Progress Report

I´ve been very busy this month, and I couldn´t make as much progress as I wanted.
Most of my free time was spent expanding the industrial complex part of area 3, it was too short. Now it´s double the original size, changes the location of a Metroid fight, and there´s a place to get Super Missiles.

There are a couple of unique features that take some time to implement and tweak, so overall the rough map of the complex is done.

As for the entire project...

Game Engine
Physics, states, behaviours - 98% (some tweaking left)
Abilities - 98%
Powerup System - 100%
Weapons - 98%
Enemies - 40%
Map System - 95%
HUD - 100%
Level Design - 50%
Sound FX - 60%
Music - 20%

Alpha - 90%
Gamma - 10%

Menus - 50%
Save System -10%
Game Management, cutscenes, etc. - 20%
External Resource Management - 70%


- Basic states (run, jump, spinjump)
- Morph ball
- Jump Ball
- Spider Ball
- Screw Attack
- Space Jump
- Speed Booster
- Super Jump (normal and ball form)
- ShineSpark
- Power Grip
- Wall Jump
- Hi Jump
- Power Suit
- Varia Suit
- Gravity Suit
- Combinable Beam Effects

- Power Beam
- Bombs
- Missiles
- Super Missiles
- Ice Beam
- Plasma Beam
- Spazer Beam
- Wave Beam

Well, it´s quite obvious that it won´t be finished this year. I´m sorry, real life is eating my time these months, specially near the end of the year.
The most notable change these months compared to the last report (8 months ago), was the level design. Basically in that time I did area 2, revamped it, done area 3 and expanded it, and that´s without counting the new demo, that alone took about a month to complete.

Right now I´m about to start area 4, I´m trying to figure out a bigger layout that keeps the original idea.

Anyway, since customers tend to dissapear on summer, I´ll have a lot of free time in my hands for the project next month.


Thats good to see how things are coming along! ^_^
Ramellan said…
I'm glad that you are posting progress this time. I really dont care how long it takes you to finish the project cause I can wait. And I am REALLY looking forward to when it does.

I gotta go back and replay the original.
Palamon said…
Nice comprehensive progress report.

I'm surprised you don't have the wave beam on your list of beams you can get.
DoctorM64 said…
Opps, sorry. Wave beam even appears in the trailer, so we all know it´s done.
Anonymous said…
Ah, thanks for keeping us updated. Of course I'm very pleased with everything.

I hope you remember the few things i've suggested before from the demo.

1. get rid of blue gradient font and go with normal white
2. reduce the hight and speed of high jump boots
3. allow short hopping for the jump ball
Anonymous said…
Well, the Doctor is in! Good to hear something's getting done... Hopefully, you'll have more time to do this. Like Josh ^^ said, it doesn't really matter how long it takes to finish this. Just so long as it gets worked on and doesn't ever die.
kenji imatake said…
yeah! of course! one of the funnest parts of waiting for the game is knowing that there is always progress. honestly,
I find that this can be a game that will bring the metroid community back up. it has that fresh, Nintendo feel to it, and that is the feeling everyone likes tho think about! as long as the project is hanging in there, we'll be waiting!
Anonymous said…
Whats the dif between hi and super jump? I'm kinda confused.
Anonymous said…
Its everbetter when a project takes longer and runs stable.
Take you time maaaaan ;)
Drago2012 said…
I like how you post at least 1 blog post a month.
Von Ritcher should learn from you. His blog has only been updated twice.

Keep up the good work amigo.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic work. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I'm very excited to play a finished product. Take your time and enjoy yourself!
Anonymous said…
wow. i found your projekt at youtube.
thank u so much for making this cool remake. cant wait to play it ;)

keep up the very good work!!!

greez marcus
Anonymous said…
Its offical! Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 are going to be ported to the Wii! Just thought I would say that there will be a "new" metroid game coming out soon. (2009) Anywayz, nice progress so far, cant wait to play it!
Anonymous said…
Nice Update!

Cool to see how progress is comming along all broken down into sections!

Keep up the good work.
Unknown said…
Question: You don't have Power Bombs listed on completed weapons, yet I distinctly remember seeing them in the first trailer. Did you forget to list them? Thanks.
Anonymous said…
@The Ant: Hey, I hope they do more than just port them. I want to see new features (as well as the return of MP1's Fusion suit feature). Finally, the Emperor Ing will be easier to take down.

I love hearing about progress on something as awesome as this. I hung around a lot when Mother 3's fan translation was in the works. I kinda miss those days.

One thing I'll be glad about is no more in-game "compasses", the Chozo statues that pointed you toward the next powerup. I like my exploration unguided, like the original NES Metroid.
Anonymous said…
So, you've started work on Gamma Metroids? Nice...

