No future for AM2R

Nintendo of America, Inc. has filed a takedown request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). I received the request on my personal email, so I'm complying with their requests.

There will be no more AM2R updates, and no more releases under any platform. 

Thank you for the support during all these years.


Geothermal said…
first off i have to say thank you Doc. thank you for all the years of hard work and dedication towards this project. for many of us who have been waiting since after zero mission for a metroid 2 remake to be made, you have made our dreams come true.

now i know this sounds really bad but... have you considered making your own game? think about it, metroidvania is a genre not a specific game that has a licence to protect it. you could easily make a metroidvania with a sci-fi horror theme just like metroid fusion or something. add beams and weapons that were never in a metroid game before. you could totally run with it, start a kickstarter and i bet everyone of your fans would back you! just my advice, i'd hate to see such great talent go to waste.
Chapolin Colorado said…
I just finished the game now, and I had to come here and sincerely say to you, Doc and everyone else involved: THANK YOU!

What a amazing game, easily the best game in the year, 3rd best 2D Metroid game ever, only because Super Metroid is incomparable, and Zero Mission wins because it's structure is like a regular Metroid game, instead of the most linear that is Metroid II. So I'd say AM2R is tied with Fusion.

Anyway, big thanks again for making possible to celebrate the 30 years of this awesome franchise!
While it is sad that development for this project has ended, I think some folks are misguided. If I had to take a guess, DoctorM64 knew that this project would one day face this kind of attention. How could he not? Developing a title using an intellectual property you do not own can really only go two ways: the IP's owner not caring, or the IP's owner stepping in to protect their copyrights. Nintendo has every right to do this and, in this case, did so without overreacting with legal action. They requested it be stopped and the developer agreed. If protecting your IP is tantamount to 'greed', then you either don't understand that word, or are simply misguided. Whether or not that company is doing anything with that IP is inconsequential.

That being said, this is a project that I have followed off and on for years. It was great to finally see it reach some sort of conclusion and that it will still float around out there in the great expanse of the Internet. Instead of casting ill will towards Nintendo, turn it around, and positively open dialogue towards them. Whether you think you are being heard as fans, you should still speak up, and let them know what you want to see. Don't spout the normal Internet hate and slander towards them. Approach it with respect, but with firm resolve of what you want to see get made. Nobody wants to listen to whiners; they want constructive feedback. And maybe support some of the stuff Nintendo does? I've seen too many fandoms backhandedly support the companies they say they love, but continually slap in the face. Just walk away from them if you feel like they've abandoned you and let it go. Otherwise, why not take that feeling, and try redirecting it in a more positive fashion? It couldn't hurt.
mattia berselli said…
Just finished AM2R and my god what a masterpiece!! , i have so much respect for you and your amazing work, than you for making this experience for metroid fans !!
mattia berselli said…
Thank you for everything, AM2R is a masterpiece and it's a fantastic love letter to all metroid fans !!
If Satorou Iwata was here.....
gahram said…
I agree with the comment about asking Nintendo to make the game and make it official. I mean the only bug I found was a missile not shown on map, and even so I found it. Nintendo should give you a JOB, And take this game and make it a eShop game for their current consoles. I'd buy it!
Anonymous said…
Danke für dieses wunderschöne Spiel.

Ich liebe Metroid, ich liebe die Musik, ich liebe die einzigartige Atmosphäre.

Ich war immer ein großer Fan. Es erinnert mich an meine Kindheit. Und ich spiele es heute immer noch sehr gerne.
Du hast es geschafft, diese großartige Serie würdig weiterzuführen. Bitte mehr davon, falls es irgendwie möglich ist.

Meinen größten Dank und Respekt für dieses Projekt.

Traurig, dass Nintendo so etwas nicht zu schätzen weiß.

MFG. Ein Fan.
Anonymous said…
This project will not be forgotten. It will continue to surf around the web. Nintendo can go fuck their arrogant Japanese Shitheads.
Anonymous said…
I am very sad to hear this decision. It is a real shame the corporate world cannot let passionate and creative people support the company's works for free. I have mad respect for you and everyone else that assisted with the project. The is a project of love and dedication that is as good, if not better, then some of the orginal related works. You sir have left a legacy that will be sustain by others across the Internet for years to come.
Anonymous said…
Nintendo will never get another penny out of my wallet EVER again if they dont reverse this, publish AM2R and try to hire the Doc. I spit on Nintendo. I SPIT ON NOA. SPIT.
Anonymous said…
You're a coward for letting Nintendo bully you into taking down your 8+ years of hard work. Don't you realize all they're doing is using scare tactics from one of there layer cronies from NOA? They won't take this to court. They're scaring you into doing what they want you to do and you just going to let them win with ass up. What are they going to sue you on? Distributing a NON-PROFIT fan game with no threat to them. Stop letting these big lousy co's bully you when you've done nothing worng. FIGHT BACK and say no.
Es una lastima lo que a pasado con el juego pero muchas gracias por el gran aporte y esfuezo que se iso con este projecto, lo seguia desde sus principios jugando confrontacion y las demas demos, siguiendo el consejo del creador lo traduje al español es su totalidad mientras lo traducia note dialogos de obtencion de medallas entre otras cosas, lastima que no alcansamos un update del juego con este sistema de logros que pensaba incorporarse en un futuro pero bueno me encanto mucho este gran trabajo de nuevo !!!MUCHAS GRACIAS XD!!!
The game now belongs to the fans, and that's what counts. Truly a work of art. I'll never get used to the idea of my favorite Metroid game being one that isn't developed/published by Nintendo. But it is what it is, and it is goddamn beautiful.

