Metroid Confrontation 2

First of all, I want to thank all the great people of NCFC. AM2R won the "2nd Place Best of Show" and "Best of Metroid" awards. It was an awesome event, and I´m already looking forward to the next one.

Since NCFC is over, here´s the exclusive material:
First, the meet Omega Metroid...

It´s not finished yet, and the animation is still primitive. But you get the idea of how epic the battle will be.

And last but not least, a new Metroid: Confrontation.

With a lot of new content, a new level layout and the solid AM2R engine, this new version expands the concept with new features. More enemies, more open exploration, a new boss, many speedrunning options.
Here´s an updated version fixing some issues of the original release:


If you still haven´t done so, enjoy the new demo. If you´re having trouble finding all the items, or if you made an impressively fast run, you can stop by the Forum.

Have fun! 


Awww... still no hard difficulty nor proper custom music support? (like loopable WAV/MP3/OGG support & volume adjustment via .ini)

Me am sad :(
garsh said…
OMGOMG I can't believe how great this is looking! Congrats on the awards, but honestly, I'm surprised you didn't win 1st place for the whole show. Psycho Waluigi? Really? wtf. That game must be really mind blowing. Then again, I suspect there just aren't as many Metroid fans as Mario.
Kojiro_S said…
Holy... looking awesome. A question: Will your Omega hover or maybe do jump attacks like the originals, or will it attack Godzilla-style like the one in Fusion?
Anonymous said…
Control problem I'd like to point out in the demo: When you walk to the left and hold the "aim up" button, you can't shoot.
DISk said…
i have uploaded to virus total and give me three positive matches :-\
Chris said…
The awards you received didn't surprise me. The demo of AM2R you have is incredible; I am seriously looking forward to the finished game.

And the Omega Metroid looks incredibly menacing, as they should; it really outdoes the Omega Metroid sprite from Fusion.
Anonymous said…
I don't know where I'd go to properly recommend this... But DocM64 could you PLEASE include the SA-X suit in the final version of the game... I've been dying to play as the SA-X since I first saw it.. I know a lot of other people would greatly appreciate it too
Dudeman said…
Top notch demo there had fun with the new boss.

I might have to try this Waluigi game I'm assuming its absolutely mind blowing to top your game.

Regardless Am2r is still the best in my book and I can't wait for the finished title.
Anonymous said…
yeah that waluigi game won only because it's a new idea.i've tried both and i think yours wins.
CorpsewagoN said…
You. Are. The. Man.

'nuff said.
jaap said…
"Control problem I'd like to point out in the demo: When you walk to the left and hold the "aim up" button, you can't shoot."

that control problem does not come from the game, but from your keyboard

I just played through the game and I really enjoyed it. I think I skipped some of the power ups though, as I didn't come across the charge beam or ledge grab power ups, which I am pretty sure are in the game. Anyway, you really made my day and my excitement for the real game come back full force.
Lippi said…
Congratulations for 2nd place ;)
And the new demo is AWESOME! The fight against Crocomire was really surprising und the level design requires more davanced skills tha Confrontation v1.
I can't wait until AM2R gets completed :D
Anonymous said…
Love the new Omegas Doc! Hope we'll see more of them soon.
Unknown said…
As a previous user said, I've also noticed that the diagonal aim feature didn't work in any of yuor demos. Anyway, progress looks great so far.

I really believe you should have won this year. Psycho Waluigi wasn't even the highest rated (or best) Mario game there was and it wasn't that great. The shift/crtl controls killed it.
Anonymous said…
Personally, I think this looks about right for an Omega. My problem is, that with how big you've made the Zeta, it's not much bigger, so they're a bit too similar for my tastes.
Anonymous said…
I can't get the game to support my gamepad (PS3 sixaxis/dualshock controller). I have all the proper drivers and it works for all my other games, but not this one.

If you could fix this (or maybe someone else has it working and can tell me how), it would be amazing.

Metroid just doesn't feel right being played on a keyboard.

