Area 4, finally - French info

Thanks to Mr. Clément Puppo, French speaking people can read the info/FAQ post in their native language. If you wish to translate the FAQ to your own language, and maybe later the game text, let me know.

Informations sur le jeu en français

I finally started to make all the planned rooms for area4, and this one will be very different from the original. I´m not adding too many new places, but it will be something much more interesting than the original corridors.

I`ve read all the comments of the last post, seems like the last video generated many questions and concerns. Here are some facts that you should know:
- This is a Work In Progress video preview, you saw how things have changed from the first trailer, things are gonna change even more (for the better I hope).
- Gammas are not complete yet. There are minor things to tweak, and I still have to animate them more naturally.
- The Alpha intro will be redone eventually, the current version isn´t dramatic enough (you´re right).
- Arachnus will look different. Right now all I´ve done with him is the intro with the Fusion sprite.
- I recorded the footage with a script that took a screenshot on every frame, and since I recorded the game running quite slow, the resulting animation looks like a Tool Assisted Speedrun. There´s no rapid fire, it´s just me firing unusually fast. If you look at the battle with the Shirk, I try to control the firing speed with the beam.
- Tiles and backgrounds will be worked on, it´s not prioritary right now.

It´s good to see people with solid opinions on how to make the game better, I appreciate your suggestions.
Thank you very much for the feedback!


An_Artist said…
Yes, perfect. See, this is what makes a game awsome, when the maker actually listens to feedback. Glad to see you're listening to us.

Now i'm really curious as to what you're adding in area 4, i'm excited!
can you translate the FAQ and the game info into english please i would be very grateful k thanks.
DoctorM64 said…
The FAQ was written in english originally. Look at the right column, click the link labelled "FAQ". The questions are outdated, I guess I´ll have to change some questions.
Dark Master said…
English traduction:

This project more and more I am amazed!. I have great expectations of the game ended. also good to know that area 4 is much better than the last. Lately I've been playing again the "Metroid 2 return of the samus" and makes me short. I hope that this project is unparalleled in the past. thanks again!

Traduccion en español:

Este proyecto cada vez mas me asombra!. tengo una gran expectativa del juego finalizado. ademas que bueno saber que area 4 sera mucho mejor que el anterior. ultimamente he estado jugando denuevo el "metroid 2 return of the samus" y se me hace corto. espero que este proyecto sea inigualable con los anteriores. gracias denuevo!

Dark Master
Anonymous said…
Area 4, you did say a while back there would be more bosses...

Or maybe you have something else thought up...
Bunnypoppop said…
Yeah, I think the main thing to do now is to eventually complete the game to a good and exciting standard; and then tweak sprites and tiles make the game perfect!

I loved the video and what consideration you have taken from the comments. Keep up the good work!
MetroidMaker said…
How about a German version?

Interesting idea coming up....

You know those tunnels that you have to shoot a lot to get through? You know I think there is a Metroid fight in one of them. Well anyways, how about a support system?

So if you destroy enough of those blocks then the top collapses partially?

That would make my day to learn that you could do that.

Sorry if this is not clear, my English is not very good.

If you need me to clarify just write me at the M:FM.
Spike said…
I could translate the articles and the Game into german, sicne im a gemran native speaker...

t.koessler [t] would be my mail addy...

Paolo Bonacina said…
I can help with an italian translation if you need.

Do I risk to see huge spoilers if I translate the game as well? I never played it.
Unknown said…
I could translate into polish, if You want :]
David said…
I could translate it into english for you. Oh wait...
Android-Music said…
Russian version needed? :)
Ramellan said…
I would love to see this game translated into Japanese, Kanji and Katakana, for our Japanese friends who created the game.

I wish I could help with this, but unfortunately, I do not yet know enough to help.
Jari said…
I would be glad to do the Finnish translation. My email: jaritheman[at]
Metroid_boy said…
See, I always liked how you lead this game, but I'm not a big fan of the Zero Mission animation style, so it made me feel a litle more cautious about the project. Well, your last trailer made me rethink my ideas of your work. It's really coming out nicely! my favorite part where you fight between two automs and destroy another enemy (don't know the name), exploding it in several small pieces, very natural looking. Good Work, DM64!

