The project is becoming popular, I´m still shocked when people I know here in Buenos Aires ask me if I´m remaking Metroid 2. Here, GameBoys were rare back in the 90´s, but there´s people who know about the game and ask me about it. It might be beacuse I have an uncommon name. Who knows.

Anyway, there are comments everywhere. Half of them about cease & desist letters, the other half with questions or suggestions about the project. It would be tiresome to sign up on every forum and news site, so I bring you... AM2R FAQs: The questions that are made everywhere, answered here.

- When will the game be finished?
I don´t know. I hope to have some free time these months, it might be possible to finish it this year.

- I don´t like the AM2R name, will it change?
Yes, but the name is yet to be decided. Suggestions are welcome.

- Did you do ALL the programming by yourself?
No, I started with Martin Piecyk´s platform engine, and customized it to add all the Metroid abilities.

- Will you port the game to DS/PSP/Mac?
As long as Game Maker games can´t be compiled on other platforms than PC, no.

- Why don´t you code in C#? It´s better/more flexible/portable.
I´m not a programmer. I learned Game Maker the hard way: making unfinished games and looking at tutorials and examples. My code isn´t optimal, but I manage to get things done.

- Aren´t you the same DoctorM that remade Brutal Paws of Fury on MUGEN?
Yes. That was a long time ago, it was my first completed game. Too bad the MUGEN engine died before a Windows version became available. You can find the game here.

- I don´t like the keyboard layout of the tech demo
There will be customizable controls and joypad support in the final game.

- Did you make the tech demo music?
No. I got the main song from modarchive.com, the Ridley fight song is from an old Amiga Musicdisk, I can´t remember which one.

- I saw the YouTube trailer, where did you get that song?

- Do you really think Prince of Persia sucks?
No, It´s one of my favourite game sagas. That text was a placeholder, since I couldn´t remember the real powergrip description. I wrote that more in a "Take that, Prince of Persia!" way, believe me, it makes sense in spanish. Anyway, I thought I edited that part out, and it was already on YouTube when I realized the text was there.

- Is there going to be new bosses? space pirates? easter eggs?
There might be one or two bosses guarding the chozo ruins sections, I still have to decide it.

- Why did you make the game public so early? You´re gonna get a C&D from Nintendo!!!
I created this blog to share my design notes with other game designers, I didnt´t think the project would become so popular.

- Can I help?
I´ll be revising the enemy sprites soon, I´m gonna need help of good graphic artists.
My sprite sheets will be posted soon. Music will begin production once I have most of the game mapped. I´m waiting to actually play the sections that each song will represent to get the actual "feel" of the place. I´ll let you know whenever I need help.

- Are you gonna release the source code?

- Where´s the Donate button?
I have absolutely no idea how to make one.

Feel free to post any other questions.
On the next post, I´ll show you how to make a Metroid Style map system.


kattkieru said…
Just a note -- companies tend to bust folks with C&D letters less if they're not making any money. Adding a donate button could be a bad move.

Good luck on this -- your first public releases have been amazing.
Anonymous said…
All these ideas are AWESOME.
I'd like creating a game like metroid or so, i have a lot of ideas, ill try to make a game like that using game maker, if u can help me it would be good ;)

DO NOT give up, I support you.
and good luck too!
Snu said…
holy cow! you rock!
metroid 2 was one of my favorite games... ive beaten it more times than i can remember, know every secret, etc.
i even have thought of creating a remake of it... never have gotten around to it tho.
im not very good at artwork, but i write music and would love to do some remixes for the game. even if you have other sources, i think ill be making the remixes anyway, this has inspired me!
Anonymous said…
Enhorabuena por el trabajo creado hasta la fecha, está quedando genial. Si deseas colaboradores, puedo crear algunos temas de estilo ambient para el juego.

Si deseas ponerte en contacto conmigo, mi dirección de correo electrónico es 16secondswarm (at) gmail.com (como veo que eres de Buenos Aires me permito el lujo de utilizar nuestra lengua común :P).
Anonymous said…
Pues permíteme felicitarte por el gran trabajo que has hecho, a mi me encantan los videojuegos y la programación de los mismo y se que no es fácil.