Other than this gripe, this is a fantastic job. Metroid 2 was my childhood... and you have perfectly preserved it.
Crawfish said…
Kraid is really hard to beat!! but great work on the ledge climbing!
Anonymous said…
Whoops, forget my comment about not being able to get it to work with the PS3 controller. It actually works as long as you set everything up in the options, begin a game, then quit back out to the main menu. At that point, the controller will work for the menu controls as well as the game controls. Great job DM64!
Sploder said…
You missed the last fight night! It was supposed to be between you (AM2R) and Metroid Comical, but since neither of you showed up, we had to do Midas Machine vs. SMBX.
Anonymous said…
Hola, me gusto el demo 2, me gustaria que hubiera mas "puertas"
Chapolin said…
I can't play it!!!!!!!!!
It says: cannot read the game file

MIGUEL said…
Congrats hope you enjoyed kicking ass......

thanks again for your second demo it was great as for placing 2nd everyone here knows you're the best.....

one more thing i know sometimes bad comments helps you know your cons but as for Nintendo Maniac 64 i would like to see what metroid game you had build is more awesome than any of the demos?????????

docm64 thank you once again for awesome games.......... :)

a friend a fan of a classic game being made better...........
Bruno said…
AWESOME! I'm gonna play it now!
Ezekiel Rage said…
You should add Circles and Dots to the map for "not yet found" and "found" items. also, you should color secret rooms greenish like in MZM. other than that, im pretty happy so far.
very good work. keep going youre almost there!
CMoses said…
This is great one! But... isn't it too easy? I hope that AM2R will be difficult enought too have more fun trying some parts several times.

Any way. Great work, can't wait for full release :)

Greetings from Poland!
Jonas said…
To be honest, I am no fan of Waluigi, but I definitely AM a fan of good old Metroid II. And the Omega looks just legen... wait for it... almost there... no, still going on for some minutes, because I am so amazed ;) Do it, your fans can't wait for this game! :)
Anonymous said…
I get an error every time i die.

action number 1
of Other Event: User Defined 1
for object GdbX64MO_MOISr6ko5_C2____

ERROR in code at line 1:

at position 2198: unknown variable newgame.

I'm not sure if it is only because of the demo, or else.
dr. klin said…
dude you know how there,s like a
mario builder maby your next project
should be like a metroid builder
that would be like the most awsome
thing ever but its just an idea
Patrick said…
I'm quite impressed by your work, once again.
After getting a look at your designs on the Omega Metroid, I'm anticipating this even more.

Keep doing it as long as you love it!
Anonymous said…
There's an error when trying to change the sound volume from the game menu:

action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 0
for object Ns3_9e23h_U5H_WTyw_7___u_:

Error in code at line 1:

at position 74: Unknown variable sndFire1"
Paolo Bonacina said…
Some feedback on the demo/engine:

1 - Audio balance:

The sounds for the footsteps are too noisy and annoying after a while. They should be like the sound that the morphball does when it hits the ground after falling.

2 - Music:

You need a better (and loopable) music for exploration. The one in the demo was far too joyful.

3 - Controls:

Pressing down while still running should make Samus crouch. releasing the left/right buttons isn't necessary.

4 - Gameplay:

Shots fired should be deleted when they are outside the screen. Otherwise you would kill something without even noticing.

You should also allow to move the camera up/down (like in Yoshi's Island) if you want to leave the high jump so powerful. Most of the time I was bumping into zoomers or other enemies because I couldn't see them from where I was jumping.

The bosses were fun, especially Ridley but there ar a couple of things to fix.
Crocomire used the "puke" attack five times in a row against me. Make a case statement for it.
Befor facing Ridley you should give the player other means of killing him beside missiles and waiting to refill them. Something like charged beam or plasma.

Last thing: Ridley died on the bottom of the screen and half of the recharges where below the ground so I couldn't reach them.

5 - Graphics

If I recall correctly, in Zero Mission running, firing while running then jumping (in this order) and running after you hit the ground makes samus swing her arms in the run but in the demo she was still holding the arm cannon up. I may be mistaken but it's worth checking.

When I reached the green arean there were some cracked platforms that weren't actually destructible.
You should either change their tiles or their entity.

Just a couple of suggestions: First, you could rotate randomly the weapon flash sprite every time Samus shoots. It could be a nice effect.
Second, avoid using Game Maker's recolor funcion. It gives crappy results most of the times.
For the new sprites such as the ship try using sharper colors on the borders because they look a little flat.
Unknown said…
Nice work doc I really enjoyed the demo, although i was puzzeld that the d-pad on the gamepad didn't work in the demo.

Maybe you could look into that?
Chapolin Colorado said…
Hey Doc, very good this second demo, congratulations! But, there's one thing that I didn't like: the first gun. It's very powerfull, looks like a machine gun. I think the first gun must be very weak. Ok, it's a demo, but in the final release I hope you listen to me.

