The future of AM2R

As you may know already, AM2R received DMCA notices in all the download hosts, and some parts of this blog. So far, no C&D letter was received. 

This project began a long time ago, while I was actually trying to learn the programming side of Game Maker. Instead of moving on with something else, when I learned a better way of doing something, I reiterated and improved the old code.
Eventually, I learned to program in C#. Now I'm making a living as a professional programmer thanks to what I learned developing a fan game. 
Technically speaking, I'm satisfied.

Artists started offering help. First with the main enemies, then with sprites, enemies, bosses.
The forums started to come alive with fans making feature suggestions, and always being positive and optimistic about the project. I added new contents, trying to be respectful about the established lore. Demo after demo people liked the game. Then the game was out, and for a brief time, players enjoyed the game they were expecting for a long time.
Artistically speaking, I'm satisfied.

What about the future? 
I'll continue improving and fixing AM2R privately.

How will updates will be released, if at all?
I'm still working on it.

My priority now is to fix the invisible gravity suit bug that's hindering many player's experience. If you experience that bug, please visit the forum, and I'll eventually provide a fix.

Please, don't hate Nintendo for all of this. It's their legal obligation to protect their IP.
Instead of sending hate mail, get the original M2 from the eShop. Show them that 2D adventure platformers are still a thing people want. 

You're invited to share your thoughts at the Forum, or follow AM2R on Twitter for the latest updates.

Thank you.


JPolchowski said…
Is there any way to proffer donations?
Anonymous said…
People are using this explicit explanation of the situation to continue to blame Nintendo for things they are not doing. People want Nintendo to be this terrible company when they're simply not. People don't understand that you can't force good games, nor do they understand how their precious Metroid series has been developed over the years.

Thank you for making this game. Thank you for setting the record straight. Keep doing what you're doing. Someone like Nintendo should hire you.

I think that the last few areas could use some work. Aside from the Omega Metroids, they seem fairly empty and unthreatening, and there are multiple such areas/they go on for quite some time... the last stretch of other Metroid games is not like this. The argument is that the original Metroid II was like this, but the entire rest of AM2R is completely different.
jasons's buddy said…
Put the link back up now fight Nintendo.
Anonymous said…
Why should I give THEM money when they are not the ones providing what I want?
Anonymous said…
Hi, some bugs:

Some walls raise a fit when you Spider across them unless you turn Spider off and on again. Maybe some weird positional requirements.

The Breeding Grounds log does a second scan for the second Breeding Grounds.
SAMRAN said…
Love the game - thank you so much for it! As a longtime Metroid 2 and Zero Mission Fan I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work.

I just found the Gravitiy Suit and not only can I move now at normal speed under water it makes Samus invisible too.. cool new feature, but it makes the game a little harder ;)

I guess it is some graphical effect that my old Laptop can't handle? Switching the Gravity Suit off again helps btw.

Maybe you could implement a feature to switch off some certain graphical effects in the future?
Anonymous said…
No matter the future of this project, thank you so much for your incredible hard work and dedication. You've given me the Metroid excitement I've craved for almost fifteen years, and if Nintendo never releases another 2D Metroid in the future (which doesn't seem impossible), then I can be satisfied with Project AM2R as a finale.
Anonymous said…
It isn't actually their legal obligation to protect their IP. You're thining of trademarks, if you dont defend a trademark it can lapse. IP never lapses regardless of whether you defend it or not.
Unknown said…
Luckily I snagged it release day before those nob gobblers...sorry, justified IP protectors tore down the best thing that has happened to Metroid in ages.

Well done, Doc. Finished it last night, and I was highly impressed. To you and your team, I hope Nintendo approaches you with an offer.
Anonymous said…
Suggestions for updates.

-give people a hint what Shine Spark is under the speed boots in the menu, assume they haven't played Super Metroid, though unlikely that is.
-close the warp pod's door behind Samus in that one section until they get ice beam, so they don't go back and wander around confusedly. If you need to justify this in-game, it could over heat or something, and you need to cool it down with the ice beam.
-have the power bomb effect shadow out Samus rather than engulf her as well
-make the green Metroid membrane less vibrant with each form to make it a little harder for people to notice, until it's just transparent when you get to Omega. Would fit the artwork too.
-make Zeta a little fatter looking, give him like a Dedede style float attack.
-Backtracking to the other areas from the Metroid lab near the end it tedious. Add another warp pod somewhere around there that connects to the warp pod room. Have it only open after you use it to get back there, so you can't enter it before you get to that point. Again, the warp pod placed around the metroid lab could be overheating.
-Replace Samus' orange shorts, orange boots, and orange crop top with the Ellen Ripley style white tank top and panties that she had in Metroid 2. It was a better design, in my opinion, and fits with the "xenomorph hunting" theme of this game.
-It breaks from the original a bit, but add the queen metroid to the metroid counter. Makes sparing "the last metroid" a bit more impactful.
-I like the title screen music for your game very much, but why does it begin with Metroid 1's intro? I'd like a faithful recreation of Metroid 2's title music, with the repetitive sting on startup, the metroid sounds, the random crashing, the slow startup to the music until about 1:30 in it starts to sound triumphant, while still being eerie and desolate.
-it would be cool if you finished the alternate running animation, but that's just a novelty

Great game, I've played it three times now. Hard mode really was hard, I love how you actually changed up the enemies instead of just taking the easy route and making them bullet sponges. You guys clearly put a lot of heart and effort into this.
Guardian said…
I'm with you 100% Doc and I've even already bought and played Metroid II (Ironically influenced by you)
But when Nintendo decided to file the DMCA act after the full game was released despite having almost 10 years to say something about it, it's kind of a low-blow.
Matt said…
I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you did. AM2R could be the single best 2D Metroid experience I've ever had the pleasure of completing (100% and 5hr27min completion time FYI).

I'm glad to hear you'll continue to make patches, but honestly I don't know how you could improve; I didn't experience a single glitch in the entire game. Kudos.

Looking forward to any updates and any future projects you may do.
Eskimo44 said…
Great post, you're 100% correct in saying Nintendo did nothing wrong. The game is unreal i'm only 1/3rd through it but i'm really impressed and very hopeful for updates. I'm glad to hear this project has been a benefit to you as it's benefited Metroid fans everywhere. Thanks again.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic game you made, it was by sheer luck I found out about this a couple of weeks before release and downloaded it the day it came out. Hopefully you can work something out with Nintendo so all this effort gets to be experienced by more people. At least they chose to do this after giving people time to download it I guess.
Unknown said…
Don't open the game till you've already hooked uo your tv, then after your tv is hooked up, launch the game
Anonymous said…
I very much agree with you Adrian....