Si hay algo en lo que te pueda apoyar solo pídelo, me gustaría ayudarte con los sprites y cualquiér gráfico en general.

Mi correo es pixel_kakashi (at) yahoo (dot) com

hipnotyq said…
thank you so much for making this :) M2 is in dire need of a remake and I miss the classic 2D M experience!

I will be following this project!
Anonymous said…
Hi there! I'm from Germany and i love your project^^ Some cool names for your game? Metroid Second Mission, Metroid 2 Reload of Samus, Metroid 2 Problems on SR 388, Metroid 2 the Metroids strikes back(like the empire strikes back^^). Anyway i hope you will complete your project. Greetings from germany and good luck
glimps said…
Why not releasing the source code? You could get extra hands completing this wonderful project... I would like to spend time coding AM2R.
Anonymous said…
no source cod??? but I wan maek game!!!11111!!!1 i prmoise 2 giv u sum creds. PLZ!? i got ideas 4 best gaem eva with samuas n pokemoms n wil recolor teh sprits. if u no giv me cod I wil tell nin10do n ur mom 2 n u get cese in desese or sum shot n spanked by ur DADDY. cum on!!! i giv u sum candy k?
Anonymous said…
^You idiot. It is because of people like you that he is not giving out teh code.
Anonymous said…
Very nice demo! Props for lovely feeling physics and silky animation.

I will most-definitely be keeping an eye on your blog.
Anonymous said…
What do you mean, you have already given your source code... The platform engine you modified...

But in all seriousness i can understand why. You don't want idiots flooding the gm community with bad metroid games using your engine. And taking your engine as their own work.
Anonymous said…
Aw, what the heck? No mac V? Boo. Seriously, why not just make it a ROM format or something? Aren't ROM's pretty standard?

Sorry, I know absolutely nothing about the field, but I'm just a little disappointed.
Anonymous said…
HOLA!!! Me gusto mucho este proyecto reamake del metroid II.

En realidad nunca he jugado el juego de gameboy, y empece a buscarlo... solo encontre la version antigua y NO ME GUSTO!!!. Bueno, veo que avanzas muy bien.

Tengo conocimientos sombre musica MIDI, Trabajo con Cooledit (y audition) y Fruity loops.

Me gustaría ayudarte con la música del juego y si puedo, en los sonidos. Contactame si deseas ayuda: sounds_of_the_soul@hotmail.com

Anonymous said…
What about secret worlds? You putting those in there?
Secret worlds are the only reason I play Metroid II any more. XD
Anonymous said…
I suggest making more varied boss encounters. The metroid encounters got old after a while, and I found the Arachnus battle (to get the Springball powerup) was my favorite "boss" fight in the whole game. An idea I had was a Core-X from MF, or an X mimicking a Chozo Warrior. Remember that the X were the Metroid's natural prey on SR388. I say this because I was making my own M2 Remake, but lack of free time destroyed it, and so it became one of the dead projects :P
Anonymous said…
hey is this going to be in rom form?

if so what rom form?

eamil me back at thexgoodxdays@aim.com
ZarroTsu said…
Here's one I'd really appreciate an answer to:

"Will there be a built-in level design function?"

I mean, put in one of those, and everyone would bow down to you as the best Metroid maker ever. Seriously.
Anonymous said…
i might sound a stupid, but how in the heck I can start game? the game's manu starts, and then there is three text: Start, Options and Exit.I try many keys, any of them wont work.
Anonymous said…
Apparently there's a version Game Maker on its way for the Mac.
Anonymous said…
Hi i saw the Gravity suit mod i thought it could be fun to play, but i cant download your original game.

Where can i get it?