Ah, If anyone's interested in a portuguese version, you can certainly get my help. :D
Android-Music said…
Btw Doc I've made some updates on my Metroid: The X-Child blog!I see the link is still in your links section! :)
oikonny said…
i too could translate any texts (FAQ, game Infos, etc.) into german
(i am german and can speak and write it quiet fluently ^^ )

email: oikonny[.at.]gmx[.dot.]de
Hippiemouse said…
Dude,this is so totally awesome.
Thank you for developing this remake.
Ever since Metroid Zero Mission was released,i have been waiting for someone to do the same for the second Metroid game.
Thank you,from the bottom of my mousy heart i thank you.
I can hardly wait for it's completion.
xino said…
Just to let you know.
Me and others who are a fan of Metroid deeply support this!

And we hope you don't quit making this!

Unlike how Metroid Prime 2D stopped in production:/
Anonymous said…
Just a question. Will there be the possibility of sequence breaking in this remake? I know the original version made it really difficult and pointless with the lava, but now that the game's in your hands you've got the power to change the game. I, for one, wouldn't be against putting a secret tunnel or two that leads to later areas earlier ;)
Jari said…
Wouldn´t putting secret tunnels that enables skipping whole areas in the game kind of ruin the idea of speedrunning the game?
Anonymous said…
congratulations, perfect !!!

storum - brazil
Dan Blanco said…
Haha! It's good to see that you take the comments so well; it shows how much you care for the project.

I'm definitely looking forward to more opportunities to comment/scrutinize, like one thing I noticed in the trailer with regards to the wave/spazer beam combination:

The increased arc path for the wave beam is nice, and the beam itself looks wonderful when all three parts are there, but due to the linear nature of the sprite, the "nice" look collapses when there's only one stray waving component. I'm not sure whether it'd be more easily fixed by rotating the sprite of the bullet itself along the path, or by making the bullet round and allowing for a trail effect behind it, but... otherwise everything looked really nice.
Michael said…
I wish you the best of luck in your continued effort. I would love to help you out somehow but I do not know your spriting methods.

Hopefully you will manage to keep a good schedule and lifestyle ;-), because what i've seen in the new trailer was quite a leap from the last one, you must be hard at work, and I as the rest of us appreciate it!
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'm french and I could translate the FAQs, the whole game and everything else in french.

I'm learning Game Maker myself. I wanted to know if there was a possibility of getting the .gmk of the game (or the demo) for reference?

Great work btw! Great job on the animations and the framerate and all the effects, they really add a lot.
The Ant said…
You know, blogs, and being up to date makes waiting for games much more berable. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date
Unknown said…
the game will be in 4:3?
Will there at least be a function to upscale the game view with nearest nieghboring scaling since bilinear is all blurry? Maybe allow an option to type in what multiple to zoom by (2x, 3x, all the way to like 99x - and have it state how many pixels high it is for that scale like 2x is 480p) so that the game can look sharp for years to come on uber hi-res 2160p and 4320p screens (since LCDs and stuff only look good at their native resolution)

It'd be even better if you could incorperate an option for hq2x/hq3x/hq4x, but that may be pushing it.
Spike said…

Ich habe endlich mit all den geplanten Räumen für Areal 4 angefangen und kann jetzt schon sagen, sie werden sich sehr vom Original unterscheiden.
Ich werde nicht zu viele neue Orte einfügen, aber es wird etwas viel interessanteres als die original Korridore.

Ich habe alle Kommentare vom letzten Post gelesen. Es sieht so aus als hätte das letzte Video viele Fragen und Probleme aufgeworfen. Hier sind ein paar Fakten die ihr wissen solltet:
- Das ist ein WORK IN PROGRESS Video preview. Ihr habt gesehen wie sehr sich die Dinge vom ersten Trailer verändert haben und die Dinge werden sich auch weiterhin verändern (zum besseren hoffe ich)
- Gammas sind noch nicht fertig. Es gibt noch Kleinigkeiten zu verbessern und ich muss sie noch natürlicher animieren.
- Das Alpha Intro wird noch überarbeitet, es ist nicht dramatisch genug (Da habt ihr recht).
- Arachnus wird anders aussehen. Ich habe bisher noch nichts gemacht außer das Intro mit dem Fusion Sprite.
- Ich habe das Video mit einem Script aufgenommen, das einen Screenshot pro frame macht. Und da das Spiel gerade sehr langsam lief, sieht die Animation aus wie ein Speedrun mit Hilfsmittel.
Es wird aber kein Rapid Fire geben, das bin nur ich der so schnell feuert. Wenn ihr euch den kampf mit dem Shirk anseht merkt ihr, dass ich dort versuche meine Feuergeschwindigkeit anzupassen.
- Tiles und Hintergründe werden noch überarbeitet, hat momentan keine Priorität.