If Nintendo really had a problem with the remake they would of shut it down at first notice or at least when they first demo dropped. but to wait until the first official version of the game is released to completely fuck it up for everyone is them pissing all over what you have accomplished and showing the ultimate kind of disrespect to you and it's fan base. And people STILL defend this company....

Yes it is within their rights but it's also not. AM2R is not a direct copy and paste of M2 TRS, it is fresh, there are new elements in that, elements that came from your own imagination. Nintendo haven't really cared about what we want for 2 gaming generations....we haven't had a decent metroid game for years. It's sad because I was a huge Nintendo fan in my youth and after this they have really lost what little respect I still had for them.....

I cant believe they would wait till you actually released the game first version of the game to block it when several demos had being released Prior to it....they basically stuck the middle finger up at you and your work knowing full well about the project years before hand. Jerks..

No wonder Nintento is being disrespected and is being slated.
Amazing game, thanks so much for making it. I think it fits very well with super metroid, fusion and zero mission.

I'd love to see you make a game in the same gamestyle but with an original theme. How about something more cosmic horror/lovecraftian? You have the skills and I think many people would buy your work. I would for sure.
loki said…
Big deal; so many people are torrenting and seeding this game that Nintendo has essentially accomplished fuck-all.
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for your time and effort. Your blog has been very exciting to follow for the past 6-ish years for me and 8 years for others. It is sad that this happened. I'm glad we got to enjoy it 'til release - and some of us have a legendary gift, Doc. God bless you, your help, and the many fans that now depart for life after the project.
B.W. said…
Exactly Kals Els. Like all the hiring that went on in the golden age of arcade games. It's stupid to just squash something instead of look at it as an opportunity. It's short-sited of them. If people are putting this much time and effort into it then there's something there to capitalize on. Nintendo is stupid.
GunsZalo said…
Man pasaba a felicitarte.. soy fan de la saga.. es una maravilla el remake.. muchísimas gracias genio..
Unknown said…
I just finished my first play through and can I just say...WOW! What an amazing piece of work! Congrats to all involved for doing what Nintendo hasn't been able to do in a great many years, and that is to release a Metroid game worth playing. I know copyright law gets dicey, but I hope to goodness they fund some way to compensate you for the rights to sell this en masse. This needs to remain available.
And maybe I'm reading too much into that last little screen after the credits, but ...!!!!! Can it be?! Does the future hold something even more marvelous?
Anonymous said…
I appreciate all the sweat and tears you put into this project over the years. I always thought metroid 2 was easier than the original, so you really upped the anty as far as a difficulty mode. The game is flawless in my eyes.trying to beat the game fast enough to see samus in her bathing suit, but I gotta learn that new underwater level a little better, thats time consuming. Love the serris fight. I'm just glad that you got a chance to release this masterpiece doc!! Must admit the timer scared me, worrying about the dmca. Good luck with the updates!
Unknown said…
I love your work, I really do, except for one thing, Why the hell did you change the item lay outs? Now I'm fricken lost on what to do and no walk through what so ever is able to help me. Bad move dude.. bad fricken move..
Unknown said…
Any chance of a git going up for this? Might be a little more free to share the uncompiled source (like the Lame sources floating around out there). I'd be happy to compile it myself :)
Christopher said…
Welp, I knew that Nintendo were going to be dicks on this sooner or later. Personally, it is time to amend copyright law to say "5 years MAX, no extensions!" on everything from music to movies to video games to TV shows.

That is the reality of life: If you have not gotten your money back on something that fits into those categories in 5 years? You are not going to ever get your money back.
Anon said…
But there's no ledge grabbing in the original, or sick beats (by compairison).
Garbin said…
Doc, what you (and those that helped) have done with this game is amazing. I've watched it develop over the years and was knocked out by what I saw in the last demo version. Unfortunately, I didn't get in soon enough to download the finished version of the game :( Hopefully, Nintendo will wake up and see this game for what it is - a homage to the Metroid franchise that surpasses anything that they've turned out for years. Thank you and well done!
Unknown said…
Couldn't they buy the rights of AM2R from Doc directly? And sell it themselves? I feel like Doc would he willing to sell it to Nintendo. It'd be a show of sprortsmanship on Nintendo's part, something they haven't shown in a LONG while
Goodnightmoon said…
I'm just here to say I'm a huge Metroid fan and I think this remake is just as good as I could have expected from Nintendo. Brilliant work, thanks for the great time I had playing it.
Unknown said…
I wonder if they're going to use it as a template for a good game, since they seemed to have lost theirs years ago. I'm just glad I get to play the game, and maybe I'll do my own patchwork if Doc can't make it. I'll see what I can do. This is the time for the fans of the game to pith in. They may have shut him down, but they can't shut all of us down.
Unknown said…
A blessing it may have been to "turn a blind eye" and then do it now to uphold their repuration is something I can appreciate, but why would they want to uphold their reputation. Their reputation SUCKS. This wouldve been a good time to form a new reputation and they blew it. I'm glad I get to play the game, but that doesn't change the fact I'm pissed at Nintendo
Anonymous said…
I'm showing Nintendo my interest in Metroid by downloading this and playing it :)

I already have Metroid II and a Gameboy so I won't buy it again, but I have bought every original Metroid work Nintendo has released and continue to... Except I am questioning for the first time doing so with the new 3DS entry
Anonymous said…
Meh... if Nintendo had its way, this wouldn't be released and nothing else comparable likely would.

We're all better off this came out as is, DMCA notice or not.
Orgem said…
Thank you so much for putting the effort and perseverance of complete this game for us for the price of nothing. I played it some years ago until the point you had. I have no words for express my gratitude. The entire gamer community know about this game now and with the position of Nintendo, even more. Don't worry about not being able to share your work. There always be some copies of AM2R around the web.

Farewell, Bounty Hunter.
Lobishomen said…
Are you sure it was Nintendo?
Maybe its people trolling with the DMCA, this is why I think you should consider that:

-Nintendo didn't took down Super Mario Bros X nor Zelda Classic

-You didn't receive a C&D letter

-They waited for the full version to take it down instead of sending the S&D in the early development stages, like usually do the big publishers

-Nintendo don't take down the ROM downloads, Why would they take down a fan game instead?

-There are a lot of trolls on the internet that files DMCA claims even when they don't own the material.
Anonymous said…
I think you shouldn't have used the original Metroid escape theme. It was reused in Prime 2 because that was the end of the game, like in Metroid. It still works in Zero Mission because that game is supposed to be a remake of the original, and you're still given the impression that the game ends here.

The section it's used in AM2R isn't anywhere near the end of the game, more like halfway. I think some version of the Prime Frigate escape theme would have fit better; that's probably why Kenji Yamamoto composed that one in the first place.
Anonymous said…
Hannibal Smith, their reputation sucks because people are liars. They are outright lying about things Nintendo has never done. There's no real way to actually fight that with the situation they're in.