And one more thing: I can't open the game im my PC, it says "cannot read the game file", but im my netbook, it works normally. Both are Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits. Must be missing something in my PC. If someone can help me I thanks.

Sorry for any english errors ^^
Anonymous said…
Very nice, I enjoyed playing the new demo! Crocomire, and save stations, and everything looking that nice! However, I'd like to hear more tunes, especially in the save station rooms. You n e e d to add this computer noise BGM! Also, the sound quality is not the best. Besides that (and I'm sure you're going to work on that), just one word: awesome!
Anonymous said…
El demo esta genial!!!!
Solo ke me parecio muy facil... deberias de hacer el power beam mas debil y el spazer beam mas fuerte... espero ver el juego terminado algun dia :P
MGN001 said…

Can I finally map movement controls to my controller? I was sad that I couldn't in the other demo.
EchoJerichoX said…
Reckon you should switch to using GM8 instead of 7. The game looks amazing now, but GM8 could make it a lot better, and a lot easier to work with.
Lexou said…
The sprite could use some outlining, more contrast, cause it kind of clashes with the style.
Faust said…
This is running super slow on my system. Anyone else running this on Vista?
Anonymous said…
Hi there... I've commented before about how incredible your commitment is to this project and the amazing quality you've produced.

I had a small question/suggestion to make. I noticed in MC2.1 that when I'm power gripping a ledge and I want to shoot up, what happens everytime is that I end up morphing up onto the ledge. It seems that when I hold up for a small amount of time the default is for Samus to morph up onto the ledge.

This made shooting up at enemies while power gripping a ledge more difficult that it needs to be.

Is that something you could adjust? What are your thoughts?
NUBE said…
Congrats to you and your team on a job well done and i agree you should have won first place in that show because you guys have done a better job than nintendo did. The game that won first place is ok but its too simple your game can at least give you a challenge. I can't wait until the real game is finished but keep up the good work
Anonymous said…
Found a bug, when I set the sound to zero in the options and play the game, once I fight a boss, the music starts up and stays on until I save and reopen the game
This is Isaac here and I said…
You've inspired me to make a game myself. I'll go with a game after Fusion 'cause Nintendo will never release one for a long time. Anyone see the reference to Metroid Project Dread in MP1? I'm gonna base it off of that.
You might even see "Anthony" in it. Only problem would be I haven't the means to create this yet. I legitimately want to make this game and I know it might seem like mooching but you tell me what I need to run GameMaker. It won't work on my mom's computer.
BlackMita said…
Omega Metroid looks great, and the demo made me procrastinate eating at one point.

I'll have to practise fasting in time for AM2R.
JasonsJewelry said…
Looks good Doc. So far I've played to Kraid, but a few things frustrate me about the controls. First is my controller the dead zone sucks. I like the settings you have for this they help, but I still can't press up without pressing one direction or the other causing me to run off a cliff. :P

This compounds my second point... I really want the controls to be more like Super Metroid. What I mean is I would like for angle up to be the right shoulder button and angle down to be a separate button that I could map to my left shoulder button. Then if you press both at the same time you should aim straight up in the air. Pressing aim up and then pressing down should make you crouch while aiming up, it should not make you stand while aiming down. I know you spent a lot of time on this and it must sound nit picky but this is something that bothers me about the game and I just wanted to give my feedback.

Also it would be super awesome of you to allow us to map esc to the controller, as I have to press escape on my keyboard and then confirm that I would like to quit with the controller.

I don't want to sound like I'm whining, I really like the game and can't wait until it's complete. The remixed audio is also awesome. :)
DarkFalzX said…
Well - I'm happy to report that your Confrontation game slows down on my netbook just as much, if not more than my own LOI game... though it doesn't have as much screen tearing somehow (even though I have VSYNC enabled in my game)
brandon said…
just one or two things: first, the skree just have a static sprite while idle; their wings are supposed to orbit around them. if you aren't using them in the actual game, no big deal. i don't remember there being skree on sr388.

second, i had no support for the d-pad on my controller, so i HAD to use the joystick. probably more my problem than yours, but i noticed a few others had the same problem. shinesparking became such a chore, i ended up having to use my keyboard to get past a certain part. (btw i'm playing with a modified original xbox controller if specific drivers are an issue. it works with other programs, so that's not an issue.)
joystick support was disabled and greyed out while my controller was unplugged, but once i plugged it in, joystick support automatically switched to enabled and while i could select it, it would not let me disable it.

