AM2R Demo 1.33 Released - Huge update

Finally, after more than 2 months of hard work, this is the biggest overhaul the project ever had.
The project has transitioned to Game Maker studio, giving the game a huge performance and stability boost.

NEW IN 1.33:
- Ported the entire project to Game Maker Studio
- Many features rewritten from scratch
- Plenty of small bug fixes
- Faster loading times
- New graphic options include fixed screen scaling and window size presets
- Some tweaks in the level design
- Torizo fight was balanced
- Spiderball can now be activated with any of the aiming buttons

You'll also the Linux version in the download page. This was tested on Ubuntu 12.10, feel free to give it a try on other versions / distros.

Also, a very talented graphic artist / 3D modeler has joined the AM2R team. We're in the process of producing the soundtrack album cover right now. I'll be updating the soundtrack links to include the cover, and post the cover here as soon as it's finished.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the update, or your experiences with the Linux version here or at the forums.
Have fun!


Vachon said…
Received this error. Message as follows:

action number 1
of Other Event: User Defined 2
for object o control:
2nd index out of bounds
request 44, 60 maximum size is 80

It happens after the first Gamma fight in the main tunnel area before leading into Area 3 (where the lava has just dropped). Samus just falls into an endless black pit - some map elements appear in the grid - but she never lands. The error happened twice at exactly the same point.
Vachon said…
Oh, sorry. I'm using Windows 8.1. The music becomes choppy periodically too in all areas.
Unknown said…
im starting to worry about this project, it seems that every post there are less and less comments. im worried this project will not see completion or when it does no one will be here.
Awww, now the game isn't portable on Windows anymore. :( In particular, the save data and configuration is stored in %userprofile%\AppData\Local\AM2R_Demo.
Anonymous said…
I can confirm what Vachon said. Windows 8.1 here too.
Ricardo Suarez said…
oh ahora se me da por otra idea ^_^ Un radar de metroids que te parece? algo como esto
Destineer said…
Working well so far on Arch Linux x64. I've been eagerly awaiting the Linux version. Thank you for taking the time to port it over!

I'm not very far yet, but I'll see if I get the same error others are reporting.
Anonymous said…
Sound bug is already reported and worked on. Transition bug were Samus just keeps falling down the endless black pit is fixed.

And even if the whole world would stop to care about AM2R, I would spend all my money to Doc to keep this project alive! :D

Unknown said…
Just dropped by today as I found an old demo of yours (1.21) on my desktop. I've downloaded the latest one, release yesterday and, oh man, you sure improved!

The game runs way better than before and all the additions were perfectly integrated in the game. Really a great work.

Keep up the good work!
Feeny said…
@Sebastian The project's going to be fine. Even if it looks as though there aren't as many comments or much support, I imagine Doc is determined to finish what he started. He's poured too much time and dedication into this to call it quits.

Trust me. The game is going to be completed. More people show up typically when there's new areas to explore. ^.^
Sir_Poeta said…
Me resulta impresionante que en dos meses esto no tenga avances para mejor... al contrario. La música estaba bien como estaba, la modificación de los metroid es más aceptable, ahora atacan más inteligentemente... pero si dedicaron dos meses para solo mostrarnos esto es realmente una decepción, ahora ni siquiera podemos decidir si escuchar la música anterior o la actual, nos obligan a escuchar las pésimas modificaciones que hicieron. La música de las ruinas chozo es una vergüenza. Espero que al menos en un futuro permitan customizar los temas de cada sector... Lo siento si no tengo más que críticas para este avance. Soy un seguidor de este proyecto desde sus inicios y jamás había visto un desperdicio de esfuerzos de tales magnitudes... yo tenía que decirlo.
Anonymous said…
You just made my day when I noticed that the Alphas sometimes have longer legs and horns...

Keep up the good work!
Sir_Poeta said…
I Agree with you Sebastian J. This project is starting to lag too . Many of the big fans who have offered help and services in the past to contribute to this noble project simply no longer , because they got tired of waiting for it to complete this project ( I say it with arguments, and I just have offered services and ideas that have not even taken into account ) . They take the time to " improve" the music and the end it is worse. Doc says he is guided by the opinion of all of us, but I've never seen a show that his response . Hopefully I will not end up using when he cane to complete this project.
Kraas said…
Wanted to say thank you to the developers & contributors of this project. M2 was one of my favorite games back in the day and it looks like you guys are giving it the remake it deserves.
Anonymous said…
@Sir_Poeta we'll then that's why you can just open the sound files and replace them with other ones, isn't it? It's as easy as renaming some files and pasting them in there instead of the other ones.
Junk Feel said…
Any plans to clean up Samus' running animation?
Ken said…
Keep up the great work! I'm sure the port to Game Maker Studio (and Linux) must have been a huge undertaking. Honestly, I'm surprised there aren't more bugs from the transition than what's being reported so far. Well done!