They have not shut down the game, at all. People keep thinking Nintendo has any control over what happened, and that's just not true. Nintendo is completely blameless in this situation and in many other situations, even though Nintendo of America (supposedly) hired Miller Nash themselves.

Instead of shitting on Nintendo's entire existence for things they haven't done, we should actually look at the situation and maybe have some pity on the poor company. God knows they need it and deserve it. If you wanna keep whining about not getting the Metroid game of your dreams after about four years of figuring out what to do about Dread, and the catastrophe that was Other M, then you're probably not gonna get a new Metroid any time soon... or ever.

Federation Force is going to be an infinitely better game than Other M, and we know that they want to do a new proper Prime. Both of these things are far more important than praying for a game that people might not even buy.
Because of playing this remake of Metroid 2, I bought Metroid Fusion on the Eshop, Nintendo will never know it's because of this game. But I thought I would share it hear. It's sad that it's being removed but I also understand, Happy that you are not mad and on your end something good come of this!
David Wendt said…
Absolutely fantastic remake from beginning to end. For shame, Nintendo - we wanted this (or something like it), not Metroid Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Also, the whole "It's their legal obligation to protect their IP" thing is vastly overstated. In fact, if this were true, most retro games would have fallen out of copyright protection. The only place where this applies at all is trademark law, and even then it's a very limited possibility that requires Nintendo to fail to act against very blatant commercial trademark infringement. Furthermore, trademark abandonment can only apply if there is a situation where Nintendo could be proven to know about an infringement and failed to act.

Note that I mean "act", not "sue". Nintendo is not obligated to; they could just as easily decide to issue blanket approvals for noncommercial fan works, much like other companies already do for Let's Plays. They could even decide in this specific case to approve of the existence of AM2R without a blanket statement. That would be a valid action that would not diminish their ability to stop other kinds of infringements (such as commercial piracy). Furthermore, it's not entirely clear if a noncommercial fan work like AM2R would even qualify as a trademark infringement. First off, you aren't even calling it "Metroid"; and second, you aren't even selling it. The key word in "trademark" is "trade", of which you are clearly not engaged in.

For the record, I am not a lawyer and some of this legal analysis may be wrong. I don't care. My point is that we should stop waving around the technicality of abandonment as an excuse for any and all legal action taken by a creator against their fans. If they sent a C&D, they did it because they wanted the fan work taken down, not because of nebulous legal obligations that are supposed to absolve Nintendo of culpability in the eyes of fans.
Ben said…
Thank you. Just, thank you. It's about damn time this game was given the love it deserves. I still have my M2 cartridge, and this is awesome. I'll be buying all the Metroid games on the eShop I don't own on the Federation Force release day just to show Nintendo that's what we all want. The takedown is understandable for them, but damn, I'd spend 60 bucks to have this on a Wii U disk, They need to grab it from you and your team.
Anonymous said…

I'm just here to report of a couple of bugs (one annoying the other pretty serious).

-Space jump isn't always responsive when it comes to ascending while pressing the jump button.
This is very apparent when try to run, then jump, trying to preform the action.
I've tried on both on keyboard and controller. Both have the same issue.

BUG#2 (This one is pretty serious)
The save file of the game can corrupt.
It's a bit of broad problem as it can be caused by a variety of issues, so I'll try to narrow it down.
I want to really point out that the most probable cause is that it be the "windows 10 switch user feature." (speaking of which I really never had an issue using it but am aware of problems that other people had).

Another issue I may have had could be a strange event of the area I was in.
The area where you grab the space jump, 70 missiles, 4-E tanks, spring ball jump, and charge shot.
Though it can be a possibility, it could be not very likely.

My Specs itself is very good.
-lots of RAM and HDD space
-HDD has been checked and doesn't have any sorts of errors or corruptions (...well, other than the save file)

If there's a way to take a look at these issue, much will be appreciated.
Also wouldn't hurt if there's any access of a file editor, just so I can get back to where I'm at again without starting completely over.

Thx again
Anonymous said…
The game was/is fantastic. I've already played through it twice, and I just got 100% on one of my playthroughs. I loved every moment of it and I cannot thank you enough for the incredible effort that was put into this game.
Anonymous said…
I agree with many from above. Nintendo are fools and tools for not issuing a takedown earlier in the process. My WHOLE FAMILY loves this game, and I bless you for your work and love on this project. You have to put something on steam greenlight. I'll buy it, and will also buy copies for my three kids. Don't get discouraged. And Thanks
I'm actually grateful you are handling this turn of events with grace instead of being vengeful. You and your team have done such an incredible job with this release, I wish someone would pitch this to Nintendo as an OFFICIAL rebuild. Seriously, non-intrusive story elements, challenging Metroids, and you managed to even bring the nostalgia from all over the series history with the music selections. This was a very thoughtfully built game, and you did the developer community proud.

May good fortune follow you in your future endeavors. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Unknown said…
Followed this project for a number of years and I'm really impressed with how it turned out! Just finished playing it now - missed a few items (81%)and it took me 7-8 hours but oh well, i wasn't exactly in a hurry - next time will be better though!.

You have made an incredible game - now we can all enjoy 4 2D Metroid games with a consistent quality. Thanks so much for sticking with it and getting it done.

Totally AWESOME!
Lipča said…
Thank you for this awesome remake. I just finished the game and it was intense :-)
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Just finished your game. Absolutely mind blowing that you were able to make it as well as you did. I can only thank you for taking us along on your adventure and keeping us on the edge of our seats for years. Truly amazing endeavor here and by far one of the best metroid games I've played in years. Kudos to the highest degree!
Unknown said…
as one of the few who downloaded the game before it was taken down i am deeply concered by this news and hope you can come to an agreement with nintendo to distribute your game on the e-store of freely
Unknown said…
Unfortunately Nintendo has been hostile to independent developers regarding their IP for decades - is a good example, after which id used the game engine they created to make Commander Keen.
Mystt said…
This was an amazingly fun time. Frustrating as hell from time to time, but that's with the controls being too finicky; sub weapons would just randomly go off, one time on the Queen boss fight my gun got stuck pointing down. That said, I wouldn't change much: it's got the right balance and challenge. Sadly never 100% the game, but the last 19% I needed wasn't of importance. One thing stood out for sure, clearly those who worked on this title were huge fans of Metroid, and I couldn't think of a better Tribute. I am just glad I got to finish it before Nintendo got to taken it down. Thank you,
Unknown said…
It took me a bit, but here's an small "not day 1" feedback.
(Contains spoilers)