and a third thing i just thought of, i agree with the guy before who wanted super metroid-style angled shot controls. unless you're planning on releasing this for the GBA, there's no need to keep its control scheme.

but the engine seems solid. congratulations on keeping at it for so long and your accolades and what not.
Jasper said…
Why is everyone using separate controllers.. honestly.

i grew up playing consoles but i've been into emulators for about 4 years and all i've ever used was the good o'l keyboard. Which i find MUCH better for these kinds of games anyway. Why, because you get to use EIGHT fingers as opposed to TWO thumbs (and 2 fingers for triggers)

so yeah, learn to use keyboards people, you dont need a freakin' gamepad.
DarkFalzX said…
It took me just under an hour to beat the latest Confrontation demo with 20 out of 25 items, and here are my thoughts:
* The engine is nice and solid, but is seriously slow. On a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom netbook with 2 Gig RAM running at full power it regularly slows down to a crawl. In fact the performance fluctuates quite wildly - from what feels like 2x speed to barely-playable lag-fest. This pace shift makes controlling Samus in mid-air very difficult, because it's hard to judge where you will land as the rate of her movement changes from moment to moment.
* The super-grapple (ledge-grab) controls are frustrating. Whenever Samus grabs a ledge you have just a split second to let go of the up button before she pulls herself up, which if you don't intend to do can really screw you up. I suggest having the pull-up move require the player to let go of the up button after grabbing the edge, and pressing it again.
* The "happy", fast paced music is totally un-metroid. At least it shouldn't have been playing throughout the entire demo, giving way to moodier, more somber tunes below the ground.
* I felt like the main path Samus had to follow through the game was a bit too "hard core", like it required advanced bomb-jumping and perfect use of ledge-grab from the moment you got those abilities. (but maybe it's just me - I dunno)
* The boss fights weren't hard, but their patterns could feel cheap, especially on Ridley and Crocomare. Crocomare could be stuck repeating the spit move over and over and over, not allowing the player to knock him back, and killing him outright is just too tedious. Though I'm sure Ridley's pattern in code looks a lot more complex than "randomly fly around spamming fireballs", but that's what it usually boils down to.
Craid's battle is also made less epic by him being stationary.
Overall though - bad-ass! You are doing things GameMaker rarely has a chance to do, and some of the effects you are using took me a few moments to wrap my head around.
Great job, and can't wait for the final Metroid 2 remake.
Unknown said…
the eyes on the head kind of remind me of the original new Ridley
Unknown said…
I still need to be able to use the directional D-pad on my 360 controller the left thumb stick just isn't doing it for me. Do I have to hold the button down that activates missiles while trying to jump around and fire too many buttons at once to hold. Trying to hold down the missile activation button jump around use a button for angle aiming and another button for firing. Can you set it up so Missiles are either on or off all the time instead of having to hold the button. It is weird only having one button for the angle aiming guess I'm too used to Super Metroid
Nintendoer said…
Like always, excellent work.

Once again, loved the demo. =]
hmsong said…
First thing first. I'm amazed at your new demo. It's absolutely stunning, and I'd say this tops that mario game. You are awesome.

I found it strange that there were no spider ball nor spring ball despite that they were in the previous demo. It made my speed run a lot slower.

Now, on to the complaining to other posters in the forum. I'm amazed at how many people bitch about how there's no charge beam and stuff like that. THERE IS A CHARGE BEAM. You just have to find it. Stop bitching and moaning before finding all the items available. I found 23 items in my first run, and after a while, I found all of them. They're not that hard to find. use bombs on beginning areas.

