the game?)

Some ideas for achievements:

-Kill 100 (or whatever) enemies without losing any health (respawning enemies do not count)

-Beat the game without collecting any energy tanks (not sure if even possible..)

-Kill a Metroid without using missiles (again, not sure if even possible)
snu said…
i like the idea of achievements. id suggest doing them as the game 'prototype' does: the option to get them isnt unlocked until you have beat the game.
Unknown said…
i like the idea of achievements to be used like get 100% map completion, 100% items, etc. But i have an idea... i was thinking that once you beat the game you should be able to play the original metroid 2, kind of how zero mission did it, that when u beat the game you were able to play the original metroid, so if u can try doing this. if porting is too hard then just stay away, but its really ur choice in entirety.
Palamon said…
100% Map completion's one Achievement I'd like to see or even be a part of 100% completion mode

In other words, having to visit every last nook and cranny completely in order to get marked for having visited the entire game. That's one thing that I wish was in the previous games (mainly because of a little Obsessive compulsiveness to not have that one little corner of a room not marked on my map.)
Anonymous said…
Defeat any enemy vulnerable to bomb damage with morph ball bomb.
Ratiqu said…
I think most of the basics have been covered...

Some things you absolutely NEED to include, though, are Minimalist achievements. Preferably ranked (e.g. Bronze for 10% of unnecessary upgrades, Silver for 5%, Gold for 0%, things like that).

Other ideas:

Don't kill anything that isn't a boss creature or its minions.

Don't shoot a single missile, except for opening doors.

Don't use anything except missiles, unless absolutely necessary.

Kill absolutely every enemy you see.

Sequence Jump Achievements...

For the Space Jump spots, try and make it so it's possible to Wall Jump or Bomb jump instead. Then you can have a "No Space Jump Achievement."

That's all I got.
Anonymous said…
What about a "boss rush"? With Ridley, Kraid, Mother Brain, Metroid Queen, etc, with diferent difficulties and what about this, once this boss rush is passed, a secret weapon like "Hiper Beam" from Super Metroid is added into the main game. What do you think?
Palamon said…
I like the boss rush Idea as well. After completing the game, you could run the rush with your final character. Just adjust the HP and amount of damage inflicted by the early bosses accordingly so they are on par with the later bosses.
Prinny said…
Glad to know you're doing better!

Achievements that i can think of (didnt read everyone elses posts yet so if its a repeat sorry):

-Beat Game
-Obtain all missiles
-Obtain all power bombs
-Obtain all super missiles
-Obtain all energy tanks
-Obtain all suit, boots, beam, and ball upgrades
-Obtain 100% items
-Full map exploration
-Beat game in x:xx time
-Space jump for 3 minutes
-Defeat a Metroid without losing any health
(if you make the queen fight like the one on the gb)
-Defeat the queen using bombs only
-Defeat the queen using missiles only
Axl4002 said…
Well if you're doing achievements, don't make them so hard that you can only get them by dedicating your life to the game.

And I say drop the demo, just work on the full version, I'm sure people can wait :)
Anonymous said…
Great news to hear all you are working on and all your ideas. I am all for the demo and the achievements, I think it will add quality to the project as a whole and get a bunch more people excited about it again.
Stryguy said…
Here's some of my ideas (I hope i didn't repeat any/all)

Only using X amount of super missiles

Wall jump X distance

Never have critical health

Never use Health Restore Points

Never use missile Restore Points

Only kill metroids and bosses

Only get 15% of items
Spike said…
i dislike achievements. but i love easter eggs. you can combine it. rememebr the hidden message in metroid fusion where you had to shinespark through half of teh sector? yeah, THATS an achievement right there...
Mystic Mouse said…
i think achevemnts should hapen only after a critical moment ie to prevent spoliers like say you beat the end boss dont let them know they win game just after cutsence play metroid item music and say achevemt unlocked " some cool yet spoiler free name"

i hate it when achevements ruin the presure im getting by leting me know i can chill i love the heat dont cool me off

also you should toataly have mother brain in there
also after the end boss make it so you need to escape like in super metroid and others where theres a bomb and the place is blowing up and theres kick ass escape music playing
Anonymous said…
It's probably best to think about achevements after you're done tiling the whole game.
TheAlxxx said…
i think it might be a good idea with a achievment system... because then when you have finished the game you can continue to play the game not only searching for suit upgrades but also try to do all the achievments. One or some of the achievments can be like in Metroid Prime 3 you kill x monster as total... anyway your game sounds and looks really really good. I long after this game ever since your first blog :)when its finished will you sell this game in store or on internet and is it going to be a special control or anything or do i have to play on the keyboard like in the demos you´ve done?
Anonymous said…
I like the boss rush idea.