[minor] [glitch] Restarting at the Distribution Center at a point (having turned power back and on the way to screw attack) made the music go away. This was an isolated occurence after restarting multiple times. Restarting once again fixed the music. Haven't figured how to reproduce, but likely involves a door transition or sound effects or something like that.
[minor] [cosmetic] The GFS Thoth has the wrong door graphics for the front (map's east), compared to the rest of the ship.
[minor] [cosmetic?] The Iwatsurara (weird falling bugs) can dig beyond the depth of some floors, at which point it can be seen disappear.
[very minor] [cosmetic] The effect for the current location flashing on the minimap has an odd transparency bug. This was present in at least the later demos, too.
[medium] [glitch] Some particular ceilings have a strange behavior that makes Spider Ball lose its grip, but only ocassionally. It seems to happen by climbing along holding Up or Left. There are several spots, but most of the time I encounter it in Area 2.
(related) [minor] a Tsumuri (wall bug thing) also seems to experience this glitch near the Area 2 Breeding Grounds.
[minor] [cosmetic] Due to it being found in the same room as a pipe, a missile expansion in Area 2 is unmarked on the map. The player cannot miss spotting it as it is not hidden, however.
[unknown if intended] [minor] [cosmetic] Some ledge corner tiles in Area 3's large outer cavern chamber have an ambiguously innacurate collision, being able to walk through them instead of fully solid.
[unknown if intended] [minor] [cosmetic] The last waterfall right before the genetic laboratory is marked as a door from both sides in the map, while the rest aren't marked at all. This gives a false impression that you can go up the waterfall.
[unknown if intended] [???] You can kill the Queen by laying a Power Bomb in her mouth which triggers the normal damage "poof" death.
[minor-medium] [cosmetic?] Pausing the game in the room with the hatchling will duplicate it. The double will be gone if you leave the room, and did not seem to have any effect in completing the game.
[???] I think beating Easy in 2 hours silently unlocked Samus without her helmet in the gallery, but the ending picture displayed Samus running with the hatchling. Alternatively, it was Easy 100%.
[???] Taking snapshots seems bugged, there are several duplicate shots while others seem to be missing. (Likewise, snapshots are taken at the displayed resolution instead of native, making it a bit inconvenient)

· The main tunnel music remaining right before and after the first Omega encounter feels a bit out of place, considering the similar scenario with the two Alphas. Maybe make the tunnel music gradually go quiet as you approach it (which would help hear the fighting sounds), and stay quiet until you leave?
· The Metroid counter should probably lower to 0 once the Queen is killed (and perhaps raise it again at the hatchling?)
· Lower the global counter by 8 to keep the Metroid increase from Metroid 2 when you encounter the other larvas, just downloading the data doesn't have the same impact.
· Maybe a Power Bomb (+Shinespark?) passage to return from the GFS Thoth area to your ship?
· In Super Metroid, three Power Bombs would defeat a Metroid without need to freeze it. Currently there's no way to skip Ice Beam, so this method would be pointless aside inconvenient, but is a detail.
· Power Bombs could be used to not damage, but still force an Omega Metroid to back off.
· Serris on the other hand is easy to cheese with Power Bombs, so perhaps it should be rebalanced to not take damage from them.
andy said…
It's really sad to hear this. I can't see any way that your awesome remake hurts Nintendo IP or their finances. I can only see the mindless greed that speaks through their actions. I'm one of those people that wait for the Linux version. Heck, I even wait for the Linux ARM-compiled version:) and still have hope for it. But first of all I'm eternally grateful to you Doc, for bringing one of the best video games in history back. Thank you, and let your developer's career be fruitful.
Marandahir said…
Thank you for contributing such a rich gift of time, artistry, and effort to the community. :)
RPG said…
Unfortunately, it's hard NOT to be mad at Nintendo when Valve and Capcom are smartly making profit off of fan-made productions of similar caliber.
daisuke89 said…
Alguien sabra si se puede transformar el archivo a WAD y correrlo en una co nsola Wii con homebrew? o sabe alguien ya se hiso esto????
Yo, can I get a download link for the soundtrack?
mhlw said…
It's pretty obvious you should just strip this of the most blatant IP infringements such as calling it Metroid and mentioning Nintendo anywhere within the game. Make it a generic clone you will have to modify almost nothing and you should be fine.
Unknown said…
men no se puede descargar el juego ya que en la descarga no sirve.
trata de recuperar o restaurarlo para que otros fanaticos como yo lo podamos probar muchas gracias..
Unknown said…
the download link does not work please trestauralo or repair it for other fans of this game as I can enjoy it ..
thank you very much.
Unknown said…
Good job Nintendo!
This is why people are hating on you!
So what you release two terrible "Metroid" games and when someone else releases a good one for free you can't take it? Sounds about right.
Far as I'm concerned Samus died in Other M along with those weeks, months, hell, years, I spent playing as her. This set the final nail in the coffin.
Were it not for Monster Hunter Generations I wouldn't even have a Nintendo console right now.
Keep it up, say hi to THQ when you see 'em.
KBG said…
Doctor, great job my friend, i just finished playing your remake and IT IS AWESOME bro, i dont know why nintendo is doing this to u guys when they should be greatful that u came up with this remake, AWESOME WORK BRO, thanks a lot for bringing me back to game boy, good old times. Some of us would like to donate u some money for ur hard work, I know that u did it for urself because u r also a metroid fan as we are as well, but I personally would like to donate u some money for this Awesome remake, just let us know how. Once again,THANK U SO MUCH DOCTORM64 and thanks to everyone who made this remake possible.
Unknown said…
Excelente Juego Compañero! Te felicito por tu increible Remake, el mejor cumpleaños de Metroid ./ An Excellent Game Mate!, Your Remake is just incredible, this is the best birthday of Metroid.
If nothing else....I'd say work with an artist and try and change this into your own original project using M2 as a base.
Kage said…
I don't know where this "they must protect their IP" thing is coming from, because it's false. Copyright does not mandate anything in regards to the actions of the creator, nor is there a penalty for not acting on infringement.

I suspect Trademark requirements are being confused with Copyright. If a mark becomes "generic" it can be lost. Nintendo could absolutely choose not to look the other way, and even go so far as to promote this, despite it being an infringement, and there would be no penalty, no harm done to Nintendo. It's a shame Nintendo chose this route.

A mark is "generic" when it is used in reference to something other than the what the mark was created for. An example of this is Band-Aid. It used to be a brand of bandage, but now is used to refer to a specific type of bandage instead of the Band-Aid brand. As a result, the mark became "generic" and can now be used by anyone.
Unknown said…
After all the years... I still have to look every day for updates :D
Anonymous said…
is the gravity suit meant to be invisible? when i equip it Samus turns invisible
Unknown said…
Wish Nintendo would contact & hire you, and then let you port this amazing Metroid 2 remake to the WiiU and 3DS because the amazing quality of this remake, instead taking down the game alone...
Unknown said…
Thanks for making such a fantastic remake of this game for all of us. I know it's still kinda hard for new players to get ahold of it for the moment, but luckily I got my hands on it right after it came out and it's fantastic! If only lots more classic games could get remakes like this. Thanks again!
Anonymous said…
How is it possible to not hate Nintendo for this? Metroid 2 is the Metroid that has been the biggest black sheep in Nintendo's eyes and honestly I will never expect them to do anything with the game at this point. I agree with everyone else that they basically should have paid you for the effort, found some way to translate it over to whatever language is used for 3ds/wii u virtual console games and officially released it. I'm nearly done with AM2R and love the effort you've put into it.