Just email me at
ano nym said…
very nice style
its metroid 2 but you give it another flavor a litle... nice mood..
keep your work up i really would like to play this somday
if you need any help in doing graphics or sound design... let me know
Anonymous said…
I personally think that this is a really great idea, because I love the metroid games, I beat then all except for #2 because I thought it was to dull and boring. But now you're taking it and making it into the awesomeness it is. I really hope that you succeed in completing it.
Pete said…
Love your work. A cool title could be "Metroid Eradication." Because that's what this game is all about, isn't it?
Jari said…
Heres the finnish version that i promised:

-Milloin peli on valmis?
En tiedä. Toivon mukaan tänä vuonna.

-En pidä nimestä "AM2R". Tuleeko se muuttumaan?
Kyllä, mutta uusi nimi ei ole vielä varma. Ehdotukset ovat tervetulleita.

Teetkö KAIKEN ohjelmoinnin itse?
En, Aloitin Martin Piecykin (http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~mfp27/) tekemän tasoloikka-enginen pohjalta ja lisäsin siihen Metroid piirteitä.

-Tuleeko DS/PSP/Mac versioita?
Koska Game Maker ei tue ko. alustoja, ei. PC on ainoa alusta.

-Mikset ohjelmoi C# -kielellä koska se on joustavampi/portattavampi
En ole koodaaja. Opin Game Makerin käytön vaikean kautta: tekemällä puolivalmiita pelejä ja seuraamalla esimerkkejä ja tutoriaaleja. Koodini ei ole optimaalista, mutta se toimii.

-Oletko sama DoctorM joka teki Brutals Paws od Fury remaken MUGEN -enginelle?
Kyllä olen. Siitä on pitkä aika, ja se olikin ensimmäinen vamlmiiksi asti saatettu pelini. Harmi, että MUGEN-engine kuoli ennen kuin Windows versio tuli saatavaville. Voit ladata pelin täältä: http://brutal.harmlesslion.com/

-En pidä demon näppäin layoutista.
Kontrollit tulevat olemaan itse määriteltväissä valmiissa versiossa. Myös peliohjain tuki tulee olemaan mukana.

-Teitkö itse demon musiikit?
En. Itse päämusiikin sain modarchive.com:sta ja Ridleyn musiikki on peräisin vanhalta Amigan musicdiskiltä, en muista miltä.

-Näin YouTube-trailerisi, mistä sait tuon taustamusiikin?

-Oletko oikeasti sitä mieltä, että Prince of Persia on perseestä?
En, se yksi suosikeistani. Se teksti trailerissa oli vain väliaikainen koska en muistanut alkuperäistä powergripin kuvausta. Huomasin tekstin vasta kun video oli jo YouTubessa.

-Tuleko lisäämään pomojen määrää?
Voi olla, että lisään Chozo Ruins -alueelle pomon tai pari, saa nähdä.

-Miksi julkaisit projektisi niin aikaisessa vaiheessa? Nintendo tulee vielä haastamaan sinut oikeuteen!!
Loin tämän blogin vain keskustellakseni suunnitteluun liittyvistä seikoista muiden peliharrastajien kanssa, enkä tiennyt että projektista tulisi näinkin suosittu.

-Voinko auttaa?
Mikäli tarvitsen apua, ilmoitan siitä tässä blogissa.

-Aiotko julkaista lähdekoodin?

-Missä on se nappi josta voin lahjoittaa sinulle rahaa?
Minulla ei ole hajuakaan miten sellainen tehdään.
James C. Samans said…
No Source code: Good call. It'd be inviting a nightmare.

Built-in level design: Sure you wouldn't anyway, but don't bother. Way too much work, no return on investment.

Title: Take Pete's idea a step further; how about "Metroid: Genocide"?

