Saturday, April 2, 2016

Post April's fools progress report

This year's April project was a lot of fun. It took a couple months worth of lunch breaks to write the script. At first, it was going to be a complete text adventure, with room structure, inventory and events. But it was going to be pretty complex to produce, way too much time for a side project.

Anyways, as for the progress of these couple weeks:
Music production continues. Creating the right atmosphere and choosing the right instruments is quite a challenge, especially with the last couple songs.

Also, the intro sequence is mostly done. There's a very brief Super Metroid style text intro describing the mission, followed by some brief cutscenes of Samus arriving at SR388. The timing is still being tweaked, and the music for this sequence requires the exact duration of the intro, so I can properly sync it.

As always, thank you for following the project, and for all the support.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

AMTA - (April's fools post)

After some headaches with the screen resize code, I was able to successfully build AMTA as an HTML5 app. I also fixed some typos and grammar issues, and added a way to speed up the text.
This makes replaying the game much easier and faster.
The next feature should be to make the entire script read from a text file, allowing easy customization and expansion of the story, for people who enjoy modding.

Here's the updated download info:

Another Metroid Text Adventure v1.0

Windows - Mega - MediaFire
Linux - Coming eventually

What is it?
It's the ultimate Metroid text adventure. Choose your own path, survive the dangerous caves of planet SR388, uncover the secrets of the ancient Chozo, and take part in the most important event in the Metroid universe.

  • Multiple paths
  • CRT Style text
  • Easy to read font, even on mobile
  • Multiplatform

Feel free to discuss the game at the forums. Please be mindful of spoilers.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


I started the last stretch of music production. Music is something I usually leave behind priority wise, compared to other duties.
The later parts of the game have the coolest songs in the original, it'll be a nice challenge to remake those songs and keep the tense atmosphere.

Also, I received help from a very talented composer for the original Area 5 song. Composing over Skype was a pretty interesting experience, quite different from other collaborations.

The Omegas are looking pretty good now, even if they are still missing a couple more frames. Making revisions to eliminate cheapness and exploits is very time consuming.
We're getting closer to the end.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Some screens

Here are the screenshots I promised.

Right before the main facility of area 5, Moheeks are pretty deadly underwater.

The water effects were redone, the blue tint is a lot less intrusive than before.

The upper part of area 5 isn't flooded. So it looks and plays like a traditional area.

The caves right before the final area.

This is the first normal metroid you encounter in the game.

Please bear in mind that things are improving all the time. The metroid sprite is made of smaller moving sprites, and still missing the electricity effect. It looks a lot better in motion.
Testing is still going on, now also including the late areas. The two big things that are going to be the final challenges in development are the Omega and Queen metroids, specially their AI and balance. 
I'll get back to coding, have a good week!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Right now I'm enjoying my yearly week of summer vacations. Unlike on my daily routine, I'm able to get some rest, and sleep like an actual human being.
The downside, is that I have limited internet connectivity where I'm staying.

After enjoying the beach with my family, I get some time to spend on the project. And without internet (and cat videos), I was able to finally sit down and learn proper spriting in Photoshop.
Paint Shop Pro was very good when the project started, but Photoshop is a completely different beast, and many things are more comfortable once you learn some keyboard shortcuts.
I could finish the sprites for the last couple enemies that were pending. They can still be improved, but they are useful for coding the AI and placing them in the game.

I'll be returning home in a couple days.
By then, I'll post some screenshots of the latest changes.
Have a good weekend!