Translation and Podcast

First of all, if you ever wondered how I sound, you can check out Metroid Headquarters. I´ve been invited to their latest podcast, it´s online right now. You´ll have to excuse my accent, it´s been quite a few years since I´ve actually spoken any English.
I want to thank the great MHQ staff, it was a very fun experience.

In other news, I´ll be making a post at the forum about translations. Right now the text files for Confrontation will be released, so you can translate it into your language. Since 90% of the text is also used in AM2R (except the story, of course), you´ll be actually helping translate the full game too.
Edit: You can find the topic HERE.
I´m polishing an updated version of Confrontation to add support for these files, and some other surprises. Stay tuned.

AM2R is my main focus this week. Testing the revamped first area is taking more time than expected, but it´s a very important part of the game, it must be perfect. One of the features that´s taking most work is the different times of the day at the surface. If you return after clearing certain parts, you´ll find changes in the sky and the tileset. The game starts at daytime, there´s a sunset part after half of the game, and the return to the ship with the hatchling is at night, like the original.
All of these need to look properly after changing the color palettes, and some resorce swapping is needed, so I don´t have to re-tile the same rooms with different tile colors.
It´s a small detail, but it´ll be awesome.


Anonymous said…
Love your work! the time of day thing sounds awesome! its amazing follow what you have created
Anonymous said…
great fan of ur renmake doc
looks great
like the time of day idea..makes it seem more real
will there eb an ending sequence inthe game
cos that would kick a**
.anderson84 said…
Wow you're being very thorough with making it realistic and beautiful with all the details and sunsets and tilesets and such... Really Doc, once your masterpiece is done i'll have myself a big glass of scotch and spend all night enjoying it from start to finish, really savouring the atmosphere you've managed to create.
Ezekiel Rage said…
I can translate the game into german for you. I am a german native speaker and fellow developer so I would be pleased to help :)
CMoses said…
Hello. It's great to hear that there will be day-night change :)
Bunnypoppop said…
I didn't expect you to sound like that, but your awesome! And the changes sound great when they are done. I still cannot wait to play it XD
Keep up the good work and make it as great as you can ;)
Anonymous said…
Was not expecting the day to night transition to work like that. Once again, you seem to be going above and beyond.
samushunter242 said…
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Hemse said…
that day change system sounds awsome! :)
it's a nice reward for backtrackers to see the familiar areas change like that.

I'll start translating the text to Danish right away! :)

keep up the good work!
samushunter242 said…
@ .anderson84
ill drink to that but it will be root beer (i don't drink and never will)
MIGUEL said…
"Was not expecting the day to night transition to work like that. Once again, you seem to be going above and beyond" could not of said it any better...........

very pleased with the update never expected "making it realistic and beautiful with all the details and sunsets and tilesets and such...."

awesome, amazing and fantastic cant begin to describe your masterpiece.....

hopefully being thankful, encouragement and having Patience
we'll see AM2R fulfill it's destiny ........

a friend a fan of a classic game being made better....
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I think a lot about how unfair and unlucky things had gone on Metroid 2. This game has the best sequel plot, if it had been made for Super Nintendo, it would have colors, a little bigger memory and maybe a map, then I'm sure it'd have been as epic as Super Metroid was.

Very unfortunately, for being uncolored and having low memory of a portable video game, Metroid 2 is to many players one of the worst games of Metroid series. Which I TOTALLY DISAGREE, Metroid 2 can be awesome and get me excited as much as Super Metroid, with all its technology, does.

I'm here to say for the 1000th time how glad I am to see this Metroid 2 Remake, it's getting closer and I just can't wait. This remake is not official but is the must famous of all unofficial remakes I've ever seen, there are people from the whole world here, waiting unpatiently for it.

This remake is the best gift and compensation to Metroid 2, one of the coolest but also unluckiest games of Metroid series.
Anonymous said…
day and night feature sounds amazing! really can't wait for AM2R to come to it's official release! keep up the great creativity and work!

-from the usa-
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Me alegra leer que dedicarás tu semana al juego. Está cada día más cerca y no puedo esperar. Muy bueno cambiar el cielo, no teníamos mirado en el original por ser todo negro al fondo, pero tienes razón, al final es noche. Bién pensado.

Pero me gustaría muchísimo saber sobre pequeñas películas. Samus llegando al planeta, sorpresa por mirar ruínas chozo y máquinas, mirando el úlptimo huevo, llegando a la reina, matando la reina, el nascimiento del último metroid, la partida y, después de los créditos, la llegada de los parasitas X a la superfície del planeta (porque los peores enemigos, los metroids, ahora están muertos). Comentários de Samus también serían buenos, hablando sola a veces...