You're really doing something amazing here. I'm 100% behind you - which of course I say since you are asking nothing of me whatsoever and I am contributing nothing but moral support, but nonetheless. :-)

Keep up the great work.
Anonymous said…
Is the music from the 3rd youtube video hosted anywhere? I'd really like to have it, if it is.
Chemical said…
Who cares if he leaves out the source code? Its his game. make your own god damn game engine.
Captain Antonio Falcon said…
Hey, I've got an idea for the final title...why don't ya call it Metroid: Extermination? And did you use the Omega Metroid sprites from Metroid Fusion? They're ok in my opinion. And keep up the great work!
Keith said…
Goodluck with the game. It's sounding very ambitious.
Petertroid said…
I have 2 questions. a) Can I have a guide so I know where the items go? I'm hoping to revamp your map, and add sone diagonal bits. b)Can I have the current game that's DONE?
Petertroid said…
EDIT: I need the door layouts as well.
Anonymous said…
I've seen all the trailers and stuff and this looks so cool. I've played all the Metroid games except 2 because its nowhere to be found. I just wanted to let you know. Good luck, We're all counting on you.
Anonymous said…
Love the trailers.As a name idea, how about Metroid 2: THE Eradication, instead of just Metroid eradication. Genocide sounds good, but some people might be a bit touchy with that word. Keep up the good work.

Also, in case you didn't know, I'm reffering to Pete who posted on June 22 09, and then Pete who posted in August.
"- I don´t like the AM2R name, will it change?
"Yes, but the name is yet to be decided. Suggestions are welcome."

Well, since Zero Mission was meant to be a "declassified" version the original Metroid, why not something like Metroid - The Return of Samus: Declassified?
Anonymous said…
I just downloaded the demo, and am VERY excited about your work. Metroid holds a special place in my heart, and 2 definitly need to be remade. The only problem I have is how to start the game. I can get to the title screen, but I can't get it to start, and I've tried every key on my keyboard. Please help, because I really want to try it out and see if it plays as good as the videos look. Thanks, and keep up the good work. I'm behind you all the way on this one!
jesreg said…
I have a couple of name suggestions.

1) Metroid: Mutation - because of the atmosphere on SR388 that is making the metroids mutate and evolve into alpha, gamma, zeta, you name it.

2) Metroid 2: Evolution - same reason as above, but different name.

3) Metroid Extermination: Naming Samus's mission, to kill all Metroids.

Oh, and one more thing, about after defeating the Metroid Queen. I like the idea of escaping the caverns after defeating the queen, you could set text in there saying "SR388 caverns unstable! Escape Immediately!"
James C. Samans said…
I continue to believe that if you want a grabbing title, Metroid: Genocide is the only way to go.
Unknown said…
A version of Game Maker for OSX is under development. Does this mean I'll be able to play the game on my Mac when both have been released?
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
a secret easter egg would be cool....
good luck.
Jonathan Shine said…
Keep it up man!!! As a fellow hacker/modder/programmer, I can say that I am totally excited about this one! ;)
PK (PSI) Hedgehog said…
You might want to check Elecbyte's site. Version 1.0 Release Candidate 7 (for Windows) has been released recently, Doc.
Bit said…
this is awesome, man. question: will the finished product be available as a rom for the GBA emulators? i have an emulator on my phone, and it would be SO FRIKIN AWESOME to be able to play AM2R on it! plus, could u make the Metroid: confrontation available as a GBA rom? :-D
Anonymous said…
I want to know what Nicholas wants to know. Would it be difficult to make into a GBA Rom? I would love to play this on my PSP.
Anonymous said…
Me and two mates just started a Metroid marathon, and after finding your vids on youtube, I'm gonna wait to play 2 :)

I'm an employed games designer and the other two guys work in QA, if you're looking for playtesters as you get towards a finished build, I'm sure you can rely on a lot of people.
Anonymous said…
Hi, First of all, Congratulations! the tech demo 2 is AWESOME I can't wait 'til the final game. And second... I'm MODDING a neat suit but the transparent background just won't stay transparent in some sprites. I'm using GIMP it's freeware and it's strong but it just won't work in te game. the program CAN see it's transparent, the PC CAN see it's transparent, so why doesn't the game see it. I managed to make TWO SUITS for Samus but there are some bugs that just won't die. Any way... E-mail me how to give you the suits. The 2 Suits are both originaly made from the Gravity Suit already posted (not made nor posted by me) but a little moddified. My mod for MC also has some new nice mp3 that go perfectly with it. I only left the Ridley theme beacause i love it. It'll also have diferent Tiles and most likely New Backgrunds. E-mail me the Solution (if you can) for my transparency problem and how to make my mod public. And if there is anything you need with the game making (tiles, music, bacgroung, etc) don't hezitate to ask for my or anybody's help. I have a lot of friends that are realy good with sprites and stuff like that and they're huge fans of AM2R. I'd bet most (or all) that posted a comment support you and are more than willing to help. Keep up the good work. This is my E-mail: mario93_valy@yahoo.com
Bit said…
Name ideas? it's a shame that the name "Metroid: SR388" is already taken for another Metroid 2 remake... that was the best title, IMO. how about any of these (a bunch of previous ones listed were good too, but I think "genocide" kinda mocks the franchise):

