Metroid: Confrontation Update: v2.15

I decided to add proper joystick support (multiple axes/POV) right now, so you can start using it. Besides, I couldn´t borrow a 360 pad, so you´ll have to tell me if it works. Also, updates are taking a little longer, since I´m working on both AM2R and Confrontation, synchronizing the changes of the engine so you can enjoy the latest engine version.

In this update:
- Full joystick support
- Extra aim button (Super Metroid style)
- Missile toggle option (Super Metroid style)
- Redesigned options screen
- Some bugfixes

Your old save files will work on this version, and there aren´t any big changes in the game content. So all your speedrun records are still valid!


Coming up, in the next update:
- Hard mode
- Mod capabilities
- Multiple language support

Have fun!


Unknown said…
nicee new update! :D!
Meem0 said…

Wow!! This proves you are better than Nintendo: you listened to your fans and acted almost immediately! Great job, doc!
Anonymous said…
Cuadno quiero configurar los controles me sale este error:
action number 1
of Draw Event
for object K8z7e___HJGa0Y9b_W_UAd:

Error in code at line 1:

at position 244: Cannot compare arguments.
Anonymous said…
Sabés que sos groso? Cuando lo termines, decime dónde puedo acercarte una caja de alfajores, hermano.
Crawfish said…
I love the fact that the next version will have hard mode, but i had trouble with easy mode so I'm gonna need some practice. BTW Can't wait for AM2R! ;D
Jasper said…
huh? why are you working on the demo?? it was good, let it be, we want AM2R now!
Anonymous said…
He's working on the deo because the Doc is just the sort of guy who shoots for nothing short of perfection.

Even his TECH DEMO must be perfect!
Anonymous said…
POV is working on Xbox360 Controller, but only after you change the binding from analog stick (so, no digital and analog option at the same time).

Also, I found out that having such binding is much more comfortable to use with 360:

Anonymous said…
Jasper, don't speak for all of us with your "I want it NOW" mentality. Besides, the demo has been effective in helping find bugs in the engine. Better to fix them now than have to deal with bugfix updates for the main release.
purplecowadoom said…
Don't you think he's going to put the new stuff he works on for his demos in the real thing? Demo or otherwise, if it has to do with programming, it counts as working on the real thing. Let's try NOT being short-sighted.
Josh said…
The controller function works great and feels really smooth! Great work so far!
Unknown said…
I love you man seriously thatnk you sooo much is there any way I can donate? For the Love of Metroid! Sice note I just picked up a used copy of Prime(original) god it is soo good! Metroid: Zero Mission, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime are the must plays for sure only the ones that know and where there can handle the original NES so I don't list it. Metroid forever. I'll let you know hoe the new controls work thank you again soo much.
Unknown said…
new controls work great doc thanx again!
lucky_thirteen said…
"since I´m working on both AM2R and Confrontation"

Eh? I thought these were the same thing. What's the difference?

And when you say "mod capabilities" does that mean everything, including modifying level data for custom maps for the entire game?
The Metroid King said…
@ Lucky_thirteen:
Confrontation is a tech demo of AM2R.
AM2R is the actual remake of Metroid 2.

I loved your new demo! :D
Fighting Crocomire was awesome. Shame he didn't fall in acid tho.
Kraid... wow, he's harder than in NEStroid! Took me about 15 minutes to beat him.

I also fell in love with your Omega. :D
And seeing it's not even finished yet...
Anonymous said…
Hey DoctorM64... If you plan on adding the SA-X suit, do you think you could make the SA-X suit walk as default instead of run like all the other Metroid games? You could map the regular run to a button and map the Speed Booster to another.. I ask because I think it would be pretty cool to walk around SR388 since there aren't any classic Metroid games that let you do this and the SA-X sprite sheet has the walk sprites
Sir_Poeta said…
¿Y donde quedó el sonido al tomar una mejora en Metroid 2?
el primer demo que tú hiciste tenía el sonido que tiene el juego de metroid 2 samus return al atrapar un objeto (por ejemplo, ese sonido se ve cuando Samus toma un misil), ahora yo solo veo una replica del sonido de Metroid Zero Mission, es una pena como le van quitando esencia al juego de apoco, los fans admiramos detalles como esos que nos hacen sentir que estamos en el mismo juego, y si tú dices que siempre te guías por los comentarios de los fans y agradeces sus críticas siempre y cuando sean constructivas, entonces quiero que tú leas la crítica mía y que también la tomes en cuenta...