Estas películas cortas dejarían el juego simplesmente PERFECTO, por eso insisto tanto que deberías ponerlas. Piensa bién sobre ellas.
Anonymous said…
Like the new feature! Glad to see so much love put into this! :D
Juan Manuel said…
capooo sonas re argentino hablando ingles jajaj, que bueno que el juego siga mejorando, se me hace agua la boca, gracias por seguir trabajando en el!
the asian metalhead said…
haha awesome can't wait to see the omega metroid battle
Jounzy said…
dude that is the best idea ever having the time of day change as you progress through the game. man if you keep comin up with these ideas youre gonna kill me from anticapation hahaha. i am so excited for this game i cant wait man.
Anonymous said…
I'm a new Metroid fan and never played Metroid 2. I Can't wait to play Metroid 2 with your remake. Thanks so much.
Anonymous said…
this will be awesome... i have to admit the only reason i even picked up metroid 2 was in anticipation for your game lol. i beat it and cant wait for the awesomeness that will be your version
Kyran said…
NOTE***I read back to myself, and it came off as really cranky and sarcastic. Please note it is not intended that way, but only in a joking manner:
Nice to hear some progress is happening. The updates where your followers wait a month and a half for a few sentences, and come up with something like "Oh yeah! I forgot about this thing" is really depressing. I check back on this site constantly hoping for a release date, or estimate. Before I noticed that I NEEDED to check back... ALL THE TIME. GIMME MY FIX! It's starting to be just a website I visit out of ritual now. Seems like you are doing a really good job on the game though, going off Confrontaion and your trailers.

Maybe one piece of advice from a following nobody such as myself:
1)ETOC- Estimated time of Completion (Even if not accurate...Christmas, New Year, the 13th coming of Ridley. You know, just something to settle my excitement enough to make my bowel movements solid again!)
2)More frequent updates, even if it's just...March 3rd 2011- Ate some bad deli meat...better bring the gameboy in the bathroom, for the battle is about to begin :(

If either of these suggestions are met..... I don't know, I will tend to your crops on that facebook game or something.
Anonymous said…
Isn't Samus moving too fast in Confrontation? I like the Zero Mission style, but the speed would be better with the Super Metroid style.
Lippi said…
@Ezekiel: Brauchst du vllt ein bissel Hilfe dabei?^^
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Metroid 2 has the best plot in the whole series. And only in this game the must interesting things of the series are shown: their homeworld and evolutions.

VERY UNFORTUNATELY, only in Metroid 2, a game without colors and with very low memory (damn that GameBoy!), this exciting part of the game is shown.

Prime 1, Hunters, 2 and 3 are all passed chronologically before Metroid 2, before SR388 was discovered. In Metroid 3(Super), the baby metroid was the must important part of the story, it was stolen by the space pirates and they could not make more than a few larva clones in the few hours or days that passed in that game. Metroid Other M (between 3 and 4) was awesome, but they had the chance to show all the metroid evolutions again... at least I'm glad they made a mutant Queen. and Metroid 4 (Fusion) showed the evolutions, but only inside the lab glasses and that Omega, no Queen.

I'm really sad the coolest thing in the series (the metroid evolutions) were truly shown only in Metroid 2, which, for being uncolored and simple, is one of the must unpopular games of the whole series.

Once again I have to say: thank you, DoctorM64, for making this gift (and compensation) to all of us. When I told and showed your blog to a few fans on Orkut, they got crazy and excited. Like me, they can't wait to see Metroid 2 rebuilt and with the unnoficial but true charisma it deserves.

Muchísimas gracias por hacerlo para nosotros. No me surprendi cuando personas hablaron que estaban más locas para jugar tu juego que el própio Metroid Other M. Halga su mejor, sé que lo hará.
Anonymous said…
I think Bruno 1986 Brasil wants to have relations with you.
Anonymous said…
@Kyran, I agree with both of your suggestions.

@Bruno, for real, are you coming on to the Doc?
Anonymous said…

Actually, he did give an estimated time of completion on his podcast, and more or less stated what remains to be done for the game to be finished. He very much wants it out this year, likely well before the holidays.

Both the Omegas and Queen are also in full production as he does all this tile tweaking.

So at worst, it sounds like you have to wait 9 months or less!

Of course, as with any fan project, all of that could change... but he really is pretty close to finished here.
General Milky said…
I am SO excited. I just listened to the podcast (and yeah, it IS a little hard to understand, but your accent is cool anyway. I think I may take the liberty of typing out the script and posting it on the forum for those interested) and I'm just loving the news. It's still hard to put an estimate on how close to release from the sound of things, but by the end of this year is NOT a bad maximum. I know it may change, but it seems unlikely. We're so close, it feels like Christmas. Or rather, the weeks before. :P
R2 said…
I'll take a look at the Spanish translation this weekend.
mirahsan2 said…
Hi Doctor great work you're doing here. Maybe if you have the time playing the Primes would probably give you better ideas...I'm not saying things should completely change just saying getting ideas out through this game may be helped by seeing Metroid in another light. Anywho, thank you and take your time. :]
Thanks again for joining us, we were happy to have you! And I also can't wait to see this game done; all the video and screenshots certainly go a long way in getting up the hype for this.
Doc, you haven't played the Prime games?! You need to do that!

They didn't state this, but if you own a Wii, you don't need to get a GameCube since it's backwards compatible. There's also Metroid Prime Trilogy, but that's rare now...
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I was thinking about the SOUNDTRACK. Metroid 1 has that title theme, which was remixed in Metroid 3 (Super), Other M and 4 (Fusion). Metroid 2 is the only one in the original series (not counting Prime) that has a different title theme. But the original title theme of Metroid 1 is more famous.

Then I thought... Metroid 2 Remake's title theme should be a remix of the original Metroid 2 title theme, of course. But the theme of Metroid 1 (remixed) should appear in some parts of the game, even not having been played in any part of the original Metroid 2. It could be the same of Confrontation, but playing only a few times.