-Metroid Salvation (yeah, i know it sounds like the Terminator movie, but it could be a play on both the fact that the extermination of Metroids would save the galaxy, and the fact that she spares the Baby's life @ the end)

-Metroid Redemption (an alternative of the name above, for the same reasons... also a play on how the Baby leads to the discovery that metroids have helpful properties in addition to destructive ones)

-Metroid Declassified (a less laborious play on the "Metroid 2: the Return of Samus Declassified" suggested earlier)

-Metroid Legacy (again, a play on the baby's importance in the future of Metroids)

-Metroid 2: The Return of Samus Returns (ok, im just joking here... that's actually the title of a parody video on youtube for a game where Samus goes for revenge against zombies w/ a chainsaw).

-Metroid: Iraq War Metaphor ("we attacked the metroids just for their oil!" ok, joking again...)

Anyway, good luck w/ all of this. And btw, i love the earlier suggestion of including X-Parasites in the game... it could be used as a foreshadowing of Metroid Fusion. one possible idea could be, after encountering the baby, an X-Parasite, disguised as a grossly mutated Omega or Queen Metroid, attacks and Samus has to defeat it (all while doing it in enough time to escape the "unstable" SR-388 caverns, also mentioned earlier).
StiNgray said…
Hi there...

just finished the Tech Demo, it's ... great :)

I'd appriciate to play the final Game within this year but I'm unsure about the Status of the Project I think everything is goin' on.

About the Name, that's a tough thing.

Metroid 2 Rebirth
Metroid 2 Tribute

Don't know but I'd play it even if you name it XYZ ;)

Thanks for the great work so far!
Anonymous said…
ok dude i just played it while i was playing the original. kinda hard on the computer. you should difinetly port it to an emulator. but other then that i like it so far. its kinda different but i kinda like the add ons here and there. hey hit me up either by text 4807518546 or by email benperkins15@hotmail.com im a huge fan of these games and ill be glad to help you with some ideas. i hope this goes big maybe you might become the next big programmer with this game.
Bit said…
yeah... this is gonna be awesome. on a great note, maybe this'll be finished soon. On a not-as-great note, maybe nintendo will order a stupid C&D order, and then take the initiative to remake the game themselves. on the worst possible note, nintendo will order C&D and do nothing about it. let's hope it's not the last one.
Tim said…
Hey, I didn't see a link to your e-mail, so I thought I'd drop a comment instead.

First off, great job on Metroid: Confrontation! I like the game a lot, and I like what you've done with the engine! Just some stuff I wanted to say since I've played through it:

1) I like how you can complete the game without getting all the items! It makes if feel like the original Metroid where you try to beat the game with minimal items. Not enough games today have that same non-linear gameplay like they used to!

2) The story seems alright, but seeing as how it's a Metroid game, maybe you can expand on it (since nothing is ever as it seems in the Metroid games!) Maybe you can add a plot twist to the whole simulation theme mid-game? (Like a computer virus or a malevolent glitch in the simulation?)

3) If you are almost done with the actual Metroid II remake, I'd like to play it soon! I saw the YouTube videos and I'm impressed of how faithful the remake looks to the original!

4) Maybe you could add more music later? I don't know if you are legally allowed to use any of the renditions from Smash Bros. Brawl or any of the Metroid games, but I'm sure there are some people who would be willing to help you out!