Anonymous said…
Yeah, I thought that Metroid: Confrontation was just a demo of AM2R.


Nintendo can't just release a patch/update to fix control issues on handhelds or the Wii. Once a console game is out, development is over (with the exception of online-based games and such). But in the field of PC games, updates/patches happen all the time. What's more — this game isn't even finished yet! You can't compare this guy to Nintendo.
Ezekiel Rage said…
Did you fix the exloration error that allows you to get bombs before the morphball, thus getting stuck?
DISk said…
He subido esta versión a "VirusTotal", un servicio de scanneo online para detectar virus, y 3 de los antivirus que pasa dan resultados positivos, es decir, que cuidado que podría tener virus el archivo!!
I personally think this needs better default controls...

In particular, I think it'd make the most sense to use 'left-shift' and the 'space-bar' as the "L" and "R" shoulder-button equivalents for aiming up & down/missile arm.

Sure you could change them, but you'd be surprised at how many people don't look in the options for that kind of thing...
Anonymous said…
Xbox 360 Controller does work as long as it has all of its drivers.

Here's a few things you can add/remove:

Can you add an option to remove the blur when playing full-screen?

For "Missle Arm" can you perhaps add an option to make it work with the "SELECT Button" like in Super Metroid. I mean it'd be nice to use if you have a retro usb snes controller to play it with.

There is an enemy that looks like samus aran's ship flying around and it has really sloppy animations. Perhaps a little touch-up on it can make it good.

Maybe add a sprint option?
Anonymous said…
adding in the Super Metroid Style controls made my day

Thank you very much!
PanshooFlow said…
eso era a lo k me referia en los otros comentarios, aora se me iso mucho mas comodo apuntar con los misiles i todo lo demas, lo mejor de todo es que ecuchaste a tus fans i isiste caso a lo k te pedimos muchas gracias DOcx , tambien note que le bajaste el sonido a los pasos de samus, quedo mucho mejor aora i asta aora encuentro que el demo esta lo mejor que podria estar, almenos que alguien le encuentre otro detalle te digo que el demo esta exelente y si el remake tiene el mismo mecanismo entonces creo que estara perfecto, ojala te quede poco para terminarlo... emm cuando hagas otro post en tu blog podrias mencionar mas o menos la fecha en la que creas que termines el juego.. solo para calmarnos xd y darnos una fecha para esperar con ansias al igual como lo ise con other m :P.
esto es muy opcional y kisas algunos no concuerden conmigo pero el k lo aga digalo: que opinan de agregarle un boton de DASH al igual a super metroid? pero con la diferencia de que el speedbooster se pueda activar con el boton oprimido y tambien de la manera normal, usando esta config. de botones resulta comodo con el teclado: disparar: X, saltar: Z, diagonal arriba: A, diagonal abajo: S, boton para misiles: D, Dash(correr mas rapido): C, seleccion de armas: shift.. solo comenten i en caso de que no les paresca apropiado diganlo pero para mi seria una buena idea y para los speedrunners creo que tambien le gustaria XD...
bueno Gran trabajo Doc sigue asi.. aun no encuentro todos los items xd me faltan dos :P
PanshooFlow said…
otra cosa.. alguien me puede desir si el charge beam esta o no en el demo.. ya que no lo encuentro i me faltan dos items xd tengo 60 misiles y 4 super misiles...
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the Joypad support. I love this game.
brandon said…
i ran into a glitch: when you first get bombs, if missile toggling is on, leaving missiles on and then morphing prevents bombs from being laid. you have to un-morph and deactivate missiles to lay bombs. it fixes by the end of the game, i think once you get super missiles.

however, thank you for even implementing super metroid-style controls at all.
J-Boogie said…
Hmm. Anytime I try to run it, I get an error that says that it can't read the game file. Any idea what might be causing this?
Anonymous said…
I think i check the site about three to four times a week and these last two month have been worth it. Nice job, keep up the good work. I can't wait for AM2R !
Nintendoer said…
Hey doc! Very nice update. =)

There are a few glitches I would like to mention, however.