In order to have people stop bitching to the creator, I'll post a map:

Now, stop bitching at him.
hmsong said…
Stop bitching at the man for some short comings. He did great. And find all the items before you start complaining about "how come there's no charge beam" crap. There is.
Unknown said…
Ok I posted earlier about my experience using the xbox game pad and I have found a pretty workable set up. diagonal aim: Left Bumper, missile armed: Right Bumper, jump: A Button, and Fire: X Button. This configuration worked pretty well for me and I'm getting used to using the thumb stick instead of an actual D-pad. So I can now play the game and am quite happy. The opening scene with the stars and music is really cool.
Bruno said…
Very good, but I don't like to see the bosses' life. I don't want to know how many shots I need to kill them, I just wanna shoot until kill them.
Mister X said…
Very good, but I don't like to see the bosses' life. I don't want to know how many shots I need to kill them, I just wanna shoot until kill them.²
Bruno said…
Very interesting, but don't make this game too different from the original Metroid 2. Gravity suit, power bombs, grapple, X-ray, etc., these items are cool, but they didn't exist in Metroid 2. You could put them only as a way to find new secret rooms, but don't make them as important as the original items. There's also an item that is completely unnecessary, that one we take to be able to grab corners and climb walls, the same we take in chozo ruins, in Zero Mission - we should be able to do it since the begin, without needing to take an item to do it.

Tomb Raider Anniversary - remake of TR1 - had the same weapons and items from the original game, they put only Lara's belt's grapple, the rest was completely the same. But even being just like the original, she had a lot of new moves, it made the game awesome. And there were no new bosses, but the centaurs in greece, for example, were much stronger and became bosses in the remake. That's what I talking about. A very discrete remake.

I hope you do the same for Metroid 2 remake.
Anonymous said…
HEY DOC! Are you gonna put several endings in the new game? the fans would like a lot of new and original endings as those of zero mission.
Unknown said…
Iwasn't expecting to see crocomire in there, but it was a nice touch. Even if it wasn't in the original, I wouldn't mind running into him.My only complaint is during the Kraid baattle, you can save a whole lot of effort bystanding at his feet, jumping,and shooting intohis face without having to traverse the platforms. Other than that exploit, the game loked great,felt nice, and had an incredible amount of polish.I'mdefinitely exited for the final game now!
Firespawn7 said…
I really liked how you didn't use markers to indicate if a room had a powerup. However, I would appreciate a little dot appearing on the map once you have grabbed an item in a room so you don't accidentally backtrack to the same room multiple times when hunting for powerups.

Other than that, I really enjoyed it and am more excited than I have been since you started. Keep up the good work.
Bruno said…
I don't agree about several endings. This game is a remake, we already know how the story ended. Besides, after taking the baby, Samus went directly to Ceres Station, in Super Metroid. I hated that extension in Metroid Zero Mission, that totally sucked, they should've ended after killing Mother Brain, just like the original Metroid 1. I hope the game ends after taking the baby to the ship.

How about cutscenes? I'm so curious about this... Cutscenes like in Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission would be very nice.
Anonymous said…
Me gusto el demo pero hay algunas cositas que cambiaria:
El sonido de los pasos, era bien al principio pero despues me pudria.
Cuando estaba colgado del borde de un bloque o algo y queria disparar para arriba samus se convertia en morphing ball, y me molestaba
Me aburrio totalmente matar a Crocomare.

Una cosa que queria decir es que en mi maquina el jeugo funciona perfectamente.

chau, saludos
Anonymous said…
Otra cosa que me olvide: cuando pongo pausa para ver el mapa, me gustaria que este apareciera de una, entero y no de que aparesca de izquierda a derecha lento
EchoJerichoX said…
These people complaining about those of us who use controllers over the keyboard are idiotic. It is a COMPLETELY preferential thing. Bashing those of us who use controllers for reasons that it is more immersive and nostalgic is stupid, when using a controller is just as fun as using a keyboard. We don't need our keyboards to do the mockball perfectly. Not every game is about being the absolute best you can be based on what you use as a controller. Games are about fun. Not srsness. So leave the situation be.
Bruno (Brasil) 1986 said…
DoctorM64! I think I have a good suggestion for the ending. I can already see the scene: Samus leaves with the baby and as she drives her ship she says "I'm going to take this baby to Ceres Station and see what they can find out about it". When she leaves the planet, we see SR388 surface full of dead metroids and empty shells. Then a few Parasite X appear and take a little look at the shells and dead metroids. They realize that their natural enemy is dead and there's no more species to threat them, then they start to infect the other creatures. There could be a dark soundtrack as the X start to kill the creatures.

This ending is an evidence of how the facts from Metroid Fusion started. The Parasite X were hidden, because the Metroids were the only species that were imune to them, that's why Samus didn't find them in Metroid 2.

What do you think about it?
Bruno Brasil 1986 said…
Oh, I almost forgot! The Chozo ruins could explain why there are robots in this savage planet. As Samus enters the Chozo ruins for the first time, she could comment that the Chozos were the rulers of the galaxy centuries ago, how advanced those bird-men were, that it's surprising that they had been in SR388 before, and more surprising that their robots were still there.