While Nintendo hasn't turned into Konami, they are not doing themselves many favors in this case.
Unknown said…
Sencillamente que juegazo se siente como un verdadero metroid, But Nintendo is just making shit, you made an awesome game, I have been waiting for a metroid 2 remake because I dont like to play the original, Nintedo request you to stop working on it but they release Metroid prime federation force... That fucking shit all of us want to see samus again not whoever they are, I like it to much I feel like a real metroid, the gameplay its completelly better than original Its that one thing I like too much, I will end it and I hope if Nintendo is Closing your project is because they really think to release the remake not just to bother, Thank you so much for the game
jesternario said…
If you ask me, you should be trying to convince Nintendo to put the game up on their eshop for a fee (they'd obviously keep the profits).
Unknown said…
I would really love to play the full version but Nintendo took it down before I got my chance.....Is their anyway i can get the released version of the game?.
Anonymous said…
this game is just as good as any metroid game nintendo has ever released

finished it today - blown away by the polish and pure authenticity of the whole thing

boss battles were some of the best in the series without spoilers there were twists to the bosses that LITERALLY made my jaw drop and old favourites returned which was so, so amazing and fun to play

bravo to all involved in the project
Unknown said…
I haven't download the remake.
I haven't finish it at 100%.
I haven't cry cause' of melancholy.
And i don't, but don't ever ever thank you for this remake and all the incredible work you did.
I Don't hope you keep up the good work and maybe release some day a entirely new game.
Unknown said…
Gracias por el excelente remake DRM64, solo una petición: podría poner un cameo del parásito X por favor, ya que estos y los Metroids viven en el mismo planeta.
FL said…
90% of DMCAs wasn't Nintendo, just troll bots like Jason Allen or other more stupid, that track down any download that include the Nintendo franchise names like "Pokémon", even Trainer Card Creators, in an effort to track down ROMs. I got my file removed for mediafire, but I send an e-mail explaining the situation and I got it back.
Hey man, congrats on making it thus far. I've been following along with your project for the last few years and I say congratulations on garnishing this much attention! Good work. Keep it up in your future endeavors!!!

Here's my blog:
Congratulations at last Doc!

By the way, a suggestion: make the Queen's super bomb ending the only way to finish the fight (for example, force the queen to eat you no matter what you do). The alternative death animation is inexistent, and the super bomb one is badass.
Simonsen said…
esse bug do varia suit sem a cor roxa por mim ta sussa,se depender de mim pode demorar anos pra corrigir pq p mim o jogo ta perfeito e sem nenhum outro bug
Unknown said…
1. I vehemently -hate- you for that speed booster + super-missile section when you first get them. By the same token, damn but that felt HELLA good to beat once I figured out the pattern/room layout.

2. I still own my original gray slab of Nintendium, and even better, still own my original Metroid 2: RoS cartridge. After all these years it still has my save file attached to it, in that last save point 'below' the false lake layer of the final chozo/queen metroid section. No, you can't have either of them. Mine.

3. Finally, a Queen Metroid fight worthy to be considered the successor to the original GameBoy fight (which is STILL aggravating as hell all these years later). No, I don't count the Other M's bull$$$$ fight, because that game doesn't exist - Original/Zero Mission, M2/This, Super, Prime Trilogy, Hunters (they at least tried), Fusion, is all that I consider canon. Note that I now consider this canon.

4. While annoying, I don't blame Nintendo for protecting their IP. I do however blame their PR department for completely dropping the ball on not contacting you and making this official. I mean, Megaman Vs Street Fighter flat out started off as a fangame, and Capcom (for all -its- own faults) threw their support behind it and made it official, if a side-story. Why Nintendo hasn't done the same for you, God only knows.

5. I know you can't outright say what company you work for, or risk having them go after you, but feel free to drop hints/tips/wink-wink-nudge-nudge stuff for 'possible' games from certain companies to buy in the future. If that is, its a game maker. If not, well, I hope whatever you helped program ends up in something I buy later on.
Avner said…
Will you at least release the complete am2r soundtrack? It isn't infringement as it's the artist's own creative work inspired by metroid (I'm pretty sure). I know people at OCRemix and others worked on it. Will you release it on this blog, or somewhere else?
HigurashiKun said…
first of all congratulation, all these years of intense labor gave birth to this magnificent piece of art, i sincerelly hope to you and Nintendo the best in your respective affairs in life, be it bussiness or life in general.

8-bit filter (ala metroid: confrontation) when? :p
Chris said…
Have you read this?

It's an interesting in-depth review of AM2R, comparing it to the original Metroid 2. It could give you some pointers on what things to improve for future updates, particularly as far as bringing it closer to Metroid 2's atmosphere goes.
Iwasaki Koji said…
I can damn well be mad at Nintendo all I want. I don't need to buy some damn ROM from the eShop. I own the original cartridge and have played that bitch literally over a thousand times over the last twenty-five years. I hope you find a way to release updates.
Unknown said…
Why don't you change the name and the characters as well as their names and release it again as a new game without a connection to Metroid?
Unknown said…
Wow, that was quick. Leave it to Nintendo to rain on a guy's parade. I mean sure, Nintendo still has the rights to Metroid I understand it. But, its not like you're asking for money. Why can't Nintendo be like Capcom. A fan created Street Fighter VS Mega Man for the 25th Anniversary (for no money). Instead of shutting it down, they allowed people to download it (FOR FREE!). See, Nintendo's biggest flaw already, someone creates a Metroid 2 remake, it gets shut down. Bullcrap! They're crapping on Doc's hard work for all of those years. The demo ran great and everything. Even IF Nintendo decides to create a Metroid 2 remake, I guarantee it won't be as good as Doc's. He's worked most of the bugs out. Damn you Nintendo, this is not how you win your fans back. Learn a lesson from Capcom for crying out loud! Stop checking your bank accounts and listen to the fans.
Anonymous said…
The whole "support Nintendo" BS would be great if it worked. I'm sorry, but their "obligation" extends to puerile bullheadedness on their part. I've seen it time and again. "Supporting" them by buying re-releases of their 20 year old games won't work, because they'll just keep doing exactly that. They could've taken one look at your project, said, "Hey, this looks awesome!" and contracted you. Instead, they sing the same old song and lose out on the money this project could've made while spitting in the face of their fans once again.