Also, I'm sure there's still a ton of interest in this project. I haven't commented in awhile, but I read every post you make. Everyday I cross my fingers and hope an update shows up in my RSS feed. No doubt I'm not the only one. This stuff takes a lot of time and dedication. We get it, and we'll be patient :)
Anonymous said…
Sir_Poeta, mucha negatividad, yo por ejemplo que tengo un equipo antiguo no pudía usar la anterior versión de la demo porque afrontaba un lagg altísimo, y se quitaba el juego en los cambios de zona, hacer un port de todo el juego a otro programa de desarrollo no es fácil, lo de la música, todavía queda un tiempo para las zonas, y como han dicho por ahí, si tanto molesta, pues cambias los archivos. La última cosa respecto a esto, me parece fatal esa manera de comentar, ¿acaso le estás pagando a doc o a los otros para que sigan el proyecto?¿No recuerdas que doc ahora es padre y tiene vida personal?

De todos modos y aunque no haya tantos comentarios, dudo que esto se muera, lo que pasa es que sacaron la demo hace dos meses y la gente está satisfecha, y no viene a curiosear mucho, sobretodo porque ya saben como es la demo y que iba a ser un port del juego, ahora lo que queda es terminar y hacer las próximas entradas con alguna captura del contenido extra y de lo que queda para volver a atraer la gente, probe hombre por favor, encima que está haciendo esto por pasión vienen a quejarse por las prisas, yo llevo siguiendo esto desde el primer confrontation y mira, sé que va para largo, pero ahora que he probado esta demo, estoy seguro de que será algo que va a marcar mucho, la jugabilidad y fluidez de todo el juego ha mejorado bastante en equipos corrientes... De todas maneras, ni que fuera el últime juego del mundo, puede irse a jugar otra cosa, digo yo.

En fin, sin prisas y felicidades por lo del port y la mejora de rendimiento, yo utilizo win7 y tuvo un momento de realentización contra el último jefe, pero supongo que es por mi escacez de memoria Ram y que se calienta mucho el equipo, me despido.

Anonymous said…
While I do want this project done ASAP, Doc's put a lot of time into it and still gives us monthly updates. The rest of the content is pretty much straight sailing, and bits of it have been done for awhile now. It's all about fine tuning and getting the best product possible done.

This will be done, count on it.
WiLL said…
Aw, I was hoping for a sudden Zeta surprise, like the sudden Gamma surprise in 1.21 (which wasn't in 1.2, hence the surprise when I replayed the newer patch later. And by surprise I mean holy shit that was a jumpscare). But I really like some of the visual details, like the most intelligent Alphas being somewhat more grown, like partially evolved. I really love stuff like that.
Unknown said…
how long do you guys think until the game is complete this year or next year?
Galax said…
I'm having trouble booting it - I've okay'd it with my firewall/antivirus, but I get an error that tells me "The procedure entry point InitOnceExecuteOnce could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll".

This wasn't an issue with 1.32. I'm running Windows XP, if that makes any difference.
Anonymous said…
Please accept my greatest gratitude and admiration on your dedication on the Metroid 2 remake, as a gamer in China, I hope this game put on the store shelf so as to sustain in another way. :)

By the way, it works great on Windows 8.1
Anonymous said…
Hi dear DOCM64, thanks for this great update (all Linux users could be happy) and I wish to see your game work finished, there are little bugs (sounds and other stuff), anyway, when you finish this demo I could be grafeful for taking your time making this without any payment and I wish you the best days ever...

Kind Regards : Kaito Kid
Mythril said…
Tried only for a few minutes, but runs smooth as butter on my computer. Windows 8.1 gaming rig. I have so many games in my backlog that I have trouble playing them all, I must admit, but I still look forward to this game being completed. :)
Tuvia said…
I've been out of the loop for a while, but I just want to say that this game is shaping up MUCH better than I ever could have anticipated. The third area in particular was amazing; it keeps getting better.

My biggest complaint at this point is the tiles you reused from MZM for the tunnels, and area 1. They look out of place among the newer graphics, and are honestly inferior to begin with in my opinion. Also wish the autoclimb was automatic for small bumps in the road. But these are minor issues.

The music, the atmosphere, the bosses, the metroids; all amazing. I loved your take on the different ruins with their various functions, and the various nods to the Prime series.

Just finished playing through M2 for the first time in a long time, and reminded of how great the final area was, in terms of atmosphere and environmental storytelling. Really looking forward to your take on it.
Unknown said…
Games Awesome :D. The game runs A LOT better with this update on my XP. the updates before, i remember taking longer to load a new area, and sometimes choppy frame rate, but you have improved significantly. no problems so far :D
Anonymous said…
Please Finish this game this is one of my favorite games so far and its AMAZING
Anonymous said…
Nah, I'm sure plenty of people are excited, they just don't comment because they have nothing to say that hasn't been said.

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