First, missiles. It has been mentioned several times about how you can't lay bombs when you have missiles activated. Anyway, when you run out of missiles, you automatically switch over to super missles, and vica versa. However, when you completely run out of missiles AND super missiles,shouldn't you automatically switch over to your beam attack again? (I could be mistaken about that one.)

One more glitch, dealing with the charge beam. When you charge up the charge beam while on the ground and turn around (without moving in the opposite direction) The "charge" appears at Samus's feet. If you try to jump at this time, then her upper half disappears (but only while in the jump.) Also, if you squat while this is happening, her upper half disappears. Switching to your missiles while this glitch is in affect also makes the same thing happen, but the "charge" at Samus's feet is gone.

If it helps, I had the Spazer beam when I noticed the charge glitch.

Keep it up! Your doing a great job, doc! (More than I could ever hope to do. =P)
Unknown said…
lavaniTested a PlayStation Dualshock 2 (model SCPH 10010) controller and it works fine.
Lippi said…
YES, finally I can use the D-Pad from my X360-Controller :)
And my idea for "snes-mode" and "gba-mode" got a nice solution...
Anonymous said…
I love the new Missile arming controls. Playing with the keyboard I was now able to beat Crocomire by knocking him into the acid, something that was nearly impossible for me with the old controls. I might still by a Joypad for this game though, since that would still be more comfortable than the keyboard, but the Keyboard controls are about as good as they will get right now.
Anonymous said…
someone tell me please where is the charge beam D:
I just realized, you've removed the download link for Confrontation v1.1 :(

You should keep that up since it's considerably different from v2
Ryan Meaker said…
i think its time for an AM2R demo, just to the first metroid would be awesome, ive played every metroid confrontation and it just makes me wana play AM2R more!
Anonymous said…
This game is looking awesome!!! But there's one thing that would make this game a million times better than the other metroid games, Achievements, Lots of em, not only the percentage thing. With a good Achievement system and a proper recognition/prize system, people would be playing the game a lot even after they pass the game. Have achievements like "Kill # enemies without dying.", "Pass the game in a certain amount of time", and lots of other stuff.

Prizes for achievements could be unlocking galeries, changing colors of beams and samus's suit, unlocking zero suit samus, unlocking secret rooms to unlock even more achievements, mods, modes, armor-looks, etc.

Another thing is secret bosses and rooms, that way, after passing the game, there could still be a lot to explore. A simple campaign without anything else is kinda repetetive.
Anonymous said…
@Anonymous from November 15, 2010 1:34 PM

Here's a hint, after you get the power grip check the area around it carefully with the bombs

Anyway, I love the Super Metroid Controls, but like another poster, I found glitches with them. When the missiles run out instead of switching back to beam you stay with the empty missiles and have to manually switch back to the beam, and you can'y use bombs if the missiles are toggled on when you morph
Anonymous said…
@Anonymous November 16, 2010 4:39 PM
thx! I've already found them with that hint :D finally now I had collected all items XD

@Anonymous November 16, 2010 1:34 PM
Yeah that could be a great idea to keep playing the game but... lets wait for the opinion of Doc, and the opinion of the fans of this proyect.. I hope that they follow your ideas

Anyway I'm waiting for the game, I cant wait more but there isnt any other thing to do xdd
zacH said…
I'm excited not only to see this new demo, but to see with glee that it's working in Wine! The game is playing very well on linux now, with two issues that may be fixable?

- Pausing to see the menu is very slow... like, really slow. I don't know how fast it's supposed to be, but at the beginning there's some sort of animation of a vertical line going horizontally across the screen, eventually showing the map in its entirety? That line crawls in linux, so actually getting to see the whole map ends up taking a good 15-20 seconds. The map then doesn't show the blinking square where you are for another three seconds. Is there any chance this code could be optimized, or possibly something else could be used? I dread pausing at the moment :\

- My only other issue is that I can't change the resolution without making the game fullscreen. The game doesn't support widescreen monitors properly, so I can't run it fullscreen at the moment. Does this only happen through wine? If I try to change the resolution, it automatically switches from windowed to fullscreen...