The original Metroid 2 has few musics, I can now remember the title theme, entering SR388 (which plays everytime we can reach new areas - don't forget doing the same in the remake), loading, missile, items, Metroids, spiked area, Omega Metroids area, larval metroids area, spiked area before the Queen, the Queen and the baby. In other areas there are no musics, actually, they are ambient sounds.

I think you should put ambient sounds that remind caves, wet places, ruins, etc. in these areas. And sometimes play the Confrontation (during the game) theme, but only sometimes.

The must important is that the game doesn't become too different from the original, like Metroid Zero Mission is from Metroid 1.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I forgot mentioning the credits soundtrack in my last comment.

But now another thing came to my mind. Larval metroids are weak to cold and only freezing them we can kill them. Well, but the evolutions, we don't need cold to kill. I saw on the trailers of the remake that they'll be a lot more difficult to kill than in the original, which is great. But I still think about the cold. What if you put a COLD MISSILE, like in Metroid 4 Fusion? This missile would be stronger and better to kill Omega metroids and the Queen (to her we would need the grapple and power bombs too). That would be an interesting point, in my opinion.

Think about it, DoctorM64.
Anonymous said…
To make the plot make more sense, the introduction narration could mention discretely the Prime series' events, but mainly Metroid 1. You could mention how many really many metroids were stolen from SR388, that the humans discovered this planet recently and already fought some metroids there (this example is not so important), that the planet is small and that there's one big hive left, which Samus goes in this game.

This way, it would make sense that killing only 50 metroids would extinct the species, because most were stolen by the pirates and killed, but that last hive near the chozo ruins was far too dangerous.
Unknown said…
can someone please tell me the emulator used for confrontation.
by the way, i cant wait for playing it, it sounds awesosome
General Milky said…
^Windows. Or any other operating system that can run Game Maker.

No emulator needed.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I don't remember if I wrote it here already, but anyway, let's write: I think Metroid Confrontation is too fast, Samus' movements are even faster than in Metroid Zero Mission. I like Samus' look from Zero Mission, but the speed, in my opinion, should be from Super Metroid.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I wrote a suggestion here of a short scene after the credits, but I think it failed to save it.

I think, after the credits, the Parasite X should appear. Because we know in Metroid 4 Fusion that Samus didn't meet them in Metroid 2 because the metroids were their biggest threat, once they were the only beings in that planet that were immune to the parasite.

This scene should be after Samus left with the baby and after the game credits. With a dark soundtrack, a yellow goo (the Parasite X) would curiously appear and check the environment. After seeing dead metroids and empty metroid shells everywhere, it would realize that its only threat, the metroids, are no longer alive and then more of the parasite would appear and infect the animals, then the screen gets dark.

That would be a cool scene and would remind us Metroid 4 Fusion.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Oh! I almost forgot! I like Metroid Confrontation, but - not only me, I saw same comments on YouTube - it's about time to release a demo of Metroid 2 Remake itself. It would be nice to play the first areas and when you release the complete version, you could even put more secrets in these first areas and fix anything you think that needs to be.

Meanwhile, let's enjoy Confrontation again (I love it!).
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Hey, I was playing Confrontation right now and saw that button on the floor that when Samus steps, the lava goes down. Good idea. In the original game the lava disappears only after we kill all metroids from the area, but this button would make more sense. Of course, it should be pressed only after we killed all metroids in the area, Samus' suit's computer could check when the area was clean, then it was okay to proceed.

About the items, let's not forget Samus already begins with the morphing ball and missiles. The red doors, in the original game we shoot 5 times to open, I think it should be the same in this remake. At the saving time, I think it should just save, not heal and reload the missiles, the healing and reload should be found sometimes like in the original game. And the Power Grip, that item we take to be able to grab corners, I think completely unnecessary. Samus should be able to grab corners since the begin, like in Metroid 4 Fusion.

I firmly believe a good remake needs to have ALL the details of the original game, but better graphics and new bosses (not too many and not more important than the original bosses), more items and rooms.

I hope my suggestions, accepted or not, help you getting inspired in this final process of the development.

Robert said…
^ Ah, but there's a reason why Samus can always grab onto corners in Metroid Fusion: because of the surgery she underwent in the prologue, her armour is much less bulky than usual in that game.
the asian metalhead said…
awesome. hope this game gets done this year :)
Anonymous said…
OMG man, this is soo cool. I never really notice the day-night effect in the original Metroid 2. Keep up the good work.
Hey what if i translate it into Hacker k1nd4 l1k3 t(-)15
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
That flying robot between flamethrowers (it appears in the Preview 2, on YouTube), if it appears only once in the game, it could be a new boss.

And that Gamma Metroid behind a wall, in that area full of plants, it doesn't have to be a boss once it is as strong as any other Gamma Metroids, but there could be a puzzle to kill it through that wall.

Can't wait to play it. So cool!!!
Anonymous said…
sooooo.....almost done? I'm dying for it!!!
Kyran said…
A look back on the Metroid series and why they were so successful.(The side scrolling series, Primes not included. I think they had a different feel and therefor deserve to be segregated.) Every game had its own memorable traits that stuck with everyone who enjoys the series. Here is a little overview of why that is:

METROID/ZERO MISSION - Was the first game of the series. Introducing all of the characters involved in the Metroid weaponizing operation on the planet Zebes (or Zebeth in the original NES version), this game had not only great graphics for its time, but also great music that collaberated well with its environment. This made traversing the diverse caverns of Zebes very enjoyable and not only made for an excellent game, but paved the way for a future unopened universe to be created and discovered.

