AM2R Soundtrack 1.33 Release - Looking for an artist


I dedicated this month to 2 things primarily: Fixing all the bugs that started popping up in the Game Maker Studio version of AM2R, and to give the soundtrack an update.
Since I'm not using the Caster extension anymore, I now use the built-in audio functions for music playback. This means I have to change the overall volume of every track. This is a good opportunity to actually do a proper mastering work, after tweaking some instruments on some songs.

AM2R Soundtrack V1.33
MP3: MediaFire - Mega - MyFlare
FLAC: MediaFire - Mega 

Now, the soundtrack is not finished, the current tracks will be eventually improved, and more tracks are going to be added as they are finished. That's why I'm including a version number with it. This one corresponds to the upcoming demo update, that will feature all the speed optimizations I'm working on right now.

The only thing missing is the cover art...


If you...
  • Have talent at digital painting
  • Want to contribute with AM2R to achieve worldwide fame and glory (*)
  • Are capable of being part of a team of passionate people, and wish to work accordingly
* Results may vary, we might not reach fame and glory

Then this is your chance to expand your portfolio with some awesome Metroid art.
For now, I'm looking for someone that can provide a cover for the Soundtrack Album. 
Once the cover is done, I'll be reuploading the soundtrack including it. If everything goes well, the artist might be drawing artwork for the intro and ending cutscenes of the game too.

If you're interested, please visit THIS forum thread and post some of your work. Links to Deviant Art are ok. Having Metroid artwork on your portfolio is not necessary. If you wish to show mockups or sketches for a potential AM2R Soundtrack cover, go ahead. Just keep in mind that your work might not be chosen.

I'll be making the selection in about a month from now, so please, spread the word.


The Game Maker Studio version of the game started showing plenty of small bugs. Some are tiny details that require small tweaks, others are consequences of the poor coding skills I had 5 years ago, and need some more work. Performance wise, it's a lot better than the currently released demo. 
And to make things even better, Nommiin/Decayed was kind enough to provide a license of the YoYo Compiler. Actually compiling the project boosts the performance a lot. It's about twice as fast.
This means the upcoming demo update will run faster, smoother and (hopefully) without the speed issues some users experience today. You'll be able to play in older computers, and to actually record your playthroughs without much slowdown.
All of my time is being dedicated to have this update ready as soon as possible. Once it's released, AM2R will officially have lived through 4 different versions of Game Maker (the project started on Game Maker 6).

As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.


zachThePerson said…
Will there still be mods in the final release? It's not that big of a deal, but just a cool little feature.

Anyways, the project is coming along great, played the demo for the first time about 2 months ago and was blown away! So excited to be able to explore another metroid world!
Talyn said…
I think it's good to reach out for assistance. Sometimes, it's difficult to do a project of this magnitude on one's own. I'll let my music friends know a musical ear may be needed to assist with things on this.
snib said…
Awesome work. Are you going to have different ending artwork for different completion times? or maybe different difficulties. Like fusion, ZM and Super did?
Rodney Hahoo said…
Now you just need to fix Samus' running animation and you'll be good to go. The current one looks very awkward.

You clipped and/or dynamic range compressed your waveforms...

...why? Why would you do that? :(
DoctorM64 said…
To make it sound on par with the rest of the soundtracks out there. I used a very gentle method of hard-limiting, and at most, the overall loudness is -10.5dB RMS, pretty soft for nowadays standards. Keep in mind these mixes are very clean, I'm not using dirty tricks, like sidechain abuse.

@zoonyboy - No mod support is planned for the release, it might be considered for later.

@snib - That's the plan
Auto Pilot said…
You should get in touch with the person who did this stuff. I think it would be the perfect match!
Sam said…
congrats on your work ! I like to come here from time to time and witness your progress. Hope we'll be able to play the game soon :)
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
this game just keeps getting better and better. YOU ARE AWESOME DOC. The new versions of the music sound awesome and i cant wait for the next update.
Anonymous said…
I know it's a hell of a long shot but I'd love to see this game released as a SNES rom, even at the detriment of some of its features; a la 'Rom City Rampage'. It'd be amazing to play this beast of a game on some real Nintendo hardware. Fanboy Fantasy rant over.
the7thguest said…
Im watching this Blog every week
for many Years now and im sure DOC you can do this things.Im so happy you have not givin this thing up.
Everybody has High Hopes of this and we all miss the good 2D Metroid Titles ^^

Thanks a Lot
Sir_Poeta said…
Pienso que los sonidos y canciones del proyecto debieran tener la opción de ser cambiados, así como en el anterior demo estaba una carpeta, esto yo lo digo porque cada vez que hacen arreglos, los dejan más electrónica y olvidan la esencia solitaria de la música de Metroid. Al final la música de Metroid podremos bailarla en todas las discos de la ciudad y eso es sin duda una verguenza...
En el primer demo que se hizo en este proyecto, que luego quedó como el primer demo de Metrod Confrontación, el sonido para tomar un misil usted lo había hecho como el clásico metroid 2, pero no sé que le ocurrió luego, que colocó el típico sonido de metroid fusion y mission zero.
Este era el antiguo sonido que tenía:
Al final todo lo hacen cambiando a algo que cada vez se acerca menos a lo que iba al proyecto. Ojalá al menos nos dejen escoger los sonidos y músicas que se colocarán en AM2R
Anonymous said…
I think when this game is 100% perfect, doc should try to approach Nintendo about asking a deal where Nintendo can buy the rights to this game and can sell it on the eshop on either the 3ds or the wii u. I think many people would pay 10 bucks for this game, and Nintendo doesn't have to do any work to update a fan favorite game. (After we all have our copies on pc to play of course).
Unknown said…
I cant wait for this game x3
Ricardo Suarez said…
Oye Doc te recomendaria en canciones como una combinacion de no se en el area 10 una combinacion entre Tourian cuando te vas acercando a la reina y para la torre pues una combinacion entre Tierras de agon (piratas) y las cienagas de torvus :) que te vaya bien
crazyal02 said…
This just gets cooler and cooler! My PC is pretty crappy so it's great to hear that there are optimizations coming our way.
Anonymous said…
Man, this project has been in the works for quite a while. I'm glad the good doctor is still working on it!
Ricardo Suarez said…
Oye doc quizas te guste esta idea pero costara (lo siento :) )

En la nueva area que segun dicen ellos que vas a poner nueva deberias poner al cazador sylux(el te persigue despues de Metroid prime corruption final 100% despues de ese sigue metroid 2), Una pelea dificil ,Y creo que tengo algunas ideas de sus ataques:

1:que cuando utilize su Neutrinarm (vea metroid prime hunters para mas detalles) tal vez te pueda paralizar por unos segundos 2: Su forma de morfosesfera el cual pone 3 bombas unidas controladas Y otro ataque a tu antojo =)

(puntuacion a este gran juego 10/5 ,Puntuacion del original 4/5 :D
Anonymous said…
When is this being released?
Anonymous said…
when is the next update coming out?
Unknown said…
dude tbh i still say you need to change the name. Another Metroid 2 Remake sounds so lame and stupid tho honestly after thinking long and hard about a replacement name i cant think of anything else other than maybe Metroid 2 Revisited which still sounds lame.
Unknown said…
Personal opinion on new cover art: do like a remake of the original cover design with Samus crouching and holding her smoking arm cannon up in the air with the alien rocky terrain behind her.
Unknown said…
if there is ANYTHING I can do I will help! please contact

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