A year went by...

Wow... a whole year passed since the release of AM2R, and 31 years since the release of the original Metroid.

Time flies by, and a lot happens in the meantime.

AM2R was very well received. People from all over the world played and enjoyed it.
Even with the inevitable legal issues, I keep hearing people calling it a real Metroid game. And that's amazing.

So, what's been going on this year?
Everyone involved in AM2R moved on. Some found their place in the world, a new job, or the drive to keep creating.

I played a lot of games, something I kept leaving for later. I'm really happy that I got to spend time discovering Axiom Verge, Ori and the blind forest and Guacamelee, among others.
I also started a new project. I'm researching the Unity engine, and slowly building the foundation of a new, original Metroidvania game. It's really early in development right now, but I'll make sure to have something cool to show whenever I decide to make it public.

You can follow the official AM2R Twitter, or my personal Dev Account (I might post about my Unity adventures in the future here), for updates on this new project.

Developing AM2R led me to discover and appreciate the Metroid games. I'm happy to see this anniversary has 2 upcoming official games that have the potential to bring the franchise back to its deserved glory.

Happy Birthday, Samus!

PS: Stay tuned for tomorrow, I have something pretty cool to tell you.


Unknown said…
Whatever you make, I'll buy it. AM2R showed the quality of work that you can produce. And if it's a Metroidvania? I have full confidence that you know what you're doing.
Umarak said…
I wanted to say, thanks for seeing AM2R through! You did more for the Metroid fanbase than anybody else had in the last decade, and I don't think Metroid fans will ever forget it. I sincerely hope you decide to take on more game projects in the future! If you ever make anything else, I'll back you to the greatest extent that I can. Thanks, Milton!
Unknown said…
Time flies by, and still, each day i still check for news on your website as i always did since i've discovered the project 9 years ago. You did something that'll stay for a very long time in my mind. Thank you, Doctor!
Unknown said…
You know, i just wanted to say Thanks. AM2R - Pice of fucking cake. So, keep it going. Like a Sam says "Whatever you make, I'll buy it".
Wiwiweb said…
If you're going through recent-ish Metroidvanias, try Hollow Knight. My favorite of 2017.
Talyn said…
I still play and distribute it regularly, and its soundtrack is on my smartphone amongst my favorites to listen. I truly believe the hard work that went into this quality presentation should not be forgotten to the winds, solely because it represents an IP somebody else owns and, up until recently, hadn't done anything with because 'it doesn't sell' as well as some of their other children. I only wish there was a little more time to polish it up slightly more.

Good luck in any future game-creation endeavors, and thank you for spearheading a fantastic game experience.
tramirez said…
Someone spilled the beans already...
Unknown said…
I'm excited to see your future products. I hope you consider a 3DS release of anything you make (physical cartridge) bc you will make bank.
mirahsan2 said…
Keep hustling doc. Wish Nintendo just gave you a license or hired you on. Either way, you made an awesome game. On to more success.
Chad said…
AM2R really opened up the world of Metroidvanias to me, as well. I had played Metroid as a kid, never beat it (or even got very far). And I played Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission on the GBA years ago, but never really got into them much after that. Since AM2R came out, I've played (and beat) Axiom Verge and replayed Zero Missions, as well as playing a wide number of other Metroidvanias - heavy on the Metroid side. (Ori, Guac, Shantae, Owl Boy, Cave Story, and more.)

So thank you for bringing this classic game to light for me, and so many others - in a way that makes it playable and relatable to modern audiences (and just overall better). I look forward to seeing Nintendo's Metroid 2 Remake (NM2R?). But I am looking forward even more to your next project.

Please do keep us informed. Thanks again, and best of luck in your future projects!
Darkstar100x said…
Have you played Dead Cells? In the words of Smosh, "It's like Metroidvania mixed with pure, uncut cocaine."
Sergio DurĂ¡n said…
Hi friend, I am proud of you and I hope yo get into newer and better projects; as many people I see AM2R as a real metroid gme as polished as the ones made by Nintendo itself; please do not give up making great metroidvania games and if you can and you want please help the folks at RetroArch, Recalbox and RetroPie to be able to emulate it on a Raspberry Pi or PC u der RetroArch, you have not to publish the game again and risk yourself with another sease and desist since the Windows version of your game is already floating on the web

Greetings from Mexico

PS: Have you felt like Samus's movement and shots in Metroid Samus returns is slow or is only me?
Whatever you make, I'll buy it :)
Kayla Webb said…
See how far we go now :)
JSON formatter & editor online
Unknown said…
AM2R is the best gift. I really loved this game, since I started playing in first Demo-version and now I continue to relentlessly enjoy this wonderful masterpiece. Thank you very much Doc. All the best to you in real life. ^^
Jason2284 said…
A MR2 is fantastic! It certainly will blow the new Nintendo remake of Metroid 2, made by Mercury Studios. Not to bash them, but they ruined Castlevania, compared to Igarashi's Castlevanias, which shared much of its similarities to the original Metroid series. I feel they will ruin Metroid as well, if you dont already count the last Metroid as ruined.

Anyway, I know I am late on this, but AMR2 is great! Is there any way I can contribute financially to this remake, as I feel you need to be compensated for all the hard work you out into this?

Thanks for the great game!
Unknown said…
pido ayuda... ase poco avia mandado a limpiar mi pc de escritorio y resulta que la formatearon sin mi consentimiento con todos mis juegos incluso este el AM2R y pido ayuda si alguien lo tiene si me lo podria pasar por favor :'c
Gustavo said…

Could someone help me to play this game? I can see that there is no way I can get it here, but I would love to try it.
IanfromBristol said…
I still play AM2R around once a month. I listen to the soundtrack whenever I'm working from home - my dog loves it!
Jimbob64 said…
I was sad when they took this down, but happy that you still felt it completely worthwhile.
I did, however, keep the full game of course. ;) Too good not to.

Since Nintendo just did the official remake, I've bought and am playing that- I feel like by playing and enjoying AM2R, I pretty much agreed to, and don't regret a thing.

After playing AM2R, "Samus Returns" feels so weird, and the difference in environments between Nintendo's interpretation of SR388 and yours makes areas only recognizable by shape, and very rarely by atmosphere.

What I think of the official game is still up in the air until completion, but I enjoy both yours and theirs, and it's cool that now the world has 2 modernized versions of the game instead of none, or part of one.

I hope that if the developer/s involved in any part of this game end up buying and playing the 3DS version, it can be a fun experience for everyone.

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