I know this game took you a long time and a bit of research (extensive gameplay) to make, but I think I speak for everybody here when I say we anticipate your next project(s). Like a Metroid game that isn't Metroid by title, or maybe a different style/genre of game. You have a talent for this stuff, and we would pay money for more of this stuff. Well, at least I and a good portion of us would. Though maybe you don't feel right in asking for money for this but the Joker did say "If you're good at something, never do it for free." Though...AM2R being free was a huge treat to us all, I do kinda feel bad I didn't pay $15 for it on Steam or whatever. Not arguing with it, but I feel like a dirty pirate. I kinda like it...but that's besides the point. You made a great game, mate.

Even if it's not in games, I wish you well with your future endeavors. Whatever they may be.
Anonymous said…
you live in argentina, good

dude my stupid country cant touch you (yes im a betrayer i hate this dumb country)
you should keep updating this masterpiece and dont worry about the dmca, c&d crap as long you dont live in US they cant do anything to you

come on bring back this beautiful creation

Anonymous said…
It took me a long time, but I finally played this... what can I say? It's the best metroid related thing that I have seen in many years. Those losers of nintendo should be hiring you, since they apparently can do something half as good as your project even when they have all the means. I honestly hope that you decide to make a new game, one of your own creation, because you have talent and It would be a shame if this were to be you only project.

My best wishes to you, don't let this desmotivate you, here is a guy from the other side of the world that really enjoyed your work, and I didn't even grew up with metroid! I was a sega guy!
Anonymous said…
That isn't even close to being accurate. A blqtant misnomer that has somehow perpetuated all over the internet...

false said…
Dear Milton - there is a MetroidVania+SCHMUP game called "The Guardian Legend"

I BEG you to play it and re-envision it just like you did with AM2R

PS Broderbund is either defunct or simply won't care - and I'm sure their partner COMPILE.... well has ANYONE heard of them? At all? Exactly.

Please look this game up, redo musical remixes in say 32 bit (or even 16?) that would be faithful......

I figure it's a great project for you...... this game has such a giant fanbase you probably could ask for help if you wanted!

(Please have a native Spanish speaker translate this for him - Thank you!)
Rey said…
And they release Federation Force, this fucking shit.
Anonymous said…
Nintendo being Nintendo.

Colour me unimpressed.

Awesome work to the creator of the game. Miles better than the shit Nintendo makes nowadays. Don't be sad, you did a fantastic game, and we, Metroid fans, thank you from the deep of our hearts.
Anonymous said…
I think we should boycott Nintendo products and any other mean to get our fan games Back!
Anonymous said…
Very sad to hear this. Nintendo does not respect their fans, so I don't see why should we respect them. Anyone looking to do remakes or ROM hacks with any Nintendo content should do so completely anonymously, possibly using Tor or Freenet to talk about and release these projects. That way Nintendo couldn't find their real life identities and shut down these games.
Anonymous said…
So... Nintendo no make good games of Metroid since too many years, (For me, Other M and federation force no are Metroids, M was made for the studio of a hack and slash genre game, change Samus totally, gameplay too, and the suit, ugh... And federation force... Is federation force, can be good game for teamplay, but could not use Metroid name.

The fans made a very good remake for years, no take money, and was a good game, and nintendo close? Just like a shit... Fans take to fans who their want and fixed bux in lower time than an official company. Official company made "Metroid games" and kill the saga, yeah, very good, nintendo, you reach the hate who i have to activison for destroy Destiny.

Sorry for the bad English, im spanish.
Webb Baker said…
Fucking Nintendo! god damn it
Anonymous said…
nintendo is pulling some serious bs over you
Anonymous said…
Anyone else feel like this was a real dick move for Nintendo to make? The guy spends literally YEARS producing this thing with no motive other than making sure that one of the finest titles in the franchise gets the remake it deserves, and then Nintendo swoops in and orders him to stop AFTER all that time and labor have been invested. Certainly makes me not want to ever give that company a single penny more for any of their products for the rest of my life.
Lobishomen said…
This is a little sad, the good side is that you were able to finish the game and now we can play it and thank you.
Guarrow said…
The game still lives in our hearts, and it still available in some places. Thank you for giving this to us, that was awesome from you, I really hope that you will continue to do awesome games like that. I hope the best for you man, really, thank you again.
Love how they have been ignoring the series for years, yet they jump on the chance to swat down somebody trying to bring it back to life. Oh... Right. Money.
Anonymous said…
I'll tell you what's really sad: Amazing Metroid games like Other M getting crapped on, and as a result, nintendo develops shit like federation force (or whatever it's called). That's the real tragedy here: The 'fans' complaining about a legit Metroid game, and nintendo giving up on developing good quality anything afterward. Then us real fans of the series have to deal with the aftermath, only to hate nintendo for it in the long run because they have no backbone and can't seem to stand up to haters. AM2R brought everything good about metroid into it, from exploration, to story, and those are concepts that have become lost with nintendo. Nintendo has forgotten what quality is, and they've become an embarrassment to the gaming community. Thank you for making AM2R, because it shows nintendo what they've lost, and the more we remind them, the more they may be willing to change and make a real metroid game for the first time in six years, instead of the crap they've been making.
VoyagerOrchid said…
Just had to come by and say this, as I don't feel you get enough credit.