Besides these two things, the game is running beautifully (and at full speed, the pause menu is the only place I've had a speed issue). I'd add that my computer is not slow in any sense, in case that might be thought of as a factor. Probably just some code that isn't playing nice in linux, for whatever reason.

Thank you so much for working on this. I'm more excited for the full game with each post!
Anonymous said…
Puede ser que cuanto pongo el mapa, se muestre entero y de una y que no vaya apareciendo de izquierda a derecha en una franja?
Pez said…
This is awesome! Great game! Keep the work goin, you'll get there eventually ;)

Check out my blog peoples too, no where near the stage of this though!
DRReichel said…
Your project is very promising. I have a few criticisms here and there, but in all honesty it's pretty good for an indy fan-game.

In your confrontation demo, the sound is delayed from the actual gameplay. For example I would press jump and samus would jump properly, but the sound would come about a second after she did the command.

I use an xbox gamepad for just about every game I play on the computer (even flash games on the internet, TG for Xpadder). I also have a playstation controller adapted for my PC, and it works great for this game. As for the xbox GP, however, controls are pretty out of whack. If it helps, here's how it works for me:

*L analog stick button is pause

*X is jump. I'm used to it being A, since it is at the bottom of the digital pad (but maybe that was at your discretion, at least make the controls customizable as they were in Super Metroid?)

*back (<) is angle up for some reason, I'd rather it be one of the shoulder buttons LB or RB. It should be used for switching weapons.

*start (>) is activate missiles, which one could imagine is pretty hard to use in conjunction with the fire button Y, being as they are on the same side of the GP.

*Y is fire, I'd personally rather have it as X or B, but again it's your prerogative, at least make it customizable.

The analog stick works fine, but I'm having trouble getting the D-pad to work. I'd usually rather use digital D-pad buttons for movement in a game that doesn't involve pressure sensitive movement (even though the Xbox D-pad still fails compared to Playstation's, it would be nice to be able to use either analog or digital).
DRReichel said…
In addition to my previous constructive criticisms, the graphics could be a little better too. Although graphics aren't quite as important as gameplay, it's still nice to have a good looking game.

The graphic for when an enemy is destroyed isn't detailed enough. It would be excellent to have bits and pieces of gore come out of a zoomer after killing it, like they did in Zero Mission or Prime. It looks rather odd when just a basic animated .gif looking explosion is all that is used to emote an enemy's death. Add something to it mate!

Adding a burning animation to an enemy's death would be awesome when you get the plasma beam in the final AM2R (if you haven't already thought of that). Make this game as gruesome and memorable as Prime was, that'll really get us into it.

I'd change how the spazer looks as well. I mean, it looks like glowing bars of solid gold. It doesn't exactly scream "Hey guise, I'm a beam weapon!" does it?

More dymanic backgrounds would make this look beautiful. Ever seen the graphics in Castlevania Symphony of the Night? Try putting different background elements that are meant to be more distant over more layers than you have in the demos.

Give it a good foreground movement too! Make this game pop out at you, but just don't let it get too obstructive. I'd love to see this game's 3D feel be given more depth. That would really make it stand out in a good way.

In short, just improve the the sound timing, make the controls customizable, tweak the graphics a bit and I'd say you've got a pretty solid game.

You probably already heard this over and over by now, but don't let impatient fans get you too stressed out over a deadline. Your more patient, intelligent fans are the ones who are going to help you the most. Do right by them. They don't seem to want you to rush this, so take time on this. Quality over quantity and whatnot.
Cheers, Doc!
Alec Harris said…
To be honest, and this was an issue with the first Confrontation, I personally think you've made Kraid a tad harder than he needs to be. Firstly, the controls aren't exactly the handiest, and as a result one can't move about as smoothly as one would need to during that particular battle. Secondly, the fact that the spikes he shoots are solid all the way through, plus his claws make it very hard to stay "on top", both metaphorically and literally. Other than that particular boss, though, the new Confrontation is a dynamic and wondrous improvement over the original.
Anonymous said…
The controls are spot on, I think. I use a joypad and IMO the most impressive thing about Confrontation/AM2R is it's good controls. They match Nindendo's work and it's more than possible to beat Kraid easily.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Nice! I just downloaded and I'm gonna start playing it right now!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I just played it all. Let's see...