METROID II RETURN OF SAMUS - This game had a disadvantage from the start. Having the limitations of the gameboy at hand, Return of Samus could not capture the essence that the original Metroid game had. The game had improvements over the first in graphics, and weaponry. Despite the limitations of the gameboy, this was a great game. Not only was the storyline a good one, but they utilized some of the "fear" aspect into this game. Searching the depths of a planet not yet explored for a creature that is not only powerful, but who knows how much it had grown or evolved until it leaps out at you with that all familiar "ba Ba BA!!" intro music. In fact, the music was the biggest drawback of this game to me. The first game had phenomenal music. This one had its good points that went along well with some environments, but there were too many occasions where there was an unfitting silence or it just sounded like someone was making filler noise with a keyboard. For people to experience a game, sight and sound must be optimal, and the sound in this game was not.

SUPER METROID - AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. This game was so good in every way. I remember skipping 4 days of 8th grade with the "MOOOOOOM! I don't feel good!" virus to play this. (I know, a bit childish, but then again, it was that or squaredancing in gym) The graphics, the music...WOW! From the very first Chozo statue attacking me I was hooked. When I got to mother brain for the first time, sweaty palmed and wide eyed, that experience was being implanted in my brain and has forever set the standard of what a Metroid exparience should be like.

METROID: OTHER M: This game did not do well by a critics standpoint, but I enjoyed it. Other than a stupid title, I thought it felt just as relavent in the Metroid series as any other chapter. The music was pretty good, the graphics were great, and it gave you depth into how Samus came to be who she is. Don't get me wrong, it's not the best entry in the saga, but not the worst either. Seriously though, what a stupid name for a game. May as well have been Metroid: Giggity Goo.

METROID FUSION - To be completely honest, on my first play through this game, I did not like it. It was too much of a stray from the storyline of the series at first, and by the time I discovered the Metroid breeding facility within the station, I was not interested. It was not until I decided to give it another shot that I was like "Wow! This is really good!" Again, the music fit the atmosphere, the graphics were awesome, the story was great. It was all there. I really hope this is not the final chapter.

METROID DREAD - Where in sam's hell is this game?! Been in production on and off for over 5 years? Not enough time Nintendo?? Do I need to punch someone in the mouth?

...this is where you come in Doc. You obviosly overhauled the graphics a great deal and it looks great! But this can all be undone by sound. Please make sure that the music fits the game play. Metroid II has enormous potential, and Nintendo obviosly has no intention of seeing it through. You have a really good thing going here. Good luck!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

I totally agree with you. In all points. Metroid 2, which is my favourite, had those flaws because it was made for that damned GameBoy, that pisses me off, because if it was made for Super Nintendo, could have been even better. It had an incredible plot, deserved to be more appreciated, but mainly for not having colors many people don't like it, it's so unfair...

About Other M, the "other M" was the mystery in this game, Melissa. I don't think the title so bad, but could be better chosen. What I really missed in this game was fighting the metroid evolutions, we fight a mutated Queen, but if we fought all the evolutions in sector 0, which Adam gave his life to destroy, we would enjoy what the crappy technology of GameBoy didn't let us enjoy in Metroid 2. (actually I go crazy playing Metroid 2, it just could be better if had cooler musics (I only like the begin), colors, more secrets and less empty rooms. But back to Other M, I also missed seeing Samus herself killing the Deleter, she just destroyed the machine he was using, Melissa killed him. And if we fought Melissa directly, instead of only that scene, could be another cool fight against a Mother Brain, only in different shape. I also think there are too many videos, we watch 2 hours, I RECORDED THE SCENES FROM YOUTUBE IN A DVD, REALLY!

Well, the rest, I totally agree with you. I'm really glad Doctor M64 is gonna give us this so deserved remake of Metroid 2, the game will finally be as appreciated as it deserved to be.
Raziel said…
Hey Doc, is this game close to being done? Have you heard anything from the company Nintendo about this remake at all? Just curious.

@ Kyran - Nice little summary. Couldn't agree more about your take on Other M, and Metroid 2. What is Metroid Dread though? Is that a real game? Or fan game?
Anonymous said…
hey, doc. i was just wondering, in the podcast you said that you were planning on revamping confrontation. could you give us an estimate date for the next confrontation update?
Anonymous said…
@raziel- dread is supposed to be the next 2d game after metroid fusion. nintendo has not confirmed or denied it's existence.
Kyran said…
@ Raziel - Ya, Dread was supposed to be a metroid porject for the DS, but got revamped and put on hold so many times that they have not made progress enough to come out and officially call it a project. That's what I read about it at least. I also read in an article about Metroid Zero Mission that Nintendo was planning on remaking Metroid 2 after Hunters anyway, So I really hope that Doc finishes his before anything is released about that and there is some type of quarrel about whether or not he can release his anymore. Again, all this is article and rumor. I don't think that Nintendo can really do anything though since it is a fan game and he is not making money off of it. Who knows though. I am not a lawyer. I am not a dolphin either.