Es ist schön, so viele begeisterte Menschen mit guten Ideen zu sehen, ich freue mich über Vorschläge.
Vielen Dank für das Feedback!

Spike -
Betinho said…
Dude, you're amazing! Keep the progress, I can't wait to see how this game will be! Once again, Congratulations!
Karrde said…
Yo Doc, if you're interested, they posted your latest video over at the blog.
MetroidMaker said…
Spike, I didn't see any error's.
MetroidMan347 said…
Your English isn't very good? You speak (or technically type) it pretty well on the GMC. If you don't know who I am, I'm MegaManFan1 of the GMC, SmbzFan2nd of newgrounds and chatango, and MetroidMan347 pretty much everywhere else.
MetroidMaker said…
Oh hey man, why the no reply to the conversation we were having?
An_Artist said…
Hey Doc, I just read 2 news articles that gave high praise to your third trailer, calling it an amazing fan remake.

The thing is, they both stated that Nintendo will shut down the project eventually. They know because its happened before with games like chrono trigger resuerection and some other game.

So again, i just wish you'd atleast put some copyright information for nintendo in the front of the blog just in case
Dark Master said…
Hello my people! I've been good research on the new trailer for Metroid Another M project and I had my doubts about some parts that are shown in the video ... I think someone here might have them too. why this video will put to them to clarify their doubts. .- I have also read that this game was developed with the themes of Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion hope they serve. Oh I forgot. DOC! ... I think the idea of putting your information in French has not served as much as I have not seen a single comment on this entry. I think it would be best to put it into English and that they do not understand it transferred to a translator as I'm doing here (I speak Spanish, sorry for my english). We will be in communication...
griffin0670 said…
Have you thought about inserting weather/atmospheric changes into the different areas? I realize that in the prior games there were things such as superheated/freezing rooms that affected your energy. Perhaps poisonous gas that drains away energy slowly, or maybe some fog to add to the atmosphere of some of the subterranean areas.
Palamon said…
As Henry brought up, I think limited sequence breaking should be kept in the game just like in the original for an additional challenge during speed runs.

In the original, I thought it was a fun challenge to run though the lava to get to battle the alpha and gamma metroid that were tucked away in a little corner just so I could kill them and not have to backtrack later when the path was clear.

I don't think being able to skip areas entirely should be done, but I do think taking a lava swim or other difficult maneuvers like it should allow you access to areas earlier then you should in order to be rewarded with powerful items earlier in the game or a faster overall speed run to avoid backtracking later when the path is legitimately open.
omega metroid said…
how do you do the room transisions
there cool
js1210 said…
Just to let you know. I can't wait for this game to come out. It will be AMAZING. Thanks so much for making this game. I love 2d Metroid games and can't wait to play this one.
Unknown said…
You have so many praising comments already but I'd just like to add mine!

I just think it is absolutely amazing how much effort you are putting into this, it looks absolutely astonishing. I am also very impressed you are actively reading and responding to critique, to make sure it is as good as possible.

You have my support all the way down in New Zealand. Keep up the good work :)
EGR said…
I could translate the FAQ into Swedish if you'd like, just let me know if you need my help (engammleryss at gmail dot com)

Really looking forward to playing this game =)
MetroidMan347 said…
I can translate it into German. I'll PM it to you on the GMC.
Anonymous said…
You know, Metroid 2 was actually one of the last Metroid games I played just because I never actually owned or played it back when it came out on Gameboy. But no one can deny its significance as a key plot in the series and after Zero Mission I too pondered the possibility of a remake but alas nothing of the like. Your project looks to be very promising and I look forward to seeing it in its entirety. Consider this Metroid fan very impressed and keep up the good work.

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