This and the ending I suggested earlier would be cool and, at the same time, explain clearly the presence of Chozo ruins and robots in this savage planet, who the Chozos were and why Samus didn't meet the Parasite X when she went to this planet for the first time. Many people don't understand this very well, so these scenes could make it more clear.

P.S.: Some people - like me - don't like the story of the manga and Zero Mission (directly related to the manga). I think that's why in Other M, in which they talked a lot Samus' past, they didn't mention that stuff of being raised by the last Chozos, they just ignored the version of the mangas and the remake (thank God).

I hope you think about this. Take your time and make this game as great as you can. Thank you again for making this for us.
Bruno Brasil 1986 said…
There's one more detail, guys. As you know, Prime series is between Metroid 1 and 2. In Metroid Prime 3, the Federation destroyed planets with lots of phazon, including the Space Pirates' homeworld. And then they destroyed planet Phaaze. But why didn't they just throw bombs on SR388, instead of sending Samus alone to kill all metroids? It was Adam who sent her, right? I don't get this part very well, I don't know if Samus decided by herself to erradicate the metroids or if she was sent there. I think she was sent.

Anyway, DoctorM64 could think of a reason, or any other fan could think and suggest. I don't know if this detail is important, if you don't think so, DoctorM64, just ignore it. But the suggestions I made in the 2 earlier comments, I really think those scenes should be made.
Bruno Brasil 1986 said…
Don't forget making the Zeta and Omega Metroids floating too. I didn't see them flying in the pictures and trailer I saw. But they do in the original game.
Anonymous said…
The Zeta and Omega Metroids shouldn't be floating in the final game. Their weight is too heavy for them to have that ability anymore. I also criticize those who don't want a full-fledged remake of this game and only a rehash of Metroid 2 with better graphics. The purpose of a remake is to make EVERYTHING better, not just the graphics while adding new abilities and powerups that serve to be useful for the game.
With that said, the demo is awesome and I can't wait for the game to come out, it looks spectacular.
Minigaara said…
Hey doc I think that adding a "Semi Perminent" Platform to the Kraid fight might be cool. Like when you shoot him once it dissapears for a couple seconds. (Mainly because I had some trouble with the kraid fight he would always knock me off with is finger nails.)
Anonymous said…
x mi parte el demo me gusto pero las imagenes de las estatuas chozodian son las del super metroid mejor te recomiendo q uses las del metroid zero mision el mapa me parecio muy corto la historioa estubo adecuada me parece q falto algo como un enemigo final mas poderoso ya q ridley es muy facil de matar ademas por q retiro la spider ball en el anterior fue de gran ayuda recomiendo cambiar la musuca al principio es muy buena pero despues de juegar mas de media hora te cansa opino q uses la musica por ejemplo del metroid prime 1 los traks son muy buenos pero debo decir q el demo fue excelente
Bruno Brasil 1986 said…
The Zeta and Omega Metroids are heavy, true, but they did float in the original game, then they should do it in the remake too. They're between Standard, Alpha and Gamma - which float - and the Queen - which doesn't float at all - then they could still float, but not as much as their previous evolutions, because they're getting heavier in these evolution stages.

About being just like Metroid 2 with better graphics, I don't think it should be only like that, but it should look like the original as much as possible. Good thing there are many empty rooms in the original game, there could be more enemies or items in them. And new secret passages, of course. I keep my opinion about that item we need to grab and climb corners, we should be able to do it since the begin. And the speed, gravity suit (there are some places with water), grapple (we could use it on the Queen, just like in Other M), X-ray visor, power bomb, etc., they should be there, of course. But, at the same time, they shouldn't make the game as different from the original as Zero Mission was from Metroid 1.

About the new bosses, I think one of the stronger robots, one of those annoying laser guns, one of those plants with bugs, one of the floating octopusses, etc. could be good new bosses. They'd be the same enemies, but stronger. The game wouldn't change too much and would be cooler.
Luis ZX said…
Excelente la versión 2.0 del juego Confrontation, en mi opinión fue bueno el detalle de ampliar el mapa y darle una nueva perspectiva al inicio(pensé que iba a iniciar en la misma parte que los otros dos antecesores xD!). Algunas observaciones que pienso que hicieron falta fueron: Hard Mode y la Spider-Ball. Respecto al mapa no hay mucho que destacar, está al punto, solo el detalle de marcar donde hay power- ups ubicados para no perderse mucho. Excelente trabajo DoctorM64, este proyecto lo vengo revisando desde octubre del 2008 y ha avanzado por buen camino.
DtC said…
This is great.