Some achievments off the top of my head:

Beat the game in xx amount of time

Beat an omega metroid without taking damage

Beat the final boss without taking damage

clear secret area

Beat game with xx% items

Get all upgrades
SpiderTECH said…
Since the unfortunate downfall of MetroidSr388 I was wondering if you are in talks with them as far as using some of there special effects. Don't get me wrong I love what you are doing with this but I also loved what they were doing with the special effects like the physics effects with water, missile, and Power Bomb effects. Any possible way of incorporating that into this.
RY3NO said…
You Could do something like...
Destroyer: Kill 2,000 Enemies Metroids Included

Samus Aran: Get 100% Upgrades

Zero Suit: Beat The Game with exploring no secret areas, no optional items, and kill no sub-bosses.

Astronaut: Space Jump 100 Times Consecutively without touching anything.

Game Over: Die 50 Times

The Impossible: Kill any Type of Metroid (Alpha,Gamma,Zeta,Omega,Hatchling, Queen.) Without Missiles or Ice Beam.

Sequence Break: At the final layer before the Queen at the Omega Metroid areas, jump through the lava passage to find out the area is closed....

Be Nice to Another: Get The Baby Metroid out in 1 minute.

Restricted Area: Find The Secret Passage that leads back to the First Area

Lava Man: Stay in Lava for OVER 3 Minutes
Get 5 Achievements
Reward: Platelet Select
Effect: Changes the platelets of any suits to Phazon Suit colors.

Get all Achievements
Reward: Hard Mode
Each Energy Tank Gives you 50 Health Expansion, Missile Expansions give you 2, Super Missiles give you 1, Power bombs Give you 1, Bosses are harder, Beat the game and get!!!
Spoiler: A comment section to everybody who contributed to the achievements section and this project with a boss rush scramble.

Man!... It would be nice if this was used/Mentioned in any way!

Keep going! I'm working with SMILE and it is very tiring... Well I feel you pain of tiling... Just to say one more time...

If you use any of these idea's that i put in for you, I would greatly appreciate it if you would just put a Easter Egg in to mention my name or something... Ah.... If you can't... A beta for me to test would be nice, But if you're a busy person, Just nice to contribute...
AlexR22 said…
discover the roflcopter in less than xx amount of time

get all missile tanks

eat breakfast

let samus die

die over 20 times

discover the secret breakfast easter egg

explode yourself
MetroidMaker said…
Adding to the boss rush idea how about you start off with just the power beam and morphball then when you beat a boss you gained a new ability to handle the next boss.

I beg of you please add Zero suit Samus as an achievement, and make it so that you can play through the whole game with the Zero suit. That in of itself would make me want to play through at least two times normal, and then hard.

Achievments? Hell yeah.
Bomb jumping enough times.

Wall Jump enough times.

Stay in the same room for enough time, make it something snappy like lone wanderer. Or in the same room with a living Metroid for enough time.

Oh also an easier way of tiling is that you use the same sprite sheet as the old tiles, but update the whole sheet, and put it in the game. It will re-tile itself, and it's super easy and fast.

The change pallet idea was also a very smart idea RY3NO.

Maybe add a special new boss that has nothing to do with the story, like in ZM's Crocomire but is there, and is kill-able that is hidden away in some random area.

And I too would like to know how the game is progressing please.

Also no demo please, I can wait Zas's game/demo should be done sometime soon and that should keep me content for some time.
Unknown said…
My game also had the idea of achievements and of course a lot of other secrets and prizes. I kept the achievements a secret for now. I'm just saying I'm not stealing.

Others are still a secret. There will be secrets in my Demo.

I can see the bomb jump achievement work. Just reach high enough with bomb jumps. Also a speed booster one, where you need to have traveled long enough (horizontally) without crouching.

Good luck
Gornova said…
Directly from slick-forum :D

i think that your primary goal is to build all maps, let game playable and testable for everyone.
Achievements is for a v1.0 game, imho.