Screw 'em.
Anonymous said…
u gonna make a am3r?
Bluestorm83 said…
AM2R can still be found out there floating in the ether. Not in any official way, of course, as Doc took down all of his hosted files. But naturally, once a thing is on the Internet, someone will find a way to make it last forever. I'm sure that if you googled things like or "AM2R Complete" you'd eventually find something hosted on Pirate Bay or some other service out there.

And that's why I can't be mad at Nintendo. They could have stopped this back at the first playable demo. Instead, they let the full game sit there on the internet for TWO DAYS before DMCA-ing it. I feel like they did what they had to do, but also didn't want to kill a high quality labor of love.
Thad said…
Respectfully, you're mistaken when you say that Nintendo has a legal obligation to protect its IP.

That may be true of trademarks (though there's some dispute on that score), but it's absolutely not true of copyrights. There's no such thing as losing a copyright because you didn't enforce it.

Nintendo has a legal *right* to request the removal of fan games like this one, sure. But it has no legal *obligation* to do so. Nobody forced their hand; they made a choice.
Unknown said…

action number 1
of Other Event: User Defined 2
for object oControl:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [49,80] out of range [80,80] -,1568080)
at gml_Object_oControl_Other_12
Hey a i found a little bug , if you use the morph ball to get out the camera focus and then jump you can exit the screen
Unknown said…
I'm seeding 5 different AM2R torrents just as hard as I fucking can. I will do my share to make sure a project this awesome can never be killed.

Mega Burst Mode, check thepiratebay, demonoid, or your torrent tracker of preference. There are several torrents out there.
Anonymous said…
Hello Doctor M64,

i followed the progress of your game for the last few years and played all the demos and confrontation. I am very pleased about the final game: it's really awesome and i am really thankful for your hard work. But to see Nintendos reaction really pisses me of. They made the games of my childhood, but now they have gone the way of the soulless money machine, which shines in their newly developed games and actions such as these. they may have the law on their side, but morally they got no right at all. Metroid is part of our collective memory and this alone makes is ours as well as theirs. I hope they will go bankrupt. I am not a fan anymore.
Val said…
Hey doc, I just wanted to thank you for this awesome game. You have managed to create one of the best 2D Metroid, and this is kind of crazy considering the quality of Metroid games.
Everything in AM2R is great, and I hope you and your team are proud of your work. Thank you so much, I spent 6 hours of pure happiness playing your game, and I already want to play it again. Thanks.

PS : I secretely hope that Nintendo will hire you or buy AM2R to release it on their console. I don't want to believe that they really are trying to shut the project down.
Ghaleonh41 said…
Thank you for releasing this wonderful game to us! Been waiting & following for years & I am not disappointed! Can you let us know if the game will be available for Android in the future, especially the Nvidia Shield? I'd love to be able to play this game on the go!
Unknown said…
You might want to see this
Anonymous said…
I wish Ninty had just BOUGHT this from you. Seriously, this is the most sincere labor of love I've seen. I'm a stickler for detail, a lifelong fan of Metroid and a hater of pale imitations. This isn't one. Everything, from sound design, layout, mechanics, graphics, palets... It's perfect. Thank you for this game. I don't blame Ninty for filing a C&D, I just think it was a bad decision. Paying the team for all the hard work and selling it under their brand would have just been a much better idea, to be honest.

Again, thanks for all the hard work, and know that there are a lot of people who were able to get it before the C&D who are LOVING seeing Samus back and in the action!

Unknown said…
Mission complete. Nice game dudes! WOW :)
Anonymous said…
In a world were money matters, I can't help but to think why we need Copyright so much, or is it serving it's purpose really. If it does, I have no qualms. But then I see things like this happen. Ok, it's their sprite that's used so what. Isn't there a negotiation possible? Why not nindento sell your game and share the profit if they want it so much, rather than hindering people of "Freedom of art".

That's why I don't buy big brand games anymore, but indies mostly. They deserve more in my opinion.
Daniel said…
Dear Milton,

as I had the chance to have a private skype conversation with you, I know what kind of person you are. You are overly nice and helpful and probably would put other people's interest before your own. I am very happy that I could receive some of that kindness.
However, since I currently learn a lot about personal development, I can assure you that you have to be an asshole or at least selfish to a certain degree to accomplish something in this world. It is not right to be protective towards Nintendo's reaction. Yes, it is their IP (whatever this abbrevation stands for?), but they could have stopped this project a long time ago before you put this much time into it. This is just pure capitalistic evilness. In my opinion, this deserves a repay by letting the world know what Nintendo did.
Nintendo might have produced a lot of nice game in the past that I liked, but I will definitely not buy any more Nintendo products from now on.

Best regards and big thanks for your efforts,
Tanooki said…
While I agree with not hating on Nintendo, they have been stamping out some big stuff recently fairly aggressively so it's not entirely misplaced. I've enjoyed your post about this and all that committment to the project then, now, and going into it with bug fixes too. You've made what they were too timid and quiet to do, Zero Mission 2 basically speaking and it needed it. Metroid II which I've owned since the era it came out in (and still do) is great but damn near unplayable without a map of sorts -- you could have just made it 8bit and threw a map in there, but no you went overboard and put it up to Super Metroid/Zero Mission standards and good on you for it. Thanks.

I've truly missed quality Metroid games as Zero Mission for me was the last, Fusion while alright had issues in some design aspects and Prime in any form is not classic Metroid either (albeit 1 and 3 were solid.)
Unknown said…
I'd love A way to play this on another system through Emulation through R4DS or homebrew on the wii.
Still appreciate the existence of this game though.
Thank you!!
jhonny said…
what about a zero suit samus?
Unknown said…
I downloaded it, but it won't let me play on my mac. What do I do?
ChoirNerd117 said…
I'm having serious trouble trying to get the game to run. The game has a black screen when I start it (windowed, fullscreen, doesn't matter). Running on Windows 10, and I can't seem to get it to work. When I Alt-Tab, it refreshes to the frame it was on when I pressed it, and when I press buttons, I can hear beeps. Once, using a Velma-style "Where's my glasses" approach, I managed to start a new game, but it's unplayable if I can't see what I'm doing.
Anonymous said…
Ich warte schon seid Jahren auf ein Remake von Metroid 2, du hast damit meine Bitte erfüllt, Vielen Dank und Grüße aus Deutschland.
Unknown said…
Though i understand why we shouldn't be upset about nintendo's actions, I can't say that i'm not upset by it. while i'm thankful they haven't C&D'ed AM2R and i had the chance to grab a copy while i could before they shutdown the links. i just think in my opinion (my opinion, mind you) that its distasteful that with all the hype and rejuvenation that AM2R has brought back into the Metroid Community, i think it would have made more sense if Doc was profiting off it to do so. that said. now all that remains of interest is for a Metroid title following the aftermath of Fusion, as i was always curious of where they would go with it after the BSL Station incident.

