Progress on Area 3

Area 3 is almost done. The upper part turned out to be like an industrial complex, with a small mining facility on the east side of the building. There are still some backgrounds to make for these parts, but the area is done and playable.

So, next is the breeding enviroment of Area 3. I´m preparing the "plant pipes" tileset of that area. Making balanced Metroid encounters on vertical shafts will be fun, but complicated.

After I finish Area 3, only the fourth area, the Omegas nest and the Queen´s lair will be left (and all the caves that connect those areas). The most complicated areas are practically done, since Area 4 is a relatively small tower, the final area is really simple and the Omegas nest will use a small modification of the bubble tileset from Zero Mission (The one in Ridley´s room in the tech demo). I do have to add some variety to the backgrounds, and plan how big the new area will be, but the progress so far is very promising.

If everything goes well, after I finish Area 3, I´ll coordinate efforts with HyruleSwordsMan to start with the Gamma Metroid sprites.

I´ve read all your comments about the music, thank you for your oppinions.
I already tweaked the main tunnel song to make it more "Metroidy", it follows the original song a little bit more closely in terms of rythm. I won´t be showing you anymore unfinished songs for now, pleople will criticize them as if they were the finished product, and that won´t be helpful at all.
I might use one of the new original songs for the next trailer... I have to think about it.


Anonymous said…
I have a question about the upcoming Area 4 for the Metroid II remake. Seeing that the beams are going to be stacked, and each area will have one beam each, what is going to be in the four rooms that had all the beams in the original Metroid II, or are they even going to be there?
Anonymous said…
When do you figure the whole project might be done?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Take it easy there boys. Id say progreass is comming along quite niceley and we should all just sit back and the game will be done when its done and it will be great!
Anonymous said…
Awesome man keep it up my friends and i are rooting for you!

I was wondering what kind of "metroid equipment" you were going to have at first i was thinking you would have the original equipment but, then i saw the trailer with the power bomb in it.

if you do not mind we were wondering if you could list off the equipment other than the original stuff that you would be adding?
Anonymous said…
awesome news!

keep up the good work <3
Anonymous said…
I have some ideas for styles of music for later areas in the Metroid II remake. For the Omega hive (or nest, or whatever you want to call it), the music heard should probably sound like the style heard when going through Lower Norfair from Super Metroid. For the Queen's lair, the music should probably be somewhat slower, and sound a little bit like the style of Tourian from Super Metroid or Metroid: Zero Mission. I hope that my ideas help.
Anonymous said…
Good job! I can't wait to see more!
Anonymous said…
at this rate u should be done with this whole project by november
Anonymous said…
I think the Queen's
Lair should look like a decrepit, dusty, dark Tourian that has fallen into disrepair, seeing as the Chozo prolly built it to house an environmental/wildlife control unit (What Mother Brain on Zebes was, until it became self aware... I think...).
Anonymous said…
Sounds awesome - this continues to be one of my most anticipated games!

I had an a cool idea, and when you said that you read every comment I thought why not share what i think could be a really cool idea.

What are you doing for your opening/intro video? It'd be really sweet if you did one in the style of Super Metroid (Which is one of my favourite intros ever!).

What I mean is Samuses face with text narrating what has happened in the previous Metroid games and outlining the situation, complete with atmospheric music and black and white cutscenes showing what she's talking about. I'd imagine she'd say something like I first fought the Metroid's when the Space Pirates attempted to use them as a weapon (or whatever it was) (and show her fighting Metroids in Tourian) Then she continues narrating by saying she has been on many missions since, most of them relating to Space Pirates... and show her doing numerous scenes from Metroid Prime Trilogy - but in 2D - (such as fighting Space Pirates in Phendrana,fighting Dark Samus or talking to the Federation on Olympus with the other Hunters... these are just examples).
Then have her say something like However, constantly meeting Metroids in these missions, I have come to agree with the federation that they need to be eradicated. After fully healing after my mission on Phaaze I agreed to be the one to do the job. (Show her doing a biohazard scan, similiar to that in Metroid prime 3, resulting in 0%... or something).
My Mission? To destroy all of the Metroids on the Planet SR388.
Then show her ship landing on the planet.

Well - that was longer than I thought! Thats just a rough idea - I hope it makes sense and you will consider it, because I think it'd be awesome. Of course, the dialog would have to be better than that, but whatever. My main point is that it would be awesome having a top quality opening cutscene for such a top quality looking game. Also, It'd be awesome seeing some memorable scenes for The Prime Trilogy in 2D sprites, as well as tying up the end of Corruption to the Beginning of Metroid 2 (becasue thats where they are on the timeline).
DoctorM64 said…
That´s an awesome idea!
I was going to make a brief text opening, like the one in Zero Mission, but your idea fits the story better.
I guess I´ll be needing help with the opening text, since my english is very basic (and grammar mistakes are unforgivable these days), and also I haven´t played the prime games (I don´t own a Gamecube). I´m familiar with the story, I´ve seen speedruns of those games, but I´ll accept suggestions from people who actually played those.
Recreating scenes from the Prime games sounds like fun.