The engine feels solid and the layout of the demo was very well done. Feels extremely close to Zero Mission physics, and it's pretty cool that you could get them as accurate as you have. I love the new charge beam/morph ball move too...very cool way to explore walls quickly. The bosses were well done, particularly Ridley. Can't wait to see this put to full use in the final build of AM2R!

Oh, also...thank you for putting the Hi-Jump Boots and Spazer in. I've missed them in the recent Metroid games :P
Anonymous said…
The joypad feature isn't complete, you need to allow it to be able to set the D-Pad on a controller to the up down left right. Otherwise you're stuck with the Joystick, which is impossible to use with this game.
Anonymous said…
This looks really great and all, but am I the only one who would really like to run this in Mac OS X?

I am aware that there is an Intel Mac version of Gamemaker 7, but I do not want to download an entire development environment (or whatever it is) just to run this game.

I noticed that the file is in the "Windows Executable" format; is it a stand-alone application?

I tried to download Wine, which I have had on my to-do list for a while. The official site is quite vague about Mac support.

So, basically, I want to play this game without having to install anything huge. I already have Apple's dev tools and such with all up-to-date software. 32-bit Intel.
Anonymous said…
On your last post someone said something about homing missiles. I really like that idea.
Lippi said…
You should include a function to change the controls between "snes-mode" and "gba-mode" so that people can decide if they want to use the controls of snes (select and arm a weapon permanentely with "select", shooting diagonally with "l" and "r") oder gba(arm the weapon temporaly wit "r" and shoot diagonally with "l")... that would eliminate the problem, that some people can't press so much buttons at one time
PanshooFlow said…
hi docx... aa en español nomas :P
estuve leyendo varios comentarios i de verdad creo que te estan dando artas ideas estupidas :/ la unica que encuetro necesaria i de gran importancia es la de que se paresca al super metroid en el sentido de tener un boton para seleccionar missiles, super missiles, power bombs, etc.. eso es lo k encuentro importante ya que le daria la comodidad qe algunas personas necesitan para poder disfrutar de este remake(qe por el tiempo q e seguido este proyecto debo desir que a avansado i ya no puedo esperar ya que se ve increible)lo mas que se pueda... ESTO ES IMPORTANTE..PORFAVOR NO LE AGAS CASO CON LO DE LOS homing missiles,SERIA DEMASIADO FACIL SI LOS MISILES VAN POR SU CUENTA SIGUIANDO A LOS ENEMIGOS D: I ESOS COMENTARIOS DE ESE BRUNOBRASIL (sin ofender)NO LE AGAS CASO EL JUEGO ESTA BIEN COMO LO ESTAS ASIENDO Y SE VE MUY PROMETEDOR.. bueno Doc64 eso es todo quisas comente aki denuevo por algun motivo pero mas que nada ya te mencione todo lo importante.. te escribi en español ya que creo aber visto en otro comentario que eras argentino, bueno yo soy chileno asi k pa que ablar ingles xd .. te deseo suerte i k sigas asi.. espero con ansias el juego i ojala k tengas exito .. chao :D
Anonymous said…
yo concuerdo con panshoo en q sigas con tu trabajo pero me parece q no seria muy util uzar la opcion del super metroid al cambiar los misiles, super misiles, y power bombs ya q como se demostro en los juegos para gba no fue necesario tener un boton para alternar entre estos items ademas son solo tres items entre misiles y super misiles se los puede alternar con el boton de selec con la bombas de energia no le veo el caso de estar accionandolas si no esta samus en morfoesfera sino entonces tambien deberias incluir un boton para alternar entre los rayos y eso en mi caso aunq super metroid fue el mejor juego q pude disfrutar resultaba frustrante cambiar entre los items mensionados y solo estos son los necesarios ya q no c necesita ni el gancho ni la vision de rayos x en el caso del gacho el poder agarrarse de las esquinas lo vuelve inutil y del visor las power bomb ya ayudan para encontar las zonas ocultas lo q si me parecio q falto es el desplasamiento de la aceleracion con morfoesfera y lo de las estatuas chozodia usar las del super metroid sus graficas no son tan buenas mejores son las del metroid zm y algo me deja con la duda como es eso de los misiles localizadores eso no debe estar sino el juego se volveria aburrido si pudieras matar a los enemigos estando muy lejos no me parece pero me parec q tu avanc es muy bueno sigue con el remake y con el comentario de panshoo los comentarios son para q tu decidas q poner nosotros solo podemos opinar espero q sirva de algo este comentario
Anonymous said…
@Nintendo Maniac 64 Relax, it's just a demo!! Dude, Dr.M64, please, please, please release the game soon!!!! I'm not sure how much longer I can last without it.
R2 said…
Hey Doc, the demo looks great. When you mentioned that you were doing some tweaking to Samus' moves so she could climb small obstacles, I was skeptical. I couldn't see the improvement. But now that I had a chance to play it, it really works well. Not a game-changing aspect, but it's certainly a nice feature.
Jumping and falling feel a little too fast for me. It's ok, it just feels imprecise when trying to climb small platforms, like the ones on the first tunnel. But maybe I just needed more time to get used to it. You should save that tricky platforming sections for later in the game, when the gamer has had more practice.
Kind of a nitpick, but footsteps are annoying. I remember the sound you used for the first tech demo was better.
Also... it would be nice if you used the classic Super Metroid sound for picking items up. The important items (or the first time you get missiles) should use it. The expansions and energy tanks may have the sound you're using right now for the demo, or better yet, the one you used for the tech demo (the one that sounds like a Game Boy, but maybe a little more stylish). It may sound like a nitpick, but I think it would do a lot for the experience. Same for the UI, I'd go for a more discrete design.
Overall I really liked the new demo, and I'm really looking forward to the finished game. I hope it manages to replicate the classic Metroid athmosphere. Cheers for AM2R!
Masked Lizard said…
Hice una reseña en mi blog de su juego que como fan de Metroid me pareció excelente...muy buen trabajo DoctorM64, solo una pregunta, el Hyper Beam se incluirá?
Anonymous said…
Huh, even tho Doc said it's not so great going back and finishing the starting places and is seemingly almost done and mentioned that it's kinda hard to finish things like this, people want him to add even more things?