Alas, Maybe Nintendo is upset someone outshined them with their own creation, reinvisioned.

I've beaten AM2R in both Normal and Hard, and found 90% of the pickups. i can say even though there are no replay mechanics i'm more than ready to give it another run again and again. what was done here was done amazingly well. each and every fight is always unique and there is no set attack pattern to them [The metroids] and aside from eing tough as nails and combat-effective. the Zetas and Omegas are 'fustratingly fun' challenges on their own. the control mechanics are beautiful and seamless and give you SO MUCH MORE offensive and defensive options than the original and pretty much every metroid game to date (I find it fun as hell to morph and roll under Metroids to dodge them, or the fact you can fling a bunch of bombs after a charge on an unsuspecting enemy.) I could go on for hours and breakdown all the beautiful touches and mechanics the doc has done here and still have something to go on about for another hour.

this game is gold, hands down the best metroid game in YEARS. and we all have you to thank for this, Doc. you have every right to be satisfied, and be proud too, because you've done us metroid fans a great service! keep at it, meanwhile, i'm gonna keep playing this gem :D
Anonymous said…
I have finished the game at 100%. GREAT JOB. One of the best videogames in months for me.
Anonymous said…
F_ck Nintendo I'm sorry to tell you this but you're an idiot man lol.. Nintendo has been around since before Our grand-fathers were born. And if anything, THQ has been resurrected. 'Nuff Said.
DJ SaMuS said…
I have always been against fans thinking they can use a gaming IP and create their own game with it. After all, right off the bat, you are playing with fire, big time. And here's why.

A developer does not want you to go public if you decide to go ahead with a big awesome project as polished as AM2R. You are all going at this wrong. Instead, you should have sent your code to Nintendo itself and NEVER go public with it. This is the only chance you would ever get to go anywhere with that awesome project. But just like the rest of the other great fan coders and most of the fan out there, you got on the hype train with a popular thing online that Nintendo is not taking care of the Metroid IP as they should. And you could be arguably right or wrong about this.

Fortunately for you, this time around, you are right - your timing is perfect. I even gave Nintendo the benefit of the doubt with Federation Force, thinking that maybe they are going to surprise us somehow with this game. Well, actually, no. I just finished playing this game and I don't like it at all. And it's the first time I don't like a Metroid game at all. Shooting an imitation of Samus morphing ball to resolve puzzles is definitely not what Nintendo should have in mind for the Metroid license, let alone people who are actually starving for a real Metroid. They even really gave the only real "mature" license they have a fn kiddie look with these soldiers. They really did this time go for the kiddie image, I mean I have always defended Nintendo for this but this time, they are actually going all the way of the kiddie image with this series.

This is a fn shame my friends, I have never been so disappointed with Nintendo in my life, I game on everything including PC, and always liked so set the record straight for the haters, but with Nintendo not doing anything for the 30th anniversary of such an iconic gaming character while they actually had a fn year of Luigi, is plain deceptive and ridiculous.

I am a video game collector and I never sell any of my games, especially Metroid ones, would be the last thing I would ever think of selling or exchanging. Well, it is now 5 AM in the morning and after having finished Federation Force and be pissed like I haven't been since I was a teenager, I am selling this damn thing as soon as the stores are opening and have downloaded your AM2R game man already.

You, sir, rock our world, I am not even half way through and I am already devouring every pixels you have recreated in this game. THAT is called fan service. Nintendo should definitely learn from their mistake. Sure, it is not for us to decide in the end, but it's a fn slap in the face when the Big N comes with mediocre Federation Force for a 30th anniversary while super fan guy makes the best remake of a Metroid there is to date. You heard me. You should be proud of yourself.

I am a gaming collec
holy said…
Hi i have a problem my gravity suit have a bug i if i taking gravity suit samus is gone how can i fix it pls help :'(((
holy said…
i have a problem with my gravity suit in this game how can i fix it pls help ;(((
DarkSamus said…
Please can you add the option to the play the game with the d-pad it is absolutely unbearable to play with the analog stick. There is no option to play with the d-pad as of now
Unknown said…
Just playing Devil's Advocate but are we sure it was Nintendo that DMCA'd the downloads. It certainly wouldn't be the first time someone impersonated someone else to do such a thing. And it seems kind of strange that they'd DMCA the downloads but not send a C&D.
Anonymous said…
Nintendo can go fuck their greedy selves.
You and your work on M2R is more Nintendo than they could ever hope to be nowdays, they failed their fans dumbing everything down and tailoring to casuals and kids only.... not E for EVERYONE like they used too.

Don't worry Nintendo will be dead soon and you can continue your work with their failing to make games for the Wii U or not letting you back up save data or purchased digital content and just nickel and diming people with no effort Virtual Console...
(not to mention Nintendo going after game rentals back in the day and that failure "NEW" 3DS XL oh and i can't even play Smash Bros 3DS on my new 3DS cause of updates and DLC (won't launch) stooping to micro$ofts and $ony's level.....)

(oh right they making millions off Pokemon addicts Global Offensive and mobile trash since they will buy anything no matter how low quality it is)
Well fuck..... just know the real Nintendo fans support you and not "Nintendo"
Nintendo Died with Iwata he actually cared... R.I.P. Satoru iwata

Keep up the good work played this multiple times in a row unlike any wii or wii u game they released (rehashed).....
Anonymous said…
Nintendo acknowledges National Cat Day but not the 30th anniversary of their beloved Metroid series...... to any one saying Nintendo doing this to protect their IP....
They are completely clueless, ignore competition and learn nothing from it just stuck in their delusional ways.
Bruno said…
I WILL hate Nintendo for wanting to stop your work after so many years of your efforts and our expectations. They never remade Metroid 2, which to me has the best story. Let a fan do it then. It won't do them any harm, only remind us why we like Metroid and want more games. They don't understand it.
Anonymous said…
@Bruno also it not like Nintendo releasing games anyway they could at least release this fan made game on Wii U to make up for their abysmal performance and give us SOMETHING to play....
(Axiom Verge STILL isn't out even tho it on PS4 and PC already for months)

Also about buying Metroid 2 on VC, don't they are overpriced
(they don't even have color even tho pretty sure gameboy color added some colors to these games) and your purchases are tied to your console not your account since Nintendo refuses to look at competition and the standard now days.
So if your Wii U breaks you lose EVERYTHING and unless you have a police report and Nintendo decides to help you which they prob won't you screwed.
(can't even back up save data on Wii U).
Unknown said…
Dear: Milton

This game is amazing, I've only played it for about 30 minutes and killed about 2 metroids.

Everyhing about it is great, the sound, the music, the graphics eveything. I have a copy of Metroid 2 from the e-shop, it was great and still is for a game made in 1991. This blows it out of the water in every sense. Any Metroid fan owes it to themselves to play this if they get a chance.