About the first comment: Area 4 will be the tower where you find the Plasma Beam. That will be the only beam there. In Metroid 2, that was a place to choose your favourite beam, making the previous beam pickups optional.
I don´t want people to skip the beams in other ruins without making the game challenging, so Area 4 will only have the Plasma Beam.
Anonymous said…
I just cant wait until the game is completed because I am a big metroid fan as i have completed most of the games and i just started super metroid which makes the total number of metroid games i have played to 7 of them. and also just to let you know you have my full support so good luck and make it a good one.
Lee Evans said…
Man, that's cool. Good work so far.

Hey, I'm trying to fiddle with GameMaker too and I don't know where to start. Where did you get your start?
Anonymous said…
Heh (back to what Simon said)

I think it would be cool to include scenes such as

fighting a Hunter Ing

taking on an omega pirate

if nothing else taking on dark samus and the metroid prime fused with the aura unit.
because that fight ended the trilogy.

and you cant forget Ridley... just cus hes awesome

like reinacting the fight were samus and ridley were fighting in the shaft
Anonymous said…
What if (when reinacting a boss fight for the beginning). When you're falling down the shaft
(in the fight btw ridley in MP3) Have her shoot a missile straight down and grapple onto the missle. Then pull Down hard and swing The missle, right onto Ridley. Then jam open his mouth with one arm and pump a missile straight down his throat.
That'd be badass, pardon my French.
Anonymous said…
9 I think that the intro is an awesome idea! And some 2-D prime scenes would be, well, awesome! Also where the queen is could be a failed prototype of Mother Brain and it is like old tourain, and you can also add a secret room where Samus will see a video of the failed mother brain prototype. Kind of like in corruption where you can find a secret message that the A.U. left behind. It could also be inaccessible until you beat the game because the magma was inter fearing with the network, or it could just be a locked door and you have to have like all of the items to have it unlocked.
Anonymous said…
9 I think that the intro is an awesome idea! And some 2-D prime scenes would be, well, awesome! Also where the queen is could be a failed prototype of Mother Brain and it is like old tourain, and you can also add a secret room where Samus will see a video of the failed mother brain prototype. Kind of like in corruption where you can find a secret message that the A.U. left behind. It could also be inaccessible until you beat the game because the magma was inter fearing with the network, or it could just be a locked door and you have to have like all of the items to have it unlocked.
Anonymous said…
It´s a good idea, but i think that you must not to do that your proyect Metroid 2 became different to the original Metroid 2

The preview is great
it have the music own of Metroid 2, but in Metal music

Metroid Zero Mission is a great game, you must going in that path
Anonymous said…
Original Fangame Metroids:

Metroid Redesign
Metroid Captive
Metroid 3 - Return to Zebes
AM2R Demo (Great)
Metroid Fussion 2 - The return of SA-X (Also great)
Anonymous said…
Well if you're interested in the idea I mentioned before, I'd be happy to help. If you would like me to come up with some dialogue for the text bits at the start, email me at I've played all of the Metroid games, read the manga etc so I'm sure I'd be able to make it be relevant and suit the Metroid style as well as staying true to the story and timeline etc. Like I said before, an awesome openning sequence would make what looks to be an already amazing game even better!
Anonymous said…
Have you beat all of the Metroid games? And can you read in japanese? Most of the Zero Mission manga is in japanese, or where you refering to the Prime or Super Metroid ones?
Anonymous said…
There is manga for it???
do you mean the ones from nintendo power or is there actually manga for it?
Anonymous said…
hey, after reading some of these comments, people said that for the intro video thing they should have samus's face blinking in the background, I can't help but ask if I could help you do that blinking BG. I was making a metroid 5 fangame with samus blinking her eyes in the fusion suit for the intro BG. so I thought a zero mission one would be just as easy. If you would like my help, just..... ask here I guess, and please call me Kenji Imatake. anyone can find a forum about my fangame on TSR "the spriters resource." right now all I have are mockups though........
Anonymous said…
oh! I just had an Idea, when she is thinking of her past for the intro video, before she is thinking about it, have her eyes close and keep closed like as if she remembers it vividly, then show the memory.
Anonymous said…
Yes I own, played and have completed every single Metroid game.