Kyran said…
*by porject I mean project.
*by dolphin I mean dolphin.

PS- Does the Doc ever read/answer anybody on these forum, or is this more or less for us "we" people to converse and spam about our sloppy nonsensicle jibbermonkey language?
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I was thinking about what Kyran said about the soundtracks of Metroid 1 and 2. Well, Metroid 1 has cool graphics for the time it was made, but in my opinion only Title theme, Brinstar and Norfair are really cool, even being so old. Zero Mission, altough not liking this remake at all (specially that boring extension after Mother Brain), that game made the musics from Metroid 1 all AWESOME, wonderful for our ears.

About Metroid 2, I don't like the title theme, the one from Metroid 1 is cooler and remixed in all other sequels. But I love the musics of the surface of SR388, the Omega Metroid area, the spiked room before the Queen, the Queen theme and the baby theme. The other musics suck, but the rest is just ambient sound, not music, actually.

Well, I hope DoctorM64 makes a great soundtrack for Metroid 2 Remake, good remixed musics and good (and scary) ambient sounds. The game map should be just like the original, with a few changes, not too changed like Zero Mission was and not with a boooooooooring extension like Zero Mission had. I only suggest a short scene with the Parasite X after the game credits, because it would be not only cool but also connect it to Metroid 4 Fusion, in which the parasite X came to surface because the metroids, their only threat, are now extinct. After the scene I suggest, you could even put a picture of Metroid Fusion, only to remind us even more what that scene is about, because maybe not everyone will uderstand what those yellow goos are, those who didn't play Fusion, then this way it would remind us 100% of the connection between Metroid 2 and 4.
Kyran said…
@ Bruno 1986 Brasil

I'm gonna have to disagree with you, about a great many things. So, say Samus gets done destroying the Metroids at the end of Return of Samus, you want the X Parasites to show up immediately? All I can picture in my head is Samus boarding her ship to leave and the X parasites coming out with party hats and dancing and celebrating like the ewoks in the end of Return of the Jedi AND I WILL NOT HAVE THAT!!

The nucleus of the game needs to remain intact. Keep the story the same. I agree with you on the music and the fact that he should not add anything, meaning no extra part at the end where the Metroids shoot Samus's ship down and she has to traverse without her suit again through guarding metroids in the metroid ship and just...NO! And for some reason there is another Ridley. Screw it! 2 Ridleys! Why not? Why are there so many Ridleys? Does no one else in the space pirate hierarchy have any ambition at all? They have a cloning facility and the Ridley mold was stuck on auto so they got a box of 100 Ridleys for 30 percent off?? I don't get it.

Personally, I liked Crocomire. Kraid was huge but too easy. You would think a creature that size would not go down with a few missiles. Maybe...MAYBE the next Metroid Title will feature new characters. As much as I enjoy the oldies, it has been done enough already.

Sorry to digress Bruno. The music must fit the mood. It won't be that hard to improve upon since there were only a few memorable themes anyway. (The ones you listed were spot on). Though you mentioned putting the X parasite, and then a picture after to remind people about what they are seeing? Absolutely not. That better not happen. There is no reason there should ever be a lead into a game, and to put a PICTURE of a game on the screen would be a disaster.

One thing is a must though. Doc, please make spider ball move faster than the gameboy version. I can't stress what a mistake that will be keeping with the same speed. Hopefully that changes.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Larval, Alpha and Gamma Metroids are light and float. In the original game, all but the Queen can float. In the remake preview, we see that Zeta and Omega don't float. In Metroid 4 Fusion, the Omega Metroid didn't float, unlike in Metroid 2. Well, an Omega Metroid is too heavy to float. But the Zeta, I think it should still float in the remake, but not as much as its previous stages, because in the Zeta stage, the metroid gests too heavy to float all the time, but could be an intermediate between Gamma and Omega. And besides, one of the things that made a Zeta so difficult to kill, aside its shot, was that it floated making circles toward Samus. I think the Zeta Metroids should float only a little in this remake.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

I agree about Ridley not appearing (I didn't say it should, if you have understood this way before) and about another boring extension about that in Zero Mission (I hate that game, Metroid 1 is so much better). To be good and succesful, a remake has to be like the original in details and not screw up the story like Zero Mission did.

But about the parasite X, I said it could appear much later, after the credits. Samus kills the Queen, takes the baby to the ship and leaves the planet. Then the credits come. So, after the credits, like days after Samus left, the parasite X realize that there are no metroids in the area anymore, so they can infect other animals with no fear. That was my suggestion, not something immediate. It could even be written "A few days (or weeks) later...", then the yellow goos start appearing from holes to the surface, full of dead metroids. I hope I was clear now. ;D

But that suggestion is just a detail that in my opinion would be interesting, but won't make the game worse if not appear. What matters most is that the game be just like the original in ALL its details, just adding a few new things that don't get more important than the original details.

And the spider-ball speed, I don't care, it looks nice in the previews from YouTube. I think it should be the way it is.

And the music, I agreed with you, I didn't disagree. I just hope the remixed soundtracks and ambient sounds be a loooot better than in the original game.
Kyran said…
@ Bruno 1986 Brasil

I know you didn't say anything about Ridley, that was just a thought I wanted to stress myself. I did enjoy Metroid Zero Mission though. The extra part at the end was not the worst thing ever, but I agree, should have been left out.