Oh well, do it at your own pace doc.

As for the Omega, awesome. I was expecting a purely original looking one or fusion one but this is a happy balance. Also I don't think they should fly. Most people don't seem to realize the very few options that the Gameboy had to make the original Metroid 2.
I remember some people complaining in fusion that the Omega was bigger then Samus when in 2 they were almost the same, take a look at the game system.
Anonymous said…
amazing... simply, amazing... but, if it's a metroid 2 remake, where are the metroids? either that, or i misunderstood it. anyways, you've really outdone yourself here. i never expected easy mode to be so... hard, lol. kraid, in original metroid games, are easy, but in this metroid game, i had to kill ridley first just to be able to BARELY make it past kraid! excellent work!
PanshooFlow said…
Si, pero no digo k sea algo crucial sino mas que es la comodidad de poder disparar misiles sin tener la necesidad de mantener el boton k los selecciona.. sino simplemente por ej seleccionarlos con el boton shift i disparas con el x, ademas de tener la comodidad de apuntar diagonalmente asia arriba o asia abajo, ademas me referia k ubiera una opcion para eso es decir, mm poner en el menu, opciones, i k diga Gba style y SNES style, me entiendes es como una opcion en la que uno deside si juegas como el super metroid o el metroid zero mission... pero bueno solo es una recomendacion que e notado k mas de unas 50 personas creo k estarian de acuerdo i en la que seria una opcion k le gustaria a cualkiera ademas repito que es solo una recomendacion, el juego se ve increible i todos estamos ansiosos i deseamos k sea un juego espectacular(yo ya lo creo :P) y que no alla gente que critique por aspectos tan minimos como algo tonto por ej "el juego es muy dificl, me cuesta mucho apuntar con los misiles" o cosas como esas ya que eso depende de la habilidad de la persona.
bueno eso i como desia todos tratamos de dar recomendaciones para que sea un juego grandioso... y para cualquiera k able español i lea este comentario porfa diganme, donde esta el charge beam en el demo oo es k no esta? XD
22/25 items :D el demo fue exelente eso se me olvido desirte antes xd suerte sigue asi.
Anonymous said…
They should make a Phazon suit mod.

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