DoctorM64, your team's Am2R for me will always be the definitive Metroid 2 now. I don't care what Nintendo says.

From the little references to Prime games in the log, to the cave from Fusion, to every little detail you guys put in, this game is by and far amazing.

I've followed you and this blog for 8 years or so. I've read your updates, bemoaned delays, and eaten up any screenshots you posted. I even specifically avoided all demos before 1.4 so that I could have the full experience if you ever managed to release it. And your team delivered.

So thank you. Thank you so very much for the first ridiculously satisfying Metroid game (and Metroidvania game) I've played in maybe 12 years. This is by and far the best. I do hope Nintendo someday changes their mind, because Am2R deserves more credit.

Kelatayn said…
Sencillamente no entiendo la politica de juegos de nintendo.

Sus Juegos son una mierda total y cuando alguien tiene una gran idea y la lleva adelante hacen lo posible por joderle la vida.

Creo que alguien deberia boicotear sus ventas de consolas y juegos a ver si asi se iban a pique de una vez y se dejaban de estupideces sobre dcma y mierdas varias que a lo unico que les lleva es a no vender un solo juego.

Simply do not understand the policy of Nintendo games.

Their games are total crap and when someone has a great idea and carries on doing their best to pounding her life.

I think someone should boycott sales of consoles and games to see if they would pique once and stopped on dcma stupidities and several shits that the only thing that brings them is not to sell a single game.
DS Piron said…
It's not likely Nintendo will host it on the Wii U, 3DS or the NX. (Unless the NX can run windows or android games for some reason)

At best, Nintendo might allow him to port/remake the remake to one of thier consoles, but I don't think Nintendo is currently considering that plan, and if they were, then they'd probably go with the staff they know and hired over some programmer who managed to code an exceptional metroid game. : (

Waldimart said…
That's just so f'n sad. You put a lot of work into this and Nintendo's just "Well, this is our stuff. We're not as cool as SEGA and now f*** you." Such a shame.

I really enjoyed playing this remake, it's so much fun.
Anonymous said…
The project still turned out beautiful (just completed 1.1 between yesterday evening and today but not throughout the night obviously) and I hope you still consider designing metroidvanias of your own in the future :)

Thanks for putting so much effort into AM2R. I have witnessed an immense amount of progress since I first downloaded one of your demos that only went up to the second water pipeline area when I was still a little kid. Now I am 16 and was amazed with how it turned out. It is really unfortunate what Nintendo has decided for the fate of AM2R, but you have accomplished so much!

The only issue I found was not your fault at all. The game felt short, but that was the original game's problem too. I played through Metroid II so I could have better context of what I was seeing in your remake. You enhanced the game in every way, and gave it its own original feel. All the cool tricks I could do in Super Metroid were present. That made me happy. The puzzle aspect was cool too. I kind of wish spore spawn or some variation of a plant boss was in the Metroid breeding ground area that had the spores and was dark.


I loved how you gave the game a Metroid Prime atmosphere; especially with the final boss fight (each segments where you fight and move forward until you are in a final showdown with the enemy.

The 'count down' bar was such a troll considering that no matter how fast you complete the way back from the depths below the tower, you would still get screwed over by the two doors and the bar speeding up XD.

The implementation of Serris was an awesome idea and got me excited when I heard the Serris music.

Once again, brilliant work! Keep the Metroidvania genre alive!!!!!
Demetris Leptos said…
Okay, this really sucks - I want to hate right now.. but let's not - I believe you should use the engine to create something new. Please provide an unofficial download link XD I was so planning to play this after I'm done with a current big project and have time to relax..
Demetris Leptos said…
BTW, shouldn't there be a donation option? I mean, so much work.. All these people including me, instead of getting angry at Nintendo we should just donate to you. I see around 400 comments here - so that makes AverageDonation=10 x 400 Donations = 4000 XD Someone has to pay those bills..
Grass said…
Is truly a true shame that Nintendo take down this wonderfull remake of Metroid.
I actually have a sensation that they would take this project down (and sadly they did) but in the time that i could downloaded the remake, i gotta to say, it's a 10/10, it have that atmosferic ambient that i could classificate as Metroid itself.

Don't let this strike down in the videogame industry, you have talent, thing that Nintendo would never see on people because they are so greedy in HIS products that they don't even know how to reach his fanbase today.