About your suggestion for the X parasites, if you wanted to do an extra epilouge scene at the end, maybe instead of mentioning weeks later, or any time period at all, just show the desolate surface of the planet. Then a creature comes walking along and is attacked by a parasite and replced. That may work. It would have to be a quick scene I think.

As for the floating Metroids, I think that the Doc has a better take on which should float, and which should not. I think that the Gamma stage is getting a bit heavy for any floating to be considered. Here is my reasoning:

The information provided by Metroid Wiki states that "The body of a "typical" Metroid consists of a thick gelatinous membrane. In the early stages of their development, Metroids hover in the air because they defy gravity by using kinetic energy that is stored in their bodies." They can do this because the membrane is lightweight.

So as the hard outer shell grows onto the body of the evolving Metroid, it is being weighed down and therefor can only hover in spurts as it gets larger. I don't think that the Zeta or Omegas should hover at all being so large and powerful. They would have already adapted powerful weapons to protect themselves from predators anyway.

Just my opinion though. What do you think?
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

We share the same opinions. About that extension in Zero Mission, it's exactly the way I think, although I showed so much hatred for that extension. lol

The X parasites stuff, that's exactly the way I thought and suggested too. ;)

Only about the metroid's weight, I think the Zeta metroids should be the intermediate, Gamma Metroids are still light enough to keep floating, but Zeta Metroids start getting heavy and then Omega can't float at all.

By the way, in my opinion, a larval metroid looks like a jellyfish, Alpha and Gamma remind me bugs, Zeta and Omega remind me dinossaurs (like raptor and T-Rex) and the Queen reminds me a long neck dinossaur. Just a comment, nothing special about it. =P
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

About that item, the Power Grip, which we need to grab corners and legdes, I think it unnecessary. Samus should be able to grab ledges since the begin, like in Metroid 4 Fusion. But if you really put this item in Metroid 2 Remake, I think you should at least put an explanation, at the time she takes the item, that her suit is heavy and that item makes grabbing ledges easier. Anyway, I rather deleting this item from the game and leting Samus grab ledges since the begin, because her suit already lets her do a lot of things, like jump from great heights, get hit by monsters without dying imediatly (like would without the suit) or, in Metroid Other M, even fight monsters with her own hands.

By the way, if you put this option, that would be so nice. These things we saw in Metroid Other M, like jumping on a monster to attack its weak point, beating a monster with her own hands and throwing them... That was awesome, that would be nice if we could do something like that in Metroid 2 Remake. That's okay if you don't put this, but would be cool if you did.

But the must important is making ALL details from the original game the same and the added stuff, not many enough to make the game look like another, like Zero Mission was.
General Milky said…
You all do know that map and item placement is done, right? Suggestions about what powerups go where or are started with are irrelevent by now.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
General Milky

Yes, I know that a few changes, if needed and not too radical, can be done, like erasing the Power Grip (the unnecessary item we take to become able to grab ledges)...
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
You guys know something I LOVE in Metroid Other M? The speed-run! When it begins, the sound barrier is broken and we can se the air (like a ball of air around Samus) being forced as she runs. The sounds made like "Voom-voom-voom!", AWESOME!

That would be so cool in Metroid 2 Remake, you know? If you can, DoctorM64, try putting a sphere of air around Samus and that sound from Metroid Other M, that would be her breaking the sound barrier and moving the air, that would be AWESOME!!!!!

I can't wait, as I always say, but if you need more time to make the game even more awesome than we already know it will be, take your time, do it!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I was playing Confrontation now. Crocomire, Kraid and Ridley's lifebar appear, but I think better not showing any lifebar of enemies in Metroid 2 Remake, just like the original didn't show any. Besides, it's much easier when we know how much left to kill the bosses.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
About this Samus naked stuff, I think this so... duh! Okay, if we win 100%, she could appear in her Zero Suit, but in lingerie like in the original game, pfff... "Wow! What a sexy squared woman!" Nah, better a picture with the Zero Suit.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Oh, I think I said it before in other topic, but I think in the end, when Samus takes the baby to she ship with her, she could talk to herself "I don't know why I didn't kill this baby. It seems to think I'm its mother... I don't know... Well, let's see what the scientists of Ceres Station (from begin of Super Metroid) have to say about it." She could say something like that. She doesn't have to be shut up the whole game, she could talk to herself sometimes, like when she finds the chozo ruins and their robots, the metroid evolutions getting stronger, the roars of the Queen in the spiked room before the queen (she could say "I have a bad feeling about this"), I don't know, these stuff, only to garnish the game.

But I insist that after the credits there should be that scene "A few days/weeks later..." the yellow goos (parasite X) appear slowly, like checking the ambient, then they realize the metroids (their only threat, reminding again) are not there anymore and they can freely infect other animals.
Anonymous said…
Would love to give the newer version a try, but all I get when I try to run it (downloaded it from all three links) is "Error: cannot read the game file".

There something special I have to do that's not listed in the readme file?
Nintendoer said…
@ Bruno 1986 Brasil

About your other M The doc originally started making this remake to be similar to Zero Mission, so adding elements from Other M would sorta defeat the purpose. Personally, I didn't like the close combat aspect of other M anyway.

