April´s fools and progress report

I hope you found the small demo fun enough to forget the hate and frustration of seeing Mario instead of Samus. I tried to make it less obvious compared to last year, I was actually going to release it on April´s fools of 2009, but I couldn´t finish it in time.
Once I get a little closer to completion, I might release an actual, real demo of the first area, so I can have some feedback while finishing the game.

Here´s the progress report I promised:
Game Engine
Physics, states, behaviours - 100%
Abilities - 100%
Powerup System - 100%
Weapons - 99% (some balance and testing still needed)
Enemies - 90%
Map System - 100% (might expand it later)
HUD - 100%
Sound FX - 70%
Music - 60%

Level Design
Area0 - 100%
Area1 - 90% (some revamping underway)
Area2 - 97% (some scripts need to be revised)
Area3 - 95% (miniboss AI not done yet)
Area4 - 95% (miniboss and some scripting left)
Area5 - 98% (some testing needed)
Area6 - 100%
Area7 - 100%

Alpha - 98% (some tweaking left)
Gamma - 90% (some tweaking left)
Zeta - 80% (some animations need to be redone)
Omega - 70% (some animations/behaviors missing)
Queen - 50% (still no AI, sprites almost done)

This last stretch is the most complicated, there´s a lot to test and balance.

I´ll be updating the links to Confrontation 2.5 later today.


Nintendoer said…
Okay, then. I'll ask some questions.

1.How would you obtain the "Var" beam in Super Metroid?

2.What is the name of the planet visited in Metroid Prime? (easy!)

3.There is some secret dialogue in Metroid Fusion. How do you get to it and what is basically said in the dialogue?

4. Name the only boss in Metroid Prime 2 that is you can ONLY fight with the morph ball. (You can't even un-morph)

5. What is the bare minimum % of items you can get in Metroid: Zero mission? (easy or normal difficulty: The % is slightly higher on hard mode.)
Nintendoer said…

3. Gorea

4. I think he's looking for the name of the Luminoth. U Mos I think.
Kyran said…
*gustavo.gratacos - The first two are correct. Number four is the race of the character, but I was looking for his name.
Kyran said…
*correct Nintendoer!
Kyran said…
One question left -
5) The Space Pirates are the scourge of the galaxy, in an everlong quest for power. What purpose did Mother Brain have with them in the original Metroid?
Nintendoer said…
This is just a guess but...

Did she need them to breed Metroids?
Kyran said…
A - The Space Pirates needed Mother Brain's ability to use telepathy to control the Metroids, allowing them to successfully breed and control them. Once she was destroyed, (twice) the Metroids were a lot harder to produce, and the Space Pirates had to invent other means.
Kyran said…
So, yes Nintendoer, that was correct.

Anonymous said…
where is doc? its been over a month.
Anonymous said…
3. Is Gorea.
Anonymous said…
I didn't know that the comments on blogs could not exceed 200 per page.
1. Doing a trick to switch from high jump boots to the beams an select them quicly resulting in the Ice, Charge, Plasma, Wave, And Spazer beam to be selected all at the same time.
2. Tallon IV
3. Shinesparking constantly through sector 3 (the water one) after obtaining the gravity suit upgrade. They basically say you're a good player.
4. Spiderball Guardian Or spider Guardian because that's what the scan entry says.
5. Arguably you don't "need" any energy tanks so the answer is Morphball, and bombs, varia, and gravity suit, 1 missle expansion, space jump boots, ice and plasma beams, and that's it. So 8%, right?
Nintendoer said…

On #3 your mostly right, except sector 4 is the water one. =P

#5 your missing one item. It's the Power Grip; and the only reason you need it is because a vital path in Norfair is blocked until you get it. You also need to get the Plasma beam (unknown item at the time) for this same reason.

Other than that, your correct!
Nintendoer said…
More questions...

1. In Metroid, where are the "secret" energy tanks? (energy tanks not on a "pedestal" like most expansions.)

2. In Metroid Prime 3, what is the first power-up you get that no other Metroid game has?

3. In Metroid: Other M, what is the only power-up you get that Adam doesn't "authorize" for you to unlock?

4. In Metroid 2, in which area do you find the Varia suit?

5. In Metroid Prime, what is the name of the charge combo for the plasma beam?
Anonymous said…
im getting worried that the people saying he died are right ... not the black people steals guys but people were saying he died and it was on the news
Anonymous said…
Question #3 is flawed.
Samus says, Any objections, after Adam is AFK and unlocks the space jump and screw attack while she also enables the gravity feature of he suit after the confrontation with Adam.
King Metroid said…
2. Grapple Lasso
3. There's actually 4 IIRC: Space Jump, Screw Attack, Gravity Suit (called Gravity Feature in-game) and Power Bombs.
5. Flamethrower
Anonymous said…
wtf did doc really died is this a joke???
Septimus X said…
For the first question, are you asking what areas have secret energy tanks? Because all of them do. Tourian included.
Septimus X said…
The Grapple Lasso is the first one Samus gets that is not in any others.

Man! I missed some fun trivia! Stupid work!!!
Septimus X said…
The Varia Suit is in Area 2.
Sorry for cluttering with comments. I should have put all my answers in one comment.
Anonymous said…
No doc didn't die. Or if he did, no one here knows about it. It's just trolls... they started that rumour and then started all of the black people crap.
alexman9 said…
oye man... ya tiene bastante tiempo (mas de un mes) que no has posteado reportes ni nada. me gustaria saber como va esto... estoy un poko impaciente... SALUDOS Y EXITO!!
Anonymous said…
Just ignore the trolls and have fun with the Metroid trivia until DoctorM64 comes back. It's a good way to pass the time.
Nintendoer said…
I'm sorry, shoulda made #3 more clear.

I forgot about the space jump/screw attack, gravity suit and power bombs. What I meant was what upgrade do you actually find, and not unlock?

and #1, I meant the specific locations of the "hidden" energy tanks.
Nintendoer said…
@Septimus X

#'s 2 and 4 are correct!
Anonymous said…
Still flawed because there are two. The diffusion beam and the seeker missiles.
Nintendoer said…
Hmm...forgot about the diffusion beam...
Oh well, forget that question. =P
Anonymous said…
What is going on with this blog? The last entry just vanished?
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johnemst said…
Liverpool gonna make a huge comback next season in the EPL. What do you guys think???
Nintendoer said…
I heard the whole site was experiencing technical difficulties and had to temporarily delete the most recent posts.

Hope it doesn't last too long...
Anonymous said…
black people stole the last post lololol
Johnemst said…


Anonymous said…
kay doc no time to go check thru all 234 comments so tell me if i can get AM2R on my dsi Email answer at getpsycho.beverly3@gmail.com soon
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