Search for friends and keep working in more games, people like you (and your staff) are the generation that we need to make decents games once again.

Again, as a simple Super Mario World hacker, i have to say, congratulations from the bottom from my heart, and trust me, people really loved this, they missed Metroid.

See you in the next mission.
(Apologies from some orthography and grammar errors, i'm spanish, Chilean)
Tim Walmsley said…
Metroid 2 was the first one of the series i played and I've been following this since it was in it's early days. Everyone who has contributed has made a hell of a game. The fact it was completed is an achievement in itself. It looks and plays better than i ever imagined. i'll be spreading this shit like a god damn X parasite.

Love you all.

Anonymous said…
I think its time for people to unite against Nintendo and say no to all there games no and so forth let them know that we will not stand for what they do with games we love, even if its illegal to make a fan base game but no profit was made from it. Don't Buy the Nintendo NX lets boycott them showing them the power of what consumers can do.
Anonymous said…
This game is a brilliant remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to relive my childhood favourite in glorious colour on a big screen. Not only that, the additions you have made are flat out brilliant and feel organic to the game. And for these, I thank you also.

Nintendo's actions make me sad. I guess they felt they had to do it on principle... Although, I do wonder if they shut it down because they were jealous.

This game will live in my memory (and probably various backup locations) for as long as I shall live. Thank you to everyone who worked on this, it is truly a masterpiece, and I am grateful to you all.
Viridian said…
I would definitely give the idea of trying to get Nintendo to host the game themselves. You definitely set the bar high on any official M2:RoS remake they could try making, so it'd be a pretty smart move on their part to simply make your creation the official remake.

If this is truly the end of your project, though, I just want to say that you did an absolutely fantastic job on it. The game mechanics, the graphics, the sound quality, and simply how outright authentic the whole game feels...seriously, you did the legacy of the Metroid series proud with this game. Well done.
MaskedManClaus said…
Agreed see if you can give this game to Nintendo somehow.
SlashingElement said…
We can use different methods to play the game in different platforms so that will be fine if the other platforms for it won't release.
Anonymous said…
Allow me to say Nintendo should rethink what they've done. They've screwed you over for all your hard work, and instead of saying "Thank you! Wow! Well done!" they've decided to commit a take down. Unethical, Nintendo. Another reason I think Nintendo will be left in the dust, HOPEFULLY economically forced into releasing their stuff online thru Amazon for the computer.
Anonymous said…
Its extremely frustrating to see some one who has put un-measurable time and effort into a project out of admiration and passion only to have it blocked . I started to type out a long rant on how im tired of Nintendo's less then smart or fair practices towards any one that wants to share anything related to Nintendo.i deleted it because in the end they will never learn and continue doing this BS regardless of how many people type out truthful rants. Guess they have so much money they can dish it out for PAID advertising instead of having fans share their work giving Nintendo a FREE massive spot light on them. Instead squash anyone who does , yea uh ok, thats a sure fire way to get people on your side Nintendo. Considering what i have seen as of late including this deal with AM2R you can count me out of ever giving you a dime again. Oh every thing i have typed here is of my own personal and no one else s opinion . It in no way what so ever represents the creator or any one else here.Its called free speech Nintendo. I call bs when i see it plain and simple. Dont like it dont do it then. Anyways many thanks and much much respect to the creator of this incredible work of art. Outstanding on so many levels.
James Perih said…
2016 will go on in history as the year that many things cherished were taken away from us.
Max said…
Great work! so sad that Nintendo is so stubborn in this way. Couldn't they hire you and let you develop more 16 bit / Super Metroid Style - Metroid's ? :) That would be awesome! The truth is everyone is just dreamin about something like this is going to happen. Anyhow thank you, thank you so much for this great remake/game. It felt so good playing, memories got up in my head like when i was playing super metroid. Fantastic, it felt damn good!!!
SPTX said…
Streets of rage remake got DMCA'd but you can easily find it.
The original author can't be held accountable for game being available against his will. Therefore I'll invite people who like me downloaded it before it got nuked, to upload it everywhere they can.
Nathan Lindholm said…
Just finished the game today and I have to say it was a honor to play such a masterpeice
wish Nintendo didn't send a DMCA notice though, wish they would just take the fact that there will be fan games of there games, oh well though
OSka said…
Has puesto mucho empeño y dedicación para cumplir con esta meta y eso es algo que debemos reconocer. Muchas felicitaciones por este éxito en tu vida. Sé que todo te irá bien.

Metroid Remake me facion, lo acabo de terminar junto con mi hijo , fue espectacular.

un gran abrazo desde colombia
Raijin said…
Thank you.. really.
Why don't you just take off Nintendo characters and make it a new game?
Anonymous said…
¡Por Samus!

¡Me cago en el copyright, que ni siquiera protege a los verdaderos creadores, sino que engorda a empresarios y ejecutivos carroñeros, que exprimen obras que ellos no hicieron; no son mas que unos fariseos pedazos de mierda, vaya judiada!

¡Gracias por AM2R, es un sueño hecho realidad!
¡Todo el equipo de AM2R...son los mejores!