About the Power Grip, I think the doc should keep it as it is. Again, he wanted this remake to be similar in style to Zero Mission, and that includes starting out with absolutely nothing; no morph ball, missiles, power grip, etc.

Lastly, the Parasite X idea is nice, except I don't think there should be a message saying "several days/weeks later," or anything like that. I think that Kyran's idea is perfect for the Parasite X, if the parasites should be mentioned at all.
Anonymous said…
Is there any support for right to left languages?
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

I liked the movements of Metroid Other M, but that was an empty suggestion, because they hardly would fit in this 2D platform game. But about the speed-run making that effect, like the air and sound barriers being broken, I think that would be nice and possible for this gamestyle.

But in the original Metroid 2, Samus already began with morphing ball and missiles. And the Power Grip is unnecessary, because grabbing ledges is something anyone can do. But if he keeps this item in the game, I just suggest that explains that Samus' suit was heavy and that item makes her moves easier, that would justify it, but if it dependend on me, would be like in Metroid 4 Fusion, in which she can grab ledges since the begin.

Well, about the Parasite X idea, no matter if he says "a few days later" or not. Once it comes after the credits, it'll be already understood for the player that the Parasite X only came to surface when they realized that their only threat was dead.

GOSH, I CAN'T WAIT!!! @_@'
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
DoctorM64, please, release a new trailer!
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I think I already commented something about this, but only to make sure, let's comment again.

Well, in Metroid Confrontation there's a button on the floor that Samus steps to lower the lava and open the way. That's a great idea and makes much more sense than simply the lava lowering only because we killed all metroids in the area, like the metroids had connection to the lava.

Buttons like this from Confrontation should be around the whole Metroid 2 Remake. I suggest that when we find a button on the floor, near the next tunnels, but still have not killed all metroids in the area, it won't work and Samus' suit computer's sensor will say "there are still metroids left in this area". Once we kill all of them, we can step on the button and the lava will lower with no problem.

But I think he already made it. If not, I hope he takes the suggestion, because the game is almost complete but this is not a big change.

I only insist that the Power Grip is useless, Samus should grab ledges since the begin, and that after the credits it would be nice to see that scene of the parasite X going to surface, hours/days/weeks after Samus left.

One more thing! People complained about Samus talking too much in Metroid Other M. Well, her present is after Metroid 4 Fusion, Other M is chronologically before Fusion, that's why the whole game was narrated by her. Metroid 2 Remake doesn't have to be narrated, but it would be nice if Samus spoke alone sometimes (like when entering the chozo ruins and seeing the still working robots, taking the baby with her and saying that is going to Ceres Station, etc.), I already suggested this earlier too.

GOSH! I'm really excited about this game! I'm one of the guys that comment most in this blog! I'm showing it around the internet to other fans and they're going crazy with this project too.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Oh, I forgot a detail: if we step the button that lowers the lava before killing all metroids in the area, Samus' suit computer will say that there are still metroids left in the area, then pressing the button would not be allowed yet. In this moment it could just appear a phrase in the screen, saying "there are still metroids in this area", but not saying how many. But once we kill the last metroid in the area, a phrase appears on the screen (that would be Samus' computer) saying "all metroids in this area exterminated", then in this moment we know we can go to the button near the tunnels to step it, lower the lava and proceed.

By the way, in the original game we have to kill 39 metroids, more 8 larval and then the last baby hatches. There could be more metroids in this remake, not toooo many more, but 10, 15 more metroids to kill would be nice. More larval metroids too, for example. But it's okay if the number be exactly the same.

DAMN IT! I'M AS EXCITED FOR THIS GAME AS A CHILD FOR A CHOCOLATE ICECREAM! I don't care, I'm 24 now, but I always say: I'll get old and die playing video games, I will stop only if one day I REALLY stop enjoying games, if not, I'll NEVER EVER stop.
Anonymous said…
Estoy deseando que salga este juego !
Anonymous said…
i agree with bruno 1986 brasil on the button idea. it should be put to use in am2r, but not for lowering lava...
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
^^ Well, I don't care if the screen shakes and the lava lowers just for having killed all metroids in the area, like in the original game. But I think that stepping that button near the tunnels, after making sure the area is clear, would make more sense.

A phrase could appear on screen (that would be Samus' suit computer) and say "no more metroids left" or "area cleared". And if we still didn't kill all metroids in the area, if we tried to step the button, it would say "there are still metroids left in this area" (not mentioning how many).

But I'm gonna love the game anyway (I still didn't play and already love), I just think little changes like this would make the game more realistic. =D
Anonymous said…
No button! Not a good idea! Don't change the game. Having the Lava go down after the Metroids are beaten is fine. Why would you change something that does not need to be changed?
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
To make more sense, of course. I already said it doesn't make any sense that the lava lowers only because we kill all metroids in that area, like there was a connection between them and the lava. But, if there be a button that lowers the lava (the same from Confrontation), near the tunnels, will make more sense. Of course, we would only be able to press after making sure there are no more metroids left in the area.

It's a simple change, only to make more sense, I don't think it would bother. Neither showing the parasite X coming to surface after the credits, long after Samus left the planet to Ceres Station with the baby, this detail would just be to remind us of Metroid 4. Or Samus speaking to herself a few (A FEW) times too, would make it cooler.