A great feature, if you don't already included, is to give a "direction" to a player that don't play for some time.
In many open-game, like metroid, i'm a bit confusing after some time, because i don't remember where i have already explored and where not.
So, if is possibile, could you include this into your game? (maybe with a layer on game-map?)
jan709 said…
im dont really like achievements but if there are going to be any then its probably a good idea not to have these "chackpoint" achievements as mentioned in the first comment
Anonymous said…
Defeat a certan amount of enemies(including the boss).
Unknown said…
Maybe after one beats the game, he will unlock an arena mode where he will be able to fight a certain number of enemies or a boss he wishes.

Also it would be nice to make an alternate character playable after you beat the game.

And a good idea is to include some mini games and the original metroid 2 ( after the game is beaten)

Good luck developing! :)
Unknown said…
Just remember to keep it Metroid.

Anonymous said…
I can't wait for this, I just found out about it. I haven't played Metroid 2; black and white doesn't do the atmosphere of Metroid justice, but this looks amazing.

A second the idea that it would be nice to know how much you have completed, though.
j0nnyc0llins said…
I think doing certain achievements should unlock new difficulties such as 'Impossible' or unlock new game modes like 'Boss Rush'.

But yeah I think that would be cool. You guys could probably think of better ideas. :)
Anonymous said…
The "Justin Bailey" suit, perhaps?
Unknown said…
While we wait for your game to be finished I recommend any and all Metroid lovers to check out Shadow Complex on the Xbox Arcade. In a sense it is Metroid. It is a 2d platformer shooter. With energy tank like power ups, grenades like bombs, hook shot like grapple beam, a sort of speed boost allowing the player to break through walls and objects, a thrust pack to double jump or high jump as well as a second boost to jump a third time, a flashlight that resembles a scanner or x-ray vision, an all to familiar map system, a suite that resembles the power suite, and an upgradable gun that adds a foam gun like ice beam, and a rocket launcher like missiles. There is no screw attack like ability, or morph ball. But, the character can crawl through a lot of tight duct work and tunnels. The game uses the Unreal engine. It also supports real time physics and all objects and area are modeled in 3d. Enemies move around in the 3d world while the player moves in the 2d space. Your character will rotate in the 3d setting to attack enemy targets in the back ground or just to the side of the player by the player just pointing the joy stick in the 2d direction to aim the game then decides who you are trying to aim for and rotates you automatically. Sometimes it can be annoying and doesn't always work the way the player wants it to; but it is really fun none the less. You also use a duck and cover system by ducking behind objects. Their is a ton of power ups and expansions hidden through out the game. There is also an rpg like feature supporting an xp bar and a lvl system. Oh and I forgot to mention wall jumping. There is a good amount of story, character interactions, scenes, and voice acting. So until Project AM2R is ready I suggest you feed your appetite with Shadow Complex.
Gwebrylla said…
hi... well, I've been very interested in your proyect and I really like how you are developing, but... how are we going to accesss to the game when It's finished??
MetroidMaker said…
Why thank you Zas for replying.
YES! I love secrets, and I can't wait to the game.

Question! Will AM2R be mod-able? Like Confrontation?

Also another idea you should use for AM2R is the old school suits, you will have to do Gravity suit but still it would be fun to play as the old suit from the original game. As some sort of reward for achievements.

Oh also I have recently made some very good sprite remakes from Metroid 2 that I beleive you may be interested in so I will write you soon showing some cool sprites, they will be available to look at over at mfm whenever the main site get's updated, just saying... someone might be interested.

@Muzak (downloadable)
mar789 said…
maybee you can put Nightmare from metroid fusion in the secret rom to get the gravity suit obiosly whit out the X but you can put it Nightmare
more dificultt XD
Ezekiel Rage said…
im all for releasing new screenshots and videos instead of a new demo or achievements...
Anonymous said…
but nightmare was never there.... it was a machine
Anonymous said…
hmm...achievements. How about using some of the other metroid games as ideas on how to get them and what they are.

For how to get them, you could use something like 100% items in a certain time, and maybe even through in a 100% map exploration too.

As for the achievements themselves, you could do like in Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission, where they have a counter to say what items you need and in which main area the items are, along with a timer on the bottem for speed runs. Or how about this, have the completion time and item percent as a highscore, so you have a more competing score to work for.

Also you could do like in metroid 1, where you can start over with all power ups, or if you do well enough with the time, items, and map, then you can start over with Suitless Samus (or Zerosuit Samus). I don't know about you, but I think that would be cool. =]
Hackmi said…
Just reading every single post again

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