¡AM2R hizo historia, y eso ni la maldita DMCA lo borrara!
¡Gracias, gracias y mil gracias!

¡Saludos desde Bolivia!

MAA (Kraid´s Lair SSoldier)
Anonymous said…
This is so dumb I waited forever to play the full game! Nintendo is so power hungry, such hard work gone to waste. I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...

You are a truthful master for creating such a master piece. I am savoring every minutes of this game as I play it. I love the challenge that was brought and the atmosphere is so perfectly dark at some time and lively when needed. I would buy 10 games like that if they were to be released. Nintendo should hire you and make you project manager so that you can fix whats been happening to poor samus in the late releases.
Your a god for creating this you and your supporters. I am so afraid to finish it... I don't want this to end. You made it in the top 3 list that's for sure on my list As well. Oh and You shouldn't have to ask Nintendo Nada! They should beg you to join them instead of hunting you down. Love your work. Hope you make more 2dgames:)

Laurent Génot said…
1 000 thanks for this great game and for the time you spent for it !

You just did the job that Nintendo should have done since many years.

Thanks again.
Adam Bertrand said…
Thanks for working so hard for so long buddy. Don't feel too bad. You know it'll get around even without official mirrors.
Anonymous said…
I knew this would happen. The second the countdown ended ! reloaded the page at least 87 times.
Joe Waldridge said…
This is better than the past two official entries to the Metroid series, imho. Instead of giving the fans what they want, they release shoddy games and have the mentality of "WELP, I guess the fans don't like Metroid anymore!", and then we don't end up seeing a damn thing for years at a time. Other M wasn't a bad game, but it was a shitty fanservice entry to Metroid, and Federation Force? Shouldn't even bear the name of Metroid.

I'd be happy to see more patches done to the game, be it your work or fanwork.
Anonymous said…
he won't even try it though humans are patheticly predictable they are creatures of habit and never vear from it so the game will stay dead.
Unknown said…
really!! this game is wonderful! your make a great... great... fucking great work!! an exelent graphics, exelent soundtrack, exelent all of this remake... Nintendo can't make a game with the best of Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion, but you and your team can make a game with all of these tittles and much better. Seriously make me suprised with AM2R and I can say THANK YOU for wonderful work! Greats and hugs from Chile!!
blob said…
Thank you for doing this, this is an amazing remake that gave me some of the feel super metroid gave me as a kid!
NekoMMDGTS said…
I have my doubts as to this being a real takedown. Companies usually submit a C&D letter, not a DMCA.

I feel you may be being hoodwinked here.
Serrara Fluttershy said…
I'll share this game as quickly as I can...god bless the creator, this remake was so immersive and well-made. I adored the Arachnus boss fight- made me laugh on a couple of occasions and it was a good wake-up call to just how much work was put into this.

With the release of the latest Metroid game, it frankly hurts me how badly Nintendo is treating not only one of it's greatest franchises, but also it's gamers and fans. Even though
they do have the right to protect their IP, at least AM2R is out in the wild spreading all over the internet, keeping itself alive by traveling from place to place, giving others a
piece of Samus Aran's journey.

If you make another game or not, then...See you next mission.