New items, secret passages, items and bosses will be a much bigger change, but won't bother, since it doesn't change the original details of the game too much, like Zero Mission did, specially with that SO VERY BORING extension after Mother Brain.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
From Metroid 2 at least there are many empty rooms that can be used, but there will be also added rooms, of course. And many enemies that could be bosses, like that Gamma Metroid after the wall (there should be a strategy to hit it), one of those octopusses in an area that has only 1 Gamma Metroid, that flying robot between those flamethrowers in a tunnel, one of those plants, etc. In Metroid 1, I admit, there weren't many enemies from the original that could become bosses in the remake, but that "little Kraid" could be one. Even so, Zero Mission could have been a lot better, starting with no extension at all.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
One interesting remake I know is Tomb Raider Anniversary. It was 90% like Tomb Raider 1, even the items, except for a grapple that Lara didn't have in the original game. Besides this new item, she only had new movements, like dodging or climbing. They also erased a stupid character and put the villain, Queen Natla, much darker.

I mean, the changes were very discrete, and the game was awesome! Totally successful.

The same didn't happen to Metroid Zero Mission, many people, like me, prefer Metroid 1, of course there are those who prefer Zero Mission because it has a map and is more practice, but comparing them for the time they were made, Metroid 1 is much better for 1986 than Zero Mission for 2004.

Now listen, I'M NOT SAYING THERE SHOULDN'T BE NEW ITEMS IN METROID 2 REMAKE! THERE SHOULD BE! Visor, grapple beam, power bomb, super missile, speed-run, and even the Gravity Suit. Luckily there are many places where they could be well used and fit well.

But the most important is what, in this time, must be ready: the original map and details being the same. That was the difference between Tomb Raider Anniversary and Metroid Zero Mission, TRA respected 90% the original stuff, MZM made almost a half of the game too different from the original.

(yes, I'm complicated. But I hope most guys got my point)
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…

No te quiero presionar, pero ya ha sido un tiempito desde las últimas notícias. Puedes decir más sobre tu trabajo y, cuando tienes tiempo, lanzar un nuevo trailer del própio Metroid 2 Remake? Estamos nos quedando locos por tu juego.

Felicitaciones por tu trabajo, está lindo, perfecto. Esperamos ansiosamente. Lo siento por mi prisa.

Kyran said…
The guy making this game has already finished with most, if not all of the layout. He said he was testing the main area, so that means whatever he has created is pretty much set in stone at this point. (Other than tweaks to gameplay mechanics, physics, enemy spawns, sprited animations, maybe some backgrounds, etc...) But as for level design, that is one of the first few steps. I'm pretty sure from the look of things, he did a spot on job.

Testing phase also means pretty damn close to release. Maybe a little longer because he doesn't have a team of support like video game companies do, but close none the less.

BTW- I read that for the 3DS that they were going to do something special for Metroid's 25th Anniversary. Re-releasing Metroid II with the option to play it in 3d was one of the things they had planned. I wonder what else they have up their sleeves...
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
If Nintendo makes an official remake of Metroid 2 to celebrate the 25th anniversary, that's awesome, but I'm still waiting unpatiently for this unnoficial - but AWESOME - remake.

The game must be close to be released, I think it should be released still this semester. The structures must be all ready, but little changes like erasing an item or adding another can be done. I insist that the Power Grip is unnecessary and Samus should grab ledges since the begin. I also insist that it makes more sense that the lava lowers when Samus steps a button (allowed to do it after killing all metroids in the area, of course), than the lava lowering when the metroids die, like they had a connection. And I insist that the scene I suggested of the parasite X appearing with a dark soundtrack, after the credits, would be cool and remind us Metroid 4 Fusion (if there be not this scene, that's okay for me, but if there be, that's better).
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
I can't wait for it to be released. I can already imagine the last trailer, the day it'll be released, how excited we all will be... and few days later, walkthroughs will start appearing on YouTube, but I'll do my best to find as many secrets as possible before checking any walkthrough to win 100%.
Bruno 1986 Brasil said…
Zero Mission made the soundtrack a lot better than the original from Metroid 1. Congratulations to them. But I was playing Metroid 1 and Zero Mission again and... how different Zero Mission is from the original game! A remake is supposed to be like the original in details, only with better graphics! Chozo ruins everywhere, chozo statues helping Samus, that area fill of water near the Chozo ruins, that ridiculous extension, too many new bosses that instead could be stronger original minions, etc.

Well, I hope Metroid 2 Remake don't have changes like that, only better graphics, new items, a few new secret passages and new bosses that could be strongest among common minions. (like the strongest octopus, the strongest plant, that robot between 2 flamethrowers, etc.) Too many changes are just boring, you don't feel like playing the original game.

That's why one more time I say, I didn't feel playing Metroid 1 when I played Zero Mission, but I totally felt playing Tomb Raider 1 when I played Tomb Raider Anniversary, because the changes were little.

The game must be complete this time. As Kyran said, if DoctorM64 is in test stage, that means the game is about to be completed and finally released. I'm nearly sure it won't be a disappointment like Zero Mission was, I think it'll look like Metroid 2 so very much.

Let's just wait. What a painful waiting!!!
Anonymous said…
Man amazing effort i really like how things looks, just KEEP the original music, or just tweak it a little bit.

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