...isn't the Charge Beam going to be in this?
Unknown said…
Mr. Mchazard, Charge Beam is in the demo, in addition to a bomb throw when you activate Morph Ball with a full charge. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be in the game. He probably just forgot it or included in Power Beam (as you start with Charge Beam in the demo)
ronny14 said…
I must ask why is it in the first trailer you start out with some power bombs but you have to get the bombs later.
What I am saying is, why do you get a weaker version of a weapon last?
Anonymous said…
Summer, eh?

You people and your crazy southern hemisphere ;P

Nice to get a clear idea of where you are. I was hoping for a release this year, but as long as you keep us in touch with progress... I'll gladly be patient.
Anonymous said…
Okay, I have an idea... how about, in that one area with an Alpha and an Omega metroid, instead of fighting one, watching the lava rise, then fighting the other, you have to fight both at once.
Anonymous said…
Wow, those stats look nice. the progress you've made is fantabulous!
Unknown said…
I wish I knew how to do any of that I would help you any way I could. As excited as I am to play your game I'm sure everyone here understands and won't be upset for having to wait. That you for going through all this work and making such a good Metroid experience as well as being willing to share it with all of us for nothing more than the tribute and thrill of Metroid.
Anonymous said…
Just gave the demo a shoot, wasn't expecting anything that would get me excited at all... boy was I wrong, the controls are really accurate and the graphics are either the same standard or in some cases improved, like the glow of the shots. This is kick ass.. I'm hoping for more graphical improvements(like the glowing effect) that will give this game a more awesome feel too it than any other 2D Metroid game out there.

Keep up the good work! I'm so looking forward to this game :D
Anonymous said…
I hope Nintendo pulls this. What a disgrace to the original, are them ripped graphics I see too?

Oh dear. Show some originality.
Anonymous said…
@ anonymous before Digman's comment:

Looks like someone is mad that they cant program a game close to the quality of this game. Grow up lil boy.
@ anonymous before digimon's comment:


The doc is using his free time to create a exact remake for the game and you are saying that he should give up on the whole project.That is just wrong,very,very wrong...Grow up mate.
Palamon said…
Not to diminish the defending of honor others have posted in response the negative comment, but by responding numerous times just trying to say that post was wrong just diminishes the quality and value this comment section has to others who what to sift through all the flamewars just to get at the constructive comments.

Those who comment on the negative post waste time and comment space and are doing exactly what that anonymous person wanted, for you to get upset over a quickly and detail lacking instigation.

The best thing to do is either directly counteract the person's legitimate comments or ignore the response completely if there are none.
(by the way, that was in response to other people's reactions to the negative comment, not the negative comment itself)

As for the use of ripped graphics, Can you imagine how bad a metroid 2 remake would look if the Doc used a Megaman sprite edit for Samus?! :-P
To be honest, I can't imagine trying to design all the sprites for a 16bit or greater game without ripping or editing sprites (or using photo edits) and still have a high quality looking game.
Anonymous said…
You know.... a megaman sprited based metroid doesn't sound so bad lol
It might seem pretty funny to be honest.
Anonymous said…
I like the Fusion and Zero Mission tiles for nostalgic reasons, myself. I mean, Chozodia's tiles are just perfect for recreating ruins in Metroid 2. The fact that Sector 1 (SRX) simulated SR388's environment should not be overlooked, as well. (Kinda more of a necessity, if you ask me.)

One area I really want to explore again is the area with those long vertical passages. I wonder what its theme will sound like in the remake.
Anonymous said…
I think the first area should have honage to SRX, including the music.
Anonymous said…
hmmm I wonder if Nintendo even knows about this game?
Dark Master said…
Hello. I do not speak English very well so do not you print if there are spelling mistakes xD. Well, I wanted to tell you that I have been waiting for your game Metroid 2 Remake, and the trailer is very good and I am tired of seeing you again and again xD. I hope I can play it soon Doctor M64. I congratulate you for being a great designer in games and you are very good. Luck and I hope to have the game early in my PC. BYE!
Dark Master said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
How about this:

when we are landing on planet surface there is morning, and when we are after metroids execution returning to ship there will be night huh?

( sorry for my english ;) )
Dark Master said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dark Master said…
Hello again Doctor M64.
I want to know when it will ready the new remake of Metroid to avoid having to go often to your blog to know if the game is ready to download.
kenji imatake said…
I didn't check if you posted this or not... but is the missile and energy recharge going to be in the ship? or is it going to work like MZM/MF/SM/etc...
Anonymous said…
Buenas DoctorM64

LLevo siguiendote desde que lanzaste las primeras imagenes de la primera demo y me gustaría preguntarte si en la versión final le añadirás inventario como el del metroid zero mission o lo dejarás igual al de como era el orginal de game boy. La verdad le quedaría muy bien un inventario para ver los power ups recogidos y se pudiera interactuar en ellos como en super metroid.

Un saludo
Anonymous said…
Wow...just wow. I have been following the blofg on this remake for a long time,a nd I liek to check back every few months. Looking at its progress now, I can simply say that I am blown away by this project. You sir, are awesome.

Keep up the good work!

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