Anonymous said…
One person had the right idea. Look at what came of Freecraft/Wargus. They just made it into a loader of game engines. Too bad that Game Maker people won't like that. XD A remake of the remake without their technology would be a pain.
Rory Griffin said…
This is why my remake projects don't have websites and people commenting on them. One day people will learn.
You know, THAT would be the perfect thing to do, or better yet, everyone softmod their consoles, and download Nintendo's games for free, that would make them reason more. After all, it is us who give them the job, and without us, no job for them
Anonymous said…
Its kind of funny when one guy makes a Metroid game better than Nintendo, and of course with Nintendo being Nintendo, instead of responding by making another good Metroid game, they just do everything in their power to remove it. This is another example of how Nintendo is blatantly giving the middle finger to Metroid fans.
This game is friggin amazing. Thanks for putting so much effort into it.
Anonymous said…
ive been following this project since 2008 when i downloaded the demo back then it was called metroid confrontation or something like that, i discovered that by accident, when i played it i really enjoyed it and i knew that in the future the project would have a big potential, so i decided to follow your blog and your work since then, im pratically following you for 8 years, every week or month i was reading your blog to look on updates because i am a metroid fan and i am devoted to this series, a franchise that has two entries which almost any veteran gamer can say that they are one of the best games of all time (Super Metroid and Prime), this is a franchise like no other and metroid hold a special place in my heart, seeing what you were doing for the franchise is like giving me a emotional hug, after all those years waiting for AM2R, after every single year waiting for a release date the game is finally here and you released it in the week of my birthday, that was one of the best gifts i had in life, i just want to thank you for all your work in am2r, its my favorite metroid game ever after super metroid and prime, you managed to use the style of zero mission and made a much superior game than nintendo did, i hope that after you move on from this project after all the shit that nintendo did with its fans, bad games like other m or federation force which for me is a slap in the face of the fans, taking down your game was simply offensive to me as a fan, and i cannot count on nintendo anymore, because metroid is my favorite franchise and you managed to give a hope to the fans alone, things that nintendo never did in all those years, am2r is a brilliant game, i love every aspect of it, the exploration, the metroid feel that i never had in years and that amazing soundtrack, its simply a masterpiece, sory for the long text and my bad english, i jsut want to thank you for your contribution to the franchise and the fanbase itself, AM2R is a gift to all metroid fans that will never be forgotten, i will still support the game after the takedown, i will upload download links and such and send it to everyone interested, AM2R will stay in the heart of the fans forever, thank you again brother i hope youre good and that you are with your mind clear seeing that you finally delivered your game to the fans no matter what nintendo did, you know your potential, i hope that you keep posting here about your life after the release of am2r, the game is here, your job is done, and rightly done, doesnt matter what nintendo did, the fans will still support you and keep am2r alive so, we are here for you, thank you again and i wish the best, srry again for writting this wall of text but am2r means a lot to me as a metroid fan and sadly am2r also is the last real metroid game the fans received and for that it will be never forgotten.
David Kennedy said…
Downloaded this some time ago, but I just started to play it. This is very well done. Too bad Nintendo decided to be total jerks as per usual. I didn't get a Nintendo console after GameCube for this reason. Hopefully, you won't give up and try your hand at possibly your own IP. Kudos to you.
MaF said…
As said before I think you should remove all trademark material and release it as a separate game.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for everything man, I loved playing this game. I still hope Nintendo will change their minds later on and stop being assholes
Bren Scott said…
Being a new metroid fan I never could get into metroid 1, so I started with one everyone loved, super metroid , I instantly fell in love, I went through and found metroid fusion and loved it, but I wanted more, that's when found zero mission and my chance to play the original, I loved it, it took the original and made it into a game that made sense, a game that was actually good, I always wondered about metoid 2 tho, I played prime and was impressed but slightly disappointed in the platforming and first person controls but I still liked it, then I found YouTube videos about this project, I sat on the edge of my seat and waited so patiently for this game, when it came out I was busy and missed my chance at it. But then you released 1.1 and I downloaded it day one. Boy oh boy I had no clue the ride I was in for, the game took me completely by surprise, it was perfect in all ways I could see, the bugs that everyone is seeing I don't see but I was genuinely impressed by your work, I couldn't put the game down, it was finally the game the metroid franchise needed to bring love to metroid 2, I never enjoyed metroid 2 or 1 but i always respected their legacy, this game coming out gave me more respect for the game tho, it made me appreciate the franchise as a whole, thank you so much for your efforts, but at the same time you've got me waiting for the next metroid game, tho I'm sure Nintendo doesn't care, it's sad that they've lost interest in this amazing series but I'm so happy to see people like you who are trying so hard to keep it strong, your truely an amazing person, thank you for the perfect experience that is am2r and thank you for bringing me to love the franchise more, thanks to this game I've grown a deep love for the franchise and for metroid 2, still waiting on Nintendo but I doubt I'll get the game I'm waiting for, you've raised the bar and Nintendo acted prematurely, I'm glad you didn't tho, you acted perfectly like you should have, I love Nintendo but I hate them, I just wish theyd show metroid the love that you do, I know it's been said so much but thank you, and I'll see you next mission
Samuel Goulet said…
First let me say that I love Nintendo. I won't stop loving them because of something like this, Hell, I even got a tattoo of a metroid on my arm!! But THIS SITUATION leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

We the fans have been waiting for years to get another great metroid game and along you came to help feed us with this great game you remade out of love for the franchise.

There's only one thing I hope and that's for you to do a big copy paste of all the comments we've been writing here and send them back to Nintendo.

You obviously got their attention, why not push a bit and try to get them to open their eyes?

Maybe something positive will come out of this and either they will release a new game or even better, take this one and release it.

Great work on a game I have grown up to love.

Thank you so much!!
Samuel Goulet said…
First let me say that I love Nintendo. I won't stop loving them because of something like this, Hell, I even got a tattoo of a metroid on my arm!! But THIS SITUATION leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

We the fans have been waiting for years to get another great metroid game and along you came to help feed us with this great game you remade out of love for the franchise.

There's only one thing I hope and that's for you to do a big copy paste of all the comments we've been writing here and send them back to Nintendo.

You obviously got their attention, why not push a bit and try to get them to open their eyes?

Maybe something positive will come out of this and either they will release a new game or even better, take this one and release it.

Great work on a game I have grown up to love.

Thank you so much!!
Idelosan said…
I'm just a random Metroid fan from Spain that learned about your project via a videogame news site, which precisely announced the game was hunted down by Nintendo.

I rapidly searched the web like crazy to see if there was still any way left to get your game and I was lucky, so now I'm playing it and I have to say... CONGRATS, MAN! IT'S SO AMAZING I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT. I played every Metroid game ever released but Metroid 2 was the only one I never was able to finish, since I got stuck at some point and anyway it was really not appealing to me to play on original GB with such crappy graphics. I fantasized with a remake since then, hoping some day it would be possible.

