Progress is going to be momentarily paused.
Last night I had my first experience at live sound operation and recording. It went pretty well, until my portable rack got stolen. I had most of my recording stuff in there, along with most of my microphones and the audio interface.
So, right now I can no longer work.
It's gonna take a while to replace most of my equipment, since all the studio gear is imported (there's no national audio industry here).

Anyway, I don't like bothering other people with my personal issues, but one of many things I'll have to sell is my home PC, my main development machine. I'll migrate the project to my studio workstation, and resume work when this setback is taken care of.

In the meantime, here is the Metroid Map example I promised. If you are into GM programming, and need a simple and effective map, you might find it useful.


Dako said…
Damn, sorry to hear that :/.

Hope everything turns out alright, best of luck!
Anonymous said…
That sucks... Hopefully you can complete the project this year though, really looking forward to it.
Anonymous said…
Thats terrible. Hopefully you can get new stuff without any trouble. I will definately be waiting.
Anonymous said…
Take care of what you need to first... as an American sound design/media student, I can greatly sympathize with the loss of your equipment. That sucks royally. Get it taken care of and ensure that it's protected in the future.

Having said that, please don't let this project die ;_; I've honestly been coming to this blog almost daily since I first found it. I want a proper updated Metroid 2 that badly, and yours is the best I've found so far.
Anonymous said…
hola ,sos de buenos aires?que bueno saber que un argentino este haciendo esto!si es que sos argentino jeje
por lo que lei te robaron algo...q raro...
bueno mucha suerte con este proyecto que mira que muchas personas lo estan esperando! :D
Anonymous said…
Sorry...I have lots of equipment myself and I'd be devastated if any of it, much less all of it, was stolen...
Tony said…
Oh, wow. I had no idea. Sorry about that. Glad to see you doing well.

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