In answer to the questions about whether I can read Japanese, no I can't, but there is actually a fan translation of the Official Metroid Manga (that covers Samus's background).
I don't really know anything about the translation, other than that I check every few weeks and occasionally a new one has been added. They're sort of confusing (read from right to left) but theyre very cool - they cover all sorts of things like Samus's parents, the space pirates, ridley, the Chozo, the Federation, Samus when she worked for the Federation, Adam Malkovich and even the X parasites resulting in the creation of the Metroids. They're worth reading.
Anonymous said…
Nice, iv read the like 3 or 4 that have been translated, but the reading right to left thing is natrual for me. I reed to much manga and now i cant read amarican comics...
SparcMan said…
Fantastic idea. I hope you are able to complete it.
Anonymous said…
I can't wait for this to be finished. Metroid 2 is my favorite game in the series and I always thought it needed a remake. Keep up the good work:)
Anonymous said…
Metroid Collection:

Metroid classic
Metroid x
Metroid (Zebian illusion)
Metroid 2 - The return of Samus
Super Metroid
Super Metroid - Return to Zebes
Super Metroid - Redesign
Metroid Fussion
Metroid Fussion 2 - The return of SA-X
Metroid Zero Mission
Prime Metroids

I have the manga in spanish

chapter 1 invation
chapter 2 destiny
chapter 3 First battle
chapter 4 Amenaza
chapter 5 Crisis
chapter 6 (in construction)
chapter 7 (in construction)
Anonymous said…
Is there going to be a save feature later on, because that would be really helpful.
Anonymous said…
Some other cool features would be a music toggle on/off and a way to set the volume of music and sound effects, so that say you don't want to hear sound effects near as much as music. In example, it would be nice to be able to set it up to music 100%, sound effects 50%.
Anonymous said…
one annoying thing about the game is that if you are in the map and hit the escape key it still exits the game. I have done this multiple times and lost all of my progress. I guess this wouldn't be so bad if there was a saving feature.
Anonymous said…
The suspense is killing me! I check your blog almost daily since it's in my bookmarks now...

More screencaps would be epic!

And yes, the intro idea sounds good. It'd tie the whole series together... and I'd like to see that.
Unknown said…
I got an itch to listen to Super Metroid music the other night, and in all of my searching stuff out, I ran across this project. I am impressed and excited, to say the least. I can't say Metroid 2 was my favorite game of the series, but I like it a lot nonetheless. I got my original GB just before they stopped selling it in the big box set that came with batteries and Tetris and the like, and Metroid 2 was the first game purchase I made. Took me almost 8 hours of play to beat it the first time around.

Anywho, I'm glad to see this get a remake, and I'm interested to see how adding Power Bombs and Super Missiles and such will change game play.

The only other real concern I have is in regards to controls. Arrow keys and keyboard buttons are great for lefties, but difficult for righties. How hard would it be to implement basic DirectInput stuff in the game so that any game controller plugged into ones PC would be able to work? Doing so *should* allow for people to map buttons as they please too, though you'd have to create a dialog for it. I honestly have no idea how you'd go about implementing this, and I s'pose if you did, you might as well add DirectDraw/Direct3D support too, which of course would allow for all kinds of graphics filters, and resolutions, etc. But of course is also probably another big ball of wax.

I s'pose worse comes to worse, I could set my Zboard Merc's software to remap keys for the game.

Regardless, keep up the good work, this looks to be epic. ;)
Anonymous said…
Epic, its the word of the week.
Maby after the game is beten a hard mode could be played, and samuses beam cant be charged and stops befor it hits the end of the screen, like she never got the long beam. maby it could be called original mode or something?

4 is the new 9
Anonymous said…
that long beam Idea could work, but if you notice after she gets the long beam, she keeps it throughout the whole series, even in fusion. but Im not sure about the power grip..... well it is hard mode, maybe something could show in the beginning of the game when she gets out of her ship,(that's how it starts off in the remake, right?) like....electricity could go around her arm cannon or something and on normal mode, the long beam will be in the inventory at the beginning of the game. But on hard there wont be the long beam in her inventory at the beginning of the game.
Anonymous said…
It could be possible that she has had the power grip scence the first game, because in corruption she can grab ledges and pull herself up without the use of any aditional equipment.

Long live Motchroid!!
Anonymous said…
yes, I do not understand that cuz samus cant grab ledges in prime, prime 2, prime hunters, pinball (of corse she cant, she's in morphball almost all the time!) and super. but with this remake, it changes how she has the power grip and within the series. in the original metroid 2, no powergrip. it was annoying at some points. :(
Anonymous said…
I think the Project looks really awsome. I am really thankful for you doing all of this work to make this game. I have played the original Metroid 2 once when I borrowed it and I see just how well you have kept it the same game and at the same time improving it so much that at the same time it is differint to. and I have read some of the ideas people have said and i agree with them. And I was wondering if you coould make it to where you could unlock the dark suit from mp2. i love metroid prime 2 so putting dark suit in there wold be epic. I have played the demo and it is epic. thank you very much for putting so much into this game. I cant wait till it comes out.

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