Your project makes me think you're some divine being that heard my prayers and brought me exactly what I wanted so much, for so long.

For that I just wanted to say, THANK YOU!
_ Sosiska _ said…
Anonymous said…
It had a good run at least...
Joey Figueroa said…
Fuck nintendo. I hope the switch bombs and they go broke. All they're doing is living off their former glory anyways.
Anonymous said…
Is it possible to change sprites and not call it metroid? it doesnt make any sense that nintendo would take the game down. You have done better than the entire company has for 9 years.
Quantum said…
Thanks for making this fantastic game. This is what I always dreamed of since I played the Gameboy Version of Metroid 2!
Unknown said…
This game is an absolute masterpiece, sorry to see it go.
Anonymous said…
First Project M, now this? Why are there so many cowards in this world? It's a REQUEST after all.
Anonymous said…
I am normally not the one to comment on how I feel about games, but GOD DAMN GUYS DID YOU EVER MAKE THE BEST REMAKE EVERRRR :D
I remember when I was a kid, I played the original Metroid 2 game endlessly on my gameboy.
Somehow you guys have made it 10 times better than the original :D It's well balanced in regards of weapons and enemies.
The music/sound effects is/are solid, the pasing is great, the graphics are nice. The environments are so different from one another and when you get to some of the parts of the map, where scientists and soldiers have been defeated by metroids, it just gives some speculation to what has happened here, which gives the game an even greater in depth story.
another thing that I was pleased about, were all the extra things you added to the game. For example the backgrounds that vary from day to evening, and the morphball's effect on the machinery, in different parts of the game.
But all in all guys you made one hell of a game and when I played it, I felt like I was sitting in my room as a kid, playing the original Metroid 2 all over again, which gave me one hell og a big smile.
I think it was a dick move from Nintendo, that they shut this project down. I think that they should have made you an offer so that you could have made the game for virtual consol or something like that.
You should be very proud of the work, that you have done. I hope to see games from you guys in the future, cause there is not doubt about you being a great team :D
Tim Reveles said…
Brother! Switch the name to something else and change some of the the sprites. You might as well publish the game with a different protagonist sprite. We will all know what has happened and why the sprite for samus was changed. You have come to far to turn back now. You made a great game. Just change what needs to be changed. call it Nextroid.
Rowan Miller said…
Dear AM2R developers,

This is truly terrible for you guys. I am so proud of every single person who worked on this game. It's honestly is one of the best games I've ever played. I've been a fan of the Metroid series ever since I was 5, and this has made my heart explode with joy.
Though it is sad your game got shot down by Nintendo, there are plenty of space pirates spreading you child that is AM2R all across the galaxy that is the internet. It appears that this time, the space pirates are willing to side with us bounty hunters for the first time in history for the sake of having AM2R touch the souls of many, many more people.

Rowan Miller
(An AM2R fan that's been here since day 1)
Anonymous said…
Maybe market it to nintendo?(call them)

The slightest polish and tons of money could be made.
If rights were split for YOU the developer and they own the title.

I'm sure even if the profits were heavily in their favor... (90/10%)

Still confused how almost entirely fan made things don't fall under FAIR USE ??

Am2r wasn't being sold.(free)

And they don't have any competition with new titles...
VoyagerOrchid said…
Your game is the future. Am2r is now and forever the future title in Metroid 2's place.

The fact that you even added in before the title screen: "Based on a game by Nintendo, Metroid 2." Made me happier than any game Nintendo has made in years because of that continuity.

Thank you!!
Anonymous said…
He must be immensely tired and devastated to find out that the game he put his heart and soul into for years was just taken down. I imagine that he has to feel very unmotivated. He didn't go into detail or make a big speech. He just downright said it was all finished.
I LOVE IT! I'm just trying to figure out how to upload saved data onto my thumb drive with the game. Does anyone know how to do that? If so, my email is Thank you.

I LOVE IT! It's an awesome fan-made game. I'm just trying to figure out how to upload my saved data from my computer to my thumb drive. If anyone knows how, contact me through email. My account is Hopefully none of you guys(and gals) are good people, and won't hack my account. Thanks everyone.

This is really sad...
This game made me so happy when i first got it,and i've waited as this game was updating.
Your game was so good and i really appreciate all your hard work and i hope that one day you'll be a popular game developer
Anonymous said…
It's always about money, not the passion of doing what you enjoy. I am truly sorry Nintendo did this to you and your project. You can always take it underground and give Nintendo the middle finger.
Could you send me the source code at please? I want to finish what you started. I am probably the only one here who can do the job and would love finishing your work.