5) Not trying to disrespect the project or anything but... Only one save file? I'm sure it must be harder than it looks or something, but I just thought I would point that out if it hasn't been mentioned yet. Also, I watching Samus' suit power up in the save room while it plays that one theme (The one that's played in every Metroid game when you start from your save point).

Anonymous said…
This game looks incredible! Double rainbows exploded from my head when I saw this. The only sad thing is that I can't download the demo! The mirrors listed say something about violating policies... Is there somewhere else that one could download the demo?
Anonymous said…
Perhaps the name for AM2R could be something along the lines of "Metroid Evolution", or something that involves the different Metroids introduced in Metroid 2.
Anonymous said…
ayuda como hago para q me salga el juego yo tengo window vitas y cada ves q lo intento abrir me sale mc21 dejo de funcionar y
Talyn said…
I nearly creamed myself when I saw this was a valid project. Kudos to you for remaking this overlooked game in a Zero Mission style.

Who knows? Nintendo might be leaving you alone until it's finished or something, see if it flies, and maybe you can offer it to them as a WiiWare game. Worked for Cave Story. (though that was around long before the WIi, but still.)
Anonymous said…

Cave story wasn't already a trademarked property.

I think as long as you don't try to make money off it, nintendo shouldn't care.
grey suit said…
Thanks for sharing this informative post It give me little knowledge.
Anonymous said…
hey i really liked the Confrontion demo you did a good job with the remakes of the bosses. xD as for names for your remake of M2 i was thinking along the lines of Metroid: Extinction. that is why Samus is back on SR 388 right? to distroy all of the metroids. anyways thanks for the great demo and best of luck with M2.
Just my five cents on any eventual name change. "Metroid: Queen". Simple, short, in line with the suggestion in the "Prime" titles; suggesting the name of the orignal M2's final boss.
Metalder said…
Hey neighbor, I'm brazilian, precisely from Porto Alegre, and right now I'm playing the Confrontaion Demo version. It's very well made: the graphics, the original sounds from the monsters, and even the bosses got a energy bar.

Now for the flaws:
1-the lesser itens, like missiles and energy refills should appear on the map, so the player can keep track of the ones he/she got.

2-I don't know if t's just me, but I couldn't find the Speed Booster Upgrade, so I can't pass a advanced part where you have to run trough a wall, after defeating Crocomire and Ridley. Can you gieme a feedback about this?

I'm looking foward for the release of the Metroid 2 Remake.

Like the japanese people say: GAMBARE!!!
Metalder said…
Never mind my #2 flaw comment. I already found Kraid and finished the demo. :-P
Dominic said…
I just finished Metroid 2 for the first time and can't wait to play this.
I think it would be interesting if you run into a group of X getting eaten by an Omega metroid and then it notices you after it has killed all of the X and then it attacks you as it would normally.
Anonymous said…
This project is incredible! How close are you getting?
Bryan said…
I am interested to know how much is being added to the game. I saw in a demo you have more abilities.

Does this mean the overall world is larger? Or more of a map then the original?
Anonymous said…
Hello, I am also making a Metroid II remake, but mine is in the Super Metroid style. I played your demo, good job. It's already better (more developed, I should say) than mine. You should change the ship to look more like the one in Metroid II, the current one looks like the Super Metroid/Echoes/Other M ship. If you need help spriting one, I may be available. You should post your sprite sheets or something so if anyone else sees an error, we can report it. No worries about me stealing your sprites, my remake is SM-style (besides, sprite sheets are my pride and joy too, they take FOREVER). The music should also loop rather than fade out.

not to beef on your project or anything...
Unknown said…
how do i download on a mac?
natis1 said…
Congrats on the release.

Not releasing the source code is just fine, but as a general rule of thumb I never freely contribute (art, sound, etc.) to any project which doesn't contribute back to the community (mostly because of my personal beliefs). I understand not wanting people to criticize your work, if that is the reason. If you are doing it because you don't want others to steal your code there are plenty of licenses for that.
ewookie said…
Name Suggestion
Metroid: Industrial Mutations

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