It's too bad Nintendo decided to shut you down. I don't blame them but I don't like it and it was a bad call in my opinion.

If Nintendo ever has a change of heart and embrases your work; even if it costs me a little bit of money I'd gladly pay for a copy of this on a console. If not that's their problem.

Keep up the good work and thank you so much for making this.
Anonymous said…
this whole post smacked of "sell out"

nobody just rolls over and takes it up the ass from Nintendo with such a carefree smile.

we all knew you sold out. no wonder you're laughing.
Anonymous said…
Fuck Nintendo. Really.
Unknown said…
The game is simply amazing, my congratulations for you all work.
I'm fan metroid's series and I really enjoyed this game, very good.
Anonymous said…
Just found out Nintendo killed the Goldeneye N64 Version Remake Rare was working on.... They waited till it was almost done like this and everything else they shutting down, canned it last second when it was almost done just proves how deceitful Nintendo is......
Apparently iwata was the one to shut it down last second and if that's true fuck Nintendo AND iwata......
DarryPenoy said…
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Emperor Guam said…
I just finished AMR2 and I have to say I have almost nothing negative to say about it. I played the original GameBoy game when I was in 3rd grade. I loved that game. When my dad explained what battery backup meant I asked him "But how will I be able to play it when I'm in college if the battery dies?" I haven't played the original for probably 30 years but playing your remake created so many moments of 'hey I remember that!' Or 'I know where that secret is!' This is the Zero Mission 2 we didn't know we needed. I guess what I'm trying to say is just, thank you. It was a great bit of fun!
Unknown said…
Played the game and felt that you were very sensitive to the lore of the Metroid franchise and didn't take too many liberties with the source material. I'm curious about your interaction with Nintendo themselves. Did you ever offer the game to them before releasing it online?
Unknown said…
Congratulation to you and the people whom helped to achieve this amazing game!

Thank you so much for your time, your dedication and your altruism to release and share your work. This is the Metroid I've ever played (probably the best ever). You've made an amazing game and I trully hope that you will keep on developping games in a near future.

Have fun and best wishes for whatever come next in your life,


(If you can send me your latest version, I would happier than ever :D )
Anonymous said…
This has impressions world wide. I only learned of it days ago and all things aside, this is a fucking good game! Made me feel things that only other masterpieces have. I own all the cartridge Metroids released here. The attention to detail without monetary oversight setting limits in AM2R and putting the bar as high as the best is a virtue that shows as a labour of love to be loved. Much as I'd believe the team was exploring the capabilities of the snes, enhancing the series, you've pushed limits here and re imagined this into something that also took it to the next level for me. This ranks very highly in my game playing experience and appeals directly to me in all aspects. I would pay for this but it's been 12 years since being marketed to like this as an older gamer. If only a 30th anniversary Metroid collection could be made available with some top tier included and endorsed fan art if you know what I mean, to mark the occasion, I'd be willing to spend some money to celebrate that. I really can't imagine Metroid 2 any better and gotta say kudos to all your self improvement in learning all the skills you and your team have over the years and demonstrated. The result in sharing has been so satisfying and fun.
Unknown said…
Nintendo released 3 shitty metroid games in 9 years (prime hunter, otherM and Prime federation forces). You made a game in 9 years they could have done in 1, and that outrank those 3 crapy games.

Now nintendo lawsuits you. Is it legal ? You don't earn money from this game. You didn't steal any games from them. I wonder how it is legal. Even so, IT'S BULLSHIT !

You manage to make a game they weren't able to make ! You made a good game while they can't manage their own franchise and are only doing the same stupid games about save the same stupid princesses.

FUCK YOU NINTENDO ! For now on I'm going to steal every game you made, and I incite everyone to do the same !
Upfish said…
Dude, you're being WAY too diplomatic. This isn't Dickens. Nintendo should be ashamed of their greed.
Anonymous said…
"Show them that 2D adventure platformers are still a thing people want." If the attention this project got over the years was not indication enough that people want 2D adventure platformers for Nintendo, they deserve all the hate they get and zero of the money.
Anonymous said…
i know im not the only one. but im disappointed i see some of you defending Nintendo. if it is non-profit. they cannot take it down. regardless of ip. jusus have any of you followed team four star and their fight against funimation regarding fairuse?
Unknown said…
Sincerilly, Dr.M64 you did a great game masterpiece, but then Nintendo even refuse to use your production !? this gotta be a big joke of them, they're going down with the sales of their products, games and even in creativity to made games that gives popularity among this age, so they even waste the oportunity to accept a big contribution from you, Dr.M64 to bring up more fans or sales, well this means that they want to die with its most famous director Satoru Iwata, or maybe like the lost game of E.T. for the NES (search it on google 4 more info), I feel deception for the now Nintendo, not the old one, that always tries to improve creativity and hours of fun, that's why it's not a rival anymore for other game companies, even the smartphone stores is growing more so, I think they only want games made by their own labs & developers! What a disgrace!
Whatever, kee going up Dr.M64 you have experienced too much, maybe you could later create your own game with a nice good story similar to one of the great Samus Aran hehe, and also with the same gameplay! XD
I wish you so many luck on your work, and also enjoy the life !
Regards , Albert D. !!
DNK said…
As a player, I want to thank you and your team, Doc, for the outstanding work and one of the best game experiences for the recent time. ..okay, may be I'm getting subjective here because of nostalgia, but anyway, AM2R feels and plays just like full scale commercial game made by big studio.

And as a part-time indie dev myself, I want to thank you for such an inspirational example, that gives me and my kind a will to move forward.
xxDemonWolf420 said…
I have to say man, your game is the BEST Metroid I've ever played. FUCKING BLEW MY MIND. Since Nintendo didn't know what the fuck to do, I'm extremely greatfull that you took the initiative to make the next Metroid entry. And I must say, you did a better job than Nintendo themselves. Thank you so very much for saving Metroid's 30th anniversary. As a hardcore Metroid fan that has played every entry in the series, you sir, have my most genuine gratitude. I hope for the very best of your future for you deserve it. One more thing, I find it incredulously fucked up of Nintendo to try and stop your project, if anything they should be thanking you for assisting in the survival of the greatest videogame saga in history.
Unknown said…
Hey Doc! Thanks for AM2R. Metroid 2 was never my favorite, small screen, no map, blah blah blah. But youve taken this and made it a masterpiece, just as good as Zero Mission and Fusion. You did great. Good luck on your next projects!
Unknown said…
Lo siento por hacer valer mi opinión tan tarde, pero...
Sabes que podrías usar el motor de AM2R y hacer realidad AS2R (Día de los inocentes aparte), Doc. Eso sí, primero contacta con SEGA... por si acaso.
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