- Julian.
i hope the switch flops so hard that nintendo goes fucking abncrupt
fuck them .
i hope the nintendo switch fails so hard that nintendo goes fucking bancrupt
Not that the game needs any update, mind you - it's flawless as it is in the torrent version.
But still will there really be Another Metroid 3 Remake? When I saw that message, I almost passed out of overhype!
charles franks said…

Man bro, this fan game had so much potential too. Too bad Miyamoto is Jelly of the fact that you're doing a better job than he ever could. Also since I can guarantee that this was in fact not a project meant for profit in anyway, shape or form. Then allow me another question, What part of the words "non-profit" does Nintendo apparently have trouble understanding, just like with the Super Mario 64 (unity ver.) and Pokemon Prism version. I still firmly believe that Miyamoto is just bitter that other people are actually showing him up on his material no less. Now that's some shame right there.
Anonymous said…
fuck nintendo
asd asd said…
To anyone saying "i am sure nintendo will change minds".

No. Nintendo forced The Game Awards 2016 to pull out anything regarding Project M, Pokemon fangame (forgot the name) or AM2R. Not their legal department, not the faceless corporation, but the ACTUAL nintendo that still produces games told them "get this shit out, i dont wanna see it, or i am throwing a tantrum".

Its Nintendo as a whole the one that wants AM2R OUT
Jim said…
First and foremost, thank you. I had such fun and massive nostalgia playing your game. I can understand Nintendo being overly protective of their IP, but I do feel that you have done nothing but completely honored the memory of their 2d gaming franchise.
Now that the switch is out, perhaps you might be able to suggest that this title become available on their e-store? All it would take is some joy pad remapping. I realize the internet will not let your effort fade away, but for those who never really venture outside of the content provided directly on Nintendo devices, it would be wonderful for those individuals to have a chance to experience the wonderful work you have done.
Even if this project has truly come to an end, I want to once again express how much gratitude I have that you took such care and effort to remind me of why I love the Metroid games. Thank you and best wishes for your future endeavors.
Anonymous said…
To those who made this game,

I just want you to know that Nintendo of America can go die in a fire. This isn't the first time they've treated their Fans poorly or straight up ignored them. Honestly they aren't even making another Metroid game (as far as I know) and they have the terrible judgement to pull this from further development. AM2R, had it gone the way of things like the Black Mesa Mod, could very well have been a great money maker for them, and they're missing out.

As for the game itself; it's absolutely marvelous. I say it 100% literally when I say that it is awesome (i.e. Left me in awe and wonder). This game is exceptional, with nods to older games as well as a well designed story line that fits well into the game. Pacing and gameplay are perfect. The only 2 extremely minor complaints that I have are that the Omega Metroids are really easy, and that there isn't more added in the new areas.

I thank you guys for your hard work and dedication. You renew my faith in that SOME people still make games that are worth playing. You should all get together and form your OWN company and design your OWN games. I would have gladly dropped 30-50 dollars on this one, and would happily buy games from you in the future should you choose to organize as such.
jenny talia said…
I used to love Nintendo, I was their biggest fan. Then Other M happened and since then I've only played a select few 3DS games. I was already upset with them, but with this? Attacking the most dedicated Metroid fan(s) of all, who created an amazing remake of a largely unplayable 20 year old game for us? Nintendo is nearly dead to me now.

How dare you Nintendo? To knowingly undermine your most dedicated and loyal fans? So that's how it is? We sink thousands of dollars into all your consoles, all your games, and this is how we are treated in the end? Some of your games and developers will always be my favorites, but your corporation is absolutely shameful at this point.

You screwed up by giving Sakurai too much freedom for Other M, and you chose to release Federation Force that was developed so many years ago that it wouldn't be well received regardless of bias.

Keeping the Metroid franchise and its loyal fans in the dark for 7 years, cutting your losses and giving up because of your incompetence, is not the solution to your petty financial problems.

This is OUR fandom, OUR gaming hobbies, and OUR creativity that you are trifling with. We are not your property, Nintendo. We are free men and women who will express our right not to be silenced by you.
Sad to hear that Nintendo want you to take your game down. I wish Nintendo would not be like this. You made a brilliant 2D Metroid game which is at some points even better than the 2D Metroids from Nintendo. You made the game I was waiting for many years. For me, it was a realy good experience and I think even if it is not, we can consider it almost as an official Metroid 2 Remake. Nintendo shouldthank you for developing this game, for making a perfect remake and for bringing some new life into the dark times Metroid is having now.
I hope you will have a shiny future and a realy great time. A time so good like all the fans had while by playing your Metroid 2 Remake. Thank you for the great time you gave us with your game!
Joshua9s said…
Jajaja que importa si nintendo no reconocio nada de esto pues son unos ineptos y lo seran siempre que un bufon de cara de medio dedo este al mando, porlomenos demostrastes tu capacidad al hacer este remake y nos trajiste la divercion que nunca nos dio nintendo porque si hacia falta este juego, todo exelente graficamente es hermoso
Anonymous said…
I just want to say, I wish I wasn't too late. I saw geek critique's rewiew, and i wish I could have played it. But i have a idea, make it into a non metroid 2 remake, make a hi quality fan game, and even if you need to, name the metroids "mentroids" ;P. But that's not my real idea, it's that there could be a split off from the gamma metroids which would explain why the zeta can't fly. The split would have it so they can fly, named Phy (ψ) and the main line would be sigma (σ) which is fully landborne and the normal (iconic) line of metrods. But the 2 lines connect at the mother.
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