-I like that button we step to lower the lava, it explains why the lava only lowers after we kill a few metroids;
-The save point saves automatically, but sometimes we prefer not to save. It should be activated when we pressed start, like the original game. It also shouldn't heal, just save;
-Where's that little music that plays when we take important items? I like that one. The fast sound should sound like the original game too;
-The Power Grip is completely unnecessary, Samus should be able to grab corners and climb since the begin. I hope this item is not in Metroid 2 Remake;
-The red doors open with 5 shots, not only 1;
-I miss the sound when Samus dies;
-Crocomire still move too mechanicaly, like a robot. It won't be in Metroid 2 Remake, of course, but I hope the biggest metroids move more naturally.

Sorry if I look like those guys who only complain about Metroid Other M. I enjoy your game and I know you're gonna fix these details. I just wanna be sure the remake is gonna be just like the original one, a good remake has to look like the original as much as possible. But with some new secret rooms, bosses and items, of course.
Anonymous said…
Una cosa que he notado es que cuando matas por completo a un jefe como Kradi, la "explosion" o el humo que hay se nota muy pixelado.
No se si me entendes...

Espero haberme explicado

Anonymous said…
Playstation 3 controller works as long as you have the correct drivers, and you fixed the problem from last time that required you to actually enter the main game for the ps3 controller to begin functioning! good job.

Also, a problem I ran into this time: if you have missiles toggled (much preferred to having to hold the button down) and try to lay a bomb, it won't work. You have to un-morph, de-toggle missiles, then re-morph. Kind of annoying. Please fix
J-Boogie said…
DRReichel: I use a 360 pad and all I did was reconfigure the buttons. THe controls are already customizeable. Also if you press the d-pad at the x-axis/y-axis part it'll change it to pov.

The only problem I have is not being able to use the triggers. Anybody else able to use the triggers with a 360 pad?
JasonsJewelry said…
The updated controls are perfect! Thanks for an awesome and fast update. :)
Anonymous said…
JBoogieG, you might want to try the drivers from

The default windows drivers causes the XBox/XBox360 controllers to read the triggers as "sliders" and not normal buttons. XBCD makes them properly work as buttons.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Thank God Metroid Other M was not based on the ridiculous manga and Zero Mission's plot. Let me explain better, guys:

The manga is from before Metroid Zero Mission. After Samus' parents' death, she was taken to planet Zebes, then her DNA was mutated with zebesian DNA to survive there. She was raised and trained by the last Chozo (those bird-men) in Mother Brain's home, living with Ridley too. Ridley and the Space Pirates speak (WOOOOOOT?) and act like lords, instead of being savage beasts. Then they made Metroid Zero Mission, remake of Metroid 1, based on the plot of that stupid manga.

In Other M plot, more simple, we see in the video Metroid and Me that Samus doesn't mention Zero Mission or the manga, she mentions Metroid 1 only. In Other M her youth is different too. She grew up and trained among humans, in the Federation barracks, living with Adam, who she saw as a father. In this plot, the Chozo were already extinct before she was born. And she says that the Space Pirates, without a Mother Brain to control them, become savage beings again, because that's their natural behavior.

By the way, if the Space Pirates should naturally be savage beasts, that extension after Mother Brain in Zero Mission is not only boring, but also NONSENSE, because after her death they should be out of control for a while and act like savage beings again.

I'm not the only one who dislikes the manga and Zero Mission plot, I think that's why they didn't mention them in Metroid Other M and retold her youth.

Because of all this I mentioned, DoctorM64, I beg you to base Metroid 2 Remake on Metroid 1 and ignore the manga and Zero Mission. I think you should mention Prime Series also, because a lot happened there, increasing their reasons to decide to extinct the Metroids themselves, not only the Space Pirates, who often used them as weapons. Other M's plot is much better.
Anonymous said…
When did it say they went extinct before she was born? She joined the GF after her time with the chozo, she wasn't with them her whole life. Plus where would she get the powersuit and the zebesian blood transfusion?
Luis_vi_Britannia said…
Nice update! I'm enjoying it ^_^
Btw, the 360 controller seems to work great, as long as the drivers are installed xD

Great job, doc!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
That part is according to the manga plot. But now they just don't mention it, they show Samus' past among humans and not that ridiculous manga stuff of living in Mother Brain's home, with Ridley.
gato preto said…
nossa cara porque essa demora pra lança esse jogo?
cara isso ai já demorou demais.
ou vc quer só fica iludindo os fans?
ou talvez vc esteja esperando o próximo nintendo fan game.
já que vc esta com preguiça de termina o jogo deixa outro termina por vc.
cara esse projeto começou em 2009 já estamos indo para 2011 e nada ainda.
a unica coisa que vc fica fazendo e enche a gente de demo.
chega de demo mano eu quero o jogo full.
Agnilam said…
I think it would be best if we just kept the story to a minimal.

"After seeing the metroids abused countless times over, I took action and went to their homeworld to end this, once and for all.."

Thus Metroid Extinction was mad!(Yes a made up name and quote i came up with but its my opinion lol)
Anonymous said…
@ Bruno
lol sorry man, just reread what I wrote and it sounded kinda hostile. Didn't mean it that way, I was just wondering.
Anonymous said…
Any updates on the actual AM2R project? It's been almost a month since we heard about it with the Omega Metroids.
.anderson84 said…
Lots of suggestions for improvements here it seems.. Personally i found very few minor details that i would improve on, its all looking solid to me^^ Just make sure Doc that once youre finished you add some way to DONATE (by credit card preferrably) as im sure most of us here will be more than willing to pay you for the hard effort and time you've put into this project through all these years.
SA-XPwnsU said…
Hey doc, I found another glitch for the latest update.

A few rooms after crocomire, where you have to jump into the really high morphball hole close to the ceiling you know, with the geemer in the hole? if you go into the room from the left side and jump into the hole at the perfect time, if you are in the animation between powergrip and morphball (morphing) and you get hit, you get your head and feet stuck in the hole, in standing animation!

I know you are very VERY busy and the glitch does not affect the game, but can you find time in the next update to fix that? I mean, a glitch like that shouldn't be in a metroid game at all. Make it even better than Nintendo!

This is how i think you should fix it:
when you get hit in the morphing animation, make it so that when you take damage, you end up in morphball mode. Thank you for your time reading my extremely long comment!

- SA-XPwnsU
Anonymous said…
Adoro esta imagen:
Vinicius (Brasileiro) said…
Também você poderia lançar um editor de niveis (level editor).
Also you could launch an editor of levels (level editor).
Você pode lançar também em portugues brasileiro.
You can also launch a version in Brazilian Portuguese
seth4x4 said…
acheivements that unlock bonus content,galleries,and changing the colors of samus and other objects in the game. those are my ideas of what you should add.
hipnotyq said…
Man this is awesome! From a pretty seasoned 2D Metroid player (ZM/MF/SM) you have mad talent! The tech demo played like any other official game, was actually very challenging too which was great because it just made me even more satisfied. I got stuck on Kraid b/c I got to him way too early. I went back and found the super missles, charge beam, grip, went and killed ridley for the spazer and about 2 health tanks and 5 missle expansions later, i kicked Kraids ass!
Anonymous said…
I cant shoot down while using missiles on the XBOX 360 controller. only diagonally.
gato preto said…
I project that our face will never end no man?
I'm losing hope now.
you never said most of it.
I wonder how long this is going to take?
or you're waiting for the next nintendo game fan?
face whenever I look at the site and see nothing new in it.
guy loved his job more will he even goes
out of videos?
or you will do you more a demo?
I want the good guy play the full game.
No more demos